Welcome to LEO SEASON!!!

Leo season

During an early morning run this weekend I came across this sidewalk chalk extravaganza of love and light. How awesome is this colorful proclamation of encouraging words?! Since when did kids shift from drawing hopscotch squares and smiley faces on the pavement, to sharing lovely self-affirming messages?!

This was such a wonderful welcome to Leo Season to discover while running beneath the freshly awoken sun that morning. Leo is associated not only with identity, creative expression, and self-acceptance, but also with the exuberant, fun-loving and playful child inside of us all. Bright colorful sidewalk chalk and glorious sprawling handwriting are very much Leo-esque.

Geminis get thrown the most astro shade (unfairly), but I suspect that Leos would be a runner-up as one of the zodiac’s most stigmatized signs. I am lucky enough to have a handful of Leo Sun folks in my life and they often confess their sign rather apologetically by saying things like: “But I’m not a typical Leo,” “I never felt like a Leo,” “I think I’m actually supposed to be a Cancer because I was born two weeks late”.… etc.

Basically they are trying to tell me that they aren’t a narcissistic, self-absorbed, obnoxious, vain, selfie-extraordinaire and bossy drama queen with a rapidly expanding ego.

Let’s get this stereotype out of the way pronto, so we can all go on to enjoy the best of Leo Season and celebrate the lives of our Leo friends having their solar return.

The reality is that each zodiac sign has their unique shadow trait potentials that they are vulnerable to. Yes, Geminis can be manipulative compulsive liars living double lives, but they can also be some of the most interesting, knowledgeable, multi-skilled, quick-witted, open-minded and resourceful people that you will ever meet. And what about those sweet, sensitive, compassionate Pisces? FYI, there are a lot of serial killers who were born with the Sun in Pisces or in the Piscean 12th house… perhaps they became so lost in Piscean delusions, that their minds were able to justify horrific acts within their own warped version of reality.

If you search hard enough you could probably find a representation of every zodiac sign manifesting its shadow traits to the extreme. Yes, you could probably find a demanding Leo Sun person who is incredibly self-absorbed, who acts like the world revolves around them, and treats other people  like their minions. You could also find a Leo Sun individual who is painfully insecure and hesitant about claiming space in the world.

Avoid Leo’s shadow this season by checking yourself to make sure you aren’t shining your light in the world at the expense of diminishing some else’s light. Avoid Leo’s shadow by leaning into Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius, when you think this axis may be getting out of balance in your life.

Leo reminds us that humans are not identical clones. Each one of us is beautifully and wondrously unique. Aquarius reminds us that our unique gifts and strengths increase in value when we use them to contribute to broader group efforts, to assist with our collective progress and healing on this planet. Each one of us has a different flavour to add to the concoction of human potential.

Okay, now on to the best of Leo’s essence, which is effectively expressed in this 6-minute clip of Susan Boyle’s sensational performance in the Britain’s Got Talent Show in 2009. You may be one of the 211 million + viewers of this viral YouTube video, but regardless, go watch it again!

It’s an oldie that I hadn’t seen in years, but I just watched it again and predictably had tears streaming down my face once more.

The crowd and the judges immediately judge Susan when she walks on stage. They underestimate this feisty, beautiful, 47-year old oddball who doesn’t give a f***.

“What is she doing here?” You can see them asking themselves. “She doesn’t look like someone who could sing well.”

Forget the stereotyped image of a Leo preening in front of a mirror. When you think of Leo, think of Susan Boyle on that stage and the first 5 seconds after she begins to sing. The crowd collectively screams in delighted surprise as they all rise to their feet. She’s captivated them, as she pours her heart into the music.

Simon Cowell: “Susan, you are a little tiger, aren’t you? You are. Susan Boyle, you can go back to the village with your head held high, it’s three yesses!”

The crowd erupts, and Susan does a happy dance.

A tiger or… a lion perhaps? Her birthday is April 1st, which would make her a ram-like Aries Sun (this also makes sense when watching her on stage). Regardless, Susan Boyle’s performance and the dynamic between her and the audience, exemplifies a great Leo moment.

We freaking LOVE a victorious underdog story. We can’t get enough of them. Search Google for “underdog story films” and you’ll get a long list of classics.

The underdog character is that person who is vastly underestimated and overlooked as being “nobody special”. The story of the underdog – the story of the person who is given the chance to publicly express and display their unique value to the world, who is then celebrated, affirmed and validated – is a Leo story.

There are over 7 billion people in the world. It is all too easy to begin questioning our value among this overwhelming mass of human beings. We all, at some point in our lives, may struggle with feeling overlooked and underestimated. We all, in some way or another, want to have our special, unique form of embodied expression and identity noticed, validated and affirmed by other people. I believe that the archetypal “victorious underdog” story speaks to that longing in all of us.

Folks with strong Leo placements in their chart thrive when they are in a position or career that really shines a light on their unique qualities. For example, this could be a supervisory position of authority, which validates their qualifications to lead, or it could be through an artistic life path. Leo is a sign (along with Taurus, Libra, and Pisces) that is strongly associated with the arts – especially the performing arts. The arts’ world provides a Leo with a wide range of possibilities for creative self-expression.

The Leo part of us all, seeks an affirming outlet for the expression of our unique qualities.

Leos thrive in friendships and through the validating interplay within friendships: e.g. “You’re awesome. I’m awesome. Let’s be awesome together!”

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and just as the Sun lights up the world and creates life here on Earth, so too, can the charismatic energy of Leo fill up a space with good vibes. At their best, Leos exude the warmth and radiant vibrancy of the Sun. Within friendship, some of the best Leo traits emerge. Leos can be incredibly loyal, trusting, generous and protective with their loved ones.

