Even When at its Most Dreary, Our World Retains a Glimmer of Magic :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for December 4th – 10th

Have you rebounded from that doozy of a weekend? Everyone I know, including myself, spent most of it in bed or finding other various ways to escape conscious awareness of time. Most of the weekend slipped down a rabbit hole – otherwise known as Mercury Stationing Retrograde and a Full Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune.

This week greets us with Chiron the asteroid, otherwise known as the wounded healer of the sky, turning Direct on TUESDAY after being retrograde since June 30th.

During its Retrograde period, healing can feel slower, more laborious – with perhaps less external signs of progress and the tangible results we crave. But don’t underestimate Chiron’s work during this time. Retrograde periods bring deeper insight and self-awareness as we delve into our histories. As we take a second, more penetrating look at our internal workings.

As Chiron pivots, it can reactivate a wound, if the wound has been ignored. It can highlight the progress you have made. It can bring a mentor or teacher into your life. It can reveal to you in what ways you are ready to share the fruits of your healing process with others.

If discomfort arises, stay with it if you can. Observe it as it rises, as it fades, as it points you toward its origin point. Discomfort is a symptom, it is a message; it does not define you.

Remember that you are not broken. You are not a problem person. You are not defective.

Your Core Self is indestructible, whole and beautiful – just like that perfect sphere that is your natal chart. Inner healing is not a process of fixing a broken person, but rather a process of discovering your innate wholeness and gradually, lovingly, awakening the parts of you that have temporarily forgotten this truth and reminding them of their potential.

As these parts of self rise from their slumber, the external and manifest expression of your soul in this world, moves from constriction to expansion. It deepens and broadens in scope, allowing you a delicious range of options and possibilities from which you can craft your glorious life.

On Nov. 28th, Mercury met Saturn at 27 degrees Sag going forward. Now, since having turned around last SUNDAY, Mercury Retrograde fuses with Saturn on WEDNESDAY, for its 2nd conjunction at 28 degrees Sag. In total, Mercury will have been within about 1 degree of Saturn for about two weeks. What point, project, or process has this conjunction been driving home for you?

Every 3-week Mercury Retrograde has its own unique flavour.

The 1st one this year (April 9th – May 3rd) involved Mercury meeting up with Uranus in Aries, and it had an erratic, surprising, unusual, and fast-paced intensity to it.

During the 2nd Rx (Aug. 13 – Sept. 5th) Mercury first stationed opposite Neptune, and then stationed right on the degree of the recent Total Solar Eclipse in Leo. In the aftermath of so much cosmic chaos as Mercury was doused in the fire, this retrograde, arguably, had both a confusing and destabilizing – and yet ultimately clarifying – quality to it.

This 3rd Mercury Retrograde (Dec. 3rd – Dec. 22/23) is serious, solemn and SLOW. Retrogrades often slow things down (in respect to a planet’s themes), but this one even more so due to Mercury’s prolonged close contact with Saturn – from at which point it launched its backward journey. Aside from the Moon (a luminary body), Mercury is the fastest planet in Astrology. As the ruler of quick-witted Gemini and always-busy Virgo, Mercury HATES going slowly. This is one reason why we tend to notice Mercury Retrogrades more than other planetary retrogrades.

And yet on the same day, while Mercury and Saturn are still conjunct, they both receive a sextile from Mars?!

Mars, the engine of the zodiac. The fuel. The gas pedal. The aggravator.

I can’t say you’ll gain any speed, but you may get a strong dose of determination to help you bulldoze (efficiently and carefully, of course) through whatever heavy-weight desire/project/responsibility/issue is making you feel under pressure.

With Mars still in Libra, you may be compelled to ensure whatever you are attending to, is fair and just (…and beautifully decorated).

On FRIDAY, the planet of mysticism and transcendence joins forces with the devoted priestess of the sacred fire as Neptune trines Vesta (an asteroid). Attend to the rejuvenating altars in your life – literally or metaphorically. Cultivate your spiritual core.

On the same day, the Sun will trine the North Node (still conjunct Ceres in Leo). You may be inspired, with a rush of motivation, to give birth to (or nurture) that creative life project which has been calling your name. Synchronicity abounds and you can taste your infinite potential.

