Water & Oil & The Finger of God :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 10th – July 16th

Water & Oil & The Finger of God:: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 10th - July 16th

This week is pretty empty of major global transits. The last couple weeks have been intense with all that Pluto activity so thank goodness for that! Thank goodness for boring! We need some time to let the dust settle. Beginning next week Leo Season kicks off with a number of big and aggravating aspects, and the astro will get HOT. We are building an astro bonfire as we travel throughout Leo Season up until the much anticipated Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo on August 21st – the grand finale before the Sun shifts into Virgo. Astrologers are calling August the most important astro month of the year (in terms of global transits).

Okay, but what about this week? While we are still dealing with the ripple effects of the weekend’s Full Moon and Sun-Pluto opposition, the Moon slides into Aquarius on Monday, giving us an opportunity to gain some forward-thinking clarity and rational distance from our emotions. On Wednesday it will enter into the dreamy, spiritual sign of Pisces, and then will finish the weekend in Aries, forming the Last Quarter Moon square to the Sun in Cancer on Sunday.

The single major transit this week is Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter on Friday. Mercury in Leo wants to communicate in creative new ways. Mercury in Leo wants a rapt audience. One could also say the same about extroverted Jupiter moving through Libra. Jupiter in Libra is expanding our knowledge, our confidence, and our sense of adventure within and through social interactions, as we learn how to bring them into a beautiful interdependent balance.

Leo and Libra are two signs that are often associated with beauty and the arts. With communicative Mercury in Leo forming a supportive sextile to Jupiter, the King of grandiose gestures in Libra, Friday’s cosmic weather strongly supports theatrical performances. Whether you’re in the audience, or on the stage, learning or performing, the astrology of July 13th – 15th invites your joyful inner child into exuberant adventures through the performing arts.

Alternatively, you may find yourself having invigorating conversations or swept up in reading material about art, justice, peace, and relationships. These energies are as hopefully buoyant as they are dramatic. Give yourself the freedom to be inspired.

…There is a small catch, however. As Mercury forms a 60°  sextile to Jupiter, it also moves into an exact 150°  quincunx with Neptune in Pisces while Jupiter is still holding on to its tight quincunx formation with Neptune from last week. Combined, the three planets form a grand configuration called a Yod, or… “The Finger of God. In a chart it looks like a skinny isosceles triangle with only two equal sides.

I have never commented on a quincunx aspect before (also called the “inconjunct” aspect with a glyph that looks like a picnic table – ), because I am usually so busy covering the forecast for transits that involve one of the five “major” aspects in astrology (the conjunction, square, opposition, sextile, and trine). However, among the “minor” aspects, the quincunx is the one that I generally weight the heaviest in interpretations and this week there are a handful of them popping up. The significance of the Yod/Finger of God configuration is somewhat controversial and debated. So… shall we all take note of what plays out as we near the end of the week? We can put it to the test.

A quincunx is like water and oil. Water and oil are of two different densities with antithetical molecules. If you pour both into a glass they will quickly separate with a layer of oil rising to the top and a layer of water resting on the bottom. Similarly, two planets (or signs) that form a quincunx aspect are incompatible in many ways. They are not having a confrontation or argument as you might find with the square or the opposition – they simply do not understand each other whatsoever. They stare at each other in bewilderment, unsure of how to even begin conversation.

In a natal chart this can create puzzling awkwardness, confusion, misunderstandings, and frustrating agitation for the chart owner when attempting to get those two areas of their life to integrate (e.g. my Pisces Sun/Mercury is quincunx my Leo rising and it sure is irritating!). The way forward is often through compromises, adjustments, mediating through other astrological aspects, or compartmentalizing those areas of life according to their different functions.

The Yod configuration with a third planet involved exacerbates this tension, but also increases its potential if the tension is productively harnessed. The apex planet (which is Neptune in this week’s example) is where we are trying to get to. It’s where “God’s Finger” is pointing.

The base sextile between Mercury and Jupiter feels easy, but the mutual push-pull with Neptune is uncomfortable. As you delight in the childlike joy, theatrical performances, and inspiring, enthusiastic conversations that Mercury and Jupiter bring, keep your energy moving forward. The house placements for this aspect will give you some clues as to how this might be showing up for you.

It may feel like there’s a disconnect between our ideals, and our confidence to achieve them; a disconnect between what we deeply long to express to someone(s), and what we are actually communicating; a disconnect between our creative vision, and our current rate of growth and success; a disconnect between the intuitive dreams and whispers we know to be true, and the knowledge needed to manifest them; a disconnect between the spiritual evolution of the collective, and the current state of justice and peace in the world.

It will likely require some creative adjustments and compromises, some possible sacrifices, but aiming towards the Yod’s peak could reveal a unique and special purpose or outcome we have yet to discover and experience – one that is well worth the troublesome effort.

In addition, the Sun will be forming an exact quincunx with Saturn on Friday, creating some tension between our identity and direction of self-development, and our self-discipline and focus to do the work required. Be wary of the path of least resistance on Friday. The easy Mercury-Jupiter sextile is a lovely aspect to be sure, but it could lure us into trouble.

So that’s Friday.

The other cosmic weather worth mentioning is the Last Quarter Moon on Sunday, which indicates that we are 3/4s of the way through the current lunation cycle, on route to the New Moon in Leo the following Sunday. Here we have the Moon in Aries forming a challenging square to the Sun in Cancer. This pits the archetype of the mother against the archetype of the warrior – similar to the Mars in Cancer vibe. This is a time to begin releasing the intensity of the last few weeks that may still be clinging to you. It is a time to take a step in a new direction, or to take action in a direction you’ve recommitted to.

Action (Aries) is most effective when it is grounded and rooted in a nourishing foundation (Cancer). Be careful that you don’t impulsively throw yourself into a “new beginning” so quickly that you lose your footing and find yourself dealing with burn-out, or massively disrupting your life in some way (Aries). Conversely, be wary of the tendency to remain stagnant, ruminating on past Pluto business or nursing past grievances (Cancer). Mercury quincunx Pluto on Sunday suggests that perhaps we are still struggling to process the events of the last few weeks and our encounters with our shadow.

Be assertive with your self-care and the rights of others around you to nourish and take care of themselves. Ground yourself in your community, on a foundation of emotional stability that will then become a powerful springboard for your next big courageous move.

Image credit for glass: Victor Blacus (CC/Wikipedia Commons)

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