New Moon Horoscopes :: Cosmic Weather Bulletin for March 27 – April 2

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Monday, March 27th

  • New moon in Aries @ 7° 37 (conjunct with retrograding Venus at 3° Aries)
  • The new moon conjunction joins 3 other planets in Aries – Venus and the Mercury and Uranus conjunction – for a total of 5 planets in Aries
  • Mars, the ruler of New Moon in Taurus, sextile Neptune at 12°

New Moon in Aries: A Call to Action

Aries is the sign of the courageous pioneer, the trailblazer, the fearless leader.

Aries is the moment the match bursts into flame.

Aries thrives on challenges.

Fire power. A force to be reckoned with.

It is a catalyst for action. It initiates.

Aries doesn’t hesitate. It doesn’t waver.

It is the energy of NOW.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the Romans’ warrior god. Aries is symbolized by the ram.

Rams compete by literally running, lunging and headbutting other rams.

What do you feel you need to make a running lunge toward? Where in your life, is a headbutt necessary? In to what area of your life do you need to channel your inner warrior?

Where in your life have you been hesitant? Where you are hearing a call that resonates, and yet fears are holding you back from responding?

The ruler of the new moon is Mars. Mars is currently in Taurus, sextiling Neptune. This is a new moon imbued with a grounded spiritual and idealistic energy. This is the time to have confidence in your dreams, and to take action toward them.

A relevant Henry David Thoreau quote:

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

Neptune represents your dreams, your castles in the air. Taurus, activated in the new moon chart, will support your foundation, and Mars, the ruler of the Aries new moon, is ready to put your plan into action.

Do your dreams have foundations? Is it time to take action on creating a foundation? Or do you have that foundation, and are you ready to launch?

Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries. This new moon is blessed with possible flashes of brave new ideas and brilliant insight.

Trust your instincts. Take that step out into the unknown.

In the midst of all this forward fire power, retrograding Venus in Aries (conjunct the new moon), provides a moment of pause, of reflection. Before you leap, double check yourself.

Are you acting in alignment with your innermost values, with your true, authentic self? Have you considered how your actions might impact your relationships and those closest to you?

Yes? All clear? Then jump.

You’ll land on your feet, mid-sprint. It’s Aries season.

Where in your chart does this new moon fall? Where do you need to assert your power and will? Where in your life are you being called to be bold? To take action? To take a risk? To try something new? Where do you need to breath spontaneity and excitement into your life?

House-Based Horoscopes for the New Moon: 

**I write house-based horoscopes because they are more likely to be accurate than sign-based horoscopes, but it means some extra work for you if you are unfamiliar with how to read transits to your natal chart (see below for instructions). Still though, general horoscopes are for entertainment – take what fits and discard the rest.**

The energy of the Aries New Moon will reverberate in your life for at least several days immediately before and after Monday, March 27th. Where is the New Moon occurring in your natal chart? 

1st House: They say that when Venus is retrograde (going backwards) you shouldn’t try to make any major changes to your appearance (e.g., like getting a haircut), since Venus rules beauty and attractiveness. However, the new moon in your 1st house makes an exception for you. Change up your wardrobe. Spring is coming! Red clothes, red accessories, red hair dye, red anything, is highly recommended. You’ve been craving a major change to your appearance – go for it! It could be that you’ve been thinking a lot about starting a new exercise routine to shake winter from your limbs. Hit up the gym, the park trail, the yoga mat, or whatever it is that satiates your body’s desire for activity and change.

Are you getting stuck in unproductive ways of communicating with others? If the new moon is in your first house, it might also be time to assess the way your interactions with others and make some changes to the way you respond to other people, in both words and actions.

2nd House: If the new moon falls into your 2nd house, your physical security, assets, resources, and values, are under Aries’ spotlight. If you have been thinking about starting a house reno project, moving into a better apartment, or replacing a run-down car, this would be a good time to make your move. If you own your own business, move forward with launching that bold new strategy. How are your budgeting skills these days? This new moon might be calling you to draw up a new financial plan. Do you need to ask someone for assistance in meeting your material needs? Be bold. Ask. Take action to establish your physical security.

The 2nd house also governs your non-tangible assets and values. With Aries in the 2nd house, you were born a leader. Initiating new projects comes naturally to you. Are you using these natural talents in your life, in your career? No? Be courageous. You have the new moon’s blessings to dust off your leadership skills and put them into action.

3rd House: You are likely feeling restless. You’ve been pining to take a break, a short trip, a mini escape? Now is the time! Pack up the car for a short little getaway and overnight stay at a Bed & Breakfast. You don’t need to travel across the country to enjoy a vacation!

