Last Quarter Moon in Gemini :: Stay Hungry for Questions

I really like doing these Quarter Moon posts because I get to compare and contrast two different signs that are squaring each other in the zodiac wheel. I have the opportunity to demonstrate how they can be complementary when integrated and applied in a balanced way. This time around, it’s pretty easy to demonstrate the supportive, harmonizing potential, because we are dealing with the Moon in Gemini squaring the Sun in Virgotwo Mercury-ruled signs.

As always though, the Third Quarter Moon presents a challenge of some sort as we bring this lunation cycle to a close. Saturn in Sagittarius also opposes the Moon, creating a tight, pressurized t-square with the Sun as the apex planet, and this makes this morning’s Third Quarter Moon a bit more complicated – and heavy.

So first let’s address the Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn is currently wrapping up its 2-year+ pilgrimage through Sagittarius; a search for truth, and for meaning. But what is Truth… is there one objective Truth? And if so, who has the Truth? Where is the Truth? Are we taught the Truth? Do we find it or create it or discover it within ourselves? And how do we test and validate “what is True”? Through empiricism (validating through direct sensory experience)? Scientific research studies? Historical analyses? Spiritual revelation? By its degree of usefulness? Through intuition and gut responses?

How do individual expressions of one’s inner Truth emerge into personal and meaningful life stories within a society that is uncomfortable with lived Truths that contradict its dominant narratives? What happens when multiple “Truths” conflict? When does the Truth need defending, and when can it defend itself? And how many Truth assertions can we tolerate before we draw a Saturnian boundary around what is valid, good, okay, healthy… and what is not?

So many big questions… and no one loves a big question more than Gemini. The Moon in Gemini is feeling the opposing strain of Saturn’s demand to come up with concrete answers, and yet it resists suffocation.

Questions are currency for Gemini. Questions themselves, are as precious as coins. Rich and loaded with questions, Gemini participates in valued exchanges, trading questions for answers… and more questions. Always more questions. Questions and answers only beget more questions.

Gemini-dominants are known for non-stop communication because this is such an effective way to participate in the economy – the production and consumption – of questions and answers with other human beings, who hold different question and answer collections…

Gemini collects, and shares. Gathers, and gives. In, and then out. This way, then that way. Questions are the compass.

Gemini is on a quest for QUESTions, and Sagittarius is on a quest for answers.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are seekers, eternal students of life. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity and the 3rd House-9th House opposition, form the axes of learning and of knowledge. However, for Sagittarius, questions are only a means to an end questions are tools used to acquire answers.

Whereas I would suggest that for Gemini, questions are more than a means to an end. One could say that the production of more questions is the end goal for Gemini… except that the simile falls short here, because a question is never the end, but the beginning.

The MOST INCREDIBLY PERFECT depiction of this Gemini-Sagittarius polarity can be found in an online comic strip, titled: “a day at the park”.

Quick summary: Two interesting characters (and collectors) sit on a park bench together and have a debate about which is more valuable – a question or an answer? The debate takes place while the one-eyed dude holds a “box with his collection of questions” on his lap. Here’s a snippet… 

© Copyright 2017 Kostas Kiriakakis.

Maybe it’s because of my Gemini Moon, but I love its quirky thought-provoking wisdom. I actually find myself returning to read and reflect on it several times each year for some reason. If you are strong in Gemini or Sag, or both, or if the 3rd house – 9th house axis is strong in your chart, go read this! The one-eyed dude is 100% Gemini, and the big fish-like character is Sagittarius – obviously Saturn in Sagittarius, to be specific.

Sorry, Sagittarius-dominant folks – this is not the most complementary representation of your sign (I have three Sag planets as well, fyi), but in my interpretation, the interaction between the two characters itself, points in the direction of the sweet spot of integration and balance between these opposing zodiac signs. And, as I will always continue to emphasize, we ALL have each zodiac sign somewhere in our charts – there’s no escaping the lesson of a zodiac sign!

Gemini thrives on variety because variety introduces new questions. New puzzles to explore, new people to figure out, new topics to learn, new skills to acquire, new experiences to process. Cognitive flexibility and open-mindedness are the tools used to harvest and collect a wealth of questions, and constant curiosity is the trait which sends these questions back out into the world again to mate with answers… and birth new questions.

