First Quarter Moon :: Scorpio Moon □ Leo Sun

We have reached the First Quarter Moon phase of the current lunation cycle, which began with a New Moon in Leo on July 23rd. What seeds did you plant in your life on July 23rd? In what house in your natal chart will the Full Moon occur? This is the time to push through and take action on your intentions, toward manifesting achievement and resolution with the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7th.

During this First Quarter Phase, the Moon in Scorpio forms a challenging square to the Sun in Leo.

The assertion that only water signs truly experience emotion, is faulty. Each of the 12 zodiac signs – associated with fire, air, earth or water – experience emotions. The difference is in how each of the signs process, digest, respond to, and express, life’s emotional content. Continue reading “First Quarter Moon :: Scorpio Moon □ Leo Sun”

Accept the Mission, Embark on a Quest :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 24th – July 30th

I am a little late with this forecast, but hopefully it will still prove useful for reflection.

The punctuated highlight of the week occurs later today (Wednesday) when the Sun finally consumes Mars as they form an exact conjunction in the early degrees of Leo. This happens about every two years. The last Mars-Sun conjunction occurred in Gemini on June 14th 2015. Throughout the last couple of weeks, the Sun (symbolizing our core identity and purpose) has been steadily moving in on Mars (symbolizing our will, our desire, and our capacity to initiate action).

As Mars first fell beneath the Sun’s rays, Mars began a dying process that I talked about last week. In the same way we refer to the final couple of days in the monthly lunation cycle, when the Moon’s light is extinguished by the power of the Sun, as the balsamic moon phase (a time of tiredness, retreat, reflection, and letting go), we could also refer to these final weeks of Mars’ two-year cycle as a balsamic phase for the same symbolic reasons. Continue reading “Accept the Mission, Embark on a Quest :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 24th – July 30th”

Welcome to LEO SEASON!!!

Leo season

During an early morning run this weekend I came across this sidewalk chalk extravaganza of love and light. How awesome is this colorful proclamation of encouraging words?! Since when did kids shift from drawing hopscotch squares and smiley faces on the pavement, to sharing lovely self-affirming messages?!

This was such a wonderful welcome to Leo Season to discover while running beneath the freshly awoken sun that morning. Leo is associated not only with identity, creative expression, and self-acceptance, but also with the exuberant, fun-loving and playful child inside of us all. Bright colorful sidewalk chalk and glorious sprawling handwriting are very much Leo-esque. Continue reading “Welcome to LEO SEASON!!!”

Making a Break for Freedom :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 17th – July 23rd

There are so many different types of diverse transits happening this week that I had to really reflect for a while in order to pull out the key themes. It is challenging to succinctly summarize them all in one post, but I’ll aim for a constructive overview.

The painting I selected for the forecast is a more aggressive picture than I would normally choose, but I believe it speaks to the symbolism of the week (George Stubbs, 1762). A major thematic backdrop for the week is that Mars (represented by the horse in the painting) is dying. The Sun (represented by the lion in the painting) has been nipping at Mars’ heels for a while now and throughout the entire week they are only a few degrees apart. The Sun will finally overtake, swallow and consume Mars next week on July 26th.

When a planet is within about 8 degrees of the Sun, it is said to be “combust”; its autonomy is weakened, it becomes subservient to the Sun. Continue reading “Making a Break for Freedom :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 17th – July 23rd”

Last Quarter Moon

Today we reach the Last Quarter Moon phase, which indicates that we are 3/4s of the way through the current lunation cycle, on route to the New Moon in Leo next Sunday. Here we have the Moon in Aries (in a conjunction with the erratic, rebellious Uranus) forming a challenging square to the Sun in Cancer. This pits the archetype of the mother against the archetype of the warrior – similar to the Mars in Cancer vibe. This is a time to begin releasing the intensity of the last few weeks that may still be clinging to you. It is a time to prepare for a step in a new direction, or to take an action in a direction you’ve recommitted to.

Action (Aries) is most effective when it is grounded and rooted in a nourishing foundation (Cancer). Be careful that you don’t impulsively throw yourself into a “new beginning” so quickly that you lose your footing and find yourself dealing with burn-out, or massively disrupting your life in some way (Aries). Conversely, be wary of the tendency to remain stagnant, ruminating on past Pluto business or nursing past grievances (Cancer). Mercury quincunx Pluto on Sunday suggests that perhaps we are still struggling to process the events of the last few weeks and our encounters with our shadow.