Or perhaps it is more your mind that wants to travel. Your brain is hungry to learn new knowledge and/or to share knowledge with others. If you are currently in an educational program, dive into those school projects with renewed gusto. You’ve got this! If you are in a teaching position, demonstrate your leadership in the classroom and fill your students with enthusiasm for the subject you’re teaching. What is your favourite mode of communication? Do you prefer to verbalize, write, sing, or make art? If you are a writer, now is the time to push through that writer’s block with a new moon blast of fierce inspiration. Even if you are not a writer, you may feel an urge to journal or blog this week or catch up on your emails. Do it! Have you been thinking about signing up for a webinar, a professional development course, or making progress on reading through that stack of books sitting on your shelf? Now is the time!

The 3rd house is also associated with siblings, cousins, and neighbours. Have dynamics with family members or neighbours been a little “off” lately? Or perhaps you’ve fallen out of contact with each other? You have the new moon’s blessings to host a big neighborhood potluck get-together, or arrange for a family hike!

4th house: The 4th house rules your private life, your inner sanctuary, the deepest foundations of your psyche, your internal emotional sphere, your early childhood experiences, your immediate family (especially your relationship with your parents), your home, and possibly your roommates or community if you are a close-knit group. If the Aries new moon falls into your 4th house, what do you need to do to nourish your inner self? If you have found yourself too busy and too focused on external projects to pay attention to your emotional needs, this new moon is urging you to pause. It takes guts to turn inward and check-in on our inner selves. Sometimes there is stuff there that we would rather just ignore. Be brave. Reach deep. Listen to your inner voice. Cultivate self-compassion. Take leadership in this inner sphere of your life by addressing your emotional needs. Is there any growing tension between you and your parents, or you and your roommates? This may be time to take initiative and address these tensions in whatever way is most appropriate.

Do you experience your current home environment as emotionally safe? Is it a safe haven you can retreat to? Is it a space that restores, rejuvenates, and replenishes your energy stores? If not, think about what actions you can do to make your home environment a more emotionally nourishing place. This may mean lighting candles to create a different atmosphere, or it might mean taking brave steps to resolve a home-based conflict so you can be more at peace in your private sphere.

5th house: If you have Aries in your 5th house, you probably are not one to hesitate making the first move, but sometimes we neglect our natural inclinations. How’s your love life these days? If sex and romance have been relegated to a backseat in your life, this Aries new moon is calling you back into the game. Boldly invite fun and pleasure into your life. Even adults need to play. Are you into sports? Buy tickets to the next big game. Say yes to that social invite. Dive back into that hobby you’ve neglected. Feeling extra creative? Challenge yourself to express yourself in brave new ways, regardless of whether you have training in that area. Pull out your paintbrushes, rent a new musical instrument for a month, put on your dancing shoes. Carve out time for leisure in your life.

The 5th house is also associated with children. If you have children in your life, plan some fun events to do together. If you are a parent, this new moon may be calling you to make some changes to the way you parent, or to work harder on your relationships with your children. If you are trying to get pregnant, this Aries new moon bestows its blessings on this endeavor!

6th house: If the new moon falls into your 6th house, action and change is called for within your day-to-day routine. Are you feeling stagnant or stuck in your daily life? Aries in the 6th house needs new challenges to tackle on a day-to-day basis in order to thrive. Where do you invest your waking hours? If you spend most of them in your place of employment, this might be the time to ask for a new project to work on. It might be the time to re-arrange the furniture in your office. Aries in the 6th house likes to stay active during the day. Can you spend that meeting walking and talking rather than sitting in the boardroom? Can you shake up your day by spending your breaks at the gym and eating lunch in a new location? You may need to assert yourself more in your workplace. Or you may need to take new moon action to resolve conflicts with co-workers.

If this doesn’t apply to you, think about how and where you spend your waking hours. Are you craving change in your daily schedule? Insert some adventure into your day! Shake off the winter doldrums. Try something new. The 6th house rules our overall day-to-day energy and vitality, as well as our eating habits and our pets. Try a new fitness routine. Stop putting off that doctor or dentist visit. Experiment with new recipes. And maybe… acquire a pet! A new animal in the house would certainly shake up your routine!

7th house: Are you currently in a committed partnership – either a romantic partnership or a business partnership? If so, has there been recent conflict? This may be the time to be the brave one, and take the first step toward resolving your disagreement.  An Aries new moon in your 7th house may be asking you to stand up for yourself and assert yourself more in a relationship if your needs are not being addressed. Conversely, a new moon here might be asking you to assess whether you have been steamrolling over your partner’s needs. If it is the latter, courageously swallow your pride, apologize, and take deliberate steps to bring reciprocal balance to your relationship. Use the insight provided by Mercury conjunct Uranus to clearly and honestly assess your role in your committed relationships. Don’t hesitate to make necessary changes.

