The Wandering Mind & Exercises of Attention :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for November 27th – December 3rd

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This week is a crescendo that builds toward the Full Moon in Gemini on SUNDAY (Dec. 3rd), which occurs simultaneously with Mercury (the Full Moon’s ruler) turning Retrograde for its final backward journey of the year. What a way to launch!

Mercury is the messenger of the sky, the Sun’s quick-footed sidekick that symbolizes thought, communication, short-distance travel, siblings, and any type of information-processing (which includes technology).

I always find it fascinating how Mercury Retrogrades often seem synchronically  timed and patterned to really bring our attention to a certain transit or cosmic event.

Mercury Retrogrades zero in on something important to ensure we don’t miss the message. For example, the last Mercury Rx in September stationed on the exact degree of the Total Solar Eclipse, which occurred in Leo on August 20th. Mercury was dragging our energy back to that point to say: “Pay attention!”

This Mercury Retrograde emphasizes the end of Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius. Over the next ~1.5 months, Mercury will make three conjunctions with Saturn.

The first conjunction occurs tomorrow (TUESDAY), the second will occur on December 6th when Mercury is Retrograde, and the final conjunction will occur on January 13th in Capricorn after Mercury has turned around and cleared it’s Retrograde Shadow.

There are four main types of “attention”. The first two are referred to as “sustained” and “selective” attention, which speak to the ability of our brain to focus on one thing for a long time, while ignoring and screening out other distracting stimuli.

Mercury-Saturn conjunctions bring to mind the need for sustained and selective attention.

Under Saturn’s rigid control, Mercury’s busy, curious nature is compelled to responsibly focus in on priorities while we re-assess, revise, reflect, re-do – during it’s 3-week retrograde period.

Here are some of the themes that may become quite prominent for all of us over the month of December and into January (especially Nov. 28th ~ Dec. 23rd):

• Facing serious matters directly
• Serious matters related to father-figures/ authority-figures/ government
• Confronting the harsh limits of this world
• Doing the “responsible thing”; fulfilling a duty or obligation; accepting significant responsibility for something or someone
• Persevering despite heavy pressure on one’s mind and mental health
• Taking a time-out
• Having significant conversations
• Making formal announcements
• Attending to important legal issues
• Making commitments and/or important decisions (which could also include dissolving commitments/agreements)
• Finally being compelled to “choose sides” over a contentious issue
• Stating a difficult truth regardless of consequences – “because it is the right thing to do”
• Being forced to do something one has been avoiding/procrastinating
• Addressing an “enough is enough” type of issue
• Finally getting around to repairing/ replacing broken technology or vehicles
• Apologizing and being firmly accountable for one’s actions
• Setting goals and launching new goal-oriented projects
• Focusing on priorities, even if it means letting something go
• Dealing with strict deadlines
• Facing delays
• Putting actions and tangible form beneath your thoughts, ideas and beliefs
• Perfecting/editing a work in progress
• A period of isolated study or a time of limited contact with others
• Needing to restrain one’s freedom in order to abide by rules and regulations
• After having continually tried to convince oneself that some course of action or life situation is good, right, tolerable, responsible, valid, or “worth it”, there may finally be the realization and acceptance that it is creating internal distress because it is out of alignment with who one truly is

You may begin to see some of these themes show up in your life today or tomorrow (TUESDAY) in an obvious way. For example, I have been delaying making a doctor’s appointment for months and months now, and finally I made the appointment. Only afterward I realized the appointment aligned with Mercury’s first conjunction with Saturn – tomorrow. This is a pretty precise expression of this transit.

As another example, today, as we approach this Mercury-Saturn conjunction, which occurs in the very early morning hours on TUESDAY, England’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their engagement public with a “formal announcement” after months of dating in secrecy. This too, speaks to the symbolism of the Mercury-Saturn conjunction.

As I mentioned in my last post, Saturn is finishing up its transit in Sagittarius and will make its exit on December 20th, as it enters into Capricorn. The events or life content you experience in December, will likely express as some sort of conclusion or resolution to a life narrative that has been playing out since the final months of 2015; September 17th, 2015, to be precise (or even dating as far back as ~ December 23rd 2014 during Saturn’s initial ingress into Sag).

