New Moon in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for November 13th – 19th

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We’ve had a series of Jupiter conjunctions recently. Jupiter is renown as the “lucky” magical planet of blessings. When a planet forms a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet’s symbolism can inherit Jupiter’s gifts of expansion, luck, and success.

Within the last month we’ve had Mercury conjunct Jupiter! The Sun conjunct Jupiter! And now today (MONDAY), Venus conjunct Jupiter!

And yet… I always have to add a note of caution. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade… but the Jupiter conjunctions are occurring in… Scorpio. And since Scorpio holds our deeply repressed material and all that we fear (along with profound truth and power), these typically joyful conjunctions with jovial Jupiter are… complex.

There are a million ways that this multifaceted transit could manifest for you – it depends on a multitude of personal and astrological variables. Its expression would have been powerfully potent throughout the past weekend and you can unpack this transit further, by looking at what House in your natal chart this conjunction lands.

Transits through Scorpio demand we use discernment and courage, to peer beneath the supercharged surface manifestations, in order to assess what is really going on and what actions are required.

As Venus conjuncts Jupiter today, at 7 degrees Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius is also shifting into an exact square with Neptune.

Expectations are high – perhaps unrealistically so – in regards to love, money, art and beauty, and the assessment of one’s current capacity. The Mercury-Neptune square throws in an extra dose of confusion, distraction, illusion, while Venus and Jupiter seek to satiate a deep, deep yearning for connection, love and pleasure.

We all need connection, love, and pleasure. Today may offer opportunities to satisfy this hunger for these human essentials, but take care that you are not over-feeding a bottomless hole with insubstantial, transient trivialities and extravagant, decadent fantasies that transform your hunger into destructive lust, greed, pride, and envy 🙂

What is at the wellspring of your desire? Why do you want what you want? Check-in. What’s driving this desire, this urge? Are you conscious of your motivations? Are you in alignment with your deepest values?

Scorpio Season asks for self-awareness. Go deep and become intimate with your innermost being. Listen for your intuition’s whisper amid the noise and seek out the balm it asks for.

As I have been writing about Venus and Jupiter, my mother answered the door to a sweet young couple who had come by to buy my dad’s winter coat labelled with the name of the college he used to teach at (he died two years ago). Not only was the woman currently working on a Master’s degree in the same program I completed, but it turns out that the man was currently attending the same college my dad taught at, and he knew many of the same people who knew my dad. He commented that he would be honoured to symbolically bring my father back to the college again by wearing the jacket.

The door closed and my mom says: “Well, that was an interesting, synchronistic encounter.” It meant a lot to her.

Then as I finished writing this post, my sister sent me photos of her puppy who finally arrived “home” today – a short wait for the puppy, a long wait for my sister who has wanted a puppy since she was a young child. Spending time with dogs is my sister’s favourite healing medicine.

These too, are examples of sweet, relational Venus, magically fusing with Jupiter, the planet of fateful synchronicity and blessings, in the sign of energetic exchanges, death, rebirth, transformation and deep healing.

Mercury (communication) squaring Neptune (spirituality, otherworldly, inspiration), can lead to delusions and addictive escape routes if we are not careful, but Mercury and Neptune contacts can also tap us into the incredible energetic web that connects us all to each other.

Look out for these quiet blessings and sweet internal shifts on MONDAY, without getting swept away by the illusionary idealism the world tries to sell you. Sometimes magic arrives with a quivering whisper.

On TUESDAY, Mercury enters its Pre-retrograde Shadow zone. Mercury’s final retrograde of the year will begin on December 3rd, and will complete on December 22nd when it stations and pivots at 13 degrees Sagittarius.

On TUESDAY Mercury is at 13 degrees Sagittarius, meaning that during this Pre-retrograde Shadow period, Mercury will be traversing cosmic territory that it will revisit two more times in the coming months. Take note of what happens today! Mercury’s retrograde will really illuminate the final chapter of Saturn in Sagittarius and its retrograde will likely be extra meaningful for those finishing up their Saturn Return.

