First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius + Some Reflections on Virgo Season

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Today (Tuesday) we reach the First Quarter Moon Phase. With the Moon in Sagittarius squaring the Sun in Virgo, we’re dealing with the energies of Earth and the energies of Fire. Virgo wants a plan and needs to be prepared, while Sagittarius wants to throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into the next adventure.

I personally know a few people who are strong in both Sagittarius and Virgo. There are some obvious frustrations evoked through the dual influence of these  very different energies. However, although seemingly incompatible at first glance, these two mutable signs can actually be incredibly complementary when they agree to work together.

Sagittarius is vulnerable to becoming a victim of its blind faith, its boundless optimism, and its naive trust in the universe. Virgo’s wise discernment and grounded practicality keeps Sagittarius from falling into potholes while they grin merrily at the sun. Meanwhile, Sagittarius gives Virgo a reassuring squeeze and encourages her to embrace spontaneity, let go of the plans when they are no longer necessary, and open up to the synchronicity of a benevolent universe. As a mutable sign, Virgo is a lot more flexible and adaptable than she may sometimes seem – she just needs the occasional liberating nudge sometimes when she falls into the trap of meticulously over-scheduling and over-planning.

Neither Virgo or Sag are currently at their highest, most balanced expression in my personal natal chart and I have a confession to make: I am absolutely ghastly inept when it comes to packing a suitcase (or a backpack) for a trip. I think I have improved somewhat, but an hour before I have to leave to catch my flight you will still find me staring at a massive pile of clothing and other objects that I’ve dumped on my bedroom floor in a weak effort to make progress – completely immobilized and overwhelmed by the simple decisions of selecting which items to bring with me… and which items to leave behind. This scenario occurs whether I’m planning for a weekend, or a month-long trip.

I’m a Pisces Sun/Mercury with a Gemini Moon and Libra on the cusp of my 3rd House (the domain of the thinking mind) – i.e. these are the three most dualistic, indecisive signs in the entire zodiac. Although the Earthy pieces of my natal chart request that I be prepared, practical decision-making within the personal sphere, is not my area of expertise to say the least. I’m always wondering… “but what if… something happens or the weather is such and such and I need this and this and this… or I have buckets of extra time to work on multiple projects and read numerous books?”

As the clock continues to count down the minutes until departure, I desperately toss everything I can into a giant suitcase (or two) and figure that even if I’m over-packed, at least I’m not missing anything… fingers crossed.

If anyone of you have a similar condition, for goodness sake, go call your Virgo friend – or hire one!

Since many airlines are charging for any form of checked baggage these days, before a recent trip, to save a chunk of $$$, I requested assistance from someone with a Virgo Moon and Virgo Rising – who also happens to have Mars, Venus, and the Sun in Sagittarius (i.e. the two energies creating tension in the sky today). Within no time at all, she had divided the pile of stuff on my floor into firm nos and yesses and I was on my way with a compact carry-on in hand with everything I needed.

Restless Sagittarius folks LOVE to constantly travel and explore the world – to seek out new adventures that expand their perspective and repertoire of experiences. A nomad at heart, this Virgo-Sag girl packs like nobody’s business. Although not your typical traveling-rough with the bare-bones necessities backpacker-type, she can travel classy for months at a time with only a small carry-on suitcase or backpack, with plenty of consideration for the comfort items she needs.

Sagittarius alone, without the help of their zodiacal friends, would be lucky to remember to bring a toothbrush, or another pair of underwear..

Meh,” they might shrug, “Maybe my Couch Surfing host will lend me a pair of theirs.”

Depending on their chart configuration you could probably find a Virgo who over-packs, but Virgo’s essence is to be a minimalist, to be practical, to be prudent and thrifty – to be sharply discerning as to what is necessary, and what is not. Virgos at their best are neither over-packers, nor under-packers. Virgos turn packing for a trip into perfecting an art form. Seriously, I’ve seen the inside of this girl’s compact suitcase before she takes off, and it is a beautiful, impeccable composition of carefully placed items.

It is precisely because of her discerning, thorough, and efficient Virgoesque attention to her packing process, that she is able to let her Sag vibes free to roam with the peace of mind that she has what she needs to take care of herself throughout her journey. She preps carefully, packs wisely, so that she may travel unburdened.

