Wisely Assessing & Confronting Limits in order to Express the Core Self :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 22nd – 28th

This week is strongly Mercurial. Mercury the messenger – the planet of thought and communication (the exchange and processing of information) – has center stage this week.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury will conjoin with Pluto in Capricorn, perhaps echoing the symbolism of January 8th-9th when Venus and the Sun formed a triple conjunction with Pluto while sextiling Jupiter in Scorpio (an aspect that Mercury will recreate early THURSDAY).

Later on SUNDAY, the messenger of the sky will continue in the footsteps of the Sun and Venus by squaring Uranus (the sky’s liberator, with a jarring, unexpected edge) while sextiling Chiron (an area of wounding and hurt that yields gifts as we embrace its vulnerability).

In the midst of this, we have the 1st Quarter Moon in Taurus (squaring the Sun in Aquarius) on WEDNESDAY, presenting us with this lunation cycle’s first call to action, where we may meet with some stubborn resistance. Furthermore, Mars will be at the last, 29th crisis degree of Scorpio (WEDNESDAYTHURSDAY), about to transition into Sagittarius on FRIDAY.

Needless to say, with the combination of these coinciding transits, Wednesday and Thursday in particular, will likely feel a bit intense, raw, and edgy.

With Mercury in Cap, approaching the searing dark truth of Pluto, we may be doing a lot of thinking – and having conversations about – the limitations (or the barriers and challenges) we are encountering this week. The information and words that are exchanged and processed, will surely be felt on a deep, gut level.

I am always trying to distill each sign down to its essence and gain a deeper understanding of the archetypes. One of the various exercises I have previously used to accomplish this, is to list ALL the keywords and concepts for each sign. I have then prioritized which words or concepts are most key and vital to the meaning of sign archetype – from which all the other keywords, concepts, and traits emerge.

LIMITS” is one of the priority concepts I would highlight for Capricorn (and Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler), along with “purpose” and “responsibility”. The broad concept of “limits” encompasses other Capricorn keywords like “boundaries” and “rules“.

It is clear that limits are closely associated with Capricorn and Saturn. Under Saturn/Capricorn transits we are typically confronted with a myriad of limits. The most common types of limits we face as human beings experiencing these transits, have to do with limited time, limited control, limited freedom, limited options, and reaching the limits of personal capacity and resources (money, energy, skill, passion).

Capricorn and Saturn remind us that we are not invincible. To thrive on this planet we must work wisely within the limits of this time and space-bound Earth and our physical embodiment.

Parker Palmer, who I quote all the time because his little book was such potent medicine during my recent Saturn Return, writes:

Everything in the universe has a nature, which means limits as well as potentials… If we are to live our lives fully and well, we must learn to embrace the opposites, to live in a creative tension between our limits and our potentials… We must take the no of the way that closes and find the guidance it has to offer – and take the yes of the way that opens and respond with the yes of our lives.” (~Parker Palmer)

The advice for a Saturn or Capricorn transit is often to obey and respond to limits by being focused, self-disciplined, committed, and working hard even when – especially when – you don’t want to because the task is not particularly enjoyable.

This is often solid advice for these transits (or natal placements). However, I think this advice can run the risk of neglecting an important first step.

Perseverance and determination are often necessary to manifest our dreams in a world where it takes time and effort to achieve our long-term goals.

Honoring and respecting the world’s natural limits, along with our own individual human limits, can bring great understanding, peace, and wisdom (and significantly less environmental damage).

However, Parker Palmer also writes:

It is important to distinguish between two kinds of limitations: those that come with selfhood and those that are imposed by people or political forces hell-bent on keeping us “in our place.” (~Parker Palmer)

This is a crucial point.

Before you abide by the rules or accept those limitations you face (also known as barriers, challenges, delays, deadlines, lack of passion or capacity), make sure you take the time to assess those limits before you continue to plod through a swamp or turn away from a closed door.

There are times when putting our head down and simply persevering, or obeying and maintaining status quo, or pulling a u-turn in response to internal/ external pressure, is not the right thing to do.

