Grand Fire Trine & Full Moon in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 8th – May 14th

Okay, so this Mercury-Uranus in Aries conjunction that has been creating sparks since the last week of April? It is feeling pretty intense these days! Especially since Mercury turned Direct last Wednesday (May 3rd). This conjunction is all about CHANGE. Fast and furious change.

Does anyone else feel like their life is moving really quickly, on fast-forward mode? Are you struggling to keep up with the changes and fast-paced energy in your life? You are not alone!

That is the challenge of Uranus energy. Uranus is inherently disruptive. But change is also what propels us forward in life, toward our potential, and Uranus, the visionary, loves to do just that. The aspects this week are really quite something. If you are ready to embrace change, you could experience some really profound and positive breakthroughs in your life over the next couple weeks. In particular, be on the look out for important information coming to light, and surprising and unexpected news coming your way through communication with others.

For example, here are some life events that happened to people close to me within 48 hours of Mercury going Direct on Wednesday:

  • I contacted someone that I had abruptly stopped speaking to about 6 months ago, who unexpectedly showed up in my home city
  • A family member was offered an ideal mentorship opportunity within her field that she had been trying to secure for the last year in order to work toward a certification (this opportunity literally fell into her lap in an uncanny way)
  • A family member finally received an important diagnosis for a health concern that had been plaguing her for three years – she can now start addressing it
  • A family member made the tough decision to hand in her notice of resignation and end a three-year long job position in order to focus all her energy on her new business
  • A family member started an important clinical placement on Wednesday (with some trepidation) and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went as he stepped out of his comfort zone
  • A family friend received the date and time for a very crucial heart surgery the following week

And that was last week. This week the winds of change are blowing even stronger as the Lunar Nodes of destiny shift into new zodiac signs on Tuesday, and Uranus and Mercury make their third and final exact conjunction in Aries on Wednesday just before the intense and emotional Full Moon in Scorpio goes exact that night; a Full Moon which asks us to trust and surrender to the moment – to whatever and wherever life has brought us to.

Near the end of the week Mars in Gemini is pretty active; squaring Neptune on Thursday and then trining Jupiter on Friday. Perhaps Thursday we are feeling vulnerable, confused and indecisive in the wake of all this change, and then on Friday we see the way forward to success and we know how to achieve our goals?

Changes in our life often initiate both the beginning of something, and the end of something. This is part of the reason change is so difficult for humans to adapt to. It isn’t easy to let go of old ways of being in the world, even if we are being invited into an exciting new way of living. Do your best to stay grounded. Do what you can to reduce your stress and anxiety. And then open yourself up to whatever this week brings.

The Moon moves through Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius during the weekdays. The weekend then brings us the serious, stable earthy energy of a Moon-Saturn conjunction and of the Moon moving through Capricorn. This may feel sobering, but could also be a welcomed grounding after this whirlwind week.

On Thursday, Mercury (still closely conjunct Uranus in Aries) trines Saturn in Sagittarius, and on Sunday, it trines the North Node, newly in Leo. By doing so, Mercury is activating an exciting Grand Fire Trine between Uranus, Saturn, and the North Node – all in the late degrees of the three fire signs. In a Trine aspect, energy is flowing easily. There is tremendous support for whatever new endeavors and projects you launch in the next couple of weeks. This energy is both inspired and risk-taking, as well as being stable and hard-working with Saturn involved.

Don’t let this week blow you away! Those fierce winds are still picking up speed. They are clearing away all the debris to make room for new life, a new chapter.

Check out the Cosmic Forecast for…

Tuesday, May 9th

  • Moon enters Scorpio early in the morning
  • The Lunar Nodes shift from the Virgo-Pisces axis, to the Leo-Aquarius axis at ~2:45 pm ADT
  • Sun (in Taurus) trines Pluto (in Capricorn) at 3:23 pm ADT

When I was first learning astrology, I quickly was introduced to the Lunar Nodes (or Nodes of the Moon) as an axis that highlighted the evolution of the soul. However, it took me much longer to learn what the Lunar Nodes actually were from an astronomical perspective. I think it is really important to combine our knowledge of astrology with astronomy – these fields were birthed from the same womb and grew up together throughout history! Learning about one, enriches knowledge of the other.