As the one-eyed dude says: “What’s the main condition to sustain infinite potential such as ours, if not a big question mark always out of our reach?”

Gemini’s role in our cosmic DNA is to keep us hungry for questions; to stimulate our growth when we become too comfortable with answers.

However… as the comic points out, we still need answers in order to make decisions that lead to actions. Or else we’d never do anything.

Our Gemini questions often lead us to multiple answers. And in order to select a good answer, we are going to need the discernment of Virgo and the wisdom and intuition of Sagittarius to assess the value of the different potential answers, different Truth assertions, and then pick the right one – the one that will support a good action.

Both Virgo and Gemini are intellectual signs co-ruled by Mercury. Gemini expands Virgo’s narrow focus and deepens the perspective by providing other points of view, while Virgo teaches Gemini how to synthesize all that information into something coherent and useful.

Finding the right balance between these two Mercurial faces, will assist you with passing through the Third Quarter Moon’s thorny intersection (i.e. Moon in Gemini square Sun in Virgo).

This mid-week’s sore spot may have put you face-to-face with a wide array of questions and answers, multiple choices, numerous options, many tasks to complete – and a growing sense of urgency that you need to make wise decisions and take informed action very soon.

However, Virgo has a supreme filtering system. Decisions may stress her out because of the self-induced pressure to make “the perfect choice”, to take “the ideal action”… but when it comes down to it, this is Virgo’s gift. When she trusts in her abilities, she prioritizes with ease, with sharp precision. She skillfully separates the good… from the very best.

Gemini likely drives her up the wall, it’s true, because as soon as Virgo is near completion, as soon as she is about to decide and implement an impeccably devised plan, Gemini starts getting restless and anxious.

Completion, concrete solutions, firm commitments, a final answer – can feel like a death-knell to Gemini:But… wait, Virgo! Did you consider…? I don’t mean to play devil’s advocate here, but did you think about…? I think we should explore this option as well… I heard from a friend that there’s this great thing, which could be even better than that one…

Virgo sighs. Gemini would be lost without her. That curious energy would scatter far and wide without ever producing any outcome if it weren’t for the vital role she plays in the zodiac wheel. And yet she also knows that she needs Gemini – to keep growing, to keep feeding her potential, to stay curious, flexible and open to change. And besides, despite how seemingly eager Virgo is to reach completion, she can’t resist the suggestion that there could be a better answer, a more effective fix. And this is why we need these two Mercurial faces – to keep us focused, to keep us curious, and to keep us growing into better versions of ourselves.

So yes, consider all options. Follow the trail of questions. But when Saturn’s urgency starts kicking in, take pause. Make a pros and cons list. Prioritize. Survey the intersection. Sure, everything might be important, but what is MOST important right now? You don’t have to answer and solve all the questions, all the problems, at once. In fact, we likely never will, you know – answer all the questions and solve all the problems.

As Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Sun and opposes the Moon, we are reminded that we are without a life script. While it’s true that you can access a set of rules and guidelines from many sources (e.g. the state, most religions), they typically fail to address the full complexity of every-day life. We are all partaking in a creative improvisation.

And yet hopefully it’s a responsible improvisation, because everything we do has a ripple effect. The questions we choose to pursue, the answers we select, the decisions we make, and the actions we take – they all have consequences of some sort.

Life is also full of compromises. We all may value and desire many things, but we must constantly prioritize among these values and desires, and choose carefully where we are willing to compromise, because most of the time it is impossible to fulfill all of them simultaneously. And inevitably we will bear the weight, the consequences of our compromises, whatever they are – that’s part of the human experience, so says Saturn.

So, in conclusion, may we prioritize wisely, choose our compromises carefully, take informed actions grounded on well-thought out decisions, while still improvising creatively and responsibly in the space and time our actions inhale. And may we always, always stay hungry for questions.

As we walk a global corridor that appears to be narrowing and getting darker, may we have Sagittarian faith in human potential, in the inherent healing potential that this Earth holds, and may we follow a trail of never-ending questions into an ever-expanding horizon, glowing with the promise of a new dawn.

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