For example, Capricorn/ Saturn-types (I would put myself in this camp) are at risk of becoming workaholics. This is the danger of these placements.

These folks are acutely aware that material security and safety nets have their limits, that time is limited, that there are no short-cuts to success, and that society expects a certain standard (i.e. there limits on what types of accomplishments and expressions of self are perceived to have acceptable value and worth in this world)… and thus, through their rigid adherence to these limits, they may become slaves to time, and to their work.

Having a strong work ethic and self-discipline are beneficial traits. However, being addicted to work and productivity, can negatively impact your wellbeing and inhibit (limit) the full expression of your true Self.

Similarly, respecting authorities, elders, and tradition, has value, but these figures, institutions and structures shouldn’t be allowed to override your own inner authority, critical analysis and moral discernment.

Granted, Aquarius, (co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus) holds the position of being astrology’s rule-breaker and rebel, but the archetype of Capricorn (within us allpossesses a deep wisdom, sense of responsibility, and sharp, discerning insight and foresight into potential consequences that Aquarius does not have access to quite in the same way.

Capricorn, within every birth chart, stands at the intersection between spirit and matter.

Capricorn’s mission is to embody and express the soul’s purpose within the material world.

Capricorn’s calling is to lay the foundations and build the structures that honors our divine nature and creates portals for magic.

Capricorn’s symbolism is half mountain goat and half sea goat.

As the mountain goat, Capricorn launches into life with the tenacity to propel it up life’s most treacherous mountain; pushing through barriers and challenges it aims for the peak.

As the sea goat with a scaled tail and fins, Capricorn swims in the infinite depths of mysticism; accessing the mysteries of the universe and tapping into the interconnected web of oneness.

Interestingly, Capricorn shares the symbolism of this scaled body part and watery immersion with the sign of Pisces, depicted by two swimming fish. These two signs have more in common than you would think, based on popular descriptions.

To work effectively with Capricorn/Saturn energy and express it at its highest potential, one must remember that Capricorn is a sea goat, as much as it a mountain goat.

The worst shadow traits of Capricorn (e.g. greedy and conniving; ruthless striving for control and power; and an obsession with status symbols) emerge when Cap-types act ONLY as earth-focused, materialistic mountain goats and neglect the soulful call and spiritual depths of their sea goat nature.

As Mercury meets with some intense, transformative, expansive energy in the sign of Capricorn when it conjoins truth-speaking Pluto on WEDNESDAY while moving into a sextile with Jupiter in Scorpio on THURSDAY connect with that fishy tail!

Through access to the expansive sea and the cyclical nature of time, the scaled tail of Capricorn taps you into the infinite realm beyond this transient earth.

Gain a broader perspective by drawing from this spiritual reservoir of wisdom and take a good, hard look at the limits and challenges you (or others) are up against.

Where do you yield and where do you push through? When is a limit a closed door prompting you toward a more promising opportunity that is opening behind you… and when is a limit a closed door that should be knocked over with a battering ram?

On a personal level, there are a few types of “limits” that we don’t always think about when we think about Capricornian limits, such as…

  • the limits of “self-imposed limits” that could be preventing the unfolding of a resonant life path (e.g. fearful avoidance strategies and overcompensating defense mechanisms),
  • the limits of internal narratives that are chaining us to rigid inflexibility,
  • the limits of our traditional coping strategies,
  • and the limits of our independence and self-sufficiency (…that hopefully prompt us to ask for assistance when needed and welcome healthy interdependence).

FYI, as someone who just emerged from a Saturn Return, Saturn, as the ruler of Capricorn, tends to challenge these types of limits. I think it would be incorrect to think that major Saturn transits are always and solely about becoming more independent, hard-working, self-sufficient, and putting up boundaries… sometimes they are, but it depends what types of “limits” and inhibitions of the core self that individual person is struggling with at that particular time.

On broader scale, there are many types of limits that “are imposed by people or political forces hell-bent on keeping us ‘in our place’”, as Palmer says.

Martin Luther King Jr. knew this well. He is up there as one of my favourite Capricorn Suns who embodied the potential of that archetype so well. Through activism and civil disobedience, he refused to abide by the man-made limits of racism that were actively oppressing people.