So! Here’s a short intro as to what the Lunar Nodes are in the literal sense.

We all know that the Earth orbits around the Sun and not the other way around, but from an astrological and visual perspective, we see the Sun move throughout the sky, while we (on Earth) “appear” to be stationary in space within a geocentric universe. The ecliptic refers  to the “apparent” circular path or plane that the Sun appears to trace in its journey around the Earth.

The orbit of the Moon is on a 5 degree tilt in contrast to the Sun’s ecliptic, which means that the Moon intersects with the Sun’s path of travel at two opposing points. These points of intersection between the Moon’s orbit and the Sun’s ecliptic are called the Lunar Nodes.

New Moon and Full Moon eclipses (also called Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses) can only happen when the Moon and the Sun are near one of the Lunar nodes. Eclipses occur when the Moon, Sun, and Earth are all perfectly aligned on the same horizontal line so to speak. Therefore, the Moon ends up blocking out the Sun’s light during a New Moon Solar Eclipse, and the Earth blocks the Sun from lighting up the Moon during a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

That’s the literal astronomical explanation. When we translate this phenomenon to the symbolic language of astrology, the Lunar Nodes refer to the soul’s evolution and destiny. The Moon symbolizes our soul, our emotions, and our subconscious, while the Sun symbolizes our purpose-driven, rational ego self that is seeking to self-actualize.

So when the Moon’s orbit intersects with the Sun’s ecliptic, symbolically our soul is intersecting with the call to manifest our purpose or destiny.

In an astrological chart, the Descending Node (also called the South Node or Dragon’s Tail), is our comfort zone. The South Node represents an area of strength and ability, but it is also an area where we can get stuck in and “overdo it”. The Ascending Node (also called the North Node or the Dragon’s Head) symbolizes the direction in which our soul longs to evolve toward. The North Node is like a magnet throughout our lives, always challenging us and pulling us forward. The North Node represents foreign, unfamiliar life territory for us. When we move toward the North Node we are out of our comfort zone. Life becomes a bit more uncomfortable as growing pains set in. It’s worth it though! Personal growth and development are tough, but worth it.

So! Back to today’s forecast. The South and North Lunar Nodes are always directly opposite each other (in the same degree in opposing zodiac signs) creating an axis. This axis progresses backwards through 30° of each zodiac sign over the course of 18 months. Today the Lunar axis shifts into new signs, which I think is kind of a big deal! The North Node shifted from Virgo to Leo, and the South Node shifted from Pisces to Aquarius. This indicates a shift in the call to evolve for all of humanity, and for each individual person, based on what house this axis falls in their chart.

This is why eclipses are so significant from an astrological point of view – during a solar or lunar eclipse the sun and moon are shining a powerful spotlight on our destiny (the nodal axis), and our call to evolve. Eclipses are like a new moon or full moon on steroids. They forcefully propel us forward, both completing chapters in our lives and opening new ones. Eclipses occur about twice a year.

It happens about every 18 months – today the nodal axis transitioned into a new set of opposing zodiac signs (see my previous post for an explanation of the Lunar Nodes). This quote for me, really captures the dynamic of the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. The North Node in Leo is where we are called to evolve toward, over the next 18 months. The South Node in Aquarius is an area of life that perhaps we as a society have become too good at expressing – to the extent that this Leo-Aquarius polarity may have become imbalanced. Have we begun to display Aquarius’ shadow traits at the detriment of developing the higher expressions of Leo?

