What does your Natal Mercury Placement say about your Communication Style?

I originally posted this on Instagram on Tuesday night, just before the New Moon in Virgo (occurring opposite Chiron). I believe this is the only time I have ever posted a series of astro “cookbook” style descriptions for each sign – and it might be the last time I do it! However, on Instagram, it became less about the post and more about the dialogue in the comments I think.

For those of you who are reading this post for the first time here, I’ll offer a disclaimer: For the same reasons I can’t bring myself to provide regular sign-by-sign horoscopes, most of the time I’m extremely reticent to offer sign by sign, planet by planet, generic piecemeal type interpretations because an individual’s natal chart holds an immense amount of information that is intricately woven together. A single placement can express itself in a dramatically different way then anticipated – which will make perfect sense once it is interpreted in light of the entire chart’s beautiful complexity. However, piecemeal descriptions are obviously really accessible, they can be fun to read, and they do often contain a seed of truth. I’ll let you decide for yourself though!

Transiting Chiron is almost on top of my natal Sun, and I’m exhausted. I also spent too many valuable minutes today obsessing about parts of my body I don’t like, getting angry at myself for not having more energy, at my nervous system for being so dysregulated… and berating myself for always making typos. And then of course being irritated with myself for wasting time and being so insecure about such insignificant things, and being frustrated that I am not succeeding in being as self-accepting and gentle toward myself as I would want to.

And so goes that vicious circle until I can find that pause, that deep exhale I needed, and then be with the sensation of the ground beneath my feet, and the steady pulse beneath my skin.

I wish a deep, grounding, exhale for you all.

I didn’t catch any major typos in the full write-up for this week, but in the summary at the end please note that on Tuesday the Sun is still in Virgo, not Libra, and on Sunday Mars is in Virgo, not Leo.

I find typos in every post I write and they drive me up the wall (standards I apply to myself alone). I was born with Mercury Retrograde conjunct the Sun in Pisces, and thus I suspect typos will continue to evade me regardless of how many times I re-read.

My natal Sun and Mercury are cazimi (same degree and minute), and so my core identity is fused with the planet of communication. Writing has always been my first love, but because my identity is so closely linked to how I communicate, being misunderstood, or miscommunicating, often feels like one of the worst things that could happen to me!

These are really minor typos, but it got me thinking about natal Mercury placements and how they are correlated with the way we communicate. The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant get lots of attention as key personality traits – and so do Mars and Venus since they are often referenced when discussing relationships, but Mercury’s placement often gets overlooked.

There are strengths and challenges with every placement. While I likely will be frequently reserved in larger social settings, always vulnerable to typos and experience distress when I am misunderstood and don’t come across the way I intended to, I appreciate that my words have such a direct line to the core of who I am. With my Sun and Mercury in the 8th House, I am always trying to get at the raw essence of whatever topic I am thinking about or discussing.

As another example, people with a natal Chiron-Mercury aspect (square, opposition, or conjunction), often had a really difficult time in school and carry a deep, early wound and insecurity related to the perception of their intelligence and their ability to communicate effectively (verbally or through writing). And yet, within a Chiron wound, there is always a great gift. These are often people who are brilliant in unconventional ways. They are typically really bright, creative folks who think outside the box and struggled because they were forced into a one-size-fits-all educational system.

There are many, many ways to communicate beyond traditional systems of language. In an effort to find other ways to communicate their internal world, natal Chiron-Mercury people often turn to music and art, and demonstrate considerable talent in these realms. They may also transmute their Chiron wound into a healing gift of service by working with kids experiencing struggles in school, because they empathize so deeply with them.

👉To fully flesh out your communication style, and your approach to learning and processing information, you would need to consider Mercury by sign, house, and all its aspects to other planets. For a complete picture, you should also check out what’s happening in your 3rd House and look to wherever Gemini and Virgo are placed in your natal chart.

However, you can still learn a lot about your communication style just by looking at your Mercury sign.

If you have Mercury in a fire sign you react quickly and express yourself with great energy.

🔸Mercury in Leo is known for its passion and its theatrical tendencies – especially if this placement is combined with some strong Gemini placements, the chart holder is likely an expert story-teller with acting potential. Your excitement spills over when discussing personal projects, or when complimenting others on their creative endeavors.