On THURSDAY Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune, while the Sun in Scorpio trines Chiron, as we enter into deep into the dark, dying phase of the Moon.

During difficult periods, our own hardships can be so front and centre, we can begin to feel like we are the only ones truly suffering, the only ones that really struggle with low self-worth or confidence, etc. And yet, despite everyone’s situation being unique, all of humanity participates in similar types of struggles and emotional turmoil. THURSDAY reminds us of this.

You have so much to contribute to this world. So much.

It is our imperfections, our wounds, and our vulnerabilities which can potentially become some of the most powerful points of connection and transformation within our interpersonal interactions.

I pick and choose when it is relevant to mention asteroid transits, and THURSDAY’s asteroid transits are worth noting.

Pallas Athene retrogrades from Taurus, back into Aries, while Vesta leaves Libra to enter Scorpio. However, before Vesta changes sign, this asteroid goddess of sacred dedication and spiritual rejuvenation will oppose Pallas in Aries, both at 29 degrees, 59 minutes.

The final 29th degree of any sign is considered the Anaretic degree, or crisis degree – where there is a sense of urgency to make a decision and overcome challenges in order to breakthrough. You CANNOT get any deeper into a crisis degree than 29 degrees and 59 minutes. This is a peaking point.

Pallas is a visionary leader. Pallas’ creative intelligence that enables her to envision what does not yet exist – and simultaneously to perceive the steps necessary in order to make the latent manifest – is the brilliant, active stimulus at the wellspring of artistic achievements and civilization.

Pallas’ symbolism as a feminist activist is complex. Her myths involve great achievements and respect, but also great losses as a result of her threatening male control. One key theme within the Pallas myths, is that there is often a “cost” to winning, to success. This can, in turn, provoke a fear of success.

Pallas at the 29th degree of Aries is a fiercely outspoken advocate for Truth, propelled by righteous anger to address wrongs. Vesta, opposing Pallas at the 29th degree of Libra, is dedicated to tending the sacred flames of justice and equality. When integrated, this opposition could bring forth justice with compensation, restoration, resolution, and lasting change.

When in conflict, this opposition could inhibit truth-telling and justice-seeking (Pallas in Aries) because of the negative toll and impact this may have on one’s internal sense of peace, balance, alignment, and spiritual equilibrium and wellbeing, and that of those around them (Vesta in Libra).

Have you seen the video of Urma Thurman being asked about her response to sexual assault allegations in Hollywood? The understandable tension of this opposition is palpable in the video.

The Truth-telling and eruption of abusive secrets, which is clearly a major theme of Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio, can take a real material, psychological, emotional, and spiritual toll on those involved.

It is tough work. Every survivor has their own valid reasons to share, or not to share.

To go public, or not? To name names, or not? To confront, or not? To seek justice and take it to court, or not? These are not often easy decisions, since they frequently could have considerable, unwanted ramifications (on many levels). These questions are weighing heavily on many and may reach a crisis point of decision-making on THURSDAY and FRIDAY.

On FRIDAY Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Mars in Libra, and for those who feel compelled to speak some difficult truth, Mars lends its warrior’s spirit to the endeavor.

And yet the Sun will also quincunx Uranus on FRIDAY; challenging the expression of honest, liberating actions and words. It may feel like someone overturned a bucket full of goo on you and you are wildly wiping away the gunk to get free.

The symbolism of the quincunx holds strong as the Moon conjoins with the Sun on SATURDAY for the New Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio early in the morning. A new lunation cycle is beginning, again under the influence of Uranus, just like the last one was. With the Sun still trining Chiron, we are aware of how our individual wounding links us to the collective.

When we heal at a personal level, we are helping the collective heal.

Scorpio is all about undergoing death and rebirth processes – and with each shedding, awakening to deeper truths. Each death and rebirth cycle we undergo, more clearly illuminates the true nature of our reality.

What are you shedding? What deeper, liberating reality are you discovering?

