Taurus New Moon RETAKE :: A Personal Reflection

Have you ever wondered why sometimes a daily global horoscope (like my cosmic weather forecasts ) doesn’t make any sense at all for where you are at, while other times it seems right on point?

The cosmos is always in motion. There are so many different types of transits happening simultaneously. There are the present-day worldwide planetary transits and aspects, but the way that these global planetary configurations intersect and interact with your personal astrological birth chart will be unique to you. Furthermore, the cosmos may be creating completely different aspects with the planetary imprints in your birth chart, activating potentialities and tendencies that no one else is experiencing.

It all boils down to the question: which transit is making the most noise in your life today? Imagine you are trying to tune into a certain radio station, but you keep getting a bunch of frequencies coming in at the same time. Which frequency is coming through most clearly? Similarly, which transit is having the strongest impact on you today? You could be experiencing a personal transit that is impacting your chart so strongly that it is drowning out the energy frequency of a global transit. You would need to know how to read a natal chart or get the help of an astrologer to figure this out.

So yesterday there was a New Moon in Taurus and I had big plans to spend the day doing all sorts of relaxing, grounding, Taurus-themed activities. However, this New Moon in Taurus (a transiting Sun-Moon conjunction in my 9th house) was in opposition to my natal Pluto (in my 3rd house of the mind). This meant that yesterday, the day of the New Moon, felt a lot more intense and ungrounded than I had anticipated for me personally.

A Sun-Pluto opposition is a challenging tense aspect where the confident life-giving Sun (representing the ego) is having a confrontation with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, which is associated with humanity’s shadow side, our vulnerabilities and our fears. A Sun-Pluto opposition is a tug-of-war between light and darkness, hope and fear.

So within the 24-hour period of this personal Sun-Pluto aspect going exact, I felt unusually threatened, unsafe and vulnerable (Pluto) during a late night walk alone, during which two black cars kept recklessly racing each other up and down the street. I felt uncomfortably noticed by the cars’ occupants – so much so that I called someone and went to great lengths to change my route home. I also walked right passed a dead black bird (Pluto) which never happens, and then I spent most of Wednesday reading frightening predictions of an upcoming eclipse and the tough times the world is headed into. My mind was obsessed with these topics (Pluto in the 3rd house) and I had to really struggle (Sun opposite Pluto) against the temptation to fall into fearful thinking patterns in the face of a world that seems so chaotic, dangerous and out of control.

No transit or aspect is inherently “bad”. Facing our shadow, our fears, our vulnerabilities, and the inevitability of death, is not a bad thing. Working through Pluto themes can be a healthy life-giving process as we come through to the other side. However, this aspect did override that lovely Taurus energy that would have otherwise been accessible for me on Wednesday. 

I did NOT feel Taurus’ earthy, sensual, grounded, present-moment energy. I felt really tense, ungrounded, and too much in my head. My personal Sun-Pluto opposition had drowned out the influence of the Taurus New Moon.

It is also worth mentioning that we begin to feel a transit before it hits the exact aspect degree. There’s a hectic cosmic whirlwind of energy on the horizon for tomorrow (Friday). While it is true that this Taurus Moon was beautifully unaffected by challenging aspects, many of us would probably be already feeling the restless energy that Friday is bringing.

Today Venus is at 29° Pisces. She will be moving into Aries tomorrow, adding to the intensity as she crosses Zero Degree Aries, the birth place of the zodiac. 29°, the anaretic degree, of any sign is considered a critical degree. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is 30 degrees (0° -> 29°), which adds up to create a 360° zodiac circle. The 29th degree of a sign has an urgency associated with it. The planet is about to leave a sign. There is a sense that whatever occurred while that planet was in that sign (hello Venus retrograde!) must reach a level of resolution or completion before it enters the next sign. This is particularly true for 29° Pisces since it is the last sign of the zodiac, while Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

Therefore, it would not be unexpected if you experienced a growing sense of urgency, anticipation, and restlessness today.

My advice accompanying this personal reflection, is that in order to sync up with the cycles of the cosmos and make the most of the energy that is available to us in the best way possible, sometimes we need to be intentional and deliberate about inviting the available energy into our lives in order to use it productively.

Today I made a point to tap into that Taurus New Moon energy that still lingers as the Moon moves into its waxing crescent phase.

I did a Taurus New Moon Retake:

  • I let myself enjoy sleeping in a bit
  • I cooked up a delicious batch of granola
  • For the first time in ages I got out my accordion and started practicing a new song
  • I paid my monthly bills and filed my taxes, and then realized I would be getting a hefty tax refund (Taurus is a practical sign that appreciates fiscal responsibility and security)
  • I caught up on some important emails
  • I am now going to go for a quick walk outside, do some yoga stretches and head off early to bed

I still felt restless today, but I definitely feel waaaay more grounded than yesterday. Today I did my best to dig deep into the pleasures of the present moment, and in the face of the uncertain future I chose hope instead of fear.

So the next time you read a daily global cosmic weather forecast like the ones I post, if it isn’t naturally resonating with what you are currently experiencing, ask yourself how you might benefit by incorporating this energy intentionally and productively into your life that day. What can you learn from current transits?

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