Creative Decisions & Determined Action :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 29th – June 4th

If last week, which cradled the New Moon in Gemini, was about opening up to multiple possibilities, this week’s theme is about making (and fully committing to) critical decisions and acting on them.

Like Frodo in The Fellowship of the Rings, we are born into certain narratives, particular time/space circumstances, and are handed a set of predetermined factors. That is not to say that we do not have the free will to make choices and shape our life trajectories. I believe life is a mysterious alchemy between fate and freewill. Clearly there are some events and circumstances in life that we have no control over, and yet conversely in other areas of life we appear to be granted full autonomy over the movements of our life’s steering wheel.

As the Saturn-Mars opposition perfects today, we are reminded of the limits on our freewill and our capacity to change our circumstances. Frustration is on high broil and patience is evading our grasp.

And yet as Mars sextiles Uranus tomorrow, we are presented with an opportunity to liberate ourselves from that which chains us to the past, or to our usual way of responding to challenges. On Tuesday we are invited to think (Mars in Gemini) outside the box (Uranus) to come up with creative solutions (Moon in Leo) to seemingly inflexible and oppressive challenges and circumstances – and then to act on these innovative ideas (Uranus in action-oriented Aries).

On Wednesday, Mercury, our thinking mind, forms a supportive trine to Pluto, the planet of transformation. This is a gentle encouragement that yes indeed, we can change tactics, identify new choices, and act on them. Our traditional patterns of behavior always hold the potential for transformation. The Moon moves into Virgo to help us figure out the details and plan ahead for what comes next.

On Thursday the Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Gemini, presenting us with our First Quarter Moon challenge. Despite the tendency of these two zodiac signs to over-think and over-analyze problems, the square aspect propels us to truly commit to taking action, to following through on our decisions. At the same time Venus in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius, lending her kind support to our efforts to move forward in this new direction, and Mars (still in Gemini) sextiles the North Node in Leo asking you to trust that your new commitments and actions are carrying you forward toward your destiny.

On Friday, Mars squares Chiron in Pisces; forming a T-Square with Mars’ separating opposition to Saturn. There may be some acute discomfort around this time. Making decisions and acting on these decisions in a world of seemingly linear time is not easy – as one path opens up, another must necessarily close. Today there may be a sense that it is too late to turn back. The jump into the unknown has been made, for better or worse. Ward off the second-guessing and insecurities because the cosmic weather on Saturday is spectacular.

On Saturday, Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries, and soon afterward trines the North Node. In the realm of love, self-worth, art and money, there is the possibility for a beautiful (unexpected) breakthrough! You may be taken by surprise that the new direction you chose, that brave decision you made, is working out so wonderfully. Meanwhile the Sun in Gemini trines Jupiter in Libra, and Mars finishes up his work in Gemini as he passes through the critical 29° Anaretic degree. Themes of communication and new information are quite strong today. Your pleasant Venus-Uranus surprise may be related to learning something new, receiving significant news or valuable feedback.

Mars’ journey through the final degree of Gemini lends an urgency to the day – perhaps something important must be communicated. If this feels stressful, don’t overthink it – the Sun’s trine to Jupiter grants success outcomes. On Saturday the Moon (our mood influencer) smiles on all these exciting developments. On Saturday the Moon moves through Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, forming a powerful conjunction with Jupiter and a confident trine with the Sun.

Finally on Sunday Mars enters Cancer and the Sun squares Neptune. There may be some emotional aftershocks in the wake of the past week. There may be a nervous urge to retreat and withdraw. Despite the glow of yesterday, the Sun square Neptune aspect may cast doubt on our choices and our newly defined direction in life. Will this fulfill me? Will this quench the yearning in my soul?

Time will tell. The story continues. A glorious Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9th is the next stop in this lunation cycle.

Image credit: Joel Lee/Wikipedia Commons

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Monday, May 29th

  • Mars (in Gemini) opposite Saturn (in Sagittarius) 
  • Moon (in Cancer) squares Uranus (in Aries), and then is void of course
  • Moon enters Leo

King Sisyphus is a character in Greek mythology. As punishment for his misdeeds, Sisyphus was dragged to the Underworld and forced to roll a large boulder up a hill for eternity. Each time Sisyphus would near the top of the hill, the boulder would roll away from him down to the bottom of the hill and his task would begin again, ad nauseam. His name has become immortalized through his character’s association with frustrating, laborious tasks that yield no fruit and are ultimately futile despite the significant effort invested. Such tasks may be described as “sisyphean“.