I love that he has an 11th House Pisces Moon and Venus! Embodying the fullness of the sea goat symbolism came naturally to him since he was well acquainted with the zodiac’s watery, spiritual depths. His Mercury in Aquarius further expanded the scope of his vision and hope for the future of humanity:



There are so many Pisces, Capricorn, and Aquarius keywords in his speeches! The phrase “ethical commitment” and what I ought to be is quite Capricornian, for example, whereas references to our interconnectedness and the assertion that equality, inclusion, and collaboration (“living as brothers”) is necessary for humanity to progress, is very Piscean and Aquarian (although arguably aligns with Capricornian sea goat wisdom as well).

He refers to natural limits of individual freedom – “this is the way it is structured” (another Capricorn themed sentence) – and speaks to the limits of our capacity to collectively thrive when there is injustice in the world.

We often think of Capricorn and Saturn in association with the need to implement and put up boundaries; in other words, imposed “limits”, which are frequently necessary in our lives and in our relationships. But don’t forget that during Saturn’s last transit through its home sign of Capricorn in 1989, the Berlin Wall was dismantled and removed – it was a man-made limit, a boundary that was limiting people’s freedom. And it came DOWN.

Don’t get stuck in a limited conceptualization of Capricorn’s response to limits, rules, and boundaries!

Whether WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY finds you out at a protest, speaking truth to power and rebelling against limits of man-made structures, ideologies and political forces (because of the way they are limiting our human potential to thrive)…

…Or whether the middle of the week finds you engaged in some intense conversations or thought processes about the personal limits you are encountering, don’t let FEAR inhibit the actions you know are right and resonant with your soul (as is liable to happen during collisions with Pluto). For some, this may mean releasing and exposing a burdensome secret that has become heavy and has limited the free expression of the soul.

The Sun and Venus are currently in Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn will get a shot of abrupt Uranian breakthrough and liberation over the weekend after its encounter with Pluto, and Mars (symbolizing our energy, drive, and motivation) is about to launch into the expansive bright fires of Sagittarius on FRIDAY, where hope runs high and no goal is ever out of reach.

There are limits to abide by, limits to respect, and limits to honor.

Then there are other limits that need to be torn to shreds.

May the transits this week, assist you with discerning the difference between the two.


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You Have Permission to… :: Cosmic Weather Forecast January 15th – 21st

In the last few days I have had meaningful conversations with older people in my life whom I look up to and respect, who have affirmed the tough decisions I have been tentatively holding. They explicitly “gave me permission” to move in the direction that is calling me.

These conversations have aligned with the Mercury-Saturn conjunction over the past weekend and Capricorn’s New Moon stellium occurring today (TUESDAY), both of which bring up themes regarding elders, wisdom, authority, respect, decisions, and authenticity.

Did I really need someone else to give me permission to do something I want to do and verbally affirm the internal truth emerging within me?

Well, no, I suppose not. But coming from people I trust, I really appreciated it. It can be very encouraging for someone to see what you already know about yourself, and then to echo it back to you in confirmation, allowing some of the hesitation and doubts to dissolve.

It can be really hard to make decisions that move against the grain, against the norm. It can be challenging to allow ourselves to relax into our true Self.

Brene Brown knows this. She began writing permission slips to herself when she was nervous for a big event. After having recently signed a permission slip for her daughter’s school trip, she decided that maybe she needed a permission slip as well. She spontaneously grabbed a Post-It note and wrote: “Permission to be excited and goofy and to have fun.”

Brene writes:

“It would be the first of hundreds of permission slips I would go on to write for myself. I still write them today and I teach everyone who will give me five minutes of their time the power of this intention-setting method. It totally works. But as with the permission slips you give your kids, they may have permission to go to the zoo, but they still need to get on the bus. Set the intention. Follow through. That day I got on the bus.”

“I didn’t realize it then, but looking back those permission slips to myself were actually an attempt to belong to myself and to no one else.” (~ Brene Brown)

That last sentence is key to unlocking the potential of this Capricorn New Moon and the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius on FRIDAY (traditionally, these are both signs ruled by Saturn).