Opposite signs in the zodiac are always strongly complementary, but distinctly different. Whereas Aquarius is a future-oriented visionary, Leo thrives and revels in the present moment. Whereas Aquarius is highly logical, intelligent with a tendency to be emotionally detached, Leo is fiery passion with a vibrant zest for life. Whereas Aquarius seeks to design a new world order through technological advancements, group collaboration, rebellion and liberation, Leo seeks to create beauty and pleasure that honours the vitality of life and the uniqueness of each individual living in the here and now.

So how might this nodal shift play out for us? How can we integrate these two energies in a healthy, balanced way? How we can we evolve toward the higher expressions of Leo while releasing the more negative manifestations of Aquarius?

An example from my own life:

For many years, I had an extremely cynical view of the world. For the most part, I perceived the Earth as a pretty dismal place that was doomed to continue down a path of (environmental, social, political, etc.) destruction. I wasn’t thrilled to have ended up here in the first place, but now that I was here I recognized that I got handed a pretty lucky set of cards in life with access to a reasonable amount of privilege and resources. Therefore, I felt a huge sense of responsibility to use these life cards to make the world a better place and improve the quality of life for those that perhaps were not dealt as lucky a hand of cards.

Some might say this was an admirable mission. This was my sole purpose in life for many years. I was determined to not allow myself to become distracted by anything which might compromise my mission. I planned to dedicate myself entirely to trying to “change the world” in the time that was given me.

This perspective and mission were not sustainable. My engine soon spluttered and died, and I retreated from life, disillusioned, drained, and weary with working against the currents of destruction and pain in this world. How could I fuel myself to make the world a better place when I had such a cynical outlook on the world and on the experience of being human?

This was me, overdoing Aquarius at the expense of Leo. The shadow sides of Aquarius were clearly manifesting in my life – all my efforts were directed entirely toward the future, rather than the present; I became emotionally detached and cynical of life/ the world; I over-analyzed and strategically planned my life trajectory to the point of mental exhaustion; and although I attempted to collaborate with groups and contribute to the lives of others, I maintained a certain distance from others, maintaining my independence at all cost in order to not get distracted or lose time in relationships.

Howard Thurman writes: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

I was trying to live according to noble egalitarian ideals, but the cost was that I was ignoring my true authentic self while my ego got in the way. As a result, my world quickly became dark and narrow, and the light inside me finally spluttered out. I was still alive, but my life force was diminished.

With the North Node moving into Leo, we are called to fall in love with life again. Yes, it is f***ing tough to be human. But while cynicism may be throttling the world, the North Node asks us to connect with our authentic selves. We are being called to passionately engage with the world and to creatively express our own unique individuality and talents.

We are being called to come alive.

Only then, once we have fanned the spark into flame can air and fire, Aquarius and Leo, feed each other and create transformative, alchemical magic.

If the world is going to survive, we need art, we need beauty, we need vibrant, fully alive, authentic people, overflowing with creative ideas that we can use to heal our world.


“Because,” as Emily St. John Mandel writes, “survival is insufficient”.

Let’s do more than simply survive. Let’s thrive.


The more that each one of us connects with our true self and seeks authenticity – a congruence between our core nature and the external expression of ourselves – the more beautiful and peaceful the world will become.

Here are some final quotes for reflection, from Palmer Parker’s book “Let your Life Speak“:

I had started to understand that it is indeed possible to live a life other than one’s own. Fearful that I was doing just that-but uncertain about the deeper, truer life I sensed hidden inside me, uncertain whether it was real or trustworthy or within reach – I would snap awake in the middle of the night and stare for long hours at the ceiling. Then I ran across the old Quaker saying, “Let your life speak.

I found those words encouraging, and I thought I understood what they meant: “Let the highest truths and values guide you. Live up to those demanding standards in everything thing you do.” Because I had heroes at the time who seemed to be doing exactly that, this exhortation had incarnate meaning for me – it meant living a life like that of Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks or Mahatma Gandhi or Dorothy Day, a life of high purpose.