I’ve received some of my most motivating, convincing, and encouraging pep talks from the Leo Suns in my life. They are often the first to speak up in protest when they hear someone bad-talking themselves. Leos can dish out a shower of genuine compliments as thick as a Libra can. And when you compliment a Leo and tell them how much you appreciate their unique strengths and abilities? Watch them begin to blossom and glow in front of you.

Leo-types are the ones that have your back when you are anxiously preparing for some big presentation or date. A Leo moment occurs when your friend says to you emphatically: “Damn girl. Look at you! Listen to yourself! You don’t need to change a thing. You are perfect! Now get out there and kick some ass!”

A Leo moment is also found with the happy kid at the beach; sticky red watermelon juice dripping from their chin, gleefully giggling every time the water laps at their feet – pure present moment bliss. In this example, Leo reminds me of Taurus. Leo-types also know how to celebrate the present moment and the joy of being alive. Of being human. Of having fun. Of playing. Of not taking life too seriously.

☀ Find your sweet spot this Leo season, and help others find theirs. 

Every morning for the past week I have begun the day dancing wildly to any music with a heavy, fast drum beat (pjs, bleary-eyed, and sometimes even pre-coffee). I’m a big believer that we can change our thoughts, our emotions, and even our day-to-day behavior, through changing and expanding our physical movement patterns and posturing. This has been my 20-minute morning movement, Leo-season prep prescription, and it has been AMAZING. I had one of the best weeks I have had for a long time. I cannot isolate the many variables in my week to prove causation, but there is at least a strong correlation 🙂

This is a Leo sweet spot for me. A brazen, visceral celebration of life. Sometimes it is a happy dance. Sometimes it is an angry dance. Sometimes it is a sad dance.  But always, it is a FIERCE dance.

This Leo season, grant yourself the permission to be both SEEN and HEARD. Allow yourself to be fully, authentically you in the world. “Don’t be afraid to let your true colors shine through”, as one of the sidewalk chalk messages encouraged.

If you feel like you have carried within yourself a story of not being worthy to be seen and heard, if you feel you have glided silently through the world, cloaked in invisibility, always being overlooked and underestimated, break this bondage. And step into your power. Shake your mane. Throw back your head. And roar.

Sometimes being seen and heard can be frightening and destabilizing for people. For example, if you carry deep insecurities related to your appearance, or if you have had past physical or sexual abuse, being noticed and seen by other people (even in an innocuous neutral context) could be incredibly uncomfortable, triggering, and stir up fears and self-conscious, defensive reactions.

If you have previously been made fun of for the way you spoke, the way that you wrote, the way you expressed yourself; if you had been made to feel as though you had nothing important or interesting to say, the act of being heard by other people, might feel like a very vulnerable and scary assertion of self.

Being seen and heard might come easily for some. For others, it may be excruciating. Being seen and being heard may provoke anxiety and a sense of being unsafe. It may catalyze feedback loops of judgement from our perspective, as we begin making assumptions about how other people are responding to us.

So take baby steps into Leo Season if you need to. But make those baby steps FIERCE.

Your beautiful embodied soul has every RIGHT to CLAIM SPACE – regardless of your age, ability, income status, gender, sexual orientation, or the color of your skin. You are ALLOWED to take up space in this world. In your body. With your lover. With your family. In your home. In your community. In your work place. On the bus. On the street.

If you know what house Leo rules in your natal chart, watch this area of your life closely because it will be getting a lot of action over the next 30+ days as Mercury, the Sun, Mars, and eventually Venus, trek through this zodiac sign, with the added astro explosions of two eclipses lighting up this area of your life like a firework display.

As I mentioned, Leo is ruled by the Sun. Even someone with only a rudimentary knowledge of astrology knows about Sun-sign horoscopes. The Sun is a very important celestial body in astrological interpretations. It symbolizes your core identity, your ego, your purpose in life. Another way to channel Leo energy into your life this season is to let your natal Sun shine. Wherever your natal Sun is, the essence of Leo will be there as well.

Wherever your natal Sun is, whether it’s in Aquarius, Scorpio, or Virgo, feed your Sun what it longs for and let it shine bright, in its own unique way! For example, if you are a Taurus Sun, celebrate Leo Season by seizing opportunities to enjoy the present moment and take delight in sensory pleasures. If you are a Pisces Sun, celebrate Leo Season by imbuing your life world with practices of magic, spirituality, imaginative creativity,and love.

Shine your light far and wide this season.

At the Cancer New Moon I wrote about cultivating Trust. Trust in ourselves, trust in others, and trust in this universe. With the birth of Sunday’s Leo New Moon, it is time to translate that trust into confidence.


Now press your fingers into your wrist, or lay your hand on top of your chest.

Can you feel that? Can you hear that?

Your pulse. Your life force.

What wondrous miracle is this?!

How does the heart muscle keep pumping all by itself – without a battery, without an electrical cord?!

Leo grins mischievously, thrilled by the incredible magic it has pulled off. Leo’s audience members listen to their pulse, amazed and memorized by this miraculous feat.

In medical astrology, Leo rules the heart and Aquarius, its complementary opposing sign, rules the circulation of the blood.

With every contraction of the heart muscle, blood is propelled throughout our body. Leo’s vitality and energy flows through each one of us.

Jubilantly, the blood navigates the channels of arteries and veins, under the skillful guidance of Aquarius who always sees the big picture; who knows exactly what parts of the body need deliveries of nutrients in order to operate at their full potential.

The Leo-Aquarius dynamic can be expressed as the relationship between the body’s heart and circulation system, but it can also be expressed as the relationship between the individual and the collective. In light of both analogies, the following quote is particularly pertinent:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”

– Howard Thurman (African-American author & civil rights leader)


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