Uncomfortable Emotions are not Pathological :: Sun Trine Pluto & the Full Moon in Pisces

While it’s true that emotions can be catalysts, prompting actions that can be beneficial  or destructive, and while it’s true that sometimes the natural flow and balance of emotions can become stuck or disturbed for a variety of reasons, I believe that emotions in and of themselves, cannot be pathological. Emotions are an integral part of the embodied human experience and they serve a vital role in our efforts to survive and thrive.

The meaning that we cognitively assign to our emotions and the way we process and act on them, may cause us unnecessary suffering, but I do believe…

Your grief is not a virus. Your anger is not a sin. Your sadness is not a disease. Your fear is not a dysfunction.

That Pisces Full Moon (conjunct Neptune) sent me headfirst into a sea of feels. I have zero energy to write the weekly forecast post I had initially planned, but I covered some of the week’s cosmic weather in my previous post and I wanted to give you the heads-up for Saturday: The Sun in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn Saturday morning, as Venus simultaneously forms a quincunx to Pluto.

In other words, we are still riding waves of emotion. A trine is considered a gentle and supportive aspect , but I find that any aspect to Pluto feels rather tumultuous. Furthermore, the tense quincunx between the goddess of love and pleasure, and the god of the underworld, may sharpen the discomforting impact.

Whereas Pisces and Neptune are emotionally immersive – like lowering yourself into a pool or floating on your back in the sea – Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, can lasso us down into unfathomable depths.

Understandably, we often try to resist Pluto’s deep, guttural call for surrender and transformation, because Pluto’s prescription usually involves facing the more uncomfortable emotions we’d typically rather avoid.

And yet what are emotions anyway?Feelings,” refer to our cognitive interpretations and the labeling we engage in as our present moment sensory processing intertwines with perceptions, thoughts, and memory. Therefore, if you separate feelings from emotions… what you are left with is the physical sensations and responses in the body…

The tears of grief. The flushed skin of anger. The tiredness and slow-moving limbs of sadness. The heart hammering of fear.

Did you know there are different types of tears? Basal tears are produced continuously to keep your eyes from drying out. Reflex tears are produced to protect your eyes when you cut an onion. Emotionally-triggered tears are called psychic tears. All three types of tears appear very differently under a microscope, as Rose-Lynn Fisher demonstrated through mesmerizing photographs in her project called “The Topography of Tears”.  Fisher writes:

Tears are the medium of our most primal language in moments as unrelenting as death, as basic as hunger, and as complex as a rite of passage. They are the evidence of our inner life overflowing its boundaries, spilling over into consciousness. Wordless and spontaneous, they release us to the possibility of realignment, reunion, catharsis: shedding tears, shedding old skin. It’s as though each one of our tears carries a microcosm of the collective human experience, like one drop of ocean.”

Scientists have even identified that psychic tears alone, contain a natural endorphin and painkiller called leucine-enkephalin.

So do not fear your tears if emotion overflows into a cascade of salty streams down your cheeks. Your body knows what it is doing. You are shedding, growing, healing.

You were made to cry, love.

The Sun in Virgo may want a sterile, disinfected, and orderly space, but our inner landscapes will abide by no such rules. Find stability by dropping down into your sacred rituals and rhythmic routines, but create space for those messages from the depths of your soul to arise. Find the song, the dance, the movements, the postures, the actions, that best expresses and releases your physical sensation of emotion. 

If you find yourself facing a tidal wave of emotions that threatens to overwhelm you, create safety through a container – in the firm embrace of someone you trust; in the bounded, guided space of a therapist/healer’s office; by focusing on internal and/or external sensation – experiencing yourself as fully embodied, enclosed by skin; through the clear, strong lines of the words your pen writes into your journal; by stepping back into the role of the conscious observer, mindfully welcoming and witnessing feelings and emotions as they travel through your mind and body.

Later Saturday night, Mercury (now Direct) will re-enter Virgo, steadily building speed and bringing greater insight and clarity to our internal processes that Pluto has catalyzed.