Friday feels special. Make some magic, loves.

On SATURDAY, Mars enters Scorpio, a sign that it shares co-rulership of with Pluto.

MEGA POWER has arrived, just in time for the holidays.

This is the placement of a warrior that intrepidly embarks on dark, soulful journeys that would terrify most. Directed by its sharply honed instincts, it trusts in its reliable guides. Emerging from the depths after its long descents, it carries with it an indomitable inner strength.

Mars in Scorpio is daring and courageous, and can support the action of that which has thus far intimidated us… And yet it can also unfurl deep, defensive rage that was first birthed with early wounding or through legacies of unhealed family abuses.

If this directs inward, we may be inclined to shred ourselves. If this directs outward, unconsciously, this placement is capable of malicious cruelty. Through dominating or attacking others, Mars in Scorpio may try to protect the vulnerable hurt it feels – at all costs.

Both Mars and Scorpio remind us of our wonderful (yet sometimes frustrating) brain stem and limbic brain – areas that respond in often automatic, reflexive ways (and in ways that we often don’t consciously understand), in order to ensure our survival. These are where our animal instincts are held – our needs and desires for food, protection, safety, and sex.

We don’t want to shun our magical, powerful instincts, but neither do we want to act from an unconscious, automatic place of unwarranted reactivity that causes harm.

Be aware of your triggers and be patient with the rewiring of those that are deeply patterned into your psyche and nervous system.

Mars in Scorpio during this season brings to mind two natal charts – that of Harvey Weinstein and Ronan Farrow.

Harvey Weinstein is a (previously) powerful Hollywood figure who has been accused of numerous, horrific sexual assaults.

Ronan Farrow is the journalist and lawyer who is largely responsible for confronting an elaborate and corrupt cover-up in order to bring these allegations into the light through his investigative journalism. His own childhood and family life, as the son of Woody Allen, has been painfully marked by allegations of abuse. Farrow (during his Saturn Return) used his privilege to create a public channel for the voices of women who had been coerced into silence for years. This proved to be a massive world-wide catalyst.

Both Weinstein and Farrow have Mars in Scorpio in their natal charts, in aspect to Pluto.

I know very little about the lives of either of them, but it would appear that they have harnessed their immense power-potential in very different ways.

Mars will meet up with Jupiter in Scorpio in early January. In this Chapter of your Jupiter in Scorpio Story (which spans October 10th 2017 – November 8th 2018), in what ways do you need to conciously apply an extra measure of power, ferocity and courage? What boundaries need to be asserted or adjusted? Are you in touch with your anger? If so, what is at the root of it? What is driving your actions? How can you channel your anger in a healthy, creative way to achieve justice and transformation?

As Venus squares Neptune on SUNDAY, our relationships, our finances, our self-worth, and the object of our desire, is doused in a bucket of Neptunian confusion, illusions and fantasies. Stay grounded loves, while still connecting to that vast, infinite, interconnected Universe, of which you are an integral part.

Mercury, now retrograde, will repeat its trine to Uranus and its square to Chiron on SUNDAY (we last experienced this on Nov. 24/25). We are feeling our wounds, expressing them, and leaping through them into our liberation.

SUNDAY’s Third Quarter Moon in Virgo wants a plan. Virgo needs to be prepared for everything, while spontaneous, freedom-loving Sagittarius throws caution to the wind.

Strike a balance. Make the plan and prepare. Then let go of the reins and listen to your intuition.

Wait. On second thought, with that Venus-Neptune square still quite active, maybe keep Virgo’s discernment front and center as you navigate your Third Quarter challenge and release. The next lunation cycle will begin Dec. 18th (AST) with a New Moon in Sag.

As Saturn weighs heavily on your deep-seated beliefs, your thoughts, your studying capacity (best of luck all you students in end-of-term exam crunch!), and your self-expression – keep trusting in the process. When this seems impossible, find a willing someone with enough trust and faith to keep the boat afloat for both of you.

And remember, even when at its most dreary, our world retains a glimmer of magic.


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