This Scorpio New Moon is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. Mars and Pluto are building to a square that will be exact on SUNDAY. This is a mega hungry, ravenous aspect that will be felt with growing intensity all week.

My advice for this explosive, aggressive, volatile aspect is this: Tune into the unconscious drivers beneath your compulsions. Seething anger and inner turmoil can be destructively directed internally against oneself, or outward toward others.

To conquer and transmute this aspect, one must go deeper; beneath the anger and desire for power and control, to the residue of pain and hurt. WHAT or WHO are you aggressively defending, protecting, attacking, and WHY? Squares between personal planets and Pluto can make it difficult to get in touch with the (often unconscious) origins, the motivating source of our actions – but we must.

FYI, Harvey Weinstein has Mars in Scorpio square Pluto in his natal chart.

This forecast is already gigantic [hello expansive Venus + Jupiter in my 3rd House of communication at this very moment], but I wanted to share some excerpts from a relevant Medium article I just read, by Caitlin Johnstone.

Pluto’s long transit through Capricorn is about destroying the historical, foundational, power structures that society is built on, so that it can rebuild – without horrific exploitations and abuses. As Mars builds to a square with Pluto, consider this, in reflection upon all the secret abuses of power that are now coming into the light:

“What will happen when women begin really reclaiming their sexuality?…

It is unimaginable. Power structures will be disrupted from the basic family unit all the way up to the highest echelons of influence. Movement will happen. Cracks will appear.

… What is coming is not a new political movement, what is coming is a revolution against the very fabric of the profoundly sick society that our species has woven for itself. By shining a bright light on rape culture in each and every instance it rears its ugly head, we are actually re-tracing our footsteps back to the dawn of civilization and undoing every wrong turn that humanity has made which got us to the catastrophic point we now find ourselves. The fact that this is becoming a mainstream practice means that this societal alchemy will necessarily unfold, regardless of people’s old ideas about politics and revolution.

…A voice has finally been given to the heritage of pain which has been passed from mother to daughter from generation to generation as we taught one another how to survive in a world of sexual slavery since the dawn of civilization. It will not be pretty when it first comes out. It will not be sexy. It will not dance for male sexuality as it has been trained to do like a good little girl. It will roar, and it will destroy.

Change is coming. What looks like women talking about their experiences with rape culture is actually a vast area of darkened human unconsciousness suddenly becoming enlightened into consciousness. A whole section of our collective consciousness which we have never previously had access to is now suddenly becoming available to us. The old structures will not be able to stand on this new ground, as they were built upon the old ground. (Caitlin Johnstone )

WHOA. I don’t know whether or not Caitlin Johnstone is astro-savvy, but holy. That is one powerful manifesto of Pluto through Capricorn (and Jupiter through Scorpio).

Her concluding words: “Buckle up.”

Here’s a summary of this week’s transits:

MONDAY (Nov. 13th):
• Venus conjunct Jupiter (at 7 degrees Scorpio)
• Mercury (in Sagittarius) square Neptune (in Pisces)

TUESDAY (Nov. 14th):
• Mercury conjunct True Black Moon Lilith (in Sagittarius)
• Mercury enters its pre-retrograde Shadow at 13 degrees Sagittarius

THURSDAY (Nov. 16th):
• Venus (in Scorpio) trine Neptune (in Pisces)
• Sun (in Scorpio) trine Chiron (in Pisces)
• Pallas Athene Retrogrades back into Aries
• Vesta (in Libra) opposes Pallas Athene (in Aries), both at 29 deg. 59”, and then shifts into Scorpio

FRIDAY (Nov. 17th):
• Mercury (in Sagittarius) sextile Mars (in Libra)
• Sun (in Scorpio) quincunx Uranus (in Aries)

SATURDAY (Nov. 18th):
NEW MOON @ 26 degrees Scorpio @ 7:42 am AST (New Moon trines Chiron, quincunxes Uranus, and is ruled by Mars and Pluto who are building to a square with each other)

SUNDAY (Nov. 19th):
• Mars (in Libra) square Pluto (in Capricorn), both at 17 degrees

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