So I lined up the loftiest ideals I could find and set out to achieve them. The results were rarely admirable, often laughable, and sometimes grotesque. But always they were unreal, a distortion of my true self – as must be the case when one lives from the outside in, not the inside out. I had simply found a “noble” way to live a life that was not my own, a life spent imitating heroes instead of listening to my heart.

…Vocation does not mean a goal that I pursue. It means a calling that I hear. Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.

…We arrive in this world with birthright gifts – then we spend the first half of our lives abandoning them or letting others disabuse us of them. As young people, we are surrounded by expectations that may have little to do with who we really are, expectations held by people who are not trying to discern our selfhood but to fit us into slots. In families, schools, workplaces, places, and religious communities, we are trained away from true self toward images of acceptability; under social pressures like racism and sexism our original shape is deformed beyond recognition; and we ourselves, driven by fear, too often betray true self to gain the approval of others.

Then – if we are awake, aware, and able to admit our loss – we spend the second half trying to recover and reclaim the gift we once possessed. When we lose track of true self, how can we pick up the trail? One way is to seek clues in stories from our younger years, years when we lived closer to our birthright gifts.

…Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic selfhood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be. As we do so, we will not only find the joy that every human being seeks -we will also find our path of authentic service in the world. True vocation joins self and service, as Frederick Buechner asserts when he defines vocation as “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.

…When the gift I give to the other is integral to my own nature, when it comes from a place of organic reality within me, it will renew itself -and me – even as I give it away. Only when I give something that does not grow within me do I deplete myself and harm the other as well, for only harm can come from a gift that is forced, inorganic, unreal.

Go far enough on the inner journey, they all tell us – go past ego toward true self – and you end up not lost in narcissism but returning to the world, bearing more gracefully the responsibilities that come with being human.

– Parker Palmer (quotes from Let your life speak)

Wednesday, May 10th

  • Mercury conjunct Uranus (in Aries) at 2:19 am ADT
  • Full Moon at 20°24 Scorpio at 6:42 pm ADT

I’ve found it very difficult to write about the cosmic forecast today. Usually I like to have them written at least the day before (ideally a week ahead), but the energy this week is just so intense and there is so much going on in the sky, I’m having trouble synthesizing all these convoluted cosmic configurations in my own life, as well as at a global level. Perhaps I’m feeling the disorienting mental fog currently being created by the square between Mars in Gemini  and Neptune in Pisces? Perhaps. That aspect will be exact tomorrow, FYI.

So anyway, clearly today is big. Following the significant nodal axis shift yesterday (which we may have felt in the belly of our souls), Mercury and Uranus fuse for the final time time with their noisy, jarring, high-voltage blasts. Uranus, as the erratic and “shocking” revolutionary planet of the sky, is associated with lighting and with electricity, and Mercury’s energy tends to be fast and scattered – especially in fiery and impulsive Aries. While these two are creating explosive sparks in the sky above, we are swimming in the deep, dark waters of the Full Moon at 20°24 Scorpio (exact at 6:42 pm ADT).

So, today we have out of control, unpredictable electric sparks flying through the airwaves of thought and communication (Uranus + Mercury in Aries), combined with the overpowering tidal waves of emotional water pounding against the walls of our soul’s darkest inner cavities,  laughing at our feeble efforts to barricade its entry (Full Moon in Scorpio).

Today = Electricity + Water.

Um, I don’t know about you, but generally I try to avoid this dangerous combo in my day-to-day life.

I am currently sitting at my computer with a heat pack around my neck to loosen my tight muscles, while I look like a pirate with an eye patch covering my right eye to relieve the severe eye strain that I developed during a personal Saturn-Mars opposition transit last week (thanks to over-working and too much computer/cell phone use) that has only gotten worse this week. I’ve been verging on insomnia ever since Mercury and Uranus began their lively conversation a few weeks ago. I’ve had a terrible ongoing headache since Monday, and this morning I woke up with some inflammation on the right side of my face, making my gums swollen and my skin sensitive.

