Welcome, to the Lilith Rebellion.

I created this website to be a platform and channel of expression for my love of astrology, archetypes, myth, psychology, and art.

Curious about the website name? You can read about the symbolism and meaning of the Lilith myth and archetype, as well as my personal reasons for selecting the name ‘Lilith Rebellion’, here. You can follow my thought processes related to astrology, archetypes, psychology and art, by reading my blog updates. Interested in learning astrology or wondering if it has any validity? Check out these helpful tips and resources I have compiled. Confused about what archetypes are and what they have to do with either astrology or psychology? Read my archetypes primer for an introduction.

You can view my Lilith and astrology-themed artwork here, or view current pieces for sale on my Etsy site (soon to come). Have a question or a comment for me? Send me a private message!