First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: The Art of Investing in the Face of Impermanence

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Tonight, shortly after the Mercury-Chiron opposition, we reach the First Quarter Moon, on route to the Aries Full Moon on October 5th. Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus will peak late tonight (ADT) and tomorrow, Pluto will complete its turnaround in Capricorn.

That is a lot of intense, possibly excruciating, shifting ground, and I for one, am thankful for the Earthy influences of Mars and Venus being in Virgo (the rulers of this Jupiter-Uranus opposition), to stabilize the potentially explosive components here.

The First Quarter Moon is a prelude to both Pluto’s pivot, and the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. The Moon lights up Capricorn, squaring the Sun, which is bringing its light to Libra, the sign it currently shares with Jupiter.

Quarter Moons are turning points. A day to take a moment and carefully assess the directions and options available to you. A day to make a conscious decision to take the best action available to you; an action that aligns with truth, wholeness, healing and wellbeing.

The Sun (and Jupiter) in Libra, highlight themes of relationships, harmony, peace, and justice.

The Moon (and Pluto) in Capricorn, bring our attention to deep foundational issues and serious matters that require a fearless firmness. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on Capricorn in preparation for Saturn’s ingress into Cap in December, so this post will likely be heavier on the Capricorn – sorry Libra!

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is a sign that is intimately acquainted with some of the harshest realities of the human experience on Planet Earth: Time, Aging, Mortality, Gravity, Decay, Impermanence, Scarcity, Limitations, Meaninglessness, Existential Isolation, the Burden and Responsibility of Freedom, Cause and Effect, the Consequences of Breaking Rules, and the good old karmic lesson that You Reap What You Sow.

No wonder Cap-types are stereotyped for their gloominess and pessimism! Along with those who have challenging natal Saturn aspects, they bear a heavy weight on their shoulders. But oh how the zodiac wheel would be greatly lacking without Capricorn in our cosmic DNA! Capricorn’s fierce wrestle with the material, physical realm, sharpens these gems with the type of deep wisdom and resilience that can only come from lived experience.

Where Libras see beauty, harmony and pleasure, Capricorns see projects, missions, and challenges to overcome. For Cap-types, renowned workaholics, the human journey through time – outlined as if on a ruler from Point A to Point B, first breath to last breath – is an assignment. And not always a fun one, at least in the early years; it’s a serious assignment.

Armed with the knowledge that we live in a world of Cause and Effect, just like we can rely on the forces of gravity to bring an object to the ground, Capricorn aims to do the required work to gain the corresponding reward; to yield the results and achieve the desired outcome. But can Capricorn truly depend 100% on this Cause -> Effect equation as an absolute certainty in life?

Our Earth holds too many unpredictable variables and cannot support constant faith in this equation always working out. Capricorn’s “life assignments”, always involve a measure of uncertainty. Success is not necessarily guaranteed – this makes Cap-types all the more determined to reach their goals, all the more focused on maintaining control over their environments… while also still fearing failure.

It’s like living the last month of a University semester over and over again. A constant onslaught of school projects and exams. It’s that study crunch experience of feeling like you are not allowed to pause to sleep or take breaks (without feeling guilty), because there’s always another deadline, another test to prepare for… will you pass or will you fail? The stakes are high.

When I think of a Capricorn and Libra encounter, I imagine the following scenario…

(I generally wouldn’t use an army-related example, but I’m working with archetypal figures here)

The scene is an army boot camp, or somewhere out in the field.

Libra is a relatively new recruit. Capricorn is a weathered army commander.

Libra approaches Capricorn hesitantly, yet tactfully, to inquire as to whether it might be possible… to look into securing more comfortable bedding – for herself, and of course for all the other soldiers, because that would be fair. She outlines a well-thought out argument that perhaps better quality of sleep would contribute to more effective efforts during the day… because cognition would be much sharper, and energy levels would be higher…

Capricorn looks at her aghast.

“GOOD GRIEF!” He barks. “WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS?! A five-star hotel??!! You are on an important mission, not a pleasure trip! Comfort is not the point! TOUGHEN UP!”

You are speaking Cap’s language when you adopt the framework of life as a test, a mission, an assignment, a task, a duty, an obligation, a goal, a project, or a contract.

Why are we on Earth? What is our purpose here? Libra and Capricorn will give you two very different answers. And they likely both speak the truth. Life is love, beauty, pleasure and relationships. It is also full of hard work, challenging trials, grappling with consequences, and learning tough lessons as we realize our limitations.

Capricorn would argue: “We aren’t here on Earth to have fun; we are here to work. Life [or whatever part of your birth chart is ruled by Capricorn] was not intended to be a comfortable pleasure trip. We are here to fulfill our contract, carry out the mission, and complete our assignment. Buckle up, put your head down, and get to it.”

I’ve used a number of archetypal figures for Capricorn and Saturn in the past, including “a building inspector”, “an architect”, “a soldier”, “a farmer up against the elements”. Lately I have been thinking of Capricorn an “investor”.

Capricorn, within our cosmic DNA, clearly perceives the harsh realities of life, and in response it asks: “In the face of impermanence and constant decay, what endures? What will survive? What will outlive me? What is the best use of my time, energy, and resources? What should I invest in, in order to leave a lasting legacy? What is truly a worthwhile and valuable investment?”