The Mars-Saturn opposition that perfected earlier today was certainly an aspect of a sisyphean nature. Building in intensity over the past week, you would have experienced this aspect as frustration; as running up against limits of time, energy, resources, or personal capacity. You may have been asking yourself: “Why am I not further ahead with this? Why can’t this issue move forward faster? Why do I keep running into challenges? Why am I continuously dealing with the same old barriers? When in the world will I finally get the answers I need and the progress I seek? When will I arrive at my destination?”

Indeed, like Sisyphus, this past week you may have felt like you were laboring to push a large boulder up a hill only to have it come crashing down again and again. An exercise in futility.

However, there is good news. The opposition was forming over the past week and was exact earlier today, which means that now Mars and Saturn are “separating”. When a slow-moving, challenging cosmic aspect first begins to separate we may experience this like the moment when a fever breaks or the day when we know we have hit the worst of that horrid flu bug we caught.

The flu sucks. And even after the fever breaks you know you are going to feel crappy for a while longer, but there is a huge sense of relief in knowing that you are on the other side – you’ve pushed the sisyphean boulder over the edge. From here on in, you are in recovery mode.

This week is about pushing that sisyphean boulder through to the other side. It is about changing the ending of King Sisyphus’ awful story.

Astrology always makes more sense with some real life examples so (especially for those of you studying astrology) here’s a few examples of how this aspect has impacted people in my life (pseudonyms used):

  • Cait has to be out of her old apartment and into her new one by May 31st. She has been under tremendous pressure to renovate the new apartment before moving in (a major fixer-upper), clean and empty the old one, while also managing two new businesses as an entrepreneur. Where is Saturn transiting in her chart? Her 2nd house which rules one’s material assets, physical and financial security.
  • Jenny is trying to study for a major high-stakes national exam on June 3rd. This past week she got diagnosed with a bad case of pneumonia, which has challenged her capacity to focus and study. Where is Saturn transiting in her chart? Her 6th house of health, wellbeing, and daily routine.
  • Allison spent the week frantically preparing for a 40-day solo vacation trip overseas. Before departing on Friday, she had to find subletters, wrap up a number of projects, plan her trip and pack. After dealing with a lot of stress over the past few months she was eager to relax, but of course spent the weekend catching numerous forms of transportation (always an exhausting and stressful process) until finally by Monday night (after the opposition was exact), she was settled at a yoga retreat, ready to relax and rejuvenate. Where is Saturn transiting in her chart? Her 4th house of home, belonging, emotional safety, the internal world and inner psyche – the part of our chart that calls to us when we need to rest and recover.
  • For me as well, Saturn has been transiting my 4th house. In contrast to Allison, this for me manifested as a discouraging slide back into depressive symptoms that have become all to familiar during my Saturn return. Although I wanted to invest my energy into career-related progress (Mars in the 10th house), I definitely felt like I was struggling against Saturnian limits.

Sometimes I catch unintentional hints of the cosmos in my conversations. Here’s some snippets from a text message I sent before the weekend:

“Overall things are better but I just get really frustrated that I can’t do more in a day… I keep trying to be patient and focus on little steps rather than aiming too high and getting frustrated!”

I laugh when I catch these in retrospect. This message has Saturn all over it!

If you know how to read an astro chart, check what houses Saturn (~25° Sagittarius) and Mars (~25° Gemini) are transiting and reflect on how this opposition might be showing up in your life. Imagine an opposition as a tug of war game with a rope. If Saturn and Mars are both exerting a lot of pressure and pulling hard you may find yourself frantically trying to take care of the matters of both houses at once. Saturn’s generally going to be dominant, being the outer planet, but he may simply stand firm holding onto the rope while Mars does all the struggling. Maybe this means that your energy is focused entirely on the Mars house while what you really want to do is to focus on the Saturn house (whose matters are on pause for now – this is what happened with Allison’s example). Or, Saturn may be actively pulling on the rope – pulling all your attention to the house it occupies and refusing to let Mars gain any ground (i.e. this is what happened in my case).