As The Body Astrologer notes, this Mercury-Uranus in Aries energy really strains the nervous system (and the brain). It can create increased stress and anxiety, and can also make us more accident-prone. You may feel “on edge” today (and likely the last couple days/weeks), with your body’s sensory receptors experiencing life like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Irritable? Restless? This too, shall pass.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been looking forward to this week and next week’s transits for a while because they are so invigorating – powerful winds of change, breakthroughs, and inspiration are fiercely howling through the cosmos, threading in and around every embodied soul.

However, these energetic cosmic shifts are so intense that our bodies and minds may be struggling to catch up. Today is the third and final Uranus-Mercury conjunction associated with Mercury’s recent retrograde journey, but I suspect it may take a week or two for these shifts and changes to become fully comprehensible to our cognition.

Some tips for effective collaboration with this Uranus-Mercury conjunction: 

  • Take care of yourself holistically – body and mind. Manage your stress levels.
  • Be prudent and considerate with your communications with others. If permitted, the energy of this aspect could stir up conflict, miscommunication, impulsive reactions, and accidental slips of the tongue.
  • Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, to avoid being forcefully thrown out of your comfort zone.
  • Stay on your toes, ready to move in any direction. Maintaining a flexible and spontaneous stance will do you well during this time.
  • Aries is courageous, Mercury is communication, Uranus symbolizes truth, authenticity, and liberation –> Boldly break-free and express your authentic self in this world.
  • Watch and listen carefully for the messages of Uranus-Mercury in your life. Where, in your life, are they calling you to a greater freedom? What extraordinary (and unexpected) messages, insights, or ideas are they delivering?
  • Accept that the phenomenon of “change” in our lives, typically asks us to let go of something, in order to receive something new. Prepare to let go.

It is worth noting that Venus clears her retrograde shadow on May 18th, and Mercury clears its retrograde shadow on May 21st – bringing both planets to the point in the zodiac wheel that they were at before they began their Rx journey. The retrograde shadow period is the prime time for processing and integrating the planets’ retrograde activity and insights into your life.

Yes, today is the final big Uranus-Mercury blast and those major life shifts, inspired ideas, and liberating breakthroughs may have already emerged in your life’s sphere, but those “ah-ha” moments may be delayed in revealing themselves to you. Let’s get past today’s Uranus-Mercury lighting storm and overpowering Scorpio Full Moon, as well as tomorrow’s cloud of mist that is the Mars-Neptune square, and then as Mercury and Venus clear their final shadow remnants, let’s see what comes to light!

Thankfully, later this week Mercury will be activating the sky’s beautiful Grand Fire Trine (composed of the North Node, Saturn, and Uranus at each of the three points). This powerful Trine will provide the necessary supports for us to incorporate the changes and the insights of the past couple weeks into sustainable, workable, life material. Be patient! Grounding stability, support, discipline, and motivation are on their way.

As the Uranus-Mercury conjunction shakes the ground beneath our feet and hurls change into our lives, the Moon moves into an opposition with the Sun in Scorpio, illuminating our buried shame and secrets with its Full Moon light.

This Full Moon is supercharged with Scorpio energy since its ruler Pluto is sending an extra dose of transformative power through a trine to the Sun and sextile to the Moon.

“Shame cannot survive being spoken. It cannot survive empathy.”

-Brené Brown

I chose this quote for today’s full moon, because themes of “courageous communication” abound in the cosmos with Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Aries, and Mercury and Mars in Mutual Reception in each other’s signs (Mercury in Aries, and Mars in Gemini). These communicative change energies create the backdrop for this Full Moon in Scorpio. And who better to speak to this concoction of energies than Brené Brown, the scholar and author of TedTalk fame, who is renown for her groundbreaking research on shame, courage, vulnerability and empathy – and happens to be born on November 18th, during Scorpio season.

