Introducing Dragons :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 23rd – 29th

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This week introduces us to our inner dragons.

Dragons mysteriously show up in numerous cultural histories and mythologies around the world. In Chinese traditions, for example, dragons symbolize power, strength, good fortune, and they rule over all bodies of water.

Books, movies, video games, role-playing games and TV have repeatedly breathed these majestic, mystical creatures back into the public imagination, reigniting images of scaly, fire-breathing flying dragons within our collective consciousness.

This week also (re)introduces us to our demons… or maybe they already showed up a few weeks ago, coinciding with Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio.

The Sun left Libra to enter the sign of Scorpio, today (MONDAY). Welcome to Scorpio Season, the domain of dragons and demons.

This is no ordinary Scorpio Season since Scorpio’s murky waters are extraordinarily active right now due to the presence of Jupiter, loudly singing and paddling its way through Scorpio’s depths, from October 10th, 2017 to November 8th, 2018.

On TUESDAYMercury will trine Neptune, giving us all a mental high.Tip: lean away from escapist addictions toward the gleam of artistic creating and spiritual enlightenment.

As we head toward the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on THURSDAY, remember that Jupiter is a dying planet as the Sun is catching up with it. Jupiter will be born anew after the Sun swallows it on Thursday. What big plans, what belief or worldview, what idol or leadership symbol in your life, is currently expiring and being released? Surrender, in order to receive the new life that Thursday offers.

[Adam, from Nightlight Astrology, has written a couple great reflective posts on the symbolic death and rebirth of Jupiter here and here.]

If the Sun symbolizes our identity, our unfolding purpose, our core ego centre (and literally is the star of our solar system, around which all the other planets orbit)what happens when the Sun fuses with Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system? According to Roman mythology, Jupiter was king of the gods. Jupiter expands everything it touches, for better or worse. This is one grandiose planet, symbolically and literally.

I previously dated someone with their Sun exactly conjunct Jupiter. When two planets are closely conjunct like that, they are one and the same. Their symbolism fuses. This person told me directly on the second or third date, that they had a big ego (neither of us really knew astrology at the time). Their Sun-Jupiter conjunction was in Aquarius, so go figure. Honest and straightforward as always : )

They were also impressively, perpetually, optimistic. Despite their set-backs – they were always ready to try again. I notice this about anyone with Sun-Jupiter contacts in their natal chart. Their faith and vision propels them forward and gives them strength.

We could see some obnoxious ego wars on THURSDAY. But we could also see some renewed confidence and hope, inspired clarity of vision, strong leadership, and a powerful sense of (spiritual) purpose. Dig into this!

When I was searching for an image for this week, I was initially looking for a picture of a scary-looking inflatable dragon pool toy, to symbolize these Sun-Jupiter in Scorpio vibes (sadly, I couldn’t find a CC pic that matched my mental image).

Buoyancy” is one of the most apt words for Jupiter, in my opinion.


Jupiter is a dragon here to slay demons.

Scorpio lands can be dark and intense. It is of course, the sign of shadows, shame and secrets; raw truth and deep intimacy; corruption and redemption; death, rebirth and transformation; sex and power dynamics; chaos and mystery; and the tumultuous emotions that tremble between utter control, and complete surrender and release.

Scorpio Season is no skip through the park, but with Jupiter taking us along for the ride, Scorpio Season has a relentlessly buoyant flotation device. We are still diving deep, but there’s a big inflatable dragon pool-toy that is always somehow within reach.

Keep yer chin up!


Jupiter is indomitable in its expression of optimism, faith, trust and belief.

Jupiter is both a “seeker” archetype and a perpetual student of life, as much as Jupiter is also the archetype of a guru and a teacher. THURSDAY feels like the quintessential hero’s journey. The Sun is the archetype of the “Hero”, and on Thursday, we are on an adventure.

Look out for some bright mountain peaks; on THURSDAY the curtains are lifting and purpose is unfolding. You were standing on a huge reservoir of inner power, but maybe you didn’t notice the deep well of strength on which you were standing until now.

Since we are traveling through the sign of Scorpio after all, perhaps you will discover this well of strength through facing some challenges, but regardless, may you be flooded of a new awareness of your resilience and indestructible essence.

May you find your inner dragon.