Make sense?

Every day this week, I’ll post an appropriate quote about decision-making (this week’s theme). Here’s today’s quote:

“Every moment is a moment of decision, and every moment turns us inexorably in the direction of the rest of our lives.”
 Mary Balogh

Tuesday, May 30th

  • Mars (in Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aries)
  • Moon (in Leo) sextiles Sun (in Gemini), sextiles Jupiter (in Libra), then squares Mercury (in Taurus)

“Whatever you decide, don’t let it be because you don’t think you have a choice.”― Hannah Harrington

Yesterday Mars opposed Saturn (a challenging, frustrating aspect), and tonight, with Mars and Saturn in a separating, but still potent, 180° opposition, Mars will sextile Uranus (an innovative, supportive aspect). To interpret these transits we need to perceive how they might be working together.

Whenever I’m working with a Saturn aspect natally or by transit, BEFORE I buckle down and do all those familiar Saturnian things (e.g. set long-term goals, work hard to achieve them, endure, patiently persevere, overcome challenges, be self-disciplined, self-sufficient and responsible, etc…), I FIRST check in to make sure I am acting within natural, reasonable limits of time, space and selfhood.

Saturn is not just about working toward some goal with great determination, Saturn is also always about LIMITS. Read any article about Saturn and the word “limits” (or “boundaries”) will come up frequently.

When working with Saturn it is really important to identify what limits we should be actively challenging and overcoming… and what limits we should be respectfully backing away from and what limits we should be allowing to teach us about who we truly are.

In my opinion, Saturn has three basic commandments:

1) Act and live within natural LIMITS. 

2) COMMIT to your goals.

3) WORK HARD to accomplish your goals. 

We start running into Saturnian problems (like fear of failure, guilt, depression, stress) when we get the order of these three commandments mixed up. The biggest mistake that most of us make in response to Saturn’s presence, is to skip #1 and rush on to #2 and #3. Does this mean that #1 just disappears?

Nope. #1 catches up with us. It means that only after we have committed and invested time and energy toward our lofty goals, do we start slamming into limits – not the type of limits that we are supposed to overcome, but rather the type of natural limits that are ultimately there to teach us live more authentically, more aligned with our inner nature, with greater peace and contentment. However, this realization and acceptance usually only comes after a struggle…

FYI, the infamous “Saturn Return”, which occurs to an individual about every 30 years, is renown for being so difficult precisely because this period of 2.5 years often brings us face to face with our limits in unavoidable ways.

We would save ourselves a lot of grief if we followed Saturn’s commandments in order. Over the past week leading up to Monday, you may have experienced the Mars-Saturn opposition as being intensely frustrating and discouraging (read Monday’s post for more info). If your Saturn-related tasks began with a careful “limit assessment”, then yes, this past and current week is when you are called to work even harder and patiently persevere.

But… if you failed to do that careful “limit assessment”, this Mars sextile Uranus aspect is asking you to stop trying to open that locked door you keep stubbornly ramming into. Embrace your limits. Accept them.

Reassess. Be honest with yourself, your situation, and the resources at hand. Are you wasting your energy and fighting a futile battle – a battle that is not worth fighting? Have you over-extended yourself?

Be innovative. Be creative. Be flexible. Be confident with your unique life choices. Be true to you – your natural limits and your natural potentials.

And for gawd’s sake, try another door!

If you are confident that you’re on the right path, acting within natural limits of time, space, and selfhood, then Uranus is congratulating you for your hard work. Keep on keepin’ on! It’s worth it.

Saturn is often made out to be a pessimist because that is how we frequently experience this energy, but actually Saturn is a REALIST. Facing (and embracing) our limits is often painful, and yet it can be profoundly life-giving, as I will now let Parker Palmer explain with a series of wonderful quotes:

“The deepest vocational question is not “What ought I to do with my life?” It is the more elemental and demanding “Who am I? What is my nature?”

“Everything in the universe has a nature, which means limits as well as potentials, a truth well known by people who work daily with the things of the world… Engineering involves more than telling materials what they must do. If the engineer does not honor the nature of the steel or the wood or the stone, his failure will go well beyond aesthetics: the bridge or the building will collapse and put human life in peril.”

