Mercury Stations Direct :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 1st – May 7th


This week is about spreading your wings and doing a few trials runs. Testing the waters. This week is like a dress rehearsal for the following week which is heavily laden with sizzling cosmic action.

First up, we have the First-Quarter Moon in Leo squaring the Sun in Taurus on Tuesday. This is the mid-way point between new moon beginnings and full moon maturation. This is a day to take a strategic and deliberate step forward, out of your comfort zone. Nothing too risky since we still have Mercury in retrograde, but regardless, this aspect challenges you to step out.

Wednesday afternoon Mercury ends its three week retrograde journey and starts moving forward! Still closely conjunct with Uranus, this is bound to shake life up. If you have been stressed and overwhelmed recently, take some time to ground yourself. If you have felt stuck and stalled lately, then unfurl those sails and prepare to embrace the fast-moving current of change.

Mercury then starts moving Direct through its retrograde shadow with the assistance of the analytical Moon in Virgo on Thursday. What has been revealed to you throughout Mercury’s three week retrograde journey? Now is the time to start utilizing those new insights or life developments.

Three outer planets – Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter – are still retrograde, but the fog has lifted significantly now that Venus and Mercury have gone Direct. Personal planets or luminaries (Venus, Mercury, Mars, Moon, Sun) are closer to the Earth than the outer planets, and their orbit through the zodiac is much faster. Therefore they often have a more obvious daily influence on our lives, and consequently affect us more explicitly than outer planets when they are retrograde.

Throughout the next seven days the moon will transition through the signs of Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and into Libra over the weekend. On Sunday, in the relational sign of Libra, the Moon will tag Venus and Mars through major aspects and then conjunct Jupiter, which loves to expand the energy of any other planet it comes in contact with. This is a day for love and adventure!

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Tuesday, May 2nd

  • Moon enters Leo
  • First Quarter Moon in Leo (Moon squares Sun in Taurus)

Chafing at the bit. A rush of Adrenalin. A growing frustration. An increasing sense of urgency. Momentum is building.

Restless and impatient, you find yourself wanting to take action today. And yet, simultaneously you retreat, cautiously pausing at the door, your hand on the doorknob.

This is the First-Quarter moon; the half-way point between New Moon rebirth and Full Moon maturation. The Moon in Leo squares the Sun in Taurus; tension and stimulus between two fixed signs. Proud, stubborn, and persistent – will this energy hold you stuck in the past, or will it walk you over the threshold?

There is a step forward, and then a step back. Can we trust our intuition? Can we act on what we believe to be true? The previous Waxing Crescent Moon phase has been about careful preparation and gathering the inner and outer resources to move forward in this lunation cycle. Are we ready to test our wings? Here at the First-Quarter Moon, threat and opportunity meet. Constriction and expansion. An invitation and yet, resistance.

Taurus and Leo are two zodiac signs that share a love of the arts, a love of creativity, a love of beauty. Taurus appreciates all that delights the senses, while Leo revels in the unique expression of one’s individuality. The best way forward today may be through tuning into your creative inspiration and following the scent of beauty and pleasure.

The residual aches and pains from the weekend’s Chiron-Saturn square are beginning to fade. Tomorrow the celestial trumpets will herald Mercury turning Direct. Today must be navigated carefully. With Mercury just about to station Direct tomorrow at 1:32 pm (ADT), it is a touch early to take that big leap with Mercury still slowly drifting backward. It is best to time any major action after Mercury shifts gears since these final retrograde moments can stir up a lot of dust, clouding our vision. However, this quarter-moon (hitting exact at 11:47 pm ADT) is still asking you to step out. To step forward.

So yes, do so. With prudence, with wisdom, with anticipation of a larger change to come. Harness the inspired energies of fire and earth and dance your way into your next lunation chapter.

Wednesday, May 3rd

  • Mercury stations Direct (@ 24o 16″ Aries)
  • Moon (in Leo) trines Mercury (in Aries)
  • Sun (in Taurus) sextile Neptune (in Pisces)

Calf muscles tense like coiled springs awaiting Mercury’s hallowed Green Light. The starting pistol fires.  Synapses spark and release. Bodies launch forward, catapulting past the start line with such velocity that their limbs blaze a blurred trail of space, time and movement.

People of the Earth, Mercury is finally turning Direct.

