Welcome to ‘Know Your Worth :: A Venus Retrograde Project’


15 days remain in Venus’ retrograde journey, which began on March 4th. Today is Saturday, April 1st.

To mark the final 15 days of Venus’ trek, I have started a Venus Retrograde Project. Venus is associated with our values and how we establish our sense of self-worth. Everyday, from now until April 15th, I will post an reminder on Instagram to Know Your Worth; a worth that transcends anything you could do to earn it. Follow Lilith Rebellion on Instagram to receive all 15 insta-reminders!

At the time of this writing on April 1st, Venus is currently at 1° Aries, moving backward. Within the next few hours Venus will begin crossing the very sensitive, very powerful Aries Point (also known as Zero degree Aries).

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel. Each of the 12 signs are split into 30 degrees (for a total of 360 degrees – the full zodiac circle). Therefore, Zero degree Aries marks the origin point, the genesis, the birthplace of the zodiac. Every year, the Spring Equinox occurs at Zero degree Aries, when the Sun is conjunct with the Aries Point (~March 21st).

The Aries Point is action. A burst of energy. A catalyst.

So what does it mean that our sweet, lovely Venus is moving backward over Zero degree Aries? It means that the Venus-themed lessons and insights that have slowly been emerging in your life since Venus began it’s retrograde journey on March 4th, will begin to crystalize and fully reveal themselves to you. After crossing the Aries Point, Venus will dive into the emotional waters of Pisces where it will complete the final trek of its journey, retracing its steps to briefly fuse through conjunction with the energy of Chiron the asteroid at 26° Pisces.

[Personal Note: This transiting Venus-Chiron fusion will occur in close conjunction with my natal Sun/Mercury which is at 25° Pisces – whoa! I’m preparing 🙂 ]

Chiron is the wounded healer of the sky. The destination, the purpose, of Venus’ retrograde journey is obtain the potent healing that Chiron offers.

Healing is what called her back to retrace her steps.

Healing is what will release her to move forward again.

Venus’ bittersweet and searingly beautiful dance with Chiron, the wounded healer, will occur between April 14th – 17th, during which time Venus will Station Direct; slowly turning around to create forward motion once again.

Venus is associated with our values (what we prioritize and see as most important in our lives), self-worth, money, relationships, love, showing and receiving affection, pleasure, art, and beauty (including physical appearance). What Venus-themes have been emerging in your life since March 4th?

Welcome to the Venus Retrograde Project! See you on Instagram!

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