“Each of us arrives here with a nature, which means both limits and potentials. We can learn as much about our nature by running into our limits as by experiencing our potentials… if you are like me and don’t readily admit your limits, embarrassment may be the only way to get your attention. I go on full alert only when I am blocked or get derailed or flat-out fail. Then, finally, I may be forced to face my nature and find out whether I can make something of both my gifts and limitations.”

**”It is important to distinguish between two kinds of limitations: those that come with selfhood and those that are imposed by people or political forces hell-bent on keeping us “in our place.””**

“…there is as much guidance in way that closes behind us as there is in way that opens ahead of us. The opening may reveal our potentials while the closing may reveal our limits – two sides of the same coin, the coin called identity.”

“As often happens on the spiritual journey, we have arrived at the heart of a paradox: each time a door closes, the rest of the world opens up. All we need to do is stop pounding on the door that just closed, turn around – which puts the door behind us – and welcome the largeness of life that now lies open to our souls. The door that closed kept us from entering a room, but what now lies before us is the rest of reality.”

“My anxiety about way not opening, the anxiety that kept me pounding on closed doors, almost prevented me from seeing the secret hidden in plain sight: I was already standing on the ground of my new life, ready to take the next step on my journey, if only I would turn around and see the landscape that lay before me.”

“If we are to live our lives fully and well, we must learn to embrace the opposites, to live in a creative tension between our limits and our potentials… We must take the no of the way that closes and find the guidance it has to offer – and take the yes of the way that opens and respond with the yes of our lives.”

– All above quotes by Parker Palmer (from Let Your Life Speak)

Wednesday, May 31st

  • Mercury (in Taurus) trine Pluto (in Capricorn)
  • Moon (in Leo) trines Venus (in Aries), trines Saturn (in Sagittarius), trines Uranus (in Aries), sextiles Mars (in Gemini), and then is Void of Course
  • Moon enters Virgo

“It is not as much about who you used to be, as it is about who you choose to be.”
– Sanhita Baruah

You’ve been up against some tough internal or external challenges over the past week (Mars opposite Saturn), but you’ve re-assessed your limits and boundaries, and as a result you’ve found a second wind (Mars sextile Uranus). A burst of inspiration. Today, Mercury in Taurus (symbolizing our thinking, learning mind) trines Pluto in Capricorn (the planet of deep soul transformation).

This aspect beckons you to go even deeper and continue to get honest with yourself about who you truly are and what you value in life. If you take a moment to peer into your inner psyche, insights will abound.

As the planets travel through two incredibly stable and determined earth signs, this Mercury-Pluto trine whispers fiercely, “Yes! You can do this.” You’ve recommitted to your task, or changed direction. Either way, you are ready to put in the effort over the long haul.

Is there still fear and trepidation? There might be. But fear and trepidation do not foreclose the possibility of taking action, of persevering. Respectfully acknowledge the fear, the hesitation and the anxiety that may linger, and step out. Step forward.

The path ahead may still be a difficult one, but today’s aspect offers some deeper emotional or spiritual resilience for you to tap into.

This morning the Moon continued through Leo, forming only supportive aspects (trines and sextiles) with other planets, and then entered Virgo in the afternoon (ADT), gracing you with increased focus and a sharp, discerning eye.

Ride this smooth wave, but also be willing to do some paddling. Trines are supportive aspects, but because they are so “easy”, we don’t always take advantage of them.

Thursday, June 1st

  • Moon (in Virgo) squares Sun (in Gemini) – First Quarter Moon
  • Venus (in Aries) trine Saturn (in Sagittarius)
  • Mars (in Gemini) sextile the North Node (in Leo)
  • Moon (in Virgo) opposite Neptune (in Pisces)

We are 1/4 of the way through the current lunation cycle, which began with the New Moon in Gemini last week. Next week the Moon’s journey culminates with a Full Moon in Sagittarius, but to get to our destination, we first have to commit to the journey and take action.

This week’s theme has been all about making (or re-committing) to decisions and following through with deliberate action. With today’s First Quarter Moon we hit another critical juncture where we are simultaneously tempted back into the safety of the familiar, while also being propelled forward into new terrain.