Whether we have trusted mentors provide us with that extra boost of affirmation, validation and encouragement for something we already know to be true, or whether we write ourselves our own permission slips – tapping into our wise selves, our center of inner authority, will enable strong and sustained action at this cardinal new moon moment.

Capricorn often gets stereotyped as being overly traditional and stuck in rigid rules; upholding and investing in outdated forms of control and power. Capricorn-types are often perceived as being serious and pessimistic workaholics, always seeking to achieve, accomplish and conquer in order to prove to their worth and value to the world (or perhaps to partners, family, friends – and to fathers in particular).

This stereotype stems from Capricorn’s (and Saturn’s) acute awareness of the harsh realities of life. Capricorn deeply understands that within our current human embodiment, we live in a cause and effect material world. Sure, wonderful, unexpected magic can delightfully interrupt our life’s trajectory, but most days, money doesn’t grow on trees and genies don’t live in our back pocket, ready at a moment’s notice to grant us whatever we wish for.

In this cause and effect material world, just like gravity causes an apple to fall from the tree, Capricorn-types know that they need to make the necessary long-term and strategic investments of time, money, energy and skill, in order to get the results and outcomes they desire.

Therefore, because of this deep understanding and awareness of the material cause and effect world they are working with, Capricorn-types launch into this life with steely endurance – with a mission to master the world’s mechanics, to go to battle with the elements so to speak, and come out on top.

Because they tend to hit the ground running with this burning sense of “being on a mission” – to not only achieve something, but also to SURVIVE this harsh, competitive dog-eat-dog world – young Caps are trying to figure out what this mission and purpose might be as fast as they can. They often learn very early in life (through challenging circumstances or events) that basic safety and security cannot be taken for granted.

In our current-day society the first CLUES young Cap-types typically receive (like most of us do) is that life’s mission and purpose must have something to do with status, reputation, money, financial security, and gaining validation and approval from those authority figures that have “already won and made it to the top”.

Because of their acute awareness of physical and material realities, along with their deep sense of purpose, Capricorn/ Saturn-types are more vulnerable than most, to regular existential crises.

Eventually at some point (some earlier, some later), they look at reality – this transient, decaying world where all achievements and possessions inevitably crumble and disintegrate – and they ask: “Is that all there is? Is this it?”

Here we begin to see Capricorn emerge with its sea-goat tail as the zodiac’s wise mystic. Acute awareness of the world’s limits eventually propels one to seek the sacred, infinite ground on which this current reality is built. As we face terrifying suffocation by TIME, which destroys everything with its ravenous hunger… slowly, gradually, we may find we are able to touch a firm, stabilizing center of stillness in the midst of the whirlwind of human suffering.

From this centered place, connected to transcendence and infinity, what then do we do with our pressing urge to direct our will toward a fulfilling purpose?

Each one of us, as an infinite soul in human form, is part of this material, physical, cause and effect world. And each one of us has a unique set of innate strengths and abilities (as well as limitations).

To act in alignment with the world’s realities of time and space, is to express and fully manifest our unique set of potentialities during our lifespan, and build fulfilling life structures that synchronize with who we are – regardless of whatever society says we should be doing. This is an investment that is worthy of our determined effort, and one that will bring spiritual fulfillment.

A plant is aligned with its rightful purpose and proper action when it breaks open a seed and sprouts into a stem with roots and leaves.

A bird is aligned with its rightful purpose and proper action when it builds nests and soars through the sky.

A fire is aligned with its rightful purpose and proper action when it creates heat and flames.

And a human being is aligned with its rightful purpose and proper action when it expresses whatever potentialities are inherent in its being. Kate needs to be Kate, Peter needs to be Peter, and Laura needs to be Laura.

I’m sleepy and don’t know if I am making any sense any more, but I shall continue…

I never used to understand why, in traditional astrology, Saturn ruled Aquarius as well as Capricorn. Like, what?! Capricorn is all about traditions and rules and Aquarius is all about rebelling against tradition and rules, right? And yet, the more I understood this dual rulership, the more deeply I began to understand these two signs and realize that they had more in common than I had first thought.

