This is the Venus Retrograde Crescendo Week :: Cosmic Weather Bulletin for April 10th – April 16th

The orchestra is warming up.

The musicians are tuning their instruments.

Then the conductor raises his baton. The audience holds their breath in anticipation and… so it begins, the final act of Venus retrograde.

If you care to simmer your senses in this moment of achingly bittersweet, anticipatory delight, I would invite you to listen to Gustav Holst’s Venus suit. Gustav Holst was both a famous English composer and astrologer. He wrote The Planets, a seven-movement suit, with the astrological archetypes in mind…

Astrology is a tapestry of symbolic meaning, woven throughout the solar system. Everything is connected. No event in astrology occurs in isolation, just like no life event occurs in isolation. The art of astrology is synthesis – synthesizing disparate sub-plots into the unity of the overarching story.

All signs in the heavens point to our goddess of love and beauty as the protagonist at center stage this week. All other astrological events are supporting characters and sub-plots. Yes, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Mercury went retrograde on Sunday, but with the retrograde motion of the two planets overlapping this week, Mercury’s initial steps backward are going to play strongly into the Venus Rx story that is continuing in our lives. Mercury begins its retrograde in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus.

This is indeed, Venus’ week.

On Saturday she turns direct again.

She’s on her retrograde homestretch.

This is the closing chapter of your Venus Rx story.

These are Venus crescendo days.

Not everyone will experience Venus retrograde in the same way. Everyone will have a different Venus Rx story, depending on how its movement is intersecting with their natal chart and life circumstances.

Venus is associated with our core values and passions (what we prioritize and see as most important in our lives), self-worth, money, relationships, love, sex, showing and receiving affection, pleasure, art, and beauty (including physical appearance).

Take a moment to reflect. What Venus-themes have been emerging in your life since March 4th, when Venus first began its retrograde journey?

Remember that the Venus retrograde story might not be a dramatic one for you. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing a quiet, but growing reminder to rekindle your passion and act on your values, and this has primarily expressed itself as an internal shift. The degree of intensity of your Venus Rx story depends on how her journey intersects with your natal chart. For example, the intense moments of the Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto square barely shed a ripple in my chart (although it significantly impacted other people in my life). The Venus retrograde on the other hand, is unfolding in my life uncannily, as if I was reading a novel. I can feel the final Venus crescendo week coming. The final chapter is currently weaving itself together as I (literally and figuratively) prepare to take a trip into the epicenter of an emotional storm.

So many Venus themes have emerged for me since March 4th:

  • Reorienting myself toward my passions and the life I want to live: I passionately love astrology. I can’t deny its calling and its spiritual significance in my life. During Venus Rx I began building an online platform for Lilith Rebellion, with plans to be able to offer chart readings some day.
  • Reassessing core values and what’s important to me: I carefully reassessed some emotionally-charged core values and re-prioritized them. This led to making a really difficult and potentially life-changing decision.
  • Establishing a stronger sense of self-worth: I have been struggling with depression for the past year and my self-worth has been eroding. During Venus Rx I, (1) had a terrible 31st birthday that I had been dreading – this was a catalyst that really forced me to examine my self-worth and perception of myself, and (2) I received multiple unexpected encouragements in support of my capacity to pursue my dreams and passions.
  • Healing in the realm of intimacy, love, and relationships: I had some major breakthroughs that I have been waiting years for. The cosmos also stirred its pot of synchronicity, and some unexpected, meaningful encounters with people from my past, have arranged themselves in my life.

Check out the Cosmic Forecast for…

Recap of the major aspects Venus encountered on her retrograde route:

[Astro advice: It’s a cool thing to track your transits! Make notes on daily events/thoughts/emotions that seem to mirror the movements of the cosmos. They may seem insignificant at the time, but it can be pretty insightful to reflect back on them at a later date and notice the overarching story that was emerging.]

