Full Moon in Capricorn, Conjunct Pluto

This poem by @williamc.hannan has been a favourite of mine during this season of my life. It is also a perfect piece of writing for the recent Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. The exact Full Moon opposition happened last night, but with the Sun moving into its exact opposition with Pluto tonight and with heavy-weights Mars and Jupiter involved in this cosmic fray, these transformative Plutonian vibes will continue to reverberate and ricochet off the structures of our lives for quite some time.

I find it’s helpful to translate the symbolism of certain transits into tangible, literal actions. It’s very grounding and aligns our body and behaviour with our emotions and current energies.

3 suggestions:

  1. Do some major purging and deep cleaning. Pluto is all about getting rid of what has expired in our life and is holding us back. Pick a task that is particularly dirty and grimy, or one that you may have been putting off for a while. Like cleaning the toilets? The dirtier, the better, according to Pluto.
  2. Gain relief through divulging and sharing some private information or personal struggle that has been weighing on you heavily – with someone you trust! Pluto seeks to bring hidden life content into the light.
  3. Take a good, hard look at your long-term goals. Re-evaluate and re-adjust these if necessary, so they better reflect your values. Or keep the goals, but prioritize them. Shift around the energy in your day-to-day life so you can start making progress toward them. This reflects the practical Capricornian influence here – the realm Pluto has been journeying for nine years.I recently started a intensive 12-day cleanse program because I felt like my body systems were getting a bit sluggish. The timing was unintentional in this case, but I laughed when I realized I would finish the cleanse on the day of the Full Moon! On the day of the Full Moon I also published a personal blog post about some difficult life experiences I have had. Finally, I also realized that to make greater progress toward my long-term goals, I would need to retrieve some of my energy that I had been investing into posting daily forecasts.

And yet… here I am posting again. I’m not sure what that says (I’m resisting refocusing my energy?), but I felt inspired to write today so… I went with it! Look for the weekly overview tomorrow and then I’m back on break until the following Monday 😊

Some additional thoughts about Pluto and our human “shadow”, which are often linked together in interpretations…

What actually is a shadow in this context? I would say it is anything that we would rather not see in ourselves. This can include: Our deepest fears and insecurities; repressed thoughts, memories and emotions; hidden desires, wounds and secrets we are ashamed of; as well as our discomfort with the capacity of each and everyone of us to cause harm to others.

We tend to try and hide (from) our shadow – obviously, because it can be quite painful to face it. However, Pluto and this Full Moon (and really, all the Pluto-influenced transits of the last two weeks) are ravenously rooting out all our buried shadows.

When I think of Pluto (and Scorpio which it rules) I think of someone who has walked through the hell fires of life and yet emerged on the other side, their indestructible spirit radiating brighter than ever. When I think of Capricorn I am reminded of images from old war movies; of stoic soldiers plodding determinedly through dismal conditions with their heavy packs on their back, helmets on their head, and handwritten love letters pressed against their chest – through muddy swamps, thick jungles, and torrential rainstorms, with no idea of how long their ordeal will last.

Resilience and strength. Indeed, these transits to Pluto are evoke themes of facing shadows, possible emotional chaos, dramatic endings and intimidating new beginnings. But these transits are also about finding your resilience.

It’s there. Deep down in your soul, all wrapped up in your vulnerability to the extent that you can’t tell where strength and resiliency ends, and vulnerability begins.

Transits remind me of the weirdest things sometimes. Today an old children’s song/chant from camp came to mind and somehow seemed relevant…

 🎶”We’re goin’ on a bear hunt!

We’re going to catch a big one,
I’m not scared.
What a beautiful day!🎶

Thick oozy mud.
We can’t go over it,
We can’t go under it.
Oh no!
We’ve got to go through it!
Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch!”🎶

…and so it continues 😄🎶🎵

Point being, you can’t go over it, you can’t go under it. The path to deep transformation is through the shadow.🐻

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