Be assertive with your self-care and the rights of others around you to nourish and take care of themselves. Ground yourself in your community, on a foundation of emotional stability that will then become a powerful springboard for your next big courageous move.

The writing above was part of my weekly overview post last Monday, but it also speaks to the themes of the coming week.

Have you been experiencing a growing restlessness over the past few days? Frustration? A desire to suddenly lift anchor and sail away from everything? You may also be feeling the two aggravating squares to Uranus that are coming into an exact formation this coming week. Mars will square Uranus on Monday, and the Sun will square Uranus on Thursday (ADT).

Prepare for that running leap, those winds of change, but first – check where you are standing. Is that rock firm and stable? Can you depend on your community and your emotional foundation to give your feet the leverage required to propel you across to the other side? Make the leap with Cancer’s compassionate self-awareness and wisdom, rather than impulsive desperation.

Water & Oil & The Finger of God :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 10th – July 16th

Water & Oil & The Finger of God:: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 10th - July 16th

This week is pretty empty of major global transits. The last couple weeks have been intense with all that Pluto activity so thank goodness for that! Thank goodness for boring! We need some time to let the dust settle. Beginning next week Leo Season kicks off with a number of big and aggravating aspects, and the astro will get HOT. We are building an astro bonfire as we travel throughout Leo Season up until the much anticipated Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo on August 21st – the grand finale before the Sun shifts into Virgo. Astrologers are calling August the most important astro month of the year (in terms of global transits).

Okay, but what about this week? While we are still dealing with the ripple effects of the weekend’s Full Moon and Sun-Pluto opposition, the Moon slides into Aquarius on Monday, giving us an opportunity to gain some forward-thinking clarity and rational distance from our emotions. On Wednesday it will enter into the dreamy, spiritual sign of Pisces, and then will finish the weekend in Aries, forming the Last Quarter Moon square to the Sun in Cancer on Sunday.

The single major transit this week is Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter on Friday. Mercury in Leo wants to communicate in creative new ways. Mercury in Leo wants a rapt audience. One could also say the same about extroverted Jupiter moving through Libra. Jupiter in Libra is expanding our knowledge, our confidence, and our sense of adventure within and through social interactions, as we learn how to bring them into a beautiful interdependent balance. Continue reading “Water & Oil & The Finger of God :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 10th – July 16th”

Full Moon in Capricorn, Conjunct Pluto

This poem by @williamc.hannan has been a favourite of mine during this season of my life. It is also a perfect piece of writing for the recent Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. The exact Full Moon opposition happened last night, but with the Sun moving into its exact opposition with Pluto tonight and with heavy-weights Mars and Jupiter involved in this cosmic fray, these transformative Plutonian vibes will continue to reverberate and ricochet off the structures of our lives for quite some time.

I find it’s helpful to translate the symbolism of certain transits into tangible, literal actions. It’s very grounding and aligns our body and behaviour with our emotions and current energies.

3 suggestions:

  1. Do some major purging and deep cleaning. Pluto is all about getting rid of what has expired in our life and is holding us back. Pick a task that is particularly dirty and grimy, or one that you may have been putting off for a while. Like cleaning the toilets? The dirtier, the better, according to Pluto.
  2. Gain relief through divulging and sharing some private information or personal struggle that has been weighing on you heavily – with someone you trust! Pluto seeks to bring hidden life content into the light.
  3. Take a good, hard look at your long-term goals. Re-evaluate and re-adjust these if necessary, so they better reflect your values. Or keep the goals, but prioritize them. Shift around the energy in your day-to-day life so you can start making progress toward them. This reflects the practical Capricornian influence here – the realm Pluto has been journeying for nine years.I recently started a intensive 12-day cleanse program because I felt like my body systems were getting a bit sluggish. The timing was unintentional in this case, but I laughed when I realized I would finish the cleanse on the day of the Full Moon! On the day of the Full Moon I also published a personal blog post about some difficult life experiences I have had. Finally, I also realized that to make greater progress toward my long-term goals, I would need to retrieve some of my energy that I had been investing into posting daily forecasts.

