Making a Break for Freedom :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 17th – July 23rd

There are so many different types of diverse transits happening this week that I had to really reflect for a while in order to pull out the key themes. It is challenging to succinctly summarize them all in one post, but I’ll aim for a constructive overview.

The painting I selected for the forecast is a more aggressive picture than I would normally choose, but I believe it speaks to the symbolism of the week (George Stubbs, 1762). A major thematic backdrop for the week is that Mars (represented by the horse in the painting) is dying. The Sun (represented by the lion in the painting) has been nipping at Mars’ heels for a while now and throughout the entire week they are only a few degrees apart. The Sun will finally overtake, swallow and consume Mars next week on July 26th.

When a planet is within about 8 degrees of the Sun, it is said to be “combust”; its autonomy is weakened, it becomes subservient to the Sun.

Mars is dying this week as the Sun begins to overtake it. And yet, as Mars squares Uranus on Monday, Mars persistently refuses to yield just yet. This week Mars (our will, desire, capacity for action) is like the person who already knows they have lost the argument, but is still weakly protesting – “but… but… but I want to/ don’t want to/ not sure if I want to… do this…!!”

The Sun – our identity, purpose, path of self-actualization – steadily and surely is gaining ground, cornering Mars into submission.

Two of the solar system’s most fiery celestial bodies are involved in a heated conversation, while also making successive aggravating square aspects to Uranus, the shocking and erratic planet of freedom, rebellion, individuality, and the unexpected (Mars squares Uranus on Monday and the Sun squares Uranus on Thursday).

You may be on the edge of a breakthrough. The two squares to Uranus, while sometimes aggressive, accident-prone, impulsive and rash, can also bring about the sudden liberation and opportunity you may have been yearning for – either through your own action or through external events. These are aspects to navigate wisely and carefully, and yet to resist them would be as futile as trying to keep a baby in the womb for weeks past term.

Near the beginning of the week, Mars and the Sun are still moving through Cancer, evoking themes of stability, security, family and community ties, which may clash with the suggestion of radical change. And yet, to ride the course of these transits successfully means to remain open to change, even as it sends shock waves through your original, carefully set plans and other people’s preconceptions of you as you choose a nonconforming path.

On Wednesday, in between the two squares to Uranus, Mercury will trine Saturn, providing the necessary stabilization, focus, clarity and self-discipline you may have been grasping for.

Yes, there is struggle. A sense of urgency, restlessness, friction and frustration – absolutely. But there is also purification. In accordance with the symbolism that is repeated continuously throughout cosmic cycles, Mars is dying to be reborn. Our desires, the strength and direction of our will to action, is being refined; crystallizing into a powerful beam of light with laser-sharp precision. Doubts and uncertainties will fall from us as the week progresses.

It is interesting that the current lunation cycle also mirrors this dying and refining process as the Moon moves through its final phases this week – first the waning crescent and then the balsamic moon phase. By the end of the week its light is extinguished as it continues to be drawn back into the Sun’s womb, in preparation for its New Moon rebirth in Leo on Sunday.

Further emphasizing this purification process, Chiron (the wounded healer, teacher and mentor) will bestow its blessings on Mars through a trine on Tuesday and through a trine to the Sun on Friday – the last aspect to each of them before they both pass through the final degree of Cancer and enter the sign of Leo (Mars enters Leo on Thursday and the Sun enters Leo on Saturday).

On Friday, the day of the Sun-Chiron trine, Mercury (communication, learning, internal dialogue) will conjoin with the North Node in Leo, a cosmic point that beckons our soul’s continued evolution and growth. Look out for synchronicities and gifts of encouragement coming from the universe today, wrapped up in language. Wise guides and mentors take a variety of forms in life – including in the form of our own intuition. Pay attention to the magical directional arrows appearing along your life’s path.

The Chiron trines are a final embrace in the emotional waters of Cancer. A reassuring reminder that, yes, you are indeed, healing. A gentle prompting to release any shame, fear, or insecurity surrounding your self-assertion and your desires (Mars-Chiron). An encouraging invitation to step away from the shyness, the hesitation, the second-guessing that may have hindered the pursuit of your passion and the unfolding of your creative self-expression (Sun-Chiron). A mending of the deep cuts wrought by criticism and judgment.

Chiron waves you on, with blessings of confidence, preparing you for the fiercely exuberant welcome that Leo Season has prepared for you – the sign ruled by the sun. The sign symbolizing the vibrancy of individual human potential, gloriously under the spotlight this year as the fortunate host of the year’s most interesting astro and a spectacular eclipse. Leo Season will be heralded with an intensely charged New Moon on Sunday, closely conjunct Mars while still squaring Uranus.

I will write more about Leo later, but there is another cosmic story thread to speak to first. On Monday (today), Venus (love, relationships, self-worth, artistic expression) squares Neptune, and then trines Jupiter on Tuesday. Venus square Neptune may present cynical disillusionment or fantasy-fueled confusion, depending on which way you lean. But then just 30 hours later, Venus will trine Jupiter, in the air signs of Gemini and Libra respectively. This is a lovely, lucky transit of love, opportunity and abundance that promotes harmonious collaboration and conversation.

Together, these aspects remind me of planning a vacation with a close friend or partner. You’re trying to plan the most perfect, ideal trip by making good decisions about where to stay and what to see. You both are trying to be conscious of each other’s preferences while you each wonder if the other is truly happy with the vacation plans, or if they are just trying to be polite and keep the peace.

But then the plane takes off, the trip begins, and as Venus trines Jupiter, any confusion evaporates as pure excitement enthuses both of you as you eagerly embark on your adventure, mutually thrilled to be sharing the experience with one another.

I separated the relational Venus story here, from the Mars/Sun/Uranus/Chiron story, but they may be all woven together in your life’s narrative this week. Happy weaving! Blessings on your liberation, whatever that might mean in your life’s context ❤

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