A Spoonful of Sugar :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for November 6th – 12th

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I’m not sure if this pixelated image is entirely accurate for the week’s vibes, but Mary Poppins’ medicine delivery came instantly to mind when I noticed that Venus would be ingressing into Scorpio, Hygeia would be dancing with Pluto, and the Sun would be forming a sextile with Pluto.

Meh, so I went with it.

On MONDAY, Pluto conjoined with Hygeia. I have never mentioned this asteroid before, but I keep an eye on her in charts. Hygeia (related to the word “hygiene”) speaks to purity of mind and body, cleanliness, sanitation, holistic healing, and preventative healthcare – the support and maintenance of good health. I’m curious, as Pluto fused with her on Monday, did you get obsessed about a health or hygiene issue? Did you feel a need to scour down to the nitty gritty to purify some area of your life? To remove all toxins and pollution, inside and out, in order to address a persistent sense of dis-ease or unwellness?

Have you cleansed your palette so your taste buds are ready to experience the vibrancy that life has to offer?

On TUESDAY, Venus ingresses into Scorpio where she will be until December 1st. Sweet relational Venus is a little out of her depth in the obsessive dark waters of Scorpio… and yet, her charming ways may help us swallow some of that Scorpionic medicine. Venus speaks to what we find beautiful, valuable, and pleasurable. In Scorpio, Venus brings her Midas touch to all that has been scorned and shunned as shameful and repulsive. During this transit, even the grime is turned to gold. We become aware of the glistening gems in Scorpio’s dark cave. Venus enables us to be more present and accepting of the raw and uncomfortable.

I have an Aries Venus in the 8th House; a placement which shares similarities with Venus in Scorpio. After my Dad died, I wrote a script and created a vision for a theatre production about the mysteries of death and grief that would incorporate a wide variety of performance mediums, including circus arts and video projection mapping.

This was very much Venus in Aries – I was trying to push some artistic boundaries, as well as challenge myself to embark on a very ambitious project that terrified me, as much as it called to me. And yet it was clearly also an expression of my Venus in the 8th House (Scorpio’s natural habitat) – creating art and beauty from something that is often a taboo topic and fearfully ignored. Learning more about this placement validated my sense of compulsion/calling to complete this strange project, despite being miles outside of my comfort zone.

I ended up canceling it, however. One reason for this was that I felt as though I had not yet internally lived or experienced the symbolism of the final half of script I was trying to write, on a personal level… and therefore trying to create its conclusion felt forced and contrived. Perhaps this project will come back to life someday. Perhaps as Venus dances through my 3rd House into my 4th, I will pick up where I left off, and continue sculpting the next act : )

Venus in Scorpio also shifts our relational dynamics from that of light Libran air, to deep water. Venus in Scorpio can be a distrusting, vengeful, ice queen, refusing love out of a self-protective need to control her emotions and sense of vulnerability; an obsessed, jealous, stalker-ish, possessive, all-consuming lover; or a loyal-until-death-do-us-part soulmate, who guides themselves and their partner down the treacherous staircase of continual death and rebirth to reach profound intimacy and mutual transformation.

With Venus in Scorpio we are seeking to get in touch with our deepest selves and heal our wounds within relationships, but also through the vehicle of relationships. Beware that sometimes this placement can unconsciously propel people toward an intense, toxic (and even dangerous) embrace, in a misdirected effort to find someone to provoke enough pain that their source wound will emerge to be addressed.

Interestingly, also on TUESDAY, on the day of Venus’ ingress, we experience the astrological Samhain (typically celebrated on October 31st – November 1st). This is when the Sun is exactly mid-way through Scorpio at 15 degreeshalfway between the September Equinox, and the December Solstice. Breath in the magic of this solar landmark.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury conjoins the True Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius. I don’t normally comment on the erratic transits of BML, but since Mercury in Sag is already prone to loudly speaking (or preaching?) its Truth, with the BML influence today, this tendency is further amped up. There might be additional prompting to bluntly and directly speak your mind, regardless of the risk of rejection and exile from social groups.