Have your committed partnerships been lacking in fiery passion? Missing that vital spark? Plan an adventure that will light that match again. An Aries new moon in the 7th house might also signal the start of a new committed partnership. A marriage proposal on your mind? A business proposition? This could be the time to ask!

The 7th house also rules over contractual agreements and legal battles. If these are relevant to your life, if you are currently being represented by a lawyer or agent in regards to some issue, an Aries new moon in your 7th house could hold the promise of a break-through if you make the change that is called for.

8th house: The 8th house is associated with everything in life we cannot control; everything that makes us feel vulnerable, as well as the good things things that come our way without any great effort on our end. The 8th house is about surrendering and trusting. Are you on the verge of making a big decision that is torturing you because you do not know how the future will play out? An Aries new moon in your 8th house calls on you to embrace uncertainty. Trust that everything will work out. Take that risk. Even if it doesn’t turn out as you had hoped, even the worst case scenario can be transformed and regenerated.

Joint finances are associated with the 8th house and any scenario where you are lending money, borrowing money, or receiving unearned money (e.g. inheritances, prizes, tax credits). An Aries new moon in the 8th house might ask you to make some change or to take action on the aforementioned matters. Maybe you are trying to decide whether to take a loan to pay for further education. Maybe you are debating on whether to ask a family member to reimburse you for money you loaned them. Maybe you are trying to find the energy to file your taxes. Take whatever action resonates deeply with you, but Aries in this house more so than others, invites you to not fear risks. Trust.

What else makes us feel vulnerable? Deep soul sex, death, illness, disability. These are all matters of the 8th house. If the Aries new moon has brought up any of these themes for you, trust. Channel the courage and fearlessness of Aries to step into the unknown and embrace uncertainty. You may be surprised at what happens when you take that risk. The 8th house also holds the keys to healing, at a deep soul level. This new moon might be birthing a transformative process in your life. Be brave. Surrender.

9th house: The 9th house’s natural ruler is Sagittarius, another fire sign. When the Aries new moon falls into your 9th house, think big and dream big! What are your larger than life plans? The new moon may be the catalyst to kick-starting a 9th house adventure. This is the perfect time to plan (or take) a trip somewhere far, far away. Explore! Life is full of exciting terrain, just waiting to be discovered. Have you been thinking about learning a new language, studying philosophy, or going back to university? You have the new moon’s blessings. Do it! Are there any opportunities emerging in your life for public speaking or for getting your work published? Go for it!

The 9th house is associated with diverse cultures and belief systems. Are you currently being exposed to beliefs and traditions that are quite different than your own? What a great opportunity to learn. Put aside whatever biases you have and try to see the world from a different perspective. This may be a good time to assess your attitudes, your worldview, your religious beliefs, and your ethics. Are there are changes to be made? Have your thinking patterns become inflexible? This is the time to expand your horizons. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box and beyond your comfort zone.

10th house: What is your primary identity in the world? How would others see you? Are you a student? A mother? A working professional? A community organizer? An artist? If the Aries new moon falls into your 10th house, you are called to lead in whatever domain of life your primary identification falls. For many, this may be the time to take initiative within their careers. For others, like for students, this may be the moment to take leadership on those group projects. For artists, this may be the time to confidently branch out in new creative directions. The broader society – your peers, your community – need your leadership skills and your innovating, pioneering spirit. Step up!

Alternatively, perhaps change been brewing in your 10th house for a while now. This may be the moment when you are called to take action and make that change to your primary identification in the world and public reputation. This might mean a change of career, graduation, or taking on a new role in your community.

11 house: An Aries new moon in the 11th house indicates a time that is ripe for networking, for meeting new people to collaborate with, for discovering new social groups, or for making changes to your role in existing social groups. You may find yourself acting as a catalyst among your group of friends; encouraging them toward a certain goal or outcome. In particular, this house rules any memberships to groups you might maintain. Do you belong to any clubs, teams, societies, associations or religious organizations? Any group that is united through a shared interest? Be open to opportunities to take the lead in these settings. You may find that around this time you are being asked to renew your membership in groups you belong to, or you may want to sign up for membership in new groups.

The 11th house is also associated with your hopes, dreams, and vision for the future – your future, and the future of society, or the collective. This is the time to dream, to make a vision board, to start putting plans in place in order to move forward toward a desired future. As you fertilize and nourish those dreams, be open to the different ways that both creative collaborations and technology could support your future aspirations.

