Aries Full Moon – Step up to the Plate :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 2nd – 8th

With Neptune sitting at about 12° Pisces, as the personal planets have traveled through Virgo (i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), they each have faced an opposition from Neptune in Pisces. Neptune can inspire… but it can also confuse us and distort reality.

If you experienced September as a wade through a misty swamp land, you are now in luck. Venus was the last of the personal planets to face off with Neptune, and that happened last Friday. The fog is lifting as we speak, just in time to harness Virgo’s precision and clarity for the Full Moon in Aries on THURSDAY.

Before we get there, Venus will trine Pluto on TUESDAY. As Venus taps into Pluto’s underworld depths, we might want to ask ourselves some… you know, light weight questions such as: “How do I define ‘the good life’? What do I truly value? What am I really looking for in relationships? What thus-far ignored elephants in the room need to be addressed?”

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury conjoins with Vesta in Libra, and we continue to hone in on what is most important to us.

Libra’s symbolism always reminds me of a teeter-totter. The base and center of the teeter-totter is the fulcrum. Adjusting the fulcrum by moving it forward or backwards, shifts the balance.

Vesta symbolizes the sacred spiritual flame at the center of our being. Throughout Vesta’s journey through Libra, one could say that Vesta represents the fulcrum of Libra’s teeter-totter. Bring your center into alignment to find the balance Libra seeks, by tapping into your core.

Like a baseball player up to bat, we need to have our feet firmly planted and the bat positioned correctly, in order to get the most leverage. Mercury conjunct Vesta on WEDNESDAY is a moment of careful and deliberate preparation for the pitcher’s throw. Vesta’s supreme ability to focus has our eyes glued on the ball today.

And, WHOA, does that pitcher throw hard. As the Aries Full Moon of THURSDAY rushes toward us, we are stepping up to the plate and swinging hard.

Will we connect? Only if we are centered.

This Full Moon is at 12° Aries – a wide 15 degrees from Uranus, and yet I would interpret this Full Moon as a resounding echo from the Jupiter-Uranus opposition that occurred just a week earlier on September 28th – lighting up the same Aries-Libra axis. Whatever the Jupiter-Uranus dynamic has meant for you over the past year (look to the houses ruled by Libra and Aries), this Aries Full Moon aims to send it out of the ballpark for a final home run.

There likely has been a prominent theme running strong throughout your life over the past couple weeks in particular… themes of breaking from the mainstream, of rebelling against convention, of a desire to expand and deepen your relationships – without compromising who you are and the values you hold. Something related to these themes is peaking, culminating, resolving, completing.

Are you ready?

The cosmic weather is lining up and positioning its most skilled players in support. Rash acts of violence are often associated with Uranus in Aries, the sign of the warrior, but this is only one expression for this placement.

Aries is ruled by Mars, Libra is ruled by Venus, and both these planets are currently traveling under the watchful, prudent eye of Virgo. On the DAY of the Full Moon, Mars and Venus, the co-rulers of this Sun-Moon opposition, will be fusing through conjunction in Virgo.

Mars symbolizes our capacity to initiate, to take action, to get what we want. It is our engine, our raw energy source, and our instinctual drive to survive.

Venus speaks to the personal value system that defines what we wanted in the first place – what we are attracted to, and how we attract others.

With these two planetary rulers fusing together in the discerning sign of Virgo, THURSDAY’s Full Moon in Aries indicates the potential for moments of profound clarity, razor sharp intentions and decisions, and precise, deliberate actions.

What do you truly, deeply, want… and how are you going to get it?

This Full Moon calls on you to purify your desires and take responsibility to make it happen. Unless your personal transits are dominating with a different story, it is very likely, that the direction is now crystal clear. Pluto is also involved, since the Sun is applying to a square with Pluto while Mars and Venus are still separating from their recent successive trines with Pluto. Pluto is contributing additional pressure to this Full Moon, ensuring that you do not turn away from the task at hand. Whatever expired and decaying life content you may be still trying to maintain, to shield yourself from the Truth – you’d be better off letting it go.

If you are, by any chance, still not convinced and sitting on the fence… both Mars and Venus are in a tight applying square to Saturn. And there are few things that Saturn values more than firm decision-making and commitment: IT’S TIME TO SWING THE BAT.