If you have personal planets or points in Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant), or if your natal Saturn is in Sagittarius (i.e. you are finishing your Saturn Return), you will likely experience this Mercury Retrograde with greater potency.

Mercury will turn retrograde at the very last degree of Sagittarius on SUNDAY (Dec. 3rd) – the Anaretic degree, which is also called the crisis degree. This increases the urgency and serious nature of this Mercury Retrograde’s themes. There may feel like there is a lot at stake – be gentle with yourself : )

Our faith, beliefs, trust, and hope may be tested, but the sign of Sagittarius has unlimited quantities on tap.

Before we get to Mercury’s powerful pivot point, aligning with the Full Moon on SUNDAY, we will encounter Venus entering Sagittarius on FRIDAY at the same time as Mars (in Libra) opposes Uranus Rx (in Aries) at 25 degrees each.

Venus’ ingress from Scorpio into Sagittarius (Friday, 5:13 am AST), brings a lighter, more exuberant vibe to our relationships and our perspective on our self-worth, our values, and our financial situation. With Venus in Sagittarius, we want to expand our scope of pleasure and our range of options. Freedom is at a premium.

FYI, Venus will be at the intense 29th degree of Scorpio on THURSDAY, however, so we could see increasing tension around Venus’ themes before it ingresses into Sagittarius on Friday.

Mars transits can usually be felt 5 or more days in advance, so you’ll likely experience FRIDAY’s Mars-Uranus opposition building throughout the week.

Mars is the last of the personal planets to collide with Uranus, the rebellious planet of unconventional developments and surprising, sudden changes.

This transit reminds me of a third type of “attention” – “alternating attention”, since this involves a shift in focus. The houses that this transit activates in your natal chart will make this aspect’s themes more clear to you, but generally this aspect brings a growing sense of restlessness and agitation. You may want to break free, you may want to do something different, you may want flee from the restricting and constraining expression of the Mercury-Saturn conjunction in your life.

Be careful, as this is an accident-prone aspect, and watch your anger, since this is also a conflict-driven aspect. Try channeling this energy into a spontaneous adventure or new project that gives you the change of pace and shift in focus you are yearning for. Capitalize on the momentum that exists within the restriction and the upcoming confusion – if you can!

On SATURDAY Ceres will conjoin the North Node in Leo. Look for life content related to: fertility and barrenness, emotional attachments and co-dependence, compassionate nurturing and raging grief, women’s reproductive system and the cycles of life.

How are we being stretched to grow beyond our comfort zones in relation to these themes?

Also on SATURDAY, we get our first Jupiter-Neptune trine! Over the past year + we’ve been dealing with some really thorny and disruptive outer planet aspects (I’m looking at you, Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square), and FINALLY, we’ve seen the last of those repeating series.

What outer planet transits do we have in store for us in 2018?

A 3-part series of Jupiter-Neptune trines, and a 3-part series of Jupiter-Pluto sextiles (outer planet transits often occur 3 times due to planetary retrogrades). Trines and sextiles are typically seen as helpful, supportive, and beneficial aspects. These will hopefully be gentle blessings and helpful prompts throughout Jupiter’s current transit in the dark truth-telling, shadow-exposing, waters of Scorpio (which takes us all the way to November 2018).

THANK THE GODDESS! Outer planet transits impact the entire world in significant ways. After all those hard aspects between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, I am eager to welcome some gentler ones.

That’s a quick, hopeful, 2018 preview for you. Back to this week though – on SATURDAY we experience the first of the Jupiter-Neptune trines (which would have spread its symbolic expression throughout the past two weeks with increasing potency).

I find the correlations often become much clearer by the 2nd or 3rd aspect in a series, but here, in the midst of the Mercury-Saturn business and the Mars-Uranus opposition, you get a little taste of the humanitarian generosity, compassion, inspiration, and spiritual vision that this trine can offer. Imaginative and artistic pursuits, as well as meditation and spiritual practices, align well with this transit.