  • Friday, January 27th: Venus squared Saturn, going direct. This is not technically part of her retrograde story, but it is important to note because she passes through a challenging square with Saturn twice more in April. The Saturn square Venus is a major plot line of the Venus Rx story and reverberates throughout all of April. What was happening in your life around January 27th? You may see a connection between that time, and the coming weeks. Oftentimes when a planet creates the same aspect multiple times due to a retrograde, each “pass” through the aspect builds on a continuing story thread. The Venus-Saturn plot has three landmarks: January 27th, April 8th, and April 21st. Look for events or significant moments that occurred at these dates (or the day before or after).
  • Saturday, March 4th: Venus stationed retrograde @ 13° Aries. And so her healing journey begins. What was emerging in your life around this time?
  • Saturday, March 18th: Mercury conjunct Venus Rx. This was a moment of clarity and renewed vision; a Mercurial provision of blessings on Venus’ backward journey as she disappeared from the evening sky and descended into her underworld. Perhaps some encouraging words came your way. Perhaps you had some insightful reflections into your Venus story. Perhaps you had some meaningful conversations with those you love.
  • Saturday, March 25th: Sun conjunct Venus Rx. Your Venus retrograde story themes were likely crystallizing and becoming obvious at this point, under the sun’s bright light.
  • Sunday, April 2nd: Venus crossed the Aries Point (0° Aries) and entered back into Pisces. Awash in Pisces’ boundless seas, we heard the call to surrender to the journey; to open up and embrace the healing process. Depending on our Venus story we may have also experienced a plunge into escapism or fantasy-land, in response to more uncomfortable pieces of our Venus story coming to light and beckoning us out of our comfort zone, due to Venus’ movement through the illuminating Aries point (this was certainly true for me).
  • Saturday, April 8th: Venus squared Saturn. If we were trying to avoid and escape the tough truths that our Venus story had unearthed in fantasy-fueled Pisces, around this time, is when a reality check may have punctured the bubble. This, marks the final tough uphill climb of the Venus retrograde journey. When Venus passes through the third and final square with Saturn on April 21st, there will likely be a feeling of breakthrough, of achievement, of progress.
  • Sunday, April 9th: Mercury stationed retrograde in Taurus. How beautiful is the synchronicity of the cosmos! While most people seem to love to complain about this transit, Mercury retrograde is full of gifts. How lovely of the universe to grant us these gifts during such a difficult week. Mercury (stationed retrograde in Taurus, Venus’ natural domain) lends its creative insight to our Venus story. Careful reflection and deep conversation are likely necessary for the Venus Rx homestretch, and Mercury Rx will provide support for these endeavors.

Not only is Mercury retrograde in Taurus, a Venus-ruled sign, but Mars is also hanging out in Taurus. Furthermore, Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, which is currently retrograde in Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again just in case you haven’t picked it up:


All astrological indicators propel Venus onto the celestial stage.

Since the Saturn-Venus square is such an important plot line of the Venus Rx story, I thought I’d re-post some of the tough questions Saturn might be asking you to provide some additional guidance as you navigate the Venus crescendo days: 

  • If love, sex, and relationships are the major Venus Rx themes for you, Saturn may be asking you if a relationship has the stamina and the foundation to sustain itself over the long-haul? What needs to be done to strengthen a valuable relationship? Have your personal boundaries eroded? How can you establish healthy boundaries again? Are you finding your sense of self-worth entirely through other people? How can you repair this? What barriers have you created in your life to protect yourself from being open to love? Are you blinded by an ungrounded fantasy of love? Do you need a reality check in your relationships? What is real love, what’s not? Who is important to keep in your life, who should you let go?
  • If values are the emerging emphasis of your Venus Rx story, then Saturn may be asking you, what do you truly value in life? Who do you truly value in your life? How would you define “the good life”? Are your inner values congruent with your outer reality? Are you consistently acting on your core values? Have you replaced your core values with other people’s values and society’s values? Is it time to expire old values and develop new ones that resonate more deeply with your soul?

And now the Cosmic Forecast for this week…

Monday, April 10th

  • Venus, exalted at 27° Pisces.

Among the 360 degrees of the zodiac wheel, there is one single degree at which the planet Venus is said to be most exalted: 27° Pisces. Venus will finish her retrograde journey and station direct at 26°55′ on Saturday; essentially at her exaltation degree.

On route to her destination, on Monday she is sweeping the hem of her ball gown across Pisces underwater lair and stepping into her power at 27°. This, is Venus at her best. Venus at her most powerful, most beautiful, most loving, most compassionate, most forgiving. This is pure elegance with a steely undergirding.

