Capricorn, Aries, & Gary Veynerchuk :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for December 25th – 31st

Hi! The holidayz and year’s end have interrupted my posting routine and swept me up into a deeply reflective space (…Mars trine Neptune…?).

I survived 2017 and this recent “festive” time! I hope you did too ❤

The raw deets for the weather this week are in the image above – a bit delayed and the full interpretation is up to you this time!

We hit the 1st quarter moon mark yesterday. The Moon, still in Aries, is squaring the Sun in Capricorn.

This combo reminds me of Gary Veynerchuk – famous entrepreneur, CEO, author and public speaker. Check out his birthchart below…

I only have his birth date and no birth time, so I don’t know his rising and it’s possible his Moon is in Pisces, not Aries (if he was born early in the day). But I would bet $$$ that he has a 0 degree Aries Moon (often fearless trail blazers) AND a Capricorn rising – or if not, possibly Saturn on his MC.

Those “no BS” Cap/Saturn + Aries vibes are sooo strong when scrolling through his IG feed @ garyvee (plus check out that Sun conjunct North Node in Scorpio, amplifying his influential leadership role in motivating people to face their fears).

Regardless of what you think of his brash self-promotional style, he is a great example of his (suspected) birth chart.

Today’s 1st quarter moon message is brought to you straight from the mouth of Gary Veynerchuk:

“The answer to the question my friends, is patience or action.”

In other words, Capricorn or Aries. The internal struggle is real:

I’ve posted a series of quotes below from Gary (taken from his Instagram feed) that are so quintessentially Cap or Aries, that they could literally be inserted directly into an astrological dictionary under these two signs!


Aries Moon:

110% Capricorn!!!

Capricorn with some Aries Moon frustration:

Capricorn (in the caption he speaks to his commitment to be accountable):

Aries Moon! Aries thrives on chaos and crises.

Aries Moon:

Capricorn for sure:

So much Cap!

Two examples of an older Capricorn perspective expressing itself after acquiring lived experience (+ some Aries)…

Ummm… Aries Moon, of course!

Again, Aries Moon obv.

I posted the following on Instagram Saturday morning (December 23rd)…


Around the same time this morning that the Moon dropped into Pisces, I came across this image by Sara Shakeel.

Could there be a more Piscean image? I’m not sure there could be. I have the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces, and I had this weird sense that I was staring into my own eyes when this image came up on the screen.

I hope to write a bit more about my Saturn Return and what I learned from it over the past three years, but one thing I can say for sure, is that it has gradually begun to dislodge the barrier wall that has been holding back a floodgate of emotion.

I have a Saturn-Moon opposition nataly. Therefore, despite the Piscean waters that crash against my inner shores, I generally try to keep a tight grip on my capacity for emotional receptivity and expression. A Saturn-Moon opposition, when channeled through the easiest path of least resistance, has the unfortunate tendency to scorn sensitivity, intimacy, and emotional expression as a sign of weakness (within one’s self).

Letting ourselves feel the full scope of our emotions can be quite terrifying. The fear of drowning as those churning waters rise, is a real one. I’m still learning how to navigate that fear, to increase my window of tolerance for emotional distress, before it reaches the point where I have to escape into my head or find a way to numb. This is not a process to be rushed, but it’s happening, slowly.

It gets a little embarrassing sometimes, when I am talking about something rather mundane with an obscure association to something more sensitive, and suddenly my eyes are pricking with hot tears and my sight becomes blurry as water floods over my pupils.

“My eyes water easily,” I snap. “Just ignore it.”

Oh Pisces. I begrudgingly accept your tears.

On another note, my Progressed Moon hit the 29th degree of Cancer today. It’s inching closer to Leo after 2.5 years in Cancer – a transit that reinforced the 4th house themes of my Saturn Return.

For those of you that track your Progressions, always, always watch for those 29th crisis degrees! They are pretty potent.

I’m definitely feeling the heat of the 29th degree already. I anticipate that the next 30 days will be fairly intense and eventful with a number of very important decisions to make and actions to take, related to relocating, my home, my family and ancestry, and my emotional wellbeing.

When your Progressed Moon is at the 29th “crisis” degree of a sign there is a sense of being under pressure and racing against the clock to resolve or address something related to the past 2.5 years – and possibly to make some major changes and decisions about how you will move forward. Urgency, confusion and uncertainty are often present.

I figured out that my Progressed Moon would shift to the 29th degree at 1:20 pm this afternoon. I jokingly made a big deal about it and was going to pronounce to my family: “Guys, I’m at the crisis degree!” at the very moment that 1:20 hit, but literally just as I was opening my mouth, my brother shared that a good family friend had been diagnosed with cancer… Weird, huh?

It is a fairly treatable cancer and they already have a plan in place, but then again, his health is already quite complicated. He and his wife have known me my whole life and are like grandparents to myself and my siblings so the symbolism is not lost on me.

Oh beautiful people, life is strange, messy and chaotic, and yet mysteriously magical and stunningly miraculous at the same time.💫

As you, perhaps, navigate a holiday season rife with emotional land mines and shaky terrain, be easy on yourself.

When we avoid or numb distressing emotions, we also reduce our capacity for positive emotions. But, at the same time, feeling can be terrifying.

Touch those feels when you are ready. When you feel supported and resourced. Do it in small chunks. Like dipping your toes into the water to test the temperature. Forcing an emotional catharsis is rarely helpful.

Don’t shame yourself for needing to avoid the feels, but acknowledging and naming what has triggered an emotional escape route will give you greater perspective and some increased flexibility to return to them when the time is right.

So much love and blessings! ❤



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