Driving the Point Home – Pay Attention! Cosmic Weather Forecast for Monday, August 28th – Tuesday, September 5th


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I’m extending this weekly forecast into the following week up until Tuesday (September 5th) because to end it on Sunday felt like a major story interruption and I didn’t want to leave you hanging!

Between now and next Tuesday (Sep. 5th) we are wrapping up Eclipse Season. By the time we reach the Pisces Full Moon on Wednesday (Sept. 6th), the Sun will be far enough out of range of the magical Nodal Axis, that eclipses will no longer be possible for the remainder of this year. Until then, the air continues to vibrate with Eclipse energies.

The most powerful cosmic players in this final Eclipse Season wrap-up are Mars and Mercury – the warrior and the messenger – who have a few special game plays still up their sleeve.

The first stop on the journey, however, is the First Quarter Moon on Tuesday (tomorrow, Aug. 29th). As always, I’ll have a special post for that event, but in brief: this is your Eclipse New Moon baby taking its first steps. Be patient, be gentle, but apply some firm pressure to keep that baby from returning to the womb. During the First Quarter phase in each lunation cycle we encounter a point of struggle, an intersection in life, a decision to make. Which direction do we turn? Where do we persist and where do we yield?

With the Moon in Sagittarius squaring the Sun in Virgo, you may feel suffocated by worries about the uncertainties. You may indulge in too much analytical overthinking, leading to self-doubt and second-guessing – or you may be at risk of throwing yourself blindly and foolishly into a shiny new opportunity on a spontaneous whim with little forethought and carelessness that could lead to disaster.

Make the best of this First Quarter phase by taking the time to thoughtfully consider your direction and prepare for your next steps. Then allow yourself to open up and take some adventurous risks, knowing you have a back-up plan in place.

Alright! Now into the sizzling details of the Mars and Mercury play-by-play. As I write this on Monday, August 28th, Mercury is still retrograde in Virgo, about to re-enter Leo moving backwards. Mars is in Leo, moving forward into Virgo.

A collision is inevitable.

That powerful Total Solar New Moon Eclipse in Leo on August 21st occurred at 28° 53 Leo – which means it occurred at the very end of Leo just before Virgo in the zodiac wheel, since each sign is 30 degrees.

When something super powerful like a Total Solar Eclipse occurs at a particular degree in the zodiac, this degree is extremely sensitized, activated, raw – like exposed electrical wire sparking and zapping on the ground after a storm. Everything that this Eclipse meant for humanity, everything it meant for your individual life, is currently swirling in this fiery vortex at 28 degrees Leo. It is not contained here alone, of course – this Eclipse fire baby is already expanding and flowing out into all facets of our lives – but its essence is captured here, at this degree.

So where in the zodiac is this Mars-Mercury collision going to occur? At 28°45 minutes Leo (on Sunday, Sept. 3rd).

Where is Mercury going to station Direct? At 28° 27 minutes Leo (on Tuesday, Sept. 5th).

Each degree is divided into 60 astro-minutes, but these are minuscule differences. The entire 28th degree of Leo is burning hot. Pay attention! All this Mars-Mercury action is happening at the very end of Eclipse Season while the air still hums with synchronistic magic. It is the closing chapter of this story, which will birth millions more. The Universe is driving home the point, the message.

If you were too dazzled by the Eclipse commotion on August 21st to notice some subtle magic unfolding, here is where you will likely begin to perceive it more clearly as these transits take your focus back to Leo’s throne.

In addition to this being the grand finale of Eclipse Season and Mercury’s Retrograde period, there will be a heightened sense of a significant culmination, completion or peak moment occurring around this time because the Full Moon in Pisces occurs the day after Mercury goes Direct. In light of the symbolic meaning of full moons in the lunation cycle, this event even when considered in isolation, indicates some form of culmination of the Solar Eclipse New Moon launch on August 21st.

New Moons occur in darkness. A New Moon symbolizes a new beginning, but it is one so newly birthed, that we can sometimes have trouble understanding what has actually begun in our lives. As we get closer and closer to next Tuesday and Wednesday (September 5th and 6th), we will be stepping into a greater sense of clarity about what the eclipse means for us. Remember though, the full meaning of eclipses play out over at least a 6 month period, with potentially many other ripple effects.