In the Zodiac wheel Capricorn opposes Cancer (the sign ruled by the Moon) and Aquarius opposes Leo (the sign ruled by the Sun). Therefore, one could say that Capricorn and Aquarius oppose and confront the two celestial lights in astrology. As symbolized by this tense polarity, ruled by the dark, cold, planet of Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius both have OUTSIDER STATUS.

Capricorn reminds us of the limits of the material, physical plane, and Aquarius reminds us of the limits of what relationships and community can offer – we cannot escape the existential loneliness of being an individual human being.

Even the most radical, nofucksgiven, revolutionary Aquarian, often bears early wounds of feeling excluded – like an outsider, like they don’t fit in.

And yet, we NEED our outsider status, as much as we need inclusion. We benefit by acknowledging our limits, as much as we benefit by our continual growth and expansion in this life.

Capricorn values a solid life foundation and strong structures.

TUESDAY’S New Moon in Capricorn gives us permission to build wise and strategic structures in our life that address our practical needs while deeply, spiritually fulfilling us through an authentic expression of our unique personalities, preferences, and sense of purpose in the world.

Aquarius appreciates the differences among individuals which allow us to challenge each other toward growth and progress as a society.

The beginning of Aquarius Season on FRIDAY gives us permission to embrace all our weirdness, “to be completely uncool” (the words of one of Brene Brown’s permission slips). Aquarius Season gives us permission to harness everything that makes us different from other people and use it to contribute to society’s growth and progress as only we can.

Dig deep and find your inner authority this week. Own your power. Grab some Post-its and write out those permission slips if you have to. Let those external standards break. Discard the oppressive narratives that may have infiltrated your life stories. Shed those expectations that have been projected onto you.

Belong to yourself, loves.

Does this mean that it is okay to slack off and do nothing? Well, if that is what your truth is right now, then yes. Maybe you need to give yourself permission to do nothing!

However, claiming your inner authority does not mean that Saturnian traits of hard work and self-discipline go out the window – it means you apply these traits in service of your true nature and calling.

As any Capricorn-type knows so well, we still have the laws of cause and effect reality and a time and space-bound world to contend with.

This week, ask yourself: What are my important values, priorities, and goals in life? And among these, which ones are at the TOP? Rank them if you have to. This would be a fitting exercise for the week’s themes.

Compromises are inevitable in life. We cannot do it all, have it all, at the same time, all the time. Capricorn understands this deeply.

Most of us have multiple values, priorities and goals in life. And for many of us, we cannot invest into, or manifest, all of these at the same time simultaneously.

Big decisions and commitments are key words for Capricorn and Saturn. Here we see the theme of “limits” again – making a decision between two choices in a Time-bound world, limits you to one choice and plan of action.

The toughest decisions I have ever had to make are those where at least two of my values, priorities, and goals were in direct conflict with each other.

I had to decide what and where I was willing to compromise (at least for the short-term), by acting on what my highest priority was, with the insight I had at that moment in time.

With SIX celestial bodies in Capricorn right now, we all may be faced with some big decisions that pit two priorities against each other.

Get clear on your priorities, determine where you are prepared to compromise (or not) in the short-term (or the long-term), and then “feel the fear and do it anyway”, as Susan Jeffers has said.

On the same day as the New Moon (TUESDAY), Jupiter (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn). This is a powerfully expansive and transformative aspect that we will see play out three times this year (again on April 14th and September 12th).

On WEDNESDAY, Venus leaps ahead of the Sun to greet Aquarius, encouraging us all to value the world’s diversity and unite together to support collective growth.

In effect all throughout this week (perfecting on THURSDAY), Mars trines Chiron, sending a surge of motivation and strength to an area of life that feels weak and vulnerable, while Mercury moves into a sextile with Neptune on FRIDAY, bringing inspiration and creativity to our thoughts and conversations.

Your efforts to move through your fear in order to achieve profound personal (and collective) growth and development, are incredibly well supported right now.

