Connect with your Healing Resources :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 30th – November 5th

We are a week into Scorpio Season! How’s it feeling so far?

So far, I’ve found it to be pretty emotionally and energetically dense, intense, and heavy. As expected, I suppose. I am personally experiencing my Progressed 1st Quarter Moon phase (exact yesterday) and a Sun-Pluto conjunction today. So that may just be my perspective, but if you feel similarly, keeeep swimming!

Today (MONDAY), Mercury in Scorpio squared the Nodal Axis (North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius). Mercury in Scorpio, our poor little messenger of communication and thought, is standing at the intersection looking one way, and then the other. Which way should it turn? Toward the familiar and comfortable (symbolized by the South Node in Aquarius)? Or toward continued personal growth and evolution (symbolized by the North Node in Leo)?

Decisions, decisions.

Emotional detachment and the prioritization of individual freedom (Aquarius SN)? Or a courageous step out into the limelight, taking vulnerable risks to share your passion and seek your joy (Leo NN)?

The Houses will give you more clues. What three houses hold 21 degrees Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in your natal chart?

This tension may have materialized through a conversation, as a piece of information, in the form of a sibling or relative, or a wrestling match within your own mind. Squares to the Nodal axis are always interesting because they often present two very clear choices and reminds you of what the transiting Nodes are up to in your life.

In reflection on today, I… ahem, believe I turned South. In your case, I hope the Northern route supported your steps.

If you also turned South, as I did, TUESDAY gives you another little Nodal prompt. Venus sextiles the North Node, making that uphill climb all the more easier. Access your inner Leo (the theatrical performer) as you relish in Halloween’s masqueraded magic. Happy Samhain!

On THURSDAY that damn Saturn-Chiron square makes its third pass at 24°47’ Sagittarius and Pisces respectively. The previous two Saturn-Chiron squares occurred on December 28th, 2016, and April 30th, 2017. See any correlations between these three dates?

Saturn correlates with situations where you are confronted with the reality that there are no short cuts. Saturn asks for a long-term commitment. Saturn asks you to bravely adult-up and take responsibility.

Chiron is a quiet, but firm presence, reminding you that you must fully integrate your wounds and exiled parts, in order to deeply experience the liberation that comes from realizing your beautiful wholeness.

Together, this Saturn-Chiron square asks you to invest in your healing, your mending, your capacity to direct a gaze of self-compassion to your wounding.

Can you be present with your pain until it begins to thaw? And if not, can you find the resources to increase your internal distress tolerance to be able to gradually and carefully move through the hurt without getting overwhelmed or destabilized?

This ouchy aspect will have been felt for the past week into this week for sure, since we are dealing with two very slow-moving celestial bodies. My Sun/Mercury are at 25° Pisces, so this transit has been the bane of my existence for the past year+ as both Saturn and Chiron engaged in their delightful retrograde cycles, grinding back and forth over these tender spots.

I lie. I’m begrudgingly thankful that I’ve had the space and time to do some heavy-weight lifting in my internal world this past year, but heads up – if you have personal planets between about 20-28 degrees in the mutable signs (Sag, Pisces, Gemini, or Virgo), you may have also been caught in the Saturn-Chiron sandwich and felt these three squares more sharply (and particularly so this time around if you have personal planets around 24° in mutable signs).

On FRIDAY, Venus dances with this Saturn-Chiron square. Saturn gets a friendly sextile from her, while Chiron gets an awkward quincunx. Our close relationships may be stabilizing and reassuring, but do we have relationships that can create safe, understanding, non-judgmental spaces for our deeper pain to thaw?

Next up is the FULL MOON at 11°58′ Taurus. Depending on your time zone you could experience this on FRIDAY or SATURDAY. In my time zone, it hits its peak at 2:22 am (ADT). This Full Moon nicely builds on the message of the Saturn-Chiron square: Get resourced.

Meaning, create that wellness plan or restock your toolbox of self-care strategies.

At a workshop recently, the speaker provided the analogy that you don’t run a marathon without training first. Similarly, we should invest in training for life’s challenges BEFORE they happen, because honestly, when we are right in the thick of a crisis, we don’t generally have the capacity to build up our resources and self-care toolbox.