An Aries new moon in the 11th house asks you to find balance between the needs of the group, your need to belong, and your need for independence and boundaries. Here’s a relevant Howard Thurman quote for all those with Aries in the 11th house:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

12th house: If the Aries new moon is occurring in your 12th house, you are likely on the verge of a very busy season (when the sun enters your 1st house), and thus now is the time to recharge your batteries so you are ready to launch into a new cycle of the zodiac. This time is about accepting your limitations so that you can fully embrace your capabilities and strength. However, Aries is not a sign that is naturally inclined to rest and withdraw, so you’ll need to get creative if you have an Aries new moon in your 12th house! An Aries new moon in the 12th house invites you to connect with your inner fire, your power centre, in ways that do not expend or deplete your energy. You want to nourish your inner fire and fan it to flame, while simultaneously protecting it. Try wearing more red or use red decor in your home space. Candles are an excellent way to nourish your inner flame! If you can tolerate it, use lots of spices when cooking. Engage in fun, invigorating aerobic exercise. It has to be fun and rejuvenating exercise, as opposed to exercise that risks depleting and draining you of your energy! Sex. Wild solo dance parties in your living room. A jog or a bike ride in the spring air.

This is the time to harness the courage of Aries to do some deep soul searching and to spend some time fearlessly exploring your subconscious and your dream life.


Were you born with planets at ~7° in the cardinal signs?

The four cardinal signs include: Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer. Allow for an orb of about 5° (i.e. 2° – 12° in the cardinal signs), but the closer a planet is to 7°, the more strongly it will be affected by the new moon. If you have natal planets around 7° in Aries, Libra, Capricorn, or Cancer, these planets will be conjunct, squared or opposite the new moon and thus will strongly feel her influence. The themes of these planets may present themselves in your life around the time of the new moon in addition to the house-based themes. For example, I have Venus at 9° Aries in the 8th house and Neptune at 5° Capricorn in the 5th house. I anticipate themes around relationships, values, art, creativity, healing and spirituality to emerge over this coming week, and indeed, they already have.

Write a letter to yourself, to be opened 6 months later during the full moon in Aries on October 5th, 2017. How, and where, do you want to see bold change happen in your life? In what ways do you want to channel fearless fire power into your life over the course of the next 6 months? What do you want to initiate, to begin?

Be bold. Set your intention.


**If you don’t know what house the new moon is in for you, follow the instructions in this blog post to obtain your birth chart. As mentioned in the blog post, click on the blue button on the upper right-hand side to see current transits. Notice where the green sun and moon symbols fall in your chart (in the outside circle). If you look up your chart on the day of the new moon, the sun and the moon should be together in the same house. What ‘pie slice’ of the chart do the sun and moon fall within? Check out the numbers at the center of the chart to determine the house. Check out this link for more on astrological houses. Please note that the house system relies on knowing your exact birth time or a reasonable estimate. Personally I use the Koch house system, but the Astrodienst’s default of Placidus will be fine if you want to stick with that as indicated in my instructional blog post. If the new moon falls close to a house border in your chart, it may activate the themes of both houses in your life.**


Wednesday, March 29th

  • Moon & Mercury (in Aries) trine Saturn (in Saggitarius)
  • Moon enters Taurus

Today Mercury and the Moon are connecting with the practical, stable energies of earth. Shortly after the Moon trines Saturn, Mercury also trines Saturn, providing support for tasks that require mental focus or communication. We can pick up these types of responsibilities  and apply effort toward these tasks with ease.

Following its trine to Saturn, the Moon enters Taurus. The Moon is exalted in Taurus – this means it is one of the best signs for it to be in. A Taurus Moon is calm and even-tempered. It is the epitome of “chilled out”. During this time we may feel drawn to spend time in nature or cooking up delicious meals to nourish our bodies.

However, the emotional waters of the cosmos are deceptively calm. A storm is brewing. Can you feel it? On Thursday the Jupiter-Pluto square is exact. Use today’s stable, earthy energies to ground yourself in preparation for the coming energy storm.

Thursday, March 30th 

  • Jupiter (19° Libra) square Pluto (19° Capricorn)

Yikes! How are you making out with the huge amount of tense energy in the cosmos today? Enthusiastic, freedom-seeking, expansive Jupiter meets intense, power-hungry, transformative Pluto in a tense 90° aspect. To find the freedom we seek and the success we desire, this aspect urges us to go deeper internally before we expand outward. What needs careful discerning in our lives? What needs healing and transformation? What do we need to surrender and let go of? Are there wise voices of caution and constructive criticism – internally or externally – that we are ignoring in our life? Are we going to extremes in order to overcompensate for our inner wounds and weaknesses that we would rather avoid? Or, alternatively, perhaps it is our vulnerabilities that we are acutely aware of, and it is the energy of expansive, confident Jupiter that we are resisting. How are these competing energies playing out in your life?