How appropriate, that Sandro Botticelli would depict Venus standing on a shell in the sea in his famous painting, The Birth of Venus (~1480s). According to the ancient Greco-Roman myths Venus was born from sea foam a full-grown woman after the blood of Uranus fell to the sea. This painting is the epitome of Venus’ grace; fresh and innocent, newly birthed. This, is Venus at 27 degrees Pisces.

It is significant that Venus ends her healing journey here. Yes this will likely be an intense week, but Venus at her exaltation is at full power, blessing you with the strength to step into the closing chapter of your Venus retrograde story. Venus in Pisces is pure, unconditional and compassionate love, and forgiveness for yourself and for others. The continuing Venus-Saturn square may feel heavy, but it is a beneficial counter-balance to the romantic and sentimental, unconditional acceptance of Venus in Pisces. Here, you can love, you can forgive, you can heal, but you can also establish healthy boundaries, ground yourself in reality, and make difficult decisions.

The cliché interpretation of a Venus retrograde is that its backward motion will bring past lovers into your life, since Venus is the goddess of love and relationships. This will not happen for everyone, but if this is your Venus Rx story, rather than drowning in a sea of romantic nostalgia ask yourself: What needs to be healed here? What needs to be resolved? What needs to be clarified? Are there boundaries that need to be established? Is there reconciliation that needs to happen?

Tuesday, April 11th

  • Full moon @ 21° Libra (opposite Sun in Aries conjunct Uranus – triggering  the T-square with Pluto at 19° Capricorn)
  • Moon enters Scorpio

Oh loves, this full moon is intense. I know they say that about all full moons, but this one really, really is. According to my timezone (ADT) this full moon will be exact in the very early hours of Tuesday, but you will undoubtedly have felt its power in the days leading up to it, and you’ll feel its reverberations over the next few days.

You may read about how this is a full moon in Libra, and thus indicates harmony and peace. That may be the ultimate goal, but this full moon has darker undertones. Don’t be deceived by Libra’s airy lightness. There is a deep soul struggle inherent in this full moon. A struggle to release, to surrender, to heal, to let go.

Venus rules Libra, and thus Venus is the ruler of Tuesday’s full moon. Nothing in astrology should be interpreted in isolation. This is a key moment in the Venus Rx story. The Venus crescendo reaches new heights today.

Each full moon corresponds to a new moon in the same sign that occurred six months earlier.  New moons are beginnings; full moons are completions and release. Six months ago there was a new moon in Libra on September 30th for those in the Western Hemisphere (for those in the Eastern hemisphere the new moon was on October 1st). For those in the Western Hemisphere, this was the second new moon of the month (a phenomenon that happens about every 32 months).

The second new moon of the month is called a black moon and it invokes the intense and raw energy of Lilith; the goddess archetype this website is named after! It is the shadow moon; a fierce feminine energy that works with our shadows, our shame, our sexuality, our desire for independence, and our wounds of rejection and abandonment.

If Lilith is considered the first Eve who was barred from the Garden of Eden, because she refused to be subservient to Adam, than Venus represents the second Eve, the one that remained compliant to Adam. Innocent, beautiful, sweet, charming, and seeking harmony at the cost of independence, Venus is the antithesis of Lilith.

Lilith is the exiled woman.

Lilith is the rebellious outcast, the outsider looking in.

This is particularly relevant for those in the Western hemisphere – what was happening in your life on September 30th, 2016? Is there a correlation? I remember my black moon acutely. It was intense and full of Lilith themes. Today marks a struggle between the energy of the harmonious Venus in Pisces that longs to elevate you to a more blissful, peaceful, transcendent, spiritual place, and the energy of Lilith, who glares at you fiercely and demands that you complete the messy, dirty, healing work that began in you last September – before you move forward with Venus direct next week.

For those in the Eastern hemisphere, are there correlations you can draw between this lunar cycle’s new moon in Aries (around March 27th), and this full moon in Libra? Similarly, you may be able to see that whatever was planted or beginning in your life two weeks ago, is now coming to completion and resolution.