Jupiter has been digging up skeletons in Scorpio, but here, it is taking a moment’s pause to blissfully reflect on the miracle of this magical, interconnected world, as messy as it is.

The type of “attention” most relevant here, is that of the “wandering mind”. We try so hard to learn how to focus and tame our wandering mind in order to be more productive and sustain our attention on the task at hand, but the “wandering mind” state of a human being is integral to the cultivation of creativity and imagination.

Despite science’s scorn of the wandering mind and the health benefits of present-moment mindfulness practices… as stated in the Huffington Post by Carolyn Gregoire:

“The free play of thoughts that occurs in mind-wandering may enable us to think more flexibly and draw more liberally upon our vast internal reservoir of memories, feelings and images in order to create new and unusual connections.

“Mind-wandering in the sense of the mind moving freely from one idea to another has huge benefits in terms of arriving at new ideas,” Christoff said. “It’s by virtue of free movement that we generate new ideas, and that’s where creativity lies.”

So day-dream away if you have the freedom to do so without descending into ruminations – you might just come up with an out-of-the box solution to a Mercurial issue.

On SUNDAY, our week’s crescendo reaches its peak. Mercury will Station Retrograde at 29 degrees Sagittarius at 3:35 am (AST). Then the Sun (in Sag) and Moon (in Gemini) will move into a T-square formation with Neptune (in Pisces) for the Full Moon in Gemini at 11:46 am (AST) – all three at 11 degrees respectively.

The Moon will also be quincunxing Jupiter at 11 degrees Scorpio at the same time, challenging our ability to connect with our innate sense of power and confidence.

There’s so much going on this weekend!

For one thing, as mentioned, the fact that Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon will be pivoting at the intense, final degree of Sagittarius, brings Mercurial themes front and center in a big way – in a way that is likely confusing or frustrating.

Furthermore, with both Sun and Moon squaring Neptune tightly, we are trying hard to maintain the grandiose, idealistic vision that the Jupiter-Neptune trine granted us with, but geez. Perhaps nothing makes sense anymore.

Mercury, still closely conjunct Saturn, wants sustained, focused attention on some serious issue, but with this bewildering Full Moon in Gemini, we might be better off if we can manage to embody the last major categorization of attention – “divided attention”. In other words; the ability to multi-task and focus on many things at once.

Gemini is the multi-tasking expert.

Be patient with the dust storm this pivot point stirs up and be wary of responding to something too quickly. Gradually the air will clear.

Apply the same divided attention skills that enable you to scroll your phone while listening to a presentation, in order to attend to the many incoming channels of information and navigate the array of paths ahead of you. When divided attention fails – prioritize! Focus on one thing at a time.

Here’s the summary for this week’s transits…

MONDAY (Nov. 27th):
• Venus (in Scorpio) quincunx Uranus (in Aries)

TUESDAY (Nov. 28th):
• Mercury conjunct Saturn (in Sagittarius)

WEDNESDAY (Nov. 29th):
• Uranus (in Aries) square Hygeia (in Capricorn)

THURSDAY (Nov. 30th):
• Mars (in Libra) quincunx Chiron Rx (in Pisces)

FRIDAY (Dec. 1st):
• Venus enters Sagittarius
• Mars (in Libra) opposite Uranus Rx (in Aries) @ 25 degrees

SATURDAY (Dec. 2nd):
• Ceres conjunct North Node (in Leo)
• Jupiter (in Scorpio) trine Neptune (in Pisces)

SUNDAY (Dec. 3rd):
Mercury Stations Retrograde at 29 deg 17’ Sagittarius @ 3:35 AM (AST)
• Sun (in Scorpio) square Neptune (in Pisces)
FULL MOON @ 11 degrees Gemini @ 11:46 am AST (ruled by Mercury turning retrograde at the anaretic degree of Sag, squared by Neptune, and quincunx Jupiter)

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I’d like to collect a few more responses, and then I will crunch some of the anon results to share. I’ve found it super interesting and helpful so far – thanks to everyone who has responded!

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