If you are currently in crisis territory, take stock of the accessible resources – both internal and external – and try to consciously incorporate them into your life’s current landscape if you can.❤

The Full Moon in Taurus approves of this message, I am sure. Taurus likes to be prepared. Taurus likes to be well-resourced.

Taurus prioritizes tools that bring stabilization and grounding in order to withstand life’s inevitable curveballs. I have a post planned on this topic – more to come, hopefully : )

This Full Moon opposition receives friendly contact from Neptune, which sextiles the Moon and trines the Sun. Taurus supports sensory self-regulation resources, whereas Neptune invites you to anchor into that big, beautiful, magical something, beyond your immediate physical realm. This Full Moon is a great one for engaging in some right-brain activities. Make some art, or create space for a spiritual ritual. Both, hold healing potential.

It also could be a great Full Moon for love… perhaps. Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, is the ruler of this sensual Full Moon (since Venus rules Taurus traditionally). Venus is currently ballroom-dancing her way through Libra, the other sign she rules. She would be more than happy to bestow her blessings on any relational enterprising… except that her opposition with Uranus in Aries (the cosmic rebel and shit-disturber) may thwart her romantic intentions.

Remember that New Moon in Libra on October 19th? The beginning of this lunation cycle commenced in an EXACT opposition to Uranus with the Libra New Moon. And now, as we reach its culmination on the Scorpio-Taurus axis, the Full Moon’s ruler (Venus) opposes Uranus EXACTLY, within 20 minutes of the Full Moon peaking. Both Uranus and Venus will be at 25° 54′ minutes in Aries and Libra respectively.

I always get super curious when I see meaningful synchronistic patterns like this occur in the sky. What’s up, Universe?

What story arc has been playing out for you since October 19th? Venus in sharp opposition to Uranus could bring another unexpected surprise, a need to cut some relational ties, and/or Venusian-themed breakthrough (think love, money, self-worth, art). Uranus moves quickly, abruptly. For better or worse.

On SUNDAY Mercury leaves Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. Before it ingresses into a new sign Sunday afternoon, you may find yourself having some intense emotional discussions (or feel like your mind is trying to run through a thick swamp) as Mercury passes through the Anaretic degree of Scorpio.

Mercury in Sagittarius at its worst can be obnoxious, self-righteous, and wildly rambly. At its best, Mercury in Sagittarius captures the big picture vision with ease and contributes its gifts to some of the most powerful inspirational speakers you will ever meet. Hope exudes from the pore of every syllable.

Scorpio season may still have us deep in the trenches and wrestling inner demons in the mud, but Mercury in Sagittarius can bring a lighter presence into our conversions.

Sagittarius energy can also be very fun and silly. As Mercury moves through Sagittarius find your laughter, loves.

As the magnificent Clarissa Estes writes:

“…the belly laugh being one of the best medicines one can possess… The belly Goddess and the belly laugh are what we are after. So in your self-healing trove, put small ‘dirt stories’… The funny, ‘dirty’ story can not only lift depression but can cut the black heart right out of rage, leaving a happier person than before. Try it, you’ll see… It is sacred because it is so healing. It is sensual for it awakens the body and the emotions. It is sexual because it is exciting and causes waves of pleasure. It is not one-dimensional, for laughter is something one shares with oneself as well as with many others.”

“When laughter helps without doing harm, when laughter lightens, realigns, reorders, reasserts power and strength, this is the laughter that causes health. When the laughter makes people glad they are alive, happy to be here, more conscious of love, heightened with eros, when it lifts their sadness and severs them from anger, that is sacred. When they are made bigger, made better, more generous, more sensitive, that is sacred.”

Add laughter-provoking resources to your toolbox.