I just listened to a recent OnBeing podcast with Buddhist Joan Halifax, called “Buoyancy rather than Burnout in our lives” That Jupiter keyword caught my attention, especially since the podcast came out only 2 days after Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio. Here’s a brief clip:

“I think what we’re seeing actually is not compassion fatigue, but empathic distress, where there’s a resonance, and yet we can’t do anything about it. When we are more stabilized, then we can face the world with more buoyancy, more capacity to address these very profound social and environmental issues. So that’s why I call these things “edge states,” because they really call us to our edge.” ~ Joan Halifax

This world currently feels like it is living on an edge, and Scorpio Season will remind us of this. Digging deep means doing the inner healing work necessary, in order to create the space and stabilization within, that allows us to meet the world with compassion and resilience, without destroying ourselves.

May we all discover Jupiterian buoyancy, rather than burnout this Season.

Take note of what happens THURSDAY, or within a couple days. This conjunction is potent and is a clue to interpreting your Jupiter-in-Scorpio transit narrative.

On FRIDAY we hit our First Quarter lunar mark. We are half-way between the New Moon in Libra, and the Full Moon coming up in Taurus. The Moon in Aquarius squares the Sun in Scorpio. Aquarius can be refreshingly honest, emotionally detached, and UNCOMPLICATED (and sometimes equally contradictory from other people’s perspective, but that’s a story for another day).

Scorpio picks up every nuance – in a person’s facial expression and body language, in their environments, in the surrounding energy fields. From Scorpio’s perspective, everything is loaded with additional meaning. Everything is scrutinized suspiciously. Everything is subjected to power dynamics. Everything is so bloody complicated. Entangled. Messy.

For Aquarius though? Aquarius wants a world of efficiently organized androids, constructing the New World in synchronized motion. Aquarius wants uncomplicated – or only as complicated as the new gadget instruction manual. Nothing as complicated as emotions, please and thank you. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Aquarius would prefer if you get that Scorpionic emotional outburst out of your system before you pay a visit.

Aquarius values usefulness, rationality and logic. And emotions are not rational. They just aren’t. They aren’t supposed to be. They don’t emerge from our pre-frontal cortex of cognitive thought. That is not the role they play in our human experience. They do not abide by strict utilitarian rules.

Welcome the fresh breeze of Uncomplicated Aquarius at the end of the week as you make certain decisions and take deliberate action… and yet don’t scorn those beautiful raw emotions that are clawing their way through your chest.

Let them breathe. Air them out, because SATURDAY brings us some fierce relational dynamics (although it will surely be felt at least Friday- Sunday).
Venus squares Pluto (the notoriously obsessive love aspect) while Mercury sextiles Pluto, and even the Sun makes a magic little quintile aspect to Pluto. Watch the news this weekend as this may show up in a public way, as well as within our personal lives.

Venus is still traveling through Libra, the sign it rules; the sign of connection, love, relationships, beauty, equality and justice. Venus aspects can often bring up relational themes, but not always in interpersonal ways since Venus also symbolizes our relationship to many things that bring us pleasure and joy. And yet, with Venus in Libra, I would strongly suspect that interpersonal dynamics will be front and centre for most of us.

Venus’ square to Pluto feels rather destructive. Pay big attention to the way power, control, and sex, are playing out in all your close relationships. Assess the health of your relationships – and particularly the relationships (or crushes) you obsess over.

We all, wrestle with demons.

We all, have our hidden cesspools of stuff we’d rather not admit to, or face in ourselves.

In relationships, these cesspools can unconsciously merge and form streams of pollution that overflow into our interpersonal exchanges.

With the Moon in Aquarius and Mercury (symbolizing communication) forming a sextile to Pluto, seek to unearth the source of pollution. Don’t let bitterness, resentment and suspicion corrupt and erode the relational bonds you value.

Talk it out. Slay those demons – by facing them together.

Or, alternatively, take flight on a dragon and fly far, far away from a relationship that is drowning you in toxicity.

Here’s a summary of the week’s cosmic weather:

MONDAY (October 23rd):
• Sun enters Scorpio

TUESDAY (October 24th):
• Mercury (in Scorpio) trine Neptune (in Pisces)

THURSDAY (October 26th):
• Sun conjunct Jupiter (in Scorpio)

FRIDAY (October 27th):
• First Quarter Moon in Aquarius (squaring the Sun in Scorpio)

SATURDAY (October 28th):
• Venus (in Libra) square Pluto (in Capricorn)
• Mercury (in Scorpio) sextile Pluto (in Capricorn)
• Sun (in Scorpio) quintile Pluto (in Capricorn)


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