Last Quarter Moon

Today we reach the Last Quarter Moon phase, which indicates that we are 3/4s of the way through the current lunation cycle, on route to the New Moon in Leo next Sunday. Here we have the Moon in Aries (in a conjunction with the erratic, rebellious Uranus) forming a challenging square to the Sun in Cancer. This pits the archetype of the mother against the archetype of the warrior – similar to the Mars in Cancer vibe. This is a time to begin releasing the intensity of the last few weeks that may still be clinging to you. It is a time to prepare for a step in a new direction, or to take an action in a direction you’ve recommitted to.

Action (Aries) is most effective when it is grounded and rooted in a nourishing foundation (Cancer). Be careful that you don’t impulsively throw yourself into a “new beginning” so quickly that you lose your footing and find yourself dealing with burn-out, or massively disrupting your life in some way (Aries). Conversely, be wary of the tendency to remain stagnant, ruminating on past Pluto business or nursing past grievances (Cancer). Mercury quincunx Pluto on Sunday suggests that perhaps we are still struggling to process the events of the last few weeks and our encounters with our shadow.

Be assertive with your self-care and the rights of others around you to nourish and take care of themselves. Ground yourself in your community, on a foundation of emotional stability that will then become a powerful springboard for your next big courageous move.

The writing above was part of my weekly overview post last Monday, but it also speaks to the themes of the coming week.

Have you been experiencing a growing restlessness over the past few days? Frustration? A desire to suddenly lift anchor and sail away from everything? You may also be feeling the two aggravating squares to Uranus that are coming into an exact formation this coming week. Mars will square Uranus on Monday, and the Sun will square Uranus on Thursday (ADT).

Prepare for that running leap, those winds of change, but first – check where you are standing. Is that rock firm and stable? Can you depend on your community and your emotional foundation to give your feet the leverage required to propel you across to the other side? Make the leap with Cancer’s compassionate self-awareness and wisdom, rather than impulsive desperation.

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