During the First Quarter Moon the Sun and Moon are challenging each other through a 90° square aspect. Today’s First Quarter Moon highlights the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Virgo. Both of these mutable Mercury-ruled signs are prone to over-thinking and over-analyzing. Together these Sun and Moon placements could create a lot of nervous energy and anxiety – and possibly bring your progress to a halt as sheer mental overload stops you in your tracks.

Every day this week I’ve been posting quotes related to decision-making. I thought this one was apt for today’s energies:

“On an important decision one rarely has 100% of the information needed for a good decision no matter how much one spends or how long one waits. And, if one waits too long, he has a different problem and has to start all over. This is the terrible dilemma of the hesitant decision maker.” – Robert K. Greenleaf

The Sun in Gemini’s lust for knowledge is never satiated; it is always seeking more information. Before taking action, the Moon in Virgo must soothe its soul by first creating a plan and being as prepared as one possibly can be.

And yet this square aspect between the two of them is creating friction and wants you to DO SOMETHING. It is always a good idea to take at least one deliberate action toward your goals at the First Quarter Moon. It doesn’t have to be a big action and you can Virgo-it up by planning it ahead of time, but the key advice here, is to not hesitate. Later in the day the Moon will oppose Neptune in Pisces, prompting some moments of confusion and doubt or withdrawal. Don’t let this aspect get the better of you – DO THAT THING!

Venus in Aries is trining Saturn today, activating the powerful Grand Fire Trine between Saturn, Uranus and the North Node. This Venus-Saturn trine graciously grounds you, supporting your efforts and your commitments. Meanwhile Mars sextiles the North Node, drawing you forward and upward. Trust, is an important word for the day. Trust that things will be okay, even if the journey or the outcome is not what you expected.

Friday, June 2nd

  • Mars (in Gemini) square Chiron (in Pisces)
  • Moon (in Virgo) trines Pluto (in Capricorn), trines Mercury (in Taurus), squares Saturn (in Sagittarius), squares Mars (in Gemini), and is then Void of Course
  • Moon enters Libra

Today Mars (symbolizing our energy, our will to act, our survival instincts) still in a separating opposition to Saturn, perfects its painful square to Chiron (a deep wound, in which lies a great gift). This is an aspect that would have been felt throughout the week as an irritating background noise creating a dull ache in your bones.

Lately I have been reading about the third wave of cognitive behavior therapy, which includes approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness-Based techniques. One of the shared features of these approaches is that none of them rush to immediately “fix” the problem by changing the person and their behavior as typical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) so often does. In fact, therapeutic change is often positioned as a by-product stemming from the key focus and priority, which is to facilitate and nourish self-acceptance and a non-judgmental attitude toward one’s self. Therapists too, are encouraged to accept clients just as they are, as being valuable and whole just as they are – sometimes a difficult task when therapists are in the business of helping people change.

And yet people engage in therapy with the hopes of changing something about their life, their emotions, their behavior, their circumstances… is it not contradictory to address this desire for change with a message of acceptance?

It is indeed a paradox, but life is full of paradoxes. As the highest expression of Gemini embodies so well, being in a healthy relationship with one’s self and with the world requires embracing paradox and diverging aims. This is what the word “dialectical” in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is getting at – a paradoxical synthesis of opposites, of both acceptance and change.

ACT, DBT, and Mindfulness-based approaches assert that a peaceful, non-judgmental acceptance of one’s current reality is a necessary condition for change.

How are we relating to that which we dislike in ourselves? How are we relating to our wounds, our vulnerabilities and to our circumstances? How are we relating to the decisions we have made and the actions we have taken? In other words, how is this Mars square Chiron feeling for you today?

Suffering is experienced when we struggle against our difficulties and become fixated on how we want life to be, and on how our current life is not measuring up to that ideal. A Mindfulness-Based approach asks us to simply observe what we are experiencing in the present moment (thoughts, feelings, sensations), and to acknowledge these experiences without casting judgement or becoming frustrated.

Acceptance does not mean resigning ourselves to a stagnant, static existence and giving up on personal growth and life change.

Change happens, when we are ready.

And yet sometimes we must put aside our desire to change, especially when approaching our most intractable, internal struggles.