Working with both these energies has not always come easily. Virgo vibes have at times, sabotaged her Sag desire to take risks, embrace change, and embark on wild adventures full of unanticipated, delightful surprises around every corner. In the past, Virgo has interrupted Sag’s confident, trusting, carefree saunter with anxious worries about worst case scenarios, an overly serious consideration of every tiny decision and detail, and a concern about the dangers lurking in unscheduled blocks of free time.

Virgo seeks perfection, and from a Virgoan perspective, perfection is something you work for, something that you earn only through hard work and meticulous effort. Therefore, uncertainties and letting go of control appears as a threat to perfection. Sagittarius on the other hand, is gifted with a profound deep trust and faith in the Universe. Optimism overflows among the rolling green fields under the perpetual sunshine and rainbows where Sagittarius roams.

However, while many a Virgo could benefit from learning how to loosen up, relax, and have more fun (Sag traits), it would do big-picture-thinking Sagittarius well to remember that exciting life changes and adventures can be introduced into our lives in an instant, yes, but more often than not, incorporating change and adventure into our lives is a step-by-step process and involves preparation that happens on the daily.

Sag risks scattering their energy in every direction without yielding a harvest. Or shooting sky-high toward grandiose dreams without the willingness to put in the work of building a sturdy ladder that will get them there.

Saturn (an Earthy, practical planet and ruler of Capricorn) is currently in Sagittarius along with the Moon. Saturn would definitely take Virgo’s side in an argument between the two. In light of this current First Quarter Moon and Saturn having just gone Direct last Friday, this quote seems particularly apt:

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ~ John C. Maxwell

Structure and spontaneity are not enemies. We ground our bodies with habitual practices, so we won’t fall in the water while spreading our nets for new opportunities. Through dedicated consistency we create strong life containers that can invite and welcome shifts and transitions. Stabilize your body’s rhythm through routine, while creating a schedule conducive to adventure.

So what do you think, now that I’ve lost myself in analogies and descriptions… do you find yourself siding with Virgo or Sagittarius today?

When there is tension between the two, Virgo scorns Sagittarius as foolishly naïve, lazy, and irritatingly carefree, while Sagittarius becomes exasperated with Virgo’s constant attention to details, decisions, and her scheduling, organizing, and planning compulsions.

When they collaborate well together…

We see the confident Sagittarian Truth seeker and Teacher, who is also forever the humble Student; avoiding blind faith and fanaticism by always holding each new belief and value up to the light for careful and critical Virgoan analysis.

We see the world traveler who always remembers their toothbrush and extra underwear, and manages to spend months abroad without going into debt.

We see someone who never gives up on their wildest dreams, and yet will patiently put in the necessary (and often unglamorous) detail-oriented work and dedicated practice required to achieve them.

Do the prep, make the list, draw the map, construct the backup plan… and then allow yourself to let go and trust the unfolding of the future.

Tuesday’s Sagittarius Moon reminds you that your life is a moment-to-moment creative collaboration between you and the Universe.

Tuesday’s Virgo Sun will support you in doing your part to meet the Universe at the half-way point.

And now, some reflections on Virgo Season: Habit, Routine & Ritual…

Each zodiac sign has their tired tropes and stereotypes, and for Virgo, “boring” is a jeer that is often used. I wonder if this might be because of some of the language we use to describe Virgo’s traits.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Virgo’s association (and that of her 6th House) with one’s daily “routine”, and reflecting on other words that are similar, but resonate a bit differently.

Ritual is one related word that came to mind. When I asked my mom how she might describe the difference between routine and ritual, she immediately replied: “Routine is boring, ritual has meaning.”

Well, there you are. It is true. “Routine” does bring to mind images of being stuck in a set of circumstances with certain patterns of behaviors. Or of being close-minded and not open to change and adventure. But we might be running into the snares and limits of language here.

Another related concept is that of “habit”. Here are the dictionary’s brief definitions for all three as a starting point:

  • Habit – “a settled or regular tendency or practice”
  • Routine – “a sequence of actions regularly followed”
  • Ritual – “a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order”

These initial definitions clearly, are very similar (all refer to repeated actions), but the subtle differences between them offer up a beautiful collage of human behavior.