Check in with yourself though – are you engaging in petty retaliation? Is your ego obnoxiously insisting it is in the right? Or are you bringing your soul’s authentic warrior cry of freedom into the open?

On THURSDAY, the Sun in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. A sextile is a friendly aspect, but… it’s Pluto we’re dealing with here, during Scorpio season no less. This day may be an intense one, but there is the opportunity to get deeper into the root and origins of what is causing your suffering. Perhaps today, you make some headway on pulling out a mighty splinter from your soul. Mars quincunxing Neptune on the same day, indicates we may be struggling to see past our own desires, needs and individual pain, to perceive our interconnected and collective process of suffering and healing.

On FRIDAY, we have the Last Quarter Moon in Leo, squaring the Sun in Scorpio. Are you prepared to bring a close to this lunation chapter that began with the Libran New Moon on October 19th? We are deep in the trenches of Scorpio Season, but the Moon in Leo encourages us to celebrate where we are at in our journey. Apply some love to what’s hurting.

SATURDAY brings us the final Saturn-Uranus trine. I posted this image earlier in May, but I love it so much, I decided to post it again…

The outer planets (and Chiron) have really been going at it for a long time, with some really thorny squares and oppositions. This creates havoc at a deep fundamental level, impacting all aspects of society (and this Earth). However, 2017 snuck in a helpful Saturn – Uranus trine into the mix, with more supportive outer planet conversations on their way. The first Saturn-Uranus trine was December 24th, 2016, the second was May 19th, 2017, and the final one of this series is November 11th.

As I wrote earlier, while Uranus spouts off brilliant, wild ideas at light-speed, Saturn, ever productive and responsible, spreads his net to capture this delightful zaniness flying through the sky, and then siphons them into his sturdy funnel.

Slowly and surely, ensuring only the highest quality, these beautiful sparkling brainchildren of Uranus are compressed and molded into something tangible, solid, firm. Something that you can hold on to and say –“Look, I made this!”

An unlikely pair, this collaboration brings together the best of both worlds – Uranus’ intuitive visionary ideas and Saturn’s focus on reality and results.

Normally Saturn’s pretty stodgy and pessimistic. At another time, when presented with a creative, innovative, ground-breaking Uranus-inspired new idea, Saturn would typically shake his head and roll his eyes in the most sophisticated way possible, while sternly scolding: “Get your head out of the clouds! That will never work. Be realistic. Stop wasting your time and do something practical, tried and true.”

And now Saturn and Uranus are collaborating?!

Uranus shrieks: “I want liberation! I want a breakthrough! I want to be released from these burdens of the past, from the chains of tradition that hold me down, so that I can fly free!”

Saturn, unusually obliging these days, sighs heavily: “Well, you’re not going to grow wings anytime soon, so lets get started on building you a hand glider.”

Personally, I’m pretty pumped about this partnership, and you should be too. Let’s transform some crazy dreams into a beautiful reality, shall we?

It should be noted that Pluto conjoins Juno in Capricorn on the same day, transforming and deepening our Saturnian commitment to something, while the Sun will square the Nodal Axis (North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius).

You have a choice.

Where does 19 degrees of Leo lie in your chart? How can you move with confidence, creativity, love and passion, toward the direction of Leo in your natal chart?

Here’s a summary of the week’s transits:

MONDAY (Nov. 6th):
• Pluto conjunct Hygeia (in Capricorn)

TUESDAY (Nov. 7th):
• Venus enters Scorpio
• Sun @ 15 degrees Scorpio (the astrological Samhain – a Cross Quarter Day)

WEDNESDAY (Nov. 8th):
• Mercury conjunct True Black Moon Lilith (in Sagittarius)

THURSDAY (Nov. 9th):
• Sun (in Scorpio) sextile Pluto (in Capricorn)
• Mars (in Libra) quincunx Neptune (in Capricorn)

FRIDAY (Nov. 10th):
• Last Quarter Moon in Leo (squaring the Sun in Scorpio)

SATURDAY (Nov. 11th):
• Pluto conjunct Juno (in Capricorn)
• Saturn (in Sagittarius) trine Uranus (in Aries)
• Sun (in Scorpio) squaring the nodal axis (North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius)

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