P.S.  The way I am defining emotions here, in their raw sensate form, based on what I’ve read, does not preclude the classification of depression or anxiety to be a mental illness if having a diagnosis is helpful for someone (while acknowledging different cultures understand what western medicine calls mental illnesses in different ways). In my personal experience for example, I find depression to actually be more like a lack of emotion (numbness, withdrawal) and fed by a cognitive perception of having no hope.

Here’s two short videos that explain the difference between emotions and feelings…

I currently post on Instagram, Facebook, and on this blog, which delivers by email as soon as a post is published on my website. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to best manage these three mediums. I want to respect people’s inboxes, and thus I try to avoid sending out more than one email a week by grouping the posts together. However, I also like to post spontaneously when I feel inspired… I’m still figuring this out, but in the mean time, below is a short post written just after the Pisces Full Moon (peaking Wednesday morning, September 6th), that was published on FB and IG.

I’m still feel as though I am swimming in those Piscean waters, and maybe you do too…

Last night I waited too long to check out the Full Moon. By the time I stepped outside at midnight, a thick fog had descended.

And yet, although I couldn’t see it, the light of the moon must have been magnified through the moisture in the air because the neighborhood was brightly illuminated with a strange eerie light. At a time when the sky should have been pitch black, it was as if it was early dawn.

How appropriate, for a Full Moon in Pisces.

I was going to write a much longer post today – a sequel to my last post – but I feel flattened.

I went for a long walk this evening. Moisture hung heavy in the air, forewarning of rain, and again I found myself walking through a thick sticky fog.

Now I sit here, writing this, while simultaneously watching a film called “Dances of Ecstasy: A Sensory Journey through Rhythm, Dance and Music”.

Here’s the quote that was just read on the film, accompanied by clips of people trance dancing and connecting to the divine through movement:

“Ecstasy is the most divine feeling of being connected to the whole of existence. That sea of light. It’s as if the sun was shining but it’s dark out.”

Life feels ultra Pisces right now. With a dash of 8th House vibes.

Can’t see the forest through the trees?

This may be an ongoing struggle throughout September with the Virgo-Pisces polarity so heavily at play with multiple oppositions to Neptune in close succession (this Sun-Neptune opposition at the Full Moon being the first of the series).

Neptune in Pisces has the capacity to reveal the forest, the bigger picture, “the whole of existence” – when we get too caught up in the details of a particular situation. And yet Neptune can also create a fog that obscures both trees and forest.

Don’t lose perspective. Remember that this too shall pass. Emotions are transitory. We can observe them arrive… and we can watch them leave… just like the fog.


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4 Replies to “Uncomfortable Emotions are not Pathological :: Sun Trine Pluto & the Full Moon in Pisces”

  1. This full moon kicked my butt emotionally as well. I am still trying to decipher it.

    Does Neptune tend to bring more vivid night time dreams, not just daydreams or hopes/vision for the future? I have been dreaming vividly every night for a while now and I wonder whether it is a result of this astrology.

    Also, I really like the way you blend astrology with psychology. 🙂 It really resonates with me.

    1. Yes, absolutely! Neptune is very associated with our day/night dreams, fantasies, and our subconscious. I would draw a correlation if you were dreaming a lot this week in particular. Otherwise, perhaps you are having a personal Neptune transit?

      And thank you! Astrology and psychology is a natural fit in my opinion. I’m glad it resonates 🙂

      1. Ah, Saturn is conjunct my natal Neptune right now – one degree away from exact. So that’s probably what’s kicked the Neptune vibes up a notch for me as well.

        1. Hi Michelle, that sounds about right! Saturn is the planet of “reality”. Neptune speaks to the intangible realm, and Saturn speaks to the tangible realm. I thought it was interesting you used the word “vivid” to describe your dreams… perhaps this is Saturn making those Neptunian dreams “more real” to you. It might be a good idea to track these dreams in a journal? Saturn is still moving very slowly. It turned Direct the end of August, but has been chilling at 21 degrees up until now, and will continue to do so until September 26th. Any planets near 21 degrees in the mutable signs are getting plenty of attention from Saturn. This pressure can feel quite challenging at times.

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