The struggle or contact between Lilith energy and Venus energy (the first and second “Eve”) is also mirrored in the current sky. This full moon is activating the powerful t-square aspect between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. The moon is conjunct Jupiter opposite the Sun conjunct Uranus. Both Jupiter/Moon and Uranus/Sun combos are squaring Pluto. While Jupiter and Uranus seek major, sudden, dramatic change and adventure, Pluto demands from them both, a deep soul transformation. Pluto is closely associated with the energy of Lilith. Later on in the day the moon slips out of Libra into the dark murky waters of Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto, further emphasizing the deep healing work required.

With Mercury having recently gone retrograde, our ability to cognitively “think” our way through our emotional problems using reason and logic, is just not going to cut it. We have to feel our way out.

As I said, don’t be deceived by Libra’s light airiness. This full moon is a heavyweight. The full moon may call for release, but it also may unearth old wounds and traumas, feelings of rejection and vulnerability. You may find yourself wanting to lash out to defend and protect yourself against other people or your circumstances. Release, release, release. Breath into it. This is your Venus retrograde story. There is great opportunity for healing.

Encompassing all this intensity is the polarity of Libra versus Aries. The moon is in Libra, opposite the sun in Aries. Libra seeks harmony and balance in relationships, whereas Aries seeks independence and self-assertion. This is the classic struggle between self and other. How might this be playing out in your life right now? Are you out of balance – prioritizing your own needs at the cost of disregarding the needs of others, or are you ignoring your own needs while you invest in other people?

Whew, hang in there. This full moon will send ripples out into the rest of the week. Ride the wave to the end of your Venus retrograde story on Saturday.


Thursday, April 13th

  • Venus conjunct Chiron (in Pisces)

Today Venus swims through Pisces’ waters into a conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer of the sky.

The destination, the purpose, of Venus’ retrograde journey is to obtain the potent healing that Chiron offers.

Healing is what called her back to retrace her steps.

Healing is what will release her to move forward again.

Astronomically, Chiron is an asteroid in our solar system. Astrologically, Chiron is named after a centaur in Greek mythology and is symbolized by a glyph in the shape of a key. Part man, part horse, Chiron is the holistic healer. People who practice holistic healing modalities that address mind, body, and soul, often have a prominent Chiron in their chart. When Chiron touches our natal planets he patiently and persistently probes into our places of deep wounding to retrieve the poison that may be buried there. Painful, yes, but deeply healing. I am currently experiencing a Chiron transit to my Sun and Mercury and I can attest to the deep pain and crippling insecurity that this transit can cause, as well as the significant opportunity for healing deep wounds.

Trust Chiron. In Greek mythology he was a well respected, gifted healer, fitness trainer, and wise teacher. He is known as the wounded healer because he was accidentally pierced by a poisoned arrow, but being immortal he could not die and was thus destined to suffer. Chiron knows what he’s doing. He too, has suffered deeply and understands your pain. Lower your resistance and embrace his therapeutic touch.

Venus’ bittersweet and searingly beautiful dance with Chiron will occur throughout April 13th – 17th, during which time Venus will Station Direct; slowly turning around to create forward motion once again.

Healing takes time. Be gentle. Do yourself a favour and listen to Trevor Hall’s beautiful song that has been on repeat for me over the past two months – You Can’t Rush Your Healing. 

Friday, April 14th

  • Sun conjunct Uranus (@ 24° Aries)
  • Moon enters Sagitarrius

For the last couple weeks, the Sun has been drawing closer and closer to a conjunction with Uranus in Aries, the visionary and erratic revolutionary of the cosmos. Today the conjunction is exact. Uranus is rebellious, progressive, open minded, innovative. When the Sun fuses briefly with Uranus, this energy is available in copious amounts. How will you use this energy wisely?

Uranus is also somewhat psychic due to its future-oriented inclinations. It’s not emotionally intuitive like Neptune/Pisces energy, but it is represents the visionary; the person who can see a picture of the future before it becomes manifest in our day-to-day lives… or perhaps, this energy may reveal a picture of a future that could have been, were you to have made different decisions along the way.

Uranus is full of unexpected surprises. New and unanticipated information may come your way today, giving you an electric and shocking jolt, in true Uranus style.

How does the Sun conjunction with Uranus play into the Venus retrograde story?