Neptune can no longer be a scapegoat for indecision, since those oppositions are now past. However, during the Full Moon, the Sun in Libra (followed by Mercury on FRIDAY) forms an awkward quincunx to Neptune in Pisces.

Just because Neptune can be awfully disorienting, shrouding our lives in confusion, doesn’t mean we can force this planet to sit out the game on the bench. This quincunx pushes us to get in touch with the best of Neptune – with compassion, with spirituality, with creative inspiration.

Tap into that deep sacred center of yours and you’ll discover it is attached to an infinite number of threads; you are woven in and intricately connected to a universal web. When we are truly acting from our authentic core self, the positive ripple effects can be immense and the world will be blessed through our actions.

The Full Moon this week TOTALLY STEALS THE SHOW, but while you are racing around the baseball diamond of life, scoring home runs, Mercury catches up with the Sun in Libra on SUNDAY, alongside Venus completing her square to Saturn. If second-guessing and doubts are lingering perchance (even as the crowd is on their feet cheering you on), Sunday will cement your decision.

Recap: Mercury is the messenger planet of thought and communication. The Sun is our life’s essence, our core identity, and our internal propulsion to externally self-actualize.

Whether it arrives by text, mail, someone else’s mouth, or the synapses in your own brain, there is a message that arrives right at your core. Venus squaring Saturn, when experienced more positively, can give you the strength to keep steping up to the plate – even when the odds don’t appear to be in your favour or you sense a lack of social support.

Land on your fulcrum babes. Pivot hard.


Here’s a summary review of this week’s transits…


  • Venus (in Virgo) trine Pluto (in Capricorn), both at 16° 


  • Mercury conjunct Vesta (in Libra), both at 8°


  • Venus conjunct Mars (in Virgo), both at 19°
  • Sun (in Libra) quincunx Neptune (in Pisces), both at 12°, and quincunx Pallas (in Taurus), both at 12°
  • Full Moon at 12° Aries (Sun opposite Moon in Libra), @ 3:40 PM (ADT)


  • Mercury (in Libra) quincunx Neptune (in Pisces) at 12°, and quincunx Pallas (in Taurus) at 12°


  • Venus (in Virgo) square Saturn (in Sagittarius), both at 22°
  • Mercury conjunct the Sun – cazimi (in Libra), both at 15°


And here’s a post I posted on Instagram a few days ago, in honour of Mercury entering Libra last Friday…


I love guessing the most prominent zodiacal influences in a person’s birth chart. As soon as I came across this quote by author F. Scott Fitzgerald I figured he MUST have strong Libra or Gemini in his chart!

Sure enough, he has 3 personal planets in Libra (Sun, Venus, Mercury), and 3 planets in Gemini (Pluto, Neptune, Mars)!

Seeing as Mercury just entered Libra on Friday, I thought I would share his words, which perfectly epitomize this placement:

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

The world is full of paradox. Life is full of paradox. Each individual is full of paradox, possessing multiple contradictory needs, behaviors, and personality traits. This season invites us to navigate this reality wisely.

I came across the quote when reading Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit. It was quoted in the context of being able to both recognize the dire reality of a situation and face the challenges head on, while also being able to nourish the imagination in order to find sustaining hope in uncertainty and darkness.

On another random Libran note, yesterday I encountered someone in an FB astrology group who has a very similar chart as I do. We have the same house cusps with an 8th House Pisces stellium. There is a reasonable age gap I believe, but we look uncannily similar. It was like looking into a mirror.

Libra speaks to how we learn more about ourselves through our interactions with others and the way they reflect back to us, who we are and who we are becoming. A mirror is part of the Libran symbolism.

So Mercury enters Libra and I have an online conversation with a stranger about how we have similar charts and look very similar in appearance? Some odd little astro synchronicity there😊

It is FASCINATING how our birth charts reflect our personal appearance. The Ascendant is often said to symbolize our physical appearance, but in my experience many other chart factors also weigh in. Increasingly I am noticing many consistencies in appearance related to certain predominant zodiacal signifiers in a person’s chart. Astro magic!

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