And yet… here I am posting again. I’m not sure what that says (I’m resisting refocusing my energy?), but I felt inspired to write today so… I went with it! Look for the weekly overview tomorrow and then I’m back on break until the following Monday 😊

Some additional thoughts about Pluto and our human “shadow”, which are often linked together in interpretations…

What actually is a shadow in this context? I would say it is anything that we would rather not see in ourselves. This can include: Our deepest fears and insecurities; repressed thoughts, memories and emotions; hidden desires, wounds and secrets we are ashamed of; as well as our discomfort with the capacity of each and everyone of us to cause harm to others.

We tend to try and hide (from) our shadow – obviously, because it can be quite painful to face it. However, Pluto and this Full Moon (and really, all the Pluto-influenced transits of the last two weeks) are ravenously rooting out all our buried shadows.

When I think of Pluto (and Scorpio which it rules) I think of someone who has walked through the hell fires of life and yet emerged on the other side, their indestructible spirit radiating brighter than ever. When I think of Capricorn I am reminded of images from old war movies; of stoic soldiers plodding determinedly through dismal conditions with their heavy packs on their back, helmets on their head, and handwritten love letters pressed against their chest – through muddy swamps, thick jungles, and torrential rainstorms, with no idea of how long their ordeal will last.

Resilience and strength. Indeed, these transits to Pluto are evoke themes of facing shadows, possible emotional chaos, dramatic endings and intimidating new beginnings. But these transits are also about finding your resilience.

It’s there. Deep down in your soul, all wrapped up in your vulnerability to the extent that you can’t tell where strength and resiliency ends, and vulnerability begins.

Transits remind me of the weirdest things sometimes. Today an old children’s song/chant from camp came to mind and somehow seemed relevant…

 🎶”We’re goin’ on a bear hunt!

We’re going to catch a big one,
I’m not scared.
What a beautiful day!🎶

Thick oozy mud.
We can’t go over it,
We can’t go under it.
Oh no!
We’ve got to go through it!
Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch!”🎶

…and so it continues 😄🎶🎵

Point being, you can’t go over it, you can’t go under it. The path to deep transformation is through the shadow.🐻

Astrological Autoethnography: My Saturn Return & Chiron Rx

There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Can global planetary transits really be correlated with the daily lives of each one of them? On any given day there are people experiencing horrific tragedies, and others who are riding waves of blissful happiness.

The skeptic would look at me incredulously, but I would argue… yes, global transits are globally correlated to daily (monthly and yearly) life on Earth. Mundane astrologers, who apply an astro lens to international world events, political and economic developments, would also agree.

Of course, it is complex. Global planetary transits interact with a person’s natal chart and their individual circumstances in widely diverse and unique ways. And yet I would argue that the archetypal energy of a transit, its inherent symbolism, will still show up for everyone. I would also argue that it depends on which transit is making “the most noise” in your life/chart. Some transits will activate many of your chart’s hot spots and will be correlated with major events and shifts in your life, whereas others will make a much more subtle appearance. Some transits breeze easily through your natal chart, leaving only a quickly vanishing whisper in their wake. Some transits will show up externally, while others will be expressed more internally.

At an individual level and case-by-case basis, an astrologer is able to weave together the various multiple transits to provide a more accurate depiction of what might be occurring in a person’s life.

I try to consider the broad range of transit manifestations when I write forecasts and I always hope that bits and pieces at least, will be applicable to readers. I would hope that by centering on certain keywords and descriptive phrases you would be able to pick up on the “vibe” of the day and notice where this is appearing in your life.

But the honest truth is every astrological forecast written for over 7 billion people will inevitably be generic and only partially relevant at best. This does not make general forecasts worthless whatsoever. General astro forecasts can still provide inspiration and guidance, but they always run the risk of becoming stale.

Astrologer April Elliot Kent wrote a wonderful article in 2005 called “Putting the Self Back in Astrology”. She calls for a revitalization of astrology through autoethnography; a qualitative research method that originated in the field of anthropology. It involves the researcher reflecting deeply on their own personal experiences with a sharply analytical eye, while connecting their autobiographical narrative to broader (e.g. cultural, social, political, symbolic, astrological) meanings and understandings. Subjectivity and researcher vulnerability are embraced in autoethnography.

It’s basically a fancy research-based term for sharing one’s story, but I love the idea of “astrological autoethnography“, probably because anthropology forms a significant part of my academic background and because it involves intentionally contextualizing personal individual experiences within broader systems of meaning (such as astrology).