Mercury (the planet of communication, writing, conversing, connection, learning, studying, information-processing/exchanging, details, siblings, short-distance travel, social media) is emerging from its underworld retrograde journey that began on April 9th. Normally the few days after a planet turns Direct are slow and sluggish in the area of life the planet rules, but with Mercury in such a close conjunction to Uranus, I expect we will feel this forward moving energy more intensely.

For better or worse, Mercury retrograde is one of the few astrological transits that has infiltrated mainstream pop culture. Release the onslaught of memes! The infamous technological and communication break-downs that Mercury Rx is so infamous for, will now cease, thank god. Your smart phones and laptops are safe once again. Or at least, so says the internet.

Forget the techno hiccups and look for the retrograde gems that Mercury has hauled up throughout its excursions in the murky depths. Reflect on the Mercurial themes that have played out in your life since April 9th. If your Mercury Rx story still seems obscure and convoluted today, the story may assemble itself into coherent form over the next couple of weeks up until May 20th, when Mercury will finish clearing its retrograde shadow.

Later in day, the Moon in Leo trines Mercury in Aries, celebrating the shift in direction with a burst of bright enthusiasm to send Mercury on its way. In the evening the Sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces, bestowing the blessings of the gods on this fine occasion, filling the cosmos with the sweet perfumes of the magic and mysterious. There is a tsunami of inspiration and creative new ideas surging into the Earth’s hemisphere today.

The friction between Uranus and Mercury is still igniting sparks as they stand conjunct at the hip in fiery Aries. On May 10th their energetic bodies will merge entirely once again, a repeat of the April 28th cosmic fireworks we experienced last week with this aspect. The air is vibrating with the electrifying intensity of their conversation, birthing a psychic storm that showers the Earth with synchronicity and intuitive glimpses.

There is so much energy to take advantage of today. Today is a day to trust your instincts – after 1:30 pm ADT at least! Saturn is currently moving into a trine with Uranus (exact on May 19th) and the Sun continues its stable journey through earthy Taurus. You may experience today’s energy as erratic, restless, and intense, but you are being supported and grounded by the cosmos to safety channel this energy into your being and use it productively.

Be on the look out for breakthroughs, resolutions, and all sorts of hidden surprises coming to light! Some of these surprises may be unpleasant if they are the remnants of past Mercury Rx havoc and mix-ups being brought to light, but there is also great potential for synchronistic surprise blessings as well!

Stay flexible. Stay curious. Stay spontaneous.

Thursday, May 4th

  • Moon trines Saturn and enters Virgo

I always appreciate how the fast-moving Moon provides emotional back up for a major aspect between two slower moving planets in the sky. Today, following Mercury turning Direct conjunct Uranus, the Moon trines Saturn and enters Virgo, supplying us with some sensible and practical earth energies to channel yesterday’s rush of inspiration, insight, and fresh energy into tangible forms.

I always like to remind people that the way a global cosmic forecast influences an individual person, will be unique in the way it is interacting with their birth chart and circumstances. For me personally, I have been feeling very “stuck” for quite a while now, so this incoming blast of vibrant, electrifying, fast-paced change energy is so invigorating and refreshing!

The first couple weeks of May are quivering with exciting high-voltage energy from a global perspective, and then at a individual level I also have some massive personal cosmic shifts coming up this month. I pounced on that Mercury Direct and chose to celebrate by going for my first run of the year. The energies of Uranus – fast, erratic, surprising, unpredictable – are exactly what I need right now.

However, if you have been living life at an extremely hectic pace recently, this week and next week may simply feel like TOO. MUCH. Perhaps you have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed for quite a while now with the speed of changes occurring in your life and the number of stressful uncertainties looming. If this is your starting point, even though the incoming energies are objectively positive and inspiring, you may be feeling at max capacity and unable to fully leap into these fresh winds of change.

If this is the case, lean into the earthy energies available today. Exhale your worries and anxieties. Ground yourself. Spend some time in nature if you can. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable where you can pull out your journal and agenda. Jolt down some thoughts on your responses to the changes in your life. Reflect on what you have learned from Mercury’s retrograde period (April 9th-May 3rd). Break big goals into doable steps. Identify what commitments or responsibilities you can say “no” to and release, in order to embrace the call of change in your life.

Uranus-type change has the potential to be positive, but sometimes it can create a lot of stress and anxiety. Rapid life changes can be massively overwhelming. Figure out what you need to do to work with change effectively. The Sun’s warm sextile with the idealistic and romantic Neptune will be separating today, but still lingering. Let it sweep you up in its arm and fill you with dreams of hopeful possibilities today.