Brené Brown exemplifies the best traits of a Scorpio. She plunges into the messy, dark shadows and secrets of human shame, and then, like the Phoenix (the highest symbolic manifestation of Scorpio), she teaches us how to courageously transform this life material through vulnerability and empathy, into wholehearted authenticity and joyful living.

Scorpio Full Moons trigger our vulnerability and the Mars-Neptune square (exact tomorrow) may make you feel extra vulnerable and unsure of yourself, but today, be with the present moment. Be with your emotions. If a moment arises today (or in the next few days) that offers an invitation to communicate something, to release shame and accept (or provide) empathy, then take it.

Scorpio (and Pluto/8th House) energy is intimately associated with the concept of shame (and of transformation). Shame is the subjective feeling of being unworthy, of there being something fundamentally wrong, unlovable, and disgusting about who we are as human beings. Most of us struggle with shame at one point or another. There are often threads of shame that weave their way throughout our life stories, and hide in our buried secrets. Our natural tendency is usually to build walls around our shame, so that no one will see it.

However, the longer we keep our shame under wraps, and hold it hostage in our shadows, the more “it will creep into every corner and crevice of your life”, says Brown. “I think shame is deadly… The less you talk about it, the more you got it. Shame needs three things to grow exponentially in our lives: secrecy, silence, and judgment.”

As you sink into the depths of this Scorpio Full Moon energy, may you find the courage to unbury shame, embrace vulnerability, harness courage, and…. transform.

Some more quotes for reflection from Brené Brown:

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.”

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.”

“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.”

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”

  • – Brené Brown

Thursday, May 11th

  • Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:59 pm ADT
  • Mars (in Gemini) square Neptune (in Pisces) at 2:51 pm ADT
  • Mercury (in Aries) trine Saturn (in Sagittarius) at 5:14 pm ADT

Today Mars the warrior (symbolizing our power, our drive, our capacity to act) squares Neptune the dreamer (symbolizing the imagination, delusions, artistic visions, idealistic hopes).

I think Neptune gets a bad rap most of the time, and perhaps undeservedly so. This planet, the modern ruler of Pisces, whispers to your intuition, guides your paint strokes on the canvas, and fills your love affairs with moments of dreamy, otherworldly bliss.

However, a square is an aspect of tension and challenge, and so here is where we may experience Neptune’s shadow side as it interacts with Mars, shrouding our power centre, our decision-making, our capacity to act, with a cloud of thick mist and fog.

Today (and the days leading up to, and following today), as Uranus and Mercury shake up your status quo and the Full Moon baptizes you with Scorpio’s dark emotional waters, you may be feeling somewhat vulnerable, unsure of yourself, as you make your way through the Neptunian fog. Can you trust your senses? Can you step into the changes underway? Will this bridge hold your weight?

As Rilke writes, be patient. Be content to live the questions. Today Mercury trines sturdy Saturn (activating the Grand Fire Trine), offering you a strong guiding rope to hold as you feel your way forward.

The Moon leaps into Sagittarius this afternoon (ADT), providing you with a necessary sense of adventure and willingness to explore the unknown.

Tomorrow Mars will trine Jupiter (while still in a separating square to Neptune), offering you a headlamp to illuminate your path.

Friday, May 12th

  • Mars (in Gemini) trine Jupiter (in Libra) at 7:18 am ADT
  • Moon (in Sagittarius) trine Venus (in Aries) at 6:40 am ADT, square Neptune (in Pisces) at 6:08 pm ADT, and opposed to Mars (in Gemini) at 7:44 pm ADT

Today’s aspect suggests it is time to rev the engine and hit the gas pedal. Today’s sky turns on a big vibrant Green Light. For the Monopoly fans, today is Pass Go and Collect $200. Today is the energy of a home run, your second wind of energy half-way through the marathon, that sigh of relief when you catch a glimpse of a lighthouse when lost at sea.