Here are some excerpts from April’s article:

“How can we re-imagine astrology, keep it fresh, and ensure its ongoing relevance, without including our real-life observations? When we maintain an artificial separation between astrology and our daily lives, astrology suffers. And when we astrologers use astrological knowledge to maintain a separation between us and our readers, our writing suffers — and so, quite possibly, does our astrological research.”

“…At best, generic, cookbook-style interpretations provide a framework for stimulating creative interpretation of individual chart factors. But honest, astrologically sound, and well-written accounts of an astrologer’s unique experiences with astrology can provide the same kind of stimulus — and are fun to read as well.”

“…We can never present an interpretation of astrology that will be completely meaningful for all of the people all of the time… But by writing about our own experiences as honestly and richly as possible, we can at least attempt to present an accurate account of one person’s astrological experience.”

…As astrologers, we are in a unique position to observe life with unparalleled perspective. By engaging in an ethnographic approach to astrology, we are invited to participate in the astrological journey with our readers and clients instead of simply observing it, to embrace our own humanity instead of standing apart as omniscient interpreters of texts. Perhaps the greatest contribution we can make to astrology is simply to write about it — honestly, with enthusiasm, and from our individual experiences.” – Read the full article by April Elliot Kent here, first published in The Mountain Astrologer, April 2005. 

So on that note, here is an excerpt from my astro transit journal; a piece of astrological autoethnography about the transits and symbolism of Chiron and Saturn in my recent life history… [Click below for the rest of the post] Continue reading “Astrological Autoethnography: My Saturn Return & Chiron Rx”

Caution, Contents under Pressure :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 26th – July 2nd

[Apologies to email subscribers for the late post! This week I ended up posting each forecast day-by-day through Instagram & Facebook. Hopefully this is still valuable for reflection on the past week 🙂 Stay posted for some announcements in the next couple days. I will be taking this week off from writing daily forecasts, but I hope to resume beginning in a week’s time on July 10th with a more condensed version via email.]

We are fresh into this lunation cycle, only a few days past the New Moon in Cancer (last Friday), clear of the aggressive Mars – Jupiter square exact last Sunday, and yet the cosmic weather is rapidly continuing to heat up. Expect a building intensity leading up to the Full Moon peak on July 9th (ADT). Why? Because we have three very influential personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Mars) journeying the deeply emotional sign of Cancer, making successive oppositions to Pluto, who is across the way, on the other side of the zodiac, chillin’ at ~18 degrees Capricorn. Pluto; the modern ruler of Scorpio, god of Hades, death, transformation, rebirth, ETC. All the super intense stuff in life.

180° oppositions can be very challenging aspects in astrology – it’s as if the planets involved are having a full on confrontation, a conflict, a tug of war. This creates an enormous amount of tension, which must be wrestled with, integrated, balanced. However, tense aspects in astrology are also stimulants to growth. They are catalysts. They propel us forward. As we head toward the full moon, which will occur as the Sun comes into an exact opposition with Pluto, let’s stretch. Out of our comfort zone. Our souls are hitting up the weights this lunation cycle for some strength training.

Family and commitment-related themes are running strong this week since Cancer and Capricorn are the traditional matriarchal and patriarchal figures of the zodiac. Cancer rules all that is related to your childhood, home, family – and your relationship with your mother figure (or nurturing caregiver) in particular. Maybe it’s not family related though. Maybe there is something that comes up in relation to your roommates, your landlord, or your close-knit community.

Monday eases us into the deep waters with a Mars-Neptune trine which urges us to surrender to the process. Surrender to the journey. Pluto burns away all that is decaying and holding us back in life. Pluto strips our lives of pretense and brings the deepest truth to the surface. Preparing within ourselves a willingness to surrender, will do us well over the next couple of weeks. Allow yourself to enter fully into the present moment while grounding yourself in a realm that transcends time and space. Release and loosen your tight muscles within Neptune’s warm, watery embrace.

Mercury heavily dominates Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s cosmic weather. The planet of thought and communication is BUSY. Anticipate some intense and/or revealing conversations and/or confrontations. Anticipate being the recipient or deliverer of some shocking news, or a long-awaited, difficult message. There could be a conflict. There could be a break-through. There could be both. At any rate, WORDS have an additional CHARGE to them this week. In some way or another, through the vehicle of communication, our close relationships may be on the hot seat this week, or in the frying pan.