And if you are like me and have felt stuck, stagnant, and stalled the last few weeks or months? Then unfurl your sails to catch the big gust of cosmic wind rolling in.

Friday, May 5th

  • 15° Taurus; the Astrological Beltane (a Cross-Quarter Day in the Solar year)


It was only recently that I realized the year’s two equinoxes and two solstices always align with when the Sun is at 0° of the cardinal signs. The equinoxes (at 0° Aries and 0° Libra) occur at the point when the Sun is on par with the Earth’s equator, creating equal days and nights, Spring and Autumn. The solstices (at 0° Cancer and 0° Capricorn) occur when then Sun reaches its most northerly and southerly point, relative to the equator, creating either long days and short nights, or long nights and short days. This dance between Sun and Earth is what creates our different seasons.

I love it that these significant points in the Solar year align with the zodiac! How fitting, of course, that they fall within the cardinal signs, harnessing that active energy of change and motion.

In the Pagan calendar, the two equinoxes and two solstices are celebrated as Quarter Days that divide the Solar year into four seasons – Ostara (Spring), Midsummer (Summer), Mabon (Autumn), and Yule (Winter). The Pagan calendar also includes four festivals that celebrate the Cross-Quarter Days, which further divide the Solar year into eight parts.

In Astrology, each of the 12 signs of the zodiac are 30 degrees. Together they create the 360° zodiac circle. Therefore, astrologically, the Cross-Quarter Days align with when the Sun is at 15° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). This is where we grow and tend that which has been launched with the cardinal signs at the Quarter Days (the equinoxes and solstices). The four mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo) are then responsible for sharing and spreading the harvest of each season, and making way for the next.

Beltane is the Pagan festival that celebrates the Cross-Quarter Day which aligns with the Sun in Taurus (depending on what hemisphere you live in). For several reasons Beltane is often celebrated on May 1st even though the Sun usually takes a few more days to reach 15° of Taurus – exactly halfway between the Aries spring equinox and the summer solstice in Cancer. From an astro perspective then, today, on May 5th (ADT), the Sun reaches this Cross-Quarter Day.

Whether you celebrated Beltane last Monday, or today, or with the Full Moon next week, or you don’t celebrate it at all, may you relish in this mid-way point in the heart of earthy and sensual Taurus. May you feel the tendrils of the season trace delight across your forehead as you ground yourself in Taurus’ energy, abundant in pleasure, art, and beauty.

I want to put in a plug for The Astrology Podcast. It may be a little too astro-nerdy for beginners, but if you speak astrologese with reasonable fluency, then definitely check out this podcast! Every month astrologers Chris Brennan, Kelly Surtees, and Austin Coppock meet to discuss the month’s upcoming cosmic weather forecast. I so look forward to it! The forecast for May 2017 has recently been released so check it out!

Even when I disagree with an astrologer’s interpretation (e.g. I would give the upcoming Scorpio full moon way more weight than Austin did!), it’s still an awesome learning opportunity to hear other astrologers’ interpretations and forecasts.

Sunday, May 7th

  • Moon in Libra opposing Venus (in Aries), trining Mars (in Gemini), and conjuncting Jupiter (in Libra)

What lovely cosmic weather to end the weekend on! The Moon is skipping lightly through the sign of Libra today; a sign known for its love of balance, harmony, peace, relationships, and… well, for its love of love. Venus-ruled, this sign delights in socializing and playful flirting. Good company and connection is the air beneath the wings of a Libra. Always dignified, Libra blossoms when surrounded by those they loves.

Throughout the Moon’s journey in this lovely airy sign today, the Moon will oppose Venus, the relational ruler of Libra, and will trine Mars, the planet associated with our personal power and sex drive. Then finally the Moon will complete the evening by fusing with Jupiter through conjunction – a planet that seeks to expand and grow the energy of any other planet it comes in contact with. The most apt expression of these three aspects in Libra would be: Expansive emotions in the realm of relationships. 

This is an excellent day to meet and gather with those dear to your heart ❤

The one caution would be that with the Moon opposite Venus (in Libra and Aries respectively) there might be a slight tug-of-war very early on Sunday, between one’s own needs and the needs of others around you. Especially with the Moon in the sign of Libra, be prepared to make some healthy compromises.

Or perhaps, this aspect is just indicative of some tender friction beneath the sheets…



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  • Mercury Direct, by Australian Paralympic Committee (CC) (words added)
  • Moon enters Virgo, by Jorge Ryan (CC) (words added)

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