As we turn and face that which we are trying to ignore or run from in our lives, as we quietly observe those parts of ourselves that hurt, in their raw and honest form, we gain clarity and a deeper understanding. As we extend self-acceptance and self-compassion to the areas of ourselves and our lives that we are unsatisfied with, we begin to heal. The torn fragments begin to knit themselves together. Cautious and yet hopeful after being neglected for so long, wounds begin to mend beneath a steady and compassionate gaze.

Gradually our change mechanisms become more soft and supple. We no longer feel like we are desperately yanking and pulling on rigid levers as we try to control our reactions. Rather, we are growing. Instead of forcing jarring shifts in our lives, we are gently spreading our wings – not necessarily because we are even trying to fly, but because in that moment we are delighting in the wind caressing our being and we just can’t help ourselves.

Here are a few quotes for reflection…

“If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti

“Self-improvement without self-love is like building a house upon sand. You can build and build, but it will always sink.” ― Vironika Tugaleva

A Mars squares Chiron, be present today. Take note of what comes up. Observe, welcome, accept, and be willing to listen.

Befriend all the different parts of yourself. You are whole and valuable, as you are. Love yourself and you love the world. The compassion you show yourself will be reflected in the compassion you show others.

Saturday, June 3rd

  • Venus conjunct Uranus @ 27° 6 Aries
  • Venus (in Aries) trine the North Node (@ 27°32 Leo)
  • Sun (in Gemini) trine Jupiter (in Libra)
  • Mars @ 29° Gemini – the critical Anaretic degree
  • Moon (in Libra) conjuncts Jupiter, and trines the Sun (in Gemini)

“Permission to blossom and permission to flourish”… you don’t need anyone else to grant you this permission, but receive this message as a reminder to give yourself this permission today.

So much intense cosmic action! Venus forms a conjunction with Uranus in Aries in the very early hours of the morning (ADT), and then trines the North Node later on. Meanwhile the Sun is trining Jupiter, and Mars is moving through the final 29° of Gemini, the Anaretic degree, before entering the sign of Cancer tomorrow. The influence of these aspects will show up most strongly today, but this energy influence will spread at 48 hours in both directions (especially Friday).

Okay, so Venus and Uranus; the planet of beauty, love, desires, values, pleasure, art, money, and self worth, creating fireworks through fusion with the wild rebel planet of sudden change and liberation. Whenever Uranus is powerfully activated I noticed three main correlations in my life: 1) Life speeds up and things in my life start happening really quickly (this pertains to events both significant and minor); 2) Uranus injects a lot of uncertainty, unpredictability,  and unknown factors into the area of my natal chart it’s transiting; and 3) Unexpected changes or a surprising turn of events is likely.

Uranus is also associated the occurrence of major breakthroughs, sudden brilliant insights, and a new sense of freedom to do your own thing and be your weird unique self. However, review the previous three points again, which can be summarized as – “unexpected stuff happening really quickly without being able to fully prepare for it or know with certainty what the outcome might be”. Uh, those are all the key ingredients for stress and anxiety – and for rash, impulsive actions.

I do find that stress and anxiety can run high for a lot of people when Uranus is activated (such as during its conjunction with Mercury a while ago). However, to be clear, I still think the aspects today are AWESOME. I’m a fan.

Whereas we began this week feeling constrained and restrained (Mars opposite Saturn), feeling as though we were hitting up against limits and boundaries, now we are breaking through limits and boundaries! These transits are a call to authenticity and to express your truth.

However, even “positive” aspects can produce anxiety and stress with their intense energy, so I just wanted to give you all the heads up! Work with these transits by being flexible, spontaneous, and ready to go with the flow. If you want to capitalize on this Venus-Uranus transit and have a breakthrough, a sudden insight, or a magical liberating experience, you’ve got to work some magic with the sparks that fly! But luckily you’ve also got the North Node of destiny on your side today.

Furthermore, Uranus’ tendency to create chaos is counterbalanced by the Moon moving through Libra on Saturday, seeking to bring peace and harmony to any disruptions. The Moon forms only beneficial aspects today – a conjunction with Jupiter – the planet of optimism, success and expansion – as well as a trine with the Sun, promoting confidence and vitality.

Be your wonderful unique self today! Uranus supports the expression of brazen individuality.