It would be prudent to assess the motivations driving our actions today. If we fail to do the deeper work this transit asks of us, we risk acting rashly and using our power destructively (against ourselves or others). Be forewarned that everyone on the planet will be experiencing this aspect. How will they choose to respond to this energy?

Today we have an appetite to expand in some area of our life and strike out for success and freedom. But if we try to do this too quickly, frustrations are inevitable. Take a deep, deep breath and let yourself sink into the murky depths of your innermost being. What Plutonian lessons must we lean into so that we may grow into the harmony and balance that Jupiter in Libra so desires? Or, what confidence does the energy of Jupiter have to offer us so that we can then emerge from the shadows of our soul?

What houses are Jupiter and Pluto activating in your natal chart? Check out your transits to see where in your life, you may be most feeling the effects of this Jupiter-Pluto square.

Just before the Jupiter-Pluto square is exact on Thursday, the Moon (in Taurus) will transit through a conjunction with Mars, perhaps causing our tempers to flare. Following the Jupiter-Pluto square, the Moon will trine with Pluto later in the day, lending its emotional support to whatever this aspect has stirred up for you.

Friday, March 31st

  • Mercury enters Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini
Photo by Emma Larkins/Flickr

Mercury joins Mars in chilled-out, earthy Taurus, while the Moon leaves Taurus to enter Gemini territory. Due to Taurus’ influence, we may find ourselves more reliant on our sensory system when processing information. Therefore choose the locations for Friday’s social interactions wisely. Conversations may become more leisurely and relaxed. Be careful of a tendency toward stubbornness while Mercury is in Taurus.

While the Moon is in Gemini even those that normally don’t like talking about their emotions may feel inclined to open up to a friend. This transit encourages us to talk about our emotions, to analyze them, to understand them. Perhaps this is an opportunity to work through emotional material that may have emerged for you Thursday, during the Jupiter-Pluto square. Unfortunately, because this is such a cognitive sign, it may be difficult to turn off our emotional thoughts at night. Use a journal to release the thoughts you are holding on to, and then let them go. Blend the relaxed communication style of Mercury in Taurus, with the Gemini Moon’s desire to write and talk out emotions, and you’ll be set!

Sunday, April 2nd

  • Moon enters Cancer
  • Venus retrograde enters Pisces

This is a watery, sensitive, emotional day! Venus continues its retrograde out of Aries and enters into Pisces on the same day the Moon enters Cancer and squares Venus shortly thereafter. These transits together, may open the flood gates of emotion.

You may be feeling the emergent Venus-themed material in your life acutely today, as the Moon pierces Retrograding Venus with an activating square and Venus dives into the most emotionally sensitive sign of the zodiac – Pisces.

The emergent Venus-themed material in your life may be related to your values, self-worth, money, relationships, love, showing and receiving affection, pleasure, art, and beauty (including physical appearance).

With so many emotions near the surface we may have a tendency to become defensive and close ourselves off from the world. To try and distance ourselves from what we are feeling.

With the Moon entering Cancer today, the risk is that we would succumb to Cancer’s shadow side – self-pity, moodiness,  and passive-aggressiveness. Cancer at its highest expression is comforting, nurturing and protective.

With Venus entering Pisces, we may feel the temptation to escape; to numb ourselves to reality to when reality does not measure up to our ideals and dreams.

Pisces expressed at its highest vibration is unconditional love. Pisces is forgiveness. Pisces asks us to open up, to surrender, to embrace the healing process. To swim into transcendence. To sink into compassion; compassion for ourselves, and compassion for others.

Resist today’s emotional shadow side. Surrender to the healing process. Nurture yourself and others.

It is very likely that you will find yourself being particularly introverted today and wanting to hang out at home or with close friends and family. Take some time today to connect with spirit, whatever that means to you.

Mindful Movement Tip: The body imitates the mind and the mind imitates body. When we are feeling emotionally vulnerable, our bodies tend to move into positions that make us smaller (slouching shoulders, folded arms, folded legs, curled up into a ball-shape, etc.).  Try to move against this tendency by practicing some yoga chest-opening exercises to release the emotions bound and constricted in the fourth chakra. Or simply find a safe space (like the privacy of your bedroom), roll your shoulders back, and stretch your body out as far as you can reach (like a starfish). Open your palms wide and breath into this position and let go.

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