Here’s a summary of this week’s transits…
MONDAY (October 30th):
• Mercury (in Scorpio) square the Nodes (North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius)

TUESDAY (October 31st):
• Venus (in Libra) sextile the North Node (in Leo)

WEDNESDAY (November 1st):
• Venus conjunct Vesta (in Libra)
• Jupiter (in Scorpio) opposite Pallas (in Taurus)

THURSDAY (November 2nd):
• Saturn (in Sagittarius) square Chiron (in Pisces), both at 24°

FRIDAY (November 3rd):
• Venus (in Libra) quincunx Chiron (in Pisces)
• Venus (in Libra) sextile Saturn (in Sagittarius)
• Sun (in Scorpio) trine Neptune (in Pisces)

SATURDAY (November 4th):
FULL MOON @ 2:22 AM (ADT) @ 11° 58’ Taurus (opposite Sun in Scorpio)
• Venus (New Moon Ruler in Libra) opposite Uranus (in Aries)

SUNDAY (November 5th):
• Mercury enters Sagittarius

Life has many obvious cause and effect patterns. Just like gravity causes an apple to fall from a tree, we can work with cause and effect – within the physical, material Saturnian/Capricornian world of time and space – to achieve the outcome we are looking for.

But life is just as much chaos, as it is cause and effect.

We make sense of our life through creating internal stories of our life journeys. Story interrupters are those chaotic curveballs that come out of nowhere. The events that derail us. The circumstances that pull apart the threads of the story tapestry we are weaving.

When our life stories are unexpectedly interrupted, our sense of coherent meaning, purpose and identity can fly out the window. We may find ourselves flailing in chaos.

A few examples…

  • Perceived cause and effect: Jeff works tirelessly toward his goal of fulfilling his heart’s desire of being a full-time musician, grounding himself in the belief that hard work = goals achieved.
  • Chaos, a story interrupter: Just as his hard work is beginning to pay off, he ends up in a car accident that inhibits his ability to use his limbs and play the guitar.


  • Perceived cause and effect: Kate has been with her partner now for 5 years. The couple just bought a house, a dog, and got engaged. They talk of children. The story of how they fell in love could be made into a movie. The #couplegoals hashtag stalks their online media presence. Since clearly they are soulmates (with amazing astrological synastry), they will be together forever.
  • Chaos, a story interrupter: Kate finds out her partner has been having an affair with her best friend. A volatile break up ensues.

We will ALL experience story interrupters of some sort. We typically dread them. We dread the unraveling. We dread the chaos that reveals how little we can really control in life.

But life is just as much chaos, as it is cause and effect.

Healthy people get cancer. Unexpected breakups occur. People die. Careers hit a dead-end. Abuse and crimes are committed. Stuff gets stolen. Money runs out. Conflict happens. Horrific tragedies take place.

And we ask, why?

As we grapple with our broken, interrupted life stories that no longer make sense, depression and anxiety have been known to sneak in through the story’s cracks.

How can we find our way again? After investing so much emotional energy, so much of our identity formation, so much time and money, into our previous life stories, how can we develop the resiliency to keep going? How can we cultivate meaning, purpose, and hope at times when the broken shards of our life stories swirl around us?

It is a Scorpionic truth that from the primordial soup of chaos, new stories are born.

Through the use of astrology, we can often anticipate story interrupters, or see our present-day chaos, reflected in the sky.

Hard aspects (i.e. opposition, square, conjunction) from outer planets and asteroids (i.e. Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) to personal planets or points (i.e. Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars), often correlate with difficult challenges in our lives that can destabilize our well-established life stories.

Hard aspects from Chiron correspond with story interrupters that stop us in our tracks as we are brought face-to-face with childhood wounding and deep insecurities that we thought we had dealt with years ago. ->There is the potentiality for healing and greater self-awareness.

Hard aspects from Saturn reflect a story interrupter that deconstructs our foundational sense of security and our faith in our life direction (i.e. the infamous ~2 year Saturn Return ~ age 30). ->There is the potentiality for establishing a greater sense of identity and worth, and shifting course toward a direction that truly resonates with one’s soul.

Hard aspects from Uranus synchronize with story interrupters that shock us and change everything in an instant. Uranian story interrupters have our lives moving so fast that our attempts to create a story, to create meaning of what is happening, often cannot keep up with the blur of change and motion. –>There is the potentiality to get unstuck, to step out of an old rut and discover opportunities that you would never otherwise have encountered.

Hard aspects from Neptune correlate with story interrupters that dissolve what we thought was firm and solid, and confuse what we thought was clear. –>There is the potentiality to gain greater clarity and insight into life content that you took for granted, and to consciously re-evaluate and re-adjust your boundaries.