So now back to Venus. How is this delicate planet going to react with Uranus energy in Aries? When Uranus was transiting my natal Venus (~a year-long transit compared to this transit of a few days), I experimented with open relationships and polyamory (this was before I tracked my transits). This is very typical for a Uranus-Venus aspect. Here we see the relating principle of Venus, the planet of love, showing up in my life in unconventional ways that go against the mainstream (Uranus).

So are you going to unexpectedly get involved in an open relationship on Saturday? Well, hey, anything is possible, theoretically! But do be on the look out for events or news that combine themes of Venus (love, relationships, beauty, art, physical appearance, pleasure, finances, self-worth, personal values) with the themes of Uranus (unconventional, unexpected, surprising, erratic, liberating, truth-speaking, rebellious).

With Mars finishing up his work in Gemini as he passes through the critical 29° Anaretic degree, there may be an added sense of urgency to the day – perhaps something important must be communicated. Themes of communication and new information are quite strong today, especially with the Sun also still in Gemini, being activated through a trine to Jupiter in Libra, another air sign.

Your pleasant Venus-Uranus surprise may be related to learning something new, receiving significant information or valuable feedback. Or perhaps these themes show up in your internal world and you suddenly have a profound realization about your life.

Today you may find yourself needing to make decisions quickly as something changes or you discover something new. Process and analyze the pertinent information, but also listen to your GUT instincts and intuition. With Uranus energy in the air, globally those GUT feelings are strong right now and tuned in.

Here’s your decision-making quote of the day:

“Visionary decision-making happens at the intersection of intuition and logic.” – Paul O’Brien

Sunday, June 4th

  • Sun (in Gemini) square Neptune (in Pisces)
  • Mars enters Cancer
  • Moon (in Libra)  squares Pluto (in Capricorn), sextiles Saturn (in Sagittarius)

The weekend finishes on a blurry, hazy note. The Sun (symbolizing our identity and purpose) forms a challenging square with Neptune (symbolizing transcendence, ideals, the imagination, and dreams).

A deep tiredness is possible today. Neptune would rather us disappear into a fantasy land, so its participation in a challenging aspect with the Sun can make us weary of our everyday selves, our commitments and duty, and wanting to escape – whether that be through Netflix or a road trip to the countryside.

Perhaps we are second-guessing our choices as a mist of Neptunian confusion envelops us. Neptune represents our longing for soul freedom, for divine love, for a blissful world where all our dreams come true. There may be deep yearnings for fulfillment, for something more.

Today Mars (symbolizing our action centre and will) leaves Gemini to enter the sign of Cancer, where it will be until July 20th. Cancer is not an easy placement for Mars. Mars is the archetype of the pioneer, the warrior, our aggressive survival instincts. Cancer is the archetype of the nurturing, sensitive, highly emotional mother. Their motivations are often cross-purposes with each other.

Together with the Sun-Neptune square, Mars’ entry into Cancer may bring up a lot of emotions and cloud our vision. Are we witnessing the naked truth of the situation, or are we perceiving a distortion of reality? Mars in Cancer has a tendency to shy away from confrontations and facing difficult situations head-on. Always seeking to protect itself, Mars in sensitive Cancer may use indirect passive-aggressiveness and moodiness as a way of expressing what it wants and how it is feeling.

Today’s energies are rather disorienting and emotional. They might be best navigated by taking a nap, having a good cry, doing something creative  and artistic or participating in a spiritual practice (to appease Neptune’s other-worldly longings).

Despite the confusing influences of the day, Cancer is still a cardinal sign (i.e. action-oriented) and 0° Cancer is a powerful zodiac degree – a point of catalyst. 0° Cancer is the point of the Summer Solstice (which, fyi, looks to be magical when the Sun crosses this same point on June 21st). With Mars entering Cancer it may also be a time to get busy taking care of domestic matters, cooking up a storm, or by taking action (Mars) on some emotional concern and spending time with family (Cancer). Mars in Cancer asks us to take care of our home base (both internal and external), and to be gentle with one another, to invest our energy into supporting and encouraging our loved ones – even on days we’d rather be somewhere else.

And if you are being hit by a waterfall of doubts today, here is the decision-making quote of the day (and the last one for this week’s decision-making theme):

“I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made in my life because with every choice I make, I learn something new.” – Siva Kaneswaren

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