If we are nervous or anxious about something we want to do, it may never feel comfortable. If we decide to wait until it feels comfortable and easy (and we feel 150% prepared), we may never do it.

Beyond the nervousness, fear and anxiety, if you sense at your core that a decision or course of action aligns with your true Self, then harness that steely Capricornian determination, give yourself permission, and then follow through and step out.



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TIME’S UP… “a new day is on the horizon!” :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 8th – 14th

It’s a little odd sometimes, being an astrologer. When I see some big transits coming up I plot them out ahead of time for all those close to me so I am prepared for how and where the aspects will land within the landscape of their lives (i.e. within their birth chart). And then… I live out the transits… and watch them unfold in the lives of people around me. Fate and freewill continue to be a complex, tangled mystery for me.

This double whammy of a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio (exact LAST SATURDAY) sextiling a rare and potent Venus-Sun-Pluto triple conjunction in Capricorn (exact early on TUESDAY, AST), are NOT transits to glide by in silence, unnoticed.

Even if these transits do not activate your chart directly, you are likely to feel them in some capacity through last weekend and into this week.

It is intense. It is intense watching it play out in my own life, and in the lives of people around me. Not bad, necessarily. But for sure, intense, as we are all directly facing up to big stuff in big ways.

Relationship transformations is a major theme with the Venus-Sun-Pluto conjunction, but depending on how it is activating your birth chart, it could also be bringing up intensity around themes of money, pleasure, your artistic capacity, and your self-worth and confidence.

It could correlate with a veil being stripped away to reveal greater clarity, certainty, and resolve, in regards to your identity, sense of purpose and life direction, as well as in regards to your important relationships.

Whenever Scorpio and Pluto are heavily involved there is usually a lot of fear, since these energies also tend provoke irrevocable and profound change.

Change is inevitable in life. Facing a certain fear may be a necessity for you this week as something hits a breaking point. It could be fear around an ending, letting go, a new beginning, a second try, a truth emerging, control relinquishing, a reckoning, a deep healing.

Fear often prompts us to project – to point our finger at someone else for contaminating our lives with toxic vibes, rather than noticing where we are feeding an unchecked growing infection within ourselves.

It could be them. It could be you. It could be you both.

Be sure to bring careful, insightful, honest scrutiny to a situation before taking drastic action… and yet… don’t stop short of taking the necessary steps forward.

Avoidance is a hallmark trait of anxiety. When we are anxious and afraid of something, avoidance is an understandable coping strategy. If you have been desperately avoiding doing something you need/want to do, which scares the shit out of you, this could be the week where that avoidance strategy meets its expiry date.

These are the types of the transits that you know you will see play out in news headlines around the world, and the buzz around yesterday’s (SUNDAY’s) Golden Globes ceremony is a great example.

Remember that Jupiter entering Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 for its year-long transit (i.e. shining a mega spotlight on sexual secrets and abuses of power) correlated perfectly with when the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations emerged and when the #MeToo movement went viral (both within no more than 5 days of Jupiter’s ingress).

So when Mars conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio (exact last SATURDAY, Jan. 6th), on a global scale, we would expect to see another powerful, surging wave of this movement.

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes, but if you have been online today, it’s pretty hard to miss the ripples spreading out from this event. I thought a thorough analysis of this event would effectively flesh out the dynamics of these mega Scorpionic transits…

TIME’S UP NOW is an initiative that launched on January 1st, 2018 with a campaign to raise money for a legal defense fund that will provide support for those who have experienced sexual harassment and assault.

Time’s Up describes itself as “a unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere… TIME’S UP addresses the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential.”

In support of the Time’s Up campaign, most actresses wore all black to the Golden Globes ceremony and many were accompanied on the red carpet by activists who are doing important social justice work. Many of the award speeches featured powerful statements about womxn’s rights and the importance of speaking Truth to Power, especially when it comes to sexual harassment and assault.

At the time of the ceremony, the Moon was in Libra, building toward the Third Quarter Moon phase (exact today, MONDAY) squaring the Sun-Venus-Pluto triple conjunction in Capricorn.