Today the Moon is moving through adventurous Sagittarius and Mars (the warrior) trines Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system named after the Romans’ great king of the gods.

Personally this week has laid me out. I had some major personal transits, but let’s recap the key global cosmic events of the week: The Moon’s nodes of destiny switched signs into Leo and Aquarius; Juno, the asteroid goddess of commitment, went retrograde; Mercury made its final fiery conjuction with Uranus; we had a super-charged Scorpio Full Moon with the Sun and Moon in aspect to Pluto; Mars squared Neptune; Mercury is currently activating the Grand Fire Trine (composed of North Node-Saturn-Uranus); and today Mars trines Jupiter.

There have been so many (objectively) exciting planetary conversations happening over the last few days. The Earth and all its inhabitants were doused in vibrant, dynamic, invigorating energy this week, causing some deep fundamental changes and inner/outer shifts that will begin to reveal themselves in the next week or so. However, the intensity of it all has had me wanting to continuously creep back to bed and rest beneath the covers.

Today’s Mars-Jupiter aspect bestows confidence, luck, optimism, and success. Let the lingering fog of yesterday’s Mars-Neptune square begin to lift. Your path should be steadily becoming clearer now. In the background, the sky’s Grand Fire Trine is sizzling and snapping with inspiration and energy potential. Challenges will become less daunting over the course of today and during the next few days. With Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra, this is a good time for sharing knowledge, communicating and collaborating with others on projects, and working together toward accomplishing goals. This aspect supports initiating new endeavors and taking reasonable risks.

Your competitive streak may be showing itself more today, but with Mars and Jupiter in a supportive trine and with Libra involved, you are likely to be simultaneously sensitive to the needs of others and open to different perspectives.

And if you are feeling as exhausted as I am today? Decide on one new bold and courageous thing you could do to step forward toward your goals. And then do it. Mars and Jupiter have your back.

Saturday, May 13th

  • Saturday, the Moon conjuncts Saturn (in Sagittarius) at 7:56 pm ADT

Today the Moon fuses through conjunction with the planetary workhorse, master of high standards, supreme lord of commitment, discipline, and perseverance – that would be Saturn, of course. Shortly afterwards, early Sunday morning (ADT), the Moon enters Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn.

I, for one, am looking forward to this “cooling down” period from the high-voltage energy of the past week. It’s time to suction in all that swirling energy of fresh inspiration, new ideas, soul shifts, and transformed life content, into Saturn’s funnel to pump it out into something concrete and tangible.

Next week, after giving us some time to integrate Rx insights, Mercury and Venus clear their retrograde shadows. We have had Mercury and Uranus rocking our boats for a few weeks now, the Moon’s Nodes shifting signs this week, the inspiring Grand Fire Trine coming to life, the Sun is making its way through the final degrees of Taurus, and we are well over half-way through our 28-day lunation cycle, having just endured the soul burn of the Scorpio Full Moon this past week.

Point being, I am sure there are seeds of something new and exciting sprouting in your life! Regardless of how tough the soil is (even if it is concrete-thick, according to today’s photo), Saturn/Capricorn energy is the toughest. In my opinion, no astrological energy is more persistent and determined (in an earthy/worldly sense) than that of Saturn and Capricorn. Taurus comes close, but Taurus only persists long enough to reach comfort and security. Saturn/Capricorn continues to PERSIST – past comfort, past obstacles, past challenges. This is a good weekend for working hard, to strengthen those little seedlings in your life.

Bust up and out! That sun is waiting for you.

Sunday, May 14th

  • Moon enters Capricorn at 2:37 am ADT, and squares Venus (in Aries) at 11:23 pm ADT
  • Mercury (in Aries) trines the North Node (in Leo) ~ 6:45 pm ADT

I love Mercury transits. They always make me smile and shake my head in amazement – even when they aren’t inherently positive!