And because our world is the way it is, we may sometimes witness ambitious Capricorn-types accepting society’s dominant answers to its questions.

What is a worthwhile investment that will leave a lasting legacy? Society responds: “Social status, success, tangible public achievements, power, material possessions, and financial security.”

But is this actually the best investment of our time on Earth? There is nothing wrong with any of these things in themselves, but will these things pass the test of time? Will they endure the harsh realities of this Earthly plane? Will they fulfill us? Usually at some point or another, the Capricorn in us all discovers, that no, they won’t.

When a mission falters in action due to growing sense of futility or meaninglessness, Capricorn asks again: “What then, should I invest in with my human life, with my breath, with the energy that surges through my fleshy container? How can I build a strong foundation, a permanent legacy of my existence, in a deteriorating Earthly realm? In the face of mortality, what type of contribution to the world, will allow me to live on?”

There are many answers to this question, and that’s part of the lesson, I believe. Capricorn and Saturn are ultimately guiding us to a place of authenticity, a place of deep resonance with our innate truth and the way it longs to express itself in this world, as only it uniquely can.

However, maybe I will expand on that when I write about Saturn in Capricorn later this year. Right now we are dealing with a First Quarter Moon highlighting a Libra – Capricorn square.

Libra’s response to Capricorn’s query would likely include “relationships” as an answer – “relationships are a worthy investment of one’s time, energy, and resources. Through your contribution to a network of relationships, you will leave a lasting legacy.”

Do you have Capricorn on the cusp of your 7th House, or possibly Saturn in the 7th? People with this placement experience Libra’s answer echoing strongly throughout their lives.

Capricorn 7th House Cusp folks are working on “Project Relationship”, “The Partnership Assignment”, and studying for “Pass/Fail Love Exams”. Since Capricorn is the sign so associated with life’s harsh realities, these people may encounter many challenges and trials in personal relationships (at least prior to their Saturn Return), even as they long for a stable, committed, “lasting” relationship.

(Wisdom, personal growth, inner strength and resilience – gained through lived experience – are the gifts though!)

Relationships are serious business for these folks. These chart holders do NOT take relational investment lightly. They do not take commitment lightly. Because when they commit, they are in for the long haul and will apply their powerful gifts of loyalty, endurance and perseverance to their most valued relationships – pouring a concrete life foundation through partnership. They may be seen as commitment-phobic, but this is only because they take relational investments so seriously and thus feel they must cautiously and strategically assess the potential longevity of a relationship possibility, before signing on the dotted line.

While Capricorn could learn from Libra, that even the most fleeting pleasures have value and that the world can be just as beautiful as it can be harsh, Libra could learn from Capricorn the Art of Investing.

Libra often struggles with a case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). They often have an urge to be equally engaged in many different activities and pursuits, a yearning to be part of every group, always, and a desire to please everyone in their lives and bring harmony into all their multiple relationships.

Capricorn can assist Libra with the balance they seek, by teaching them the Art of Investing. First, there is knowing what your priorities are. What is truly important to you in life? What types of relationships do you want to nurture and invest in?

Then there is the assessment and evaluation. What relationships are worthy of the investment of time, energy, and love? What type of sustained investment is required over time in order to cultivate resilient, stabilizing, intimacy-growing depth in relationships?

Capricorn is a sign known for its patience and focused, persistent pursuit toward its goals over time, motivated by its dedication to its long-term vision or plan. This is another important aspect to the Art of Investing – investments don’t usually pay off right away. Libra could learn from Capricorn the importance of adhering to a carefully chosen path, and trusting in its ever-increasing value over time.

And finally, as all good investors should know, there are limits to resources. You can only invest so much, before you put yourself at risk of being swallowed up in debt, or of making too many compromises. Of course, Capricorn will never let us forget the Earthly reality that we exist in a world within a time-limited human lifespan. It is important to know your limits and to set boundaries.

A no to one thing, is a yes to something else.

Is there some Libran theme in your life that needs boundary negotiation (e.g. relationships, art, beauty, justice, harmony, balance)? Is there some discord that needs strategic Capricornian navigation? Is there a valued relationship that is asking for increased investment of your resources?

Sometimes Capricorn-types (or Capricorn on the 7th H cusp, etc.) take relational investments so seriously, that they are intimidated to even try and risk the failure and possible embarrassment that are the sworn enemies of a Capricorn. The harsh realities of the world, that they know so well, may have taught them that depending on others is a weakness.

“We can never know, with 100% certainty, whether we can truly depend or trust on other people to support us (and help us complete our mission). Relationships seem like a pretty unpredictable and insecure investment, from my perspective,” Capricorn points out. “And therefore, it is safer to remain as self-sufficient and as independent as possible.”

Libra will rarely outright disagree, but gently she will nudge Capricorn toward relaxing, softening, surrendering into the beauty, the hope, the gift… of human relationships, connection and belonging.

“Yes, there may be heartache. Yes, people may let you down. Yes, people will die on you.” Libra whispers, “But life isn’t just about the outcome, you know. It isn’t just about completing the mission. It’s also about the journey. I promise you, there is no life investment that is more valuable than human relationships.

May you navigate the challenging cosmic terrain of the next 24+ hours and this First Quarter Moon, with authenticity, wisdom, determination, and grace.

Go gently.



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