Here’s the full Schedule of Eclipse Season Finale Events:


THURSDAY (Aug. 31st): Mercury began its Retrograde on August 12th. It now continues its backward motion by leaving Virgo and re-entering Leo. After time spent utilizing Virgo’s wisdom and discerning insight, we gain a new perspective on our innate Truth, our unique creative expression and passions – that which makes our heart sing for joy.

FRIDAY (Sept. 1st): Mars in Leo forms a quincunx to Chiron Retrograde in Pisces. We know we need to take action toward healing some issue in our lives, but at this point, we’re still having some trouble knowing how to go about doing this. Hint – we may have to make some ego compromises and swallow our pride.

SATURDAY (Sept. 2nd): Mercury Retrograde and Mars both enter into the zone of 28 degrees Leo – we’re getting close! Mars trines Uranus in Aries, giving us the gumption to courageously get clear about our deepest desires, even if they are rather unconventional or unexpected. This transit may require some changes and swift adjustment of plans.

SUNDAY (Sept. 3rd): Boom! The warrior and the messenger meet in the heart of Leo while still trining Uranus, the rebellious liberator. Action and initiative fuses with word and thought, catalyzing big announcements, surprising reveals, courageous honesty, and a newfound confidence in the pursuit of one’s passions.

Of course, with the warrior and the messenger meeting in Leo we could also see angry words being impulsively flung at each other in an effort to win an ego war. We could see verbal conflict giving way to escalating acts of aggression. We could hear and experience provocative challenges being bandied about in the individual sphere and on the world stage.

The warrior meeting with the messenger in the Eclipse degree in the sign of the ego, brings to mind the ancient practice of challenging someone to a duel to re-gain honour and establish one’s respected reputation in society. If any duel challenges are issued, may truth, justice, wisdom and love prevail.

And if the duel is to be fought between you and your own shadow, may the wisdom gleaned through Mercury’s retrograde period support you in facing your darkness and fear in order to end the war within yourself and live as one, undivided.

The Mercury that journeyed through this degree back on July 24th, is not the same Mercury to revisit it now. This is a wiser Mercury…. let’s hope 🙂

MONDAY (Sept 4th): With Mercury slowing down to a halt on Sunday and Monday, and Mars passing through the final degrees of Leo, you may experience a sense of urgency, desperation, or even eagerness perhaps. A sense that you have to finish something or resolve an issue quickly in order to tackle something else. You may find yourself feeling restless, irritable, and high strung. Seek out peaceful moments deliberately if you need them.

TUESDAY (Sept 5th): Mars leaves Leo early in the morning (ADT) to shift into Virgo, and two hours later Mercury completes its pivot and turns Direct!

{Note: The Sun will oppose Neptune on Tuesday as well, but more on that later. The Sun in opposition to Neptune could contribute some spiritual revelations and intuitive insight to Mercury’s pivoting event… or it could become a fog machine, billowing a cold haze into the clarity we aim to harvest}

When I was a kid we used to play a hot/cold game in our family where one person would be trying to find something (or someone), and the person in the know, would provide clues by indicating either cold or hot as someone got closer and closer to what they sought.

As we inch closer and closer to September 5th/6th I can hear the Universe saying in a voice that grows steadily louder and louder: “warm, warm, warmer, getting hotter, hot, hot, HOT, SUPER HOT, BOILING, FU*KING SIZZLING, ALMOST THERE!!”

Keep your ears, eyes, and ALL other senses peeled for messages and prompts from the Universe as we wrap up this Eclipse Season, under the majestic fiery hot gaze of Leo. Throughout the weekend as we make our way toward Mercury’s pivot, we will find ourselves all seated on Leo’s throne – a hot seat of sorts.

Lovely people, as you arrive on the doorstep of Mercury’s pivot, ask yourself: what shadows in my life have emerged, writhing and exposed in the bright sun, to be addressed and dealt with so I may throw off my chains and dance into a new space of freedom? What confidence has been gained, allowing me to fully embrace a new identity that has been whispering my name for many months? What wise insights have sprung from my innermost True Self? Where has profound clarity alighted on an otherwise thorny issue in my life?

And for those of you who didn’t catch it on my social media accounts… here’s some spontaneous reflections on Saturn’s pivot, which took place last Friday, August 25th… Onward!

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