Maria Popova, the genius behind the curation of brilliance at Brain Pickings, has also spent time reflecting on these topics. Popova writes:

“William James, at the dawn of modern psychology, argued that our habits anchor us to ourselves. As someone equally fascinated by the daily routines of artists and with their curious creative rituals, and as a practitioner of both in my own life, I frequently contemplate the difference between the routine and ritual, these two supreme deities of habit.

They seem to be different sides of the same coin — while routine aims to make the chaos of everyday life more containable and controllable, ritual aims to imbue the mundane with an element of the magical. The structure of routine comforts us, and the specialness of ritual vitalizes us. A full life calls for both… This equipoise of routine and ritual is, to me, one of the essential balancing acts of life…” ~ Maria Popova

Amen! So beautifully put. To feast on this reflective interplay between habit, routine and ritual, is to savour the refined delights of Virgo Season.

In medical astrology Virgo rules the entire digestive system, but I like to think of Virgo being associated with all the rhythmic components that control different bodily parts. So for example, Leo rules the heart, the life force within us all. Virgo follows Leo in the zodiac wheel, and I like to think that it is her skilled hands and dedicated consistency that maintains the heart’s steady beat. Virgo stabilizes the fiery zest and creative passion of Leo into a regular pulse that we can sustain.

Our many routine acts of caring for our human body fall under Virgo’s domain.

It is lunchtime and our bodies are hungry. We feed our bodies until they are satiated… and then at dinner time, they let us know that they require sustenance again.

It is 10:00 pm and our bodies are tired, needing rest. So we sleep. We awaken the next morning, our energy refreshed and restored… until evening reaches us again and our fleshy selves become drowsy once more.

Virgo seeks wholeness, perfection, completion. And yet her 6th House domain of the daily routine is built on Emptiness and Fullness, Disarray and Order, Need and Fulfillment, continuously chasing each other in circles.

Virgo is known as the clean, organized, neat freak, and yet many of the daily chores and tasks that fall under her care are continuously becoming undone and demanding one begin the process all over again.

We finally get clean laundry back in our closet… and then all too soon we have nothing to wear and a pile of dirty clothing in the basket.

We wipe the last dish clean with satisfaction after breakfast… only to be facing a mess on the counter after dinner.

Rather than let this be a source of frustration, let this earthly reality become a stimulus for experiencing moment-to-moment meaning, pleasure, satisfaction, and grounding.

The concepts and ideals of perfection and completion may appear elusive, but they are not actually as distant as they appear to be. They are right there, alongside you – as you participate in a world of Time, as you engage in daily acts of human life, as you contribute to your continual processes of becoming.

During this Virgo Season, practice cultivating a mindful presence. Bring your whole self into your daily moments.

Honour both your limits and your needs, while sinking deeply into your sacred wholeness.

From brushing our teeth to walking the dog, each of our daily habits can provide a stable, comforting routine that holds us upright against the world’s swirling windstorm of anxiety and fear.

A Prayer for Virgo Season:

May we direct our routines with careful intention.

May we transmute our daily chains into flexible bungee cords of exuberance.

May our souls find replenishment and restoration within our schedules.

May we deepen our connection to our daily life world.

May we create ceremony out of previous tedium.

May we bring ritual into our midst.

May we weave our individual actions into a larger tapestry of symbolic meaning.

May we invite reverence and awe to dine at our table tonight.

May we discover the divine within the mundane.

May we bring fresh eyes of wonder to whatever rhythms tomorrow welcomes.

Like the beat of a drum, may we align the power of each pulse, each inhale and exhale, with every task the day presents.

 ~  Lilith

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2 Replies to “First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius + Some Reflections on Virgo Season”

  1. I have a lot of Sag/Virgo in my chart (6 planet stellium in my 6th house, 4 of which are in Sag) and I am so, so familiar with the tension between perfectionism and freedom that you describe here. I spent a lot of time flip-flopping between the two when I was younger, and I am working at integrating them better now. Thank you for such a thoughtful look at how these two energies can work together.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Michelle! Yes indeed, with a 6 planet stellium in the 6th and 4 in Sag, you would be quite familiar with these tensions. It always amazes me how natal charts play out in different ways over time. I learn more and more about my chart every year and take hope in seeing myself and others transform the most difficult placements into potent gifts through integration and manifesting their highest expression. I’m glad to hear you are finding an integrated balance between the two as time goes by – there really is the potential for the two energies to be very complementary 🙂

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