Because Mercury is one of the fastest moving planets, we are likely to experience the transit within ~ 12 hours of a Mercurial aspect becoming exact. The Moon’s transits are actually faster than Mercury’s, but I find the Moons transits are sometimes too quick – the Moon’s aspects to other planets can easily slip by unnoticed or be drowned out by the power of other transits simultaneously occurring. With other slower moving planets we will often experience the impact of a transiting aspect over the course of a few days, weeks, or even months. Therefore, sometimes their influence on our lives is more subtle and diffuse.

I always seem to be able to pinpoint exactly what a Mercurial transit is bringing into my life the day of an aspect becoming exact. Mercury is associated with messages, thoughts, communication, conversation, information-processing, learning, siblings, to name a few.

When Mercury was in a supportive trine to my Midheaven, representing my life’s accomplishments, my public image and reputation in the world? I received an unexpected message from a friend highlighting my past achievements and encouraging me regarding my capacity to contribute to the world.

Mercury is also a trickster planet.

When Mercury (communication) was in a challenging and irritating square to Mars, a planet associated with inflammation, physical injury and frustration? I woke up with my ears plugged (and therefore had difficulty hearing and communicating). So annoying! But it only lasted the day of the transit.

So! Today Mercury (in Aries) trines the North Node in Leo – the point in the sky that symbolizes where we are called to evolve toward. Be on the look out for Mercurial magic. Listen closely with an ear to the sky to catch a cosmic whisper, and your other ear to the ground to listen for the vibration of an incoming event. Watch the horizon for directional clues and keep your intuition sharp. Emails, texts, phone calls, conversations, words in a cross word puzzle, social media updates – these are all prime tools at Mercury’s disposal. Don’t expect a booming voice from the heavens or a vision of an angel appearing before you to illuminate your future (although…). Mercury is mischievous – a planetary energy that delights in sharing its secrets within our everyday worlds. Mercury loves to play with the mundane.  Listen up!

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It’s Mother’s Day! Did you know that the Moon in your astro natal chart can indicate the type of relationship you had/have with your “mother figure” and how you have experienced them in your life?

The Moon has been traditionally associated with the mother, but depending on your history and early circumstances the Moon in your chart may also symbolize your relationship to another important caregiver in your early years like your grandmother, an older sister, your father, or even a mother figure unrelated to you. Basically the Moon is associated with “nurturing” — how we experienced nurturing as children, how we seek to nurture ourselves as adults, the type of nurturing traits we seek in a partner, and how we like to nurture others.

So if your dad was the prominent “nurturing” figure in your life? Well then, the Moon in your natal chart may be reflective of how you experienced his relationship with you. And if you felt a lack of nurturing when you were a child? This may show up in your Moon placement as well – by sign, house, and aspect.

For example, some of my strongest memories of my mother growing up are of her reading outloud to me. She wasn’t keen on engaging in other types of child play, but me and my siblings could always corner her into reading for hours to us. She nourished my love of words. So where is my natal Moon? In communicative Gemini, and this is the same for one of my sisters as well.

My mom has been my rock through some very tough times. I have historically often asked my mom for reassurance throughout my life (as I initiate a new project, take on a new job, or start another degree): “So I can do this, right Mom? Do you believe I can do this?”

“Yes, of course you can,” she always says. What house is my natal Moon in? My 10th House of career, reputation, public achievements and accomplishments – an area where I have historically leaned heavily on my mom for emotional support and encouragement.

Siblings often experience their caregivers in different ways. If you experienced your primary “nurturing caregiver” in drastically different ways than your sibling did, I would expect to see drastically different Moon placements.

As I’ve mentioned, the Moon is also associated with how we seek to nurture ourselves and others. Cultivating our capacity to nurture ourselves and others is vital in a world that often deprives us of feeling emotionally safe, secure and accepted within a web of trust and belonging. As someone with a Gemini Moon, journaling is a really important therapeutic tool that I use to work out my emotions.

What can you do today to nurture and be nurtured?

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