As always, these transits have the potential to express themselves all very internally (i.e. you may be primarily struggling with your relationship to yourself), but for many of us, the cosmic weather this week will shine the spotlight on our interactions with others.

On Tuesday, Mercury squares Jupiter and trines Neptune, repeating the aspects that Mars just made. A square to Jupiter prompts exaggeration, obnoxious assertions of opinion, a bubble of “hot air”. A trine to Neptune dissolves conflict  and competitive ego battles that strive to out-argue and out-wit – through forgiveness, compassion, creativity, and spirituality.

On Wednesday, Mercury fuses with Mars through conjunction in Cancer, within close range of their opposition to Pluto (3 degrees orb). Whew! Thought and communication meet self-assertion, anger, and desire in a BIG way. Remember, Cancer is a highly emotional sign with a tendency to be indirect, passive aggressive, or shy, with its communications. Mars wants you to be direct. Assertive. Fearless. Without emotionally blowing it out of proportion, say what you need to say. And listen too, because we all live under the same skies.

As Mercury passes Mars to make the first exact opposition to Pluto on Thursday, it becomes even more crucial to effectively channel those super charged thoughts surging through your brain. Get your body involved as well. That’s always a good way to handle the intensity of Mars and Pluto. MOVE YER BODY. Jump up and down. Dance. Run. Punch your pillow. Twirl. Have sex.

Pluto rules all that is deeply secret and hidden. As it activates the planet of thought and communication, buried knowledge may rise to the surface – or be blasted explosively up through the ground. It could be a messy thing and full of conflict, but it may also be something you share or bring into the public sphere that liberates you and bestows you with a new confidence – or both. One key warning here – guard against gossip. It will come back to bite you.

TGIF, although… on Friday we have the First Quarter Moon. Relationships are again prominently highlighted here. The First Quarter square between the Sun (in Cancer) and the Moon (in Libra) presents a challenge. Something that must be overcome in order to move forward. With Cancer and Libra involved in the First Quarter as Venus (the planet of relationships) in Taurus simultaneously squares the Moon’s Nodes, there could be a struggle between wanting to progress in some area or make a particular decision, while also trying to keep others happy. Strive for a middle ground, a balance, if it is reasonable and healthy to do so, while warding against co-dependence and accepting that you cannot please everyone, and nor can you fix and heal every problem.

ARE WE DONE YET?! Nope. On Saturday, Chiron, our wounded healer figure, goes retrograde. Chiron spends half the year going backward. It’s at the turning points that we may be most aware of Chiron’s work. When Chiron turns retro, his healing work intensifies. At his pivot point, during the time period that Chiron changes direction, he directs his arrow straight toward at that darn wound, pinpointing its location and thus bringing it to our attention. This may not feel great, but graciously, he also leaves clues as to how we can continue to heal. I had a pretty magical Chiron Rx pivot last year which I will share later. If you are nursing wounds over the weekend, be careful of the drive to defensively overcompensate through inauthentic means as Mars and Pluto activate power struggles.

SUNDAY!!! We’ve felt it building throughout the week, but today the Mars-Pluto opposition is exact. Take care of yourselves lovelies. Especially if you are vulnerable to mental health concerns. This is a lot of volatile, intense energy. Again, move your bodies. All forms of exercise and physical movement are really important this week. Our bodies are vessels that absorb so much from our surroundings and manifest our thoughts. If intense emotions like anger or grief surges through your system, find an effective outlet. Like kickboxing. Or doing something active in nature.

The Moon is still moving through Libra on Sunday. Channel that Libran peace, that diplomacy, while obeying Pluto’s orders to get to the root of whatever it is that has come up for you. If you are vulnerable to certain triggers, make sure you are grounded and pull out a tried and trusted self care plan. Heads up that projecting our issues on to other people is a big liability with oppositions, especially when two intense planets are involved.

It may feel like a crisis, like you’re in a major power struggle, but it could also feel like crossing a tipping point into victory, success, breakthrough and freedom. There is a sense of completion that comes with this aspect going exact after so much build up. Maybe you feel like a superhero flying out of a burning building, clearing the danger zone just as it collapses behind you. Just watch out for accidentally burning bridges, especially when it comes to relationships. We still have a Sun-Pluto opposition at the Full Moon waiting for us in a week’s time. Yah! More opportunity for growth!

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Click below to check out the detailed Cosmic Forecast for the following days…

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