🔸Mercury in Sagittarius is known for its honesty and strong opinions, as well as its infectious enthusiasm that inspires everyone around them to dream big. This chart holder can quickly and intuitively connect the dots in order to put together the full picture and propose a solution, often far before others have caught up.

🔸Mercury in Aries is known for its bold directness – for getting to the point. I’ve been thinking about how important it is to not be afraid of relational conflict and this is certainly a gift of Mercury in Aries whose chart holders can be powerful activists, bravely speaking truth to power.

🔸Mercury in Virgo or Capricorn – your grammar is always impeccable! You may be more hesitant and cautious to verbally communicate, but when writing, after you have had time to prepare what you want to say, you communicate with great precision and have deep respect for clarifying the facts – and your perfect use of commas is amazing. You are also the least likely to utilize emoticons and acronyms such as lol, or omg.

🔸Mercury in Taurus – I suspect you sing very well! The voice of Mercury in Taurus usually has a beautiful, rich, resonance. You typically offer solid, practical advice to your friends in such an easy-going manner that they do not feel judged.

🔸Mercury in Gemini’s communication is uptempo. Very, very fast, sharp and witty, with a question or comeback processed and prepared within seconds. Conversation with a Mercury in Gemini chart holder is never boring. They can be active participants in any conversation, regardless of topic.

🔸Mercury in Libra flawlessly small talks and networks with ease, inviting everyone into a delightful, relaxed conversation that flows smoothly and concludes as seamlessly as it began, leaving all participants feeling blessed. No awkward escapes for the washroom or food table required. They tap deeply into the cadence of language and express themselves melodically, with eloquence.

🔸Mercury in Aquarius has many people intrigued; trying to figure out the brilliant unique brain wiring that must exist behind such unusual and fascinating communication exchanges that have an erratic, but scintillating quality to them.

🔸The nebulous and obscure drifting sentences of a Mercury in Pisces invite you into another more-beautiful dimension of “reality” – one that requires a gentle, curious conversationalist to gain entry to. Abstract imaginary poetics is one of their best mediums for expression.

🔸Mercury in Cancer can indicate a shyness around communicating, but the wonderful listening skills and empathetic attunement of this placement will reveal itself in smaller social gatherings and one-on-one conversations where emotional content can be safely explored. Mercury in Cancer is a natural counselor and often plays therapist to friends.

🔸Mercury in Scorpio is guarded in their communication. They know that knowledge is power and thus they hold their secrets close. Mercury in Scorpio has 0 patience for small talk, but if you gain the trust to enter their inner circle, these may be some of the most intense and thought-provoking conversations you have ever had.

I provided a few keywords for each sign placement… but how do you experience your natal Mercury placement – especially when considered in light of your entire natal chart? Is the expression of your Mercury placement held in tension with other chart factors?

I created a survey and I would love your input! Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far. I self-consciously snuck the survey link into my P.S.’s in the past two posts, so here’s a more official form of request.

I created Lilith Rebellion in March 2017, during this final year of a very difficult Saturn Return. I consistently find myself launching an online blogging platform whenever I am going through a rough time in life, and this was no exception (i.e. my Gemini Moon conjunct Lilith in the 10th House needs to communicate publicly in order to process emotional life content!).

Lilith Rebellion began both as a personal project, and a public channel through which I could share my love of astrology.

Since March, I’ve receive a number of requests for chart readings. I’m really appreciative of the interest and I love reading charts, but I have not yet felt set-up to offer this publicly, beyond the readings for people I know personally. I hope to change this in the future.

Every astrologer applies their technical skill and knowledge through an individualized “lens” (their philosophy and approach), in order to interpret and synthesize meaningful information from the raw chart data, and present it in a cohesive and useful way. I’ve been working on developing approaches and various packages that resonate with who I am and what I would want to offer someone.

In the mean time, I created a survey to inform this development and help me learn more about you – and I would be ever so pleased if you were to fill it out 🙂

Please note:

🔸You can fill out the survey even if you have no plans to ever book a consultation with me.

🔸All questions are optional, so if you are short on time and don’t want to answer all 10 questions, just scroll to the bottom whenever and click “Done”.

🔸All information is anonymous unless you provide your name (no names will be shared regardless).

I have found the survey results really interesting so far – thanks to everyone who has responded! If enough data is collected, I will crunch and analyze the data, and share an anonymous summary with you all at a later date.

Thank you SO much for your engagement, support and your input!


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