Stay the Course & Do the Work :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for August 21st – 27th

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A little late, but nevertheless…

The eclipse energy blew through our systems on Monday, while forming an exact trine to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and liberation. The eclipse door has ushered in surprises, transitions, new beginnings… and all that shitty, expired stuff in your life that you have been trying to ignore up till now.

Ah, but Virgo Season is just beginning! The Sun leaves Leo to enter Virgo on Tuesday. Virgo is NOT okay with sweeping the dust conveniently under the carpet, or shoving all the clutter into a bedroom before the guests arrive. Virgo has arrived to help you pick up the pieces and sort through the shit that Leo’s Fire and the Eclipse portals have stirred up in your life.

Fire and air are sporadic, diffuse energies, impatiently hurtling their intentions into their environments. Water recoils and recedes. The focus of water is on the intangible, ever shifting emotions and invisible realm. Earth signs are focused on the practical, tangible matters at hand – stuff we can see, touch, and create.

Virgo, is an Earth sign; and a very intriguing one at that. Because she is ruled by Mercury (who also rules Gemini), this bestows a special blessing of intelligence on Virgo. Practicality and the willingness to work hard, merges with intellectual insight and wise discernment – powerful potent tools for post-eclipse re-calibrating and attending to our next steps.

I also like to play with the idea of Virgo being ruled by the asteroid Vesta, with whom there are many similarities. The infusion of Virgo with Vestal energies, brings out the sacred spirituality of this sign, enacted through devoted service to others and through transmuting the mundane into holy substances and rituals.

Virgo brings to mind the quiet and humble helpers. Those whose elegant strength and love reveals itself through steady support, continuous effort, unwavering assistance, and the most thoughtful and considerate actions in response to the multitudes of expressed and unexpressed needs that have been picked up by Virgo’s sharply attuned radar. I can think of so many people that embody these traits. I hold them in such high respect and I am grateful to know them.

They may win no volunteer awards, their deeds are often never recognized by the broader society, and yet for years and years they tirelessly care for others. They just simply “do the work” – whether it be through a non profit, through expanding their family multiple times through adoption, or through consistently being a rock of faithful support for those in crisis around them.

To build a better world – a more just and compassionate, peaceful world – we will need many different tools, skillsets, voices, and personalities. There are many different roles to fill – some roles are more public and some are more behind-the-scenes. Some people go straight on to tackling the obvious core issues, while others scan for the smaller, vital details and apply themselves to the crucial preparations and plans that progress requires.

Similarly, to holistically heal our individual selves and align ourselves with our deeper personal and collectives Truths, we’ll need to utilize many resources and skills. All the zodiac signs have something to contribute, as they express themselves through each and everyone of our lives in a variety of ways (fyi, your natal chart has allll the signs in it somewhere). Virgo is a healer archetype. Strong Virgo or 6th House placements, for example, can indicate someone who works in the health professions – particularly in relation to promoting healthy eating and digestive health.

Find those humble helpers and healers in your life this season (whether Virgos or not) and let them know how much you appreciate their careful, dedicated efforts and their unique and valuable selves! Virgo-types seldom ask for praise or encouragement, but something inside them begins to whither when they go unappreciated and taken for granted for too long.

During Cancer Season we reworked our emotional foundations. During Leo Season we struck the match and lit a passionate fire of desire in our souls. Now, during Virgo Season, DO something with that growing blaze. Refine that unwieldy fire, and like a skilled metalsmith, use it to bend and shape iron and steel according to your purposes. Back up your intentions and words with on-the-ground-actions. Apply Virgo’s penetrating gaze to the gnarliest problems in your life to determine how to best untangle them – what to toss in the trash heap, and what to recycle, repair and reuse. Whereas a fire sign like Leo can at times be dismissive of emergent issues and irritants, nothing escapes Virgo’s piercing skills of analysis.

Virgos are masters of the process of improving, repairing, mending, fixing. And I say “the process of” since in our material temporary world, static perfection is always elusive. It is in the pursuit of perfection that Virgo risks a stumble. Her sharply discerning eyes – always honing in on where there is lack, where there is a problem, a tear, a crack, an error – can lead to constant frustration and discouragement, immobilizing perfectionism and insecurity, and a critical perspective.