Venus’ crescendo is reaching fever pitch. Still entangled in an excruciatingly beautiful dance with Chiron, we begin to see a glimpse of our future over Chiron’s shoulder. Our eyes open wide with the tentative courage to hope. We can see where our Venus Rx story is taking us. We can see the outcome, the results, the future trajectory that will make this journey worth it. No longer lost in the pain of the moment, we can see bright shores ahead. Emboldened by this vision, we are ready to take our next brave step.

The Moon moving from the deep waters of Scorpio into the ever-optimistic Sagittarius, further emphasizes this bold and bright future envisioning. Another adventure awaits. One story is closing, but another is opening!

Sagittarius is an adventurous, risk-taking energy – and so is Uranus in Aries. Uranus, Aries, Sagittarius – these are all energies that believe themselves to be above and beyond traditional social conventions. They like to break social norms, to take chances, and to daringly plunge into everything the present moment has to offer. For better or for worse, this impulsive, rash, spontaneous fire-air cosmic cocktail is activated today and it may send you headlong into an unexpected scenario. With Uranus so closely conjunct Eris (a dwarf planet), the fierce and violent Goddess of Strife and Discord in Aries, the archetype of the warrior, there may be an aggressive edge that colors your day.

Interestingly the Venus retrograde story aligns itself with the Christian story of Easter this year. According to that tradition, today is Good Friday, the day when Jesus was crucified. This is a story heavy with the archetypal symbolism of death, forgiveness, transformation, rebirth, and hope. How fitting that Good Friday should align itself with the final day of Venus’ backward motion into Pisces’ depths. Hope and rebirth are around the corner.

What is your Venus story about? And what might be the story that follows it? Your new story could involve the pursuit of a new passion, a more secure sense of self worth, reconciliation, a healed relationship, freedom from an unhealthy relationship, a reorientation of your core values.

Saturday, April 15th

  • Venus stations direct @ 26° 55 Pisces (conjunct Chiron @ 26°30 Pisces)


You made it.

Your Venus retrograde story is complete.

The final word has been written and read.

Venus is now turning around, turning direct. Now begins the time period for integrating the healing that has taken place, into your daily life. Venus clears her retrograde shadow on May 18th, so the next month is prime for integration and taking steps forward, guided by the wisdom you have gleaned throughout her retrograde journey.

The crescendo week has finished. Venus and Chiron fleetingly interlace fingers and limbs for one more achingly painful moment of healing, before Venus begins to pull apart. She is ready. She is stronger. She knows what she wants. She knows where her boundaries lie. She knows the work that is required of her. She knows the difficult decisions she needs to make.

“Onward,” she whispers, as her eyes turn to the future – a future which is growing brighter by the second.

Sunday, April 16th

  • Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagitarrius, square Venus (in Pisces)
  • Venus (in Pisces) sextiling Mars (in Taurus)

Sweet souls, let your breathing resume an even pace. Stretch out the accumulated tension in your limbs. Embrace the healing that has happened during your Venus retrograde journey.

Today the Moon will conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, and together they will square Venus in Pisces – a gentle reminder to not lapse back into old habits, old ways of being in this world. Look how far you’ve come. Look how much you’ve grown. Embrace the progress that has taken place and solidify your inner resolve to ensure those seeds of healing emerge from the ground of your soul as healthy strong shoots.

Today Venus and Mars will also create a beneficial sextile aspect. Mars symbolizes strength and assertiveness. Mars is currently transiting through Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love. The co-mingling of these two energies produces a courageous and tenderhearted love. This is a wonderful gift from the universe to assist you with your forward momentum.

And what about the past, you ask? What about those previous relationships or ways of relating that you let go of, or healed? What about those expired values you have replaced, and that old sense of self and identity that you surrendered and upgraded?

Collect the best of who you were, of what your life was before your Venus retrograde story, and preserve it for safekeeping. Take that flower before it dies and tuck it between the pages of a weighty book. Now you are safe to distance yourself from it, or let it fade from your memory. When you are feeling nostalgic, or you need a reminder of how far you have come, you can pull out that pressed flower and stroke its petals gently as you reminisce. But for now, bravely bid farewell to the past love, the past memory, the past value, the old sense of self worth.

You are returning to a new life; stepping over the threshold. Everything is familiar, and yet utterly different. You have traversed this way before, but now you see it with new eyes.

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