Hard aspects from Pluto align with story interrupters that relentlessly burn everything to the ground in order to make us face the repressed origins and the consequences of our deepest pain, traumas, and shadow material that has been, often unbeknownst to us, shaping the direction of our life story – a continued legacy and testimony to our buried wounds. ->There is the potentiality of accessing the courage to look at the Truth directly in the face; to withstand touching one’s most raw and painful inner wounds with compassion; and to then utterly transform into someone with profound fearlessness, spiritual insight, resilience and healing capabilities.

I don’t believe planets cause shit to happen, but I do believe the movements of the celestial bodies reflect, correlate, and synchronistically align, with what occurs on Earth. The freewill vs. fate debate is one I have been wrestling with for quite a while now (especially since getting back into astrology), but my current position is that…

a) life is a mysterious, complex mixture of both freewill and fate that are impossible to disentangle, so we might as well move forward acting on our assumed freewill;


b) time and space are an illusion and thus from a vantage point beyond time the past, present, and future exist simultaneously at once – therefore, the movements of the planets could, in some almost inconceivable way, be aligned with the choices we have made (are making, and will make) using our freewill, as well as reflecting back to us the chaotic interruptions.

At any rate, while I am aware the practice of astrology has the unfortunate capacity to instill fear in people (and has a history of doing so); it can also be a profound tool of healing, validation and liberation. Astrology is laden with rich, evocative symbolism, and through accessing this symbolism, we can craft new stories in our lives and renew our sense of meaning, purpose and hope.

Astrology is an amazing gift that can help us integrate story interrupters as new threads within the life tapestry we weave; as new characters and plot lines within the life stories we write.

For example, in my own life, the last few years have been full of major life story interrupters, and yet astrology’s symbolism has been a lifeline. Yes, I can see tough transits interacting with my natal chart – one of which is my Saturn Return (a major life story interrupter). The current transits validate the frustration I am currently feeling – and the validation itself, as my chart reflects my life back to me, provides reassuring comfort. However, I can also embrace the hopeful, transformative potential inherent in astrology’s symbolism and “lean in” to the possibilities on the horizon.

It has been interesting analyzing the results of the survey I launched a few weeks ago. In response to my question about what type of consultation people would be interested in, I did not anticipate so many respondents to rank the option: “making meaning of past events using astrology”, so highly. It shouldn’t surprise me though, really. Humans are meaning-making creatures. Certainly for myself, retracing my life’s history through the lens of astrological transits, has been incredibly grounding.

Caveat #1 – Using astrology to make meaning out of chaos does not mean necessarily accepting the belief that “all bad things happen for a reason”. This saying reflects a desire to believe in a logical, orderly, cause and effect world. Scorpio asks us to leave room in our worldview for chaos, for the mysterious, for the inconceivable, for the irrational, for the nonsensical. And yet, as we emerge from the darkness of a life story rupture, Scorpio’s symbolism reminds us that that there is no experience, which cannot somehow be redeemed and transformed. Every thread can find its way back into our life’s tapestry.

Caveat #2 – Making meaning out of an awful story interruption and weaving it into our story, does not mean blind passive acceptance. There is chaos and injustices that we are called to fight against (individually and globally), and this too, we can see reflected in the sky. Arguably many story interrupters that appear as random and chaotic at an individual level are, at a global level, part of a clear cause and effect response that needs intervention (e.g. natural disasters occurring in response to climate change).

Caveat #3 – When you’ve experienced a major story interruption, do not rush to make sense of your experience. Do not try to force a story reconstruction. You may limit the options, you may limit potential growth. Sometimes we have to sit with the chaos. Sometimes we have to stay in the liminal breach of a story interruption before we are able to see the possibilities and opportunities that exist. It can be excruciating to be present with the shredding of a life story, but trust the process. Trust that amidst the chaos, a new story is taking its first breath.

Its formation may be gradual. Its first steps may be vulnerable. But there is a pulse.

Life->Death & Chaos->Transformation->Rebirth. You can see this cycle occurring over and over again in nature. Trust that you too, belong to this infinite, sacred rhythm.

Einstein coined a beautiful Scorpionic quote: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”.

The energetic legacy of your old stories, will be transmuted and reborn as a new story to carry you forward.

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