Ward against the temptation to slip into bitter negativity, and avoid Virgo’s tendency to lapse into anxiety-driven needless busyness in a circuitous chase toward wholeness. Wisely decide where your energy investment will take you (and the collective) the furthest; protect yourself against unrequired thankless and draining emotional labour; and remember that some problems aren’t meant to be “fixed”, some puzzles require persistence to solve, and just because progress is happening incrementally doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Virgo is an expert in consistency and sustained effort that necessitates focused attention to detail.

Stay the course, dear journeyers, this week brings us many more earthy gifts of grounding. On Tuesday, as the Sun enters into Virgo, Mars in Leo (our will and capacity for action) trines Saturn Rx in Sagittarius at 21 degrees, stabilizing this fiery warrior with a sturdy directional arrow and a lengthy to-do list. Then on Friday, Saturn, the Cosmos’ wise and stern teacher and mentor, will turn Direct!

Saturn has been retrograde since April 6th. Whatever Saturn has been up to in your life/natal chart, based on the house it has been traversing and the aspects it has been making, you may finally get some forward motion on a particular issue. A word of warning though, if you have planets near 21 degrees of the mutable signs (Sag, Gemini, Pisces, or Virgo) Saturn’s pivot at this point and brutally slow crank of the engine, may be driving home a particular lesson in your life over the next month or so (Saturn hangs out at 21 degrees until September 25th when it finally picks up speed and moves forward toward Capricorn, which it will enter on December 20th).

Mercury, moving Retrograde, will fuse with the forward-moving Sun at 3 degrees Virgo on Saturday. Take note! Virgo’s perceptive, discerning magic is heightened today at this moment of fusion between the planet of thought and communication, and the luminary symbolizing purpose and self-actualization. Insights abound, important conversations are facilitated, and long overlooked errors and misunderstandings come into the light. Clarity at last!

The weekend closes on Sunday with more stabilizing aspects. Jupiter in Libra sextiles the newly Direct Saturn in Sagittarius, providing us with a drop kick of motivation and propelling us forward with the necessary tools to hack a path through the brush, toward our most wildest and grandest out-of-the-ballpark dreams and hopes for success. Mars, while still in a trine to Saturn, will also conjoin with the North Node in Leo on Sunday, making the airwaves hum with potentiality.

I left Venus’ moves until the end, since they weave a different story. Venus’ lively and erratic scenes, imbued with intensity, contrast starkly with the stable earthy backdrop of this week’s primary themes. On Thursday, as Venus finishes her journey through Cancer, she will form a water trine with Chiron Rx, the wounded healer in Pisces, while moving into an aggravating square with Uranus, the rebellious liberator and group leader in Aries. We will heal our wounds as we boldly move into a more fuller manifestation of our innate Truth.

Today is a reminder to move beyond your old hurts and your conditioned patterns and responses when it comes to relationships, personal values, self-worth, physical appearance, money, and artistic ability – in order to seek alignment with your deeper Truth. Today is a reminder that individual healing is linked to the healing of the collective, and the liberation of the collective in turn depends on the liberation of all individuals.

As always with aspects to Uranus, expect the unexpected within close proximity to Thursday’s life territory, in any of Venus’ thematic domains.

Venus’ intensity continues to rise as she crosses through the last degree of Cancer, the anaretic degree, on Friday as Saturn stations Direct. Finish up your Cancer business quickly because Venus pounces into Leo territory on Saturday (coinciding with the Mercury-Sun conjunction), with a whirlwind of lavish romance. Your natal chart house will tell her tale, but look for Venus’ light touch caressing those embers still burning and making beauty out of the post-explosion disarray left behind from two Leo New Moons, a Lunar Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse, and a Mars-Sun conjunction (to name a few).

Make art from the rubble, weave magic tapestries out of dust.

With Virgo’s nimble fingers and brilliant insight at the helm while Venus redeems the wreckage of the past, your navigation game is strong while your beautiful mess of a journey ripples out the reflection of stars in your wake.

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