The Libran Moon strengthens the Venus themes which are already so strong right now (Venus rules Libra).

Capricorn is a tough and powerfully enduring archetypal energy that overcomes barriers in order to achieve its goals. Sometimes, however, Capricorn can adopt too much of a “me against the world” perspective on life. Cap-types can become too narrowly-focused on their own individual pursuits as they aim for self-sufficient independence, and in doing so, they may create and contribute to the unjust social, political, and economic hierarchies in society.

While Capricorn can become overly preoccupied with climbing the ladder of success, Libra strives to get everyone climbing up society’s ladder at the same time, TOGETHER – so that no one is left behind (…while Pluto would probably knock the entire ladder down all together to level the playing field…).

As the campaign states:

“TIME’S UP on the imbalance of power. It’s time to fix it.”

Fixing imbalances? That’s Libra’s lifetime job.

As reported by Brooks Barnes and Cara Buckley for the NY Times:

So much Libra and so much Capricorn here! The goal is to bring everyone onto that platform of power.

If you’ve seen any of the news media you probably heard about Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement (fyi, lifetime achievement awards are very Capricornian).

Oprah’s birthchart is fascinating. As you can see she is quite a Venusian ground-breaking leader with a Libra mid-heaven (her career is built on – and expresses – Libran principles) and a beautiful Sun-Venus cazimi which imbues her core identity with Venusian, Libran energy. Interestingly Oprah has the same rare Sun-Venus aspect that was about to perfect by transit at the time of her speech!


Whereas it is Mars’ job to separate, to cut, to divide, to individualize… it is Venus’ (and Libra’s) job to connect, to unify, to bring together, to reconcile, to provide mutual support, to uphold healthy interdependence.

I know a number of Libra Suns. To be honest, many of them do not carry themselves with Libra’s effortless social skills and classy elegance that Venusian Oprah Winfrey so clearly has in abundance. And yet while these individuals in my life may come across awkward and shy, or even blunt and crass (I’m sure their full chart would reveal all personality influences), what I’ve noticed with all of them is that they all try very hard to be inclusive of others. They all seem to have finely tuned radars which immediately let them know when someone is feeling excluded or left out – they then move quickly to connect with that person in some capacity.

This can sometimes be a burden when taken to the extreme, but Venus’ and Libra’s beautiful gift, is to bring everyone into the centre of the group, making sure that no one is forgotten. Venus is associated with what we value in life – how we value ourselves and others.

Venus conjunct Pluto wants to transform your self-worth in the midst of facing your fears, wrestling with shame demons, and bringing shadow material into the light.

At the Golden Globes, Viola Davis spoke to this component of Venus’ symbolism…

Oprah’s great speech is also worth repeating in part here, because it speaks so well to her birth chart as well as to the current transits. Listen for that Third Quarter Libra Moon squaring the Venus-Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn:

[Excerpts from CNN’s transcript of Oprah’s speech with my added analysis..]

“I want to say that I value the press more than ever before as we try to navigate these complicated times, which brings me to this: what I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. And I’m especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. Each of us in this room are celebrated because of the stories that we tell, and this year we became the story.”

Mercury was squaring Chiron last SUNDAY, mirroring this statement about the importance of the press in publishing uncomfortable truths, and the power in publicly sharing the different injuries we have been dealt. Here we can see the obvious symbolism of womxn (Venus/Moon in Libra) speaking Truth to Power (Pluto in Capricorn).

The Sun is at the center of the Solar System, giving life to us all. Thus in astrology, the Sun is a very important player in the grand theatre of our lives. When the Sun is cazimi with another planet (i.e. they are tightly conjunct at the same degree), that planet is said to have “executive power”.

We are building to a Venus-Sun cazimi on TUESDAY, where Venus (the feminine principle) is seated on the throne with all the life-giving power and the ability to command attention to her needs and desires. This is reflected in Oprah’s speech – this year, womxn became the story.

Furthermore, as I pointed out earlier, Oprah has this Venus-Sun cazimi aspect in her own birth chart… and so what do we see at this time? Oprah seated on a thronei.e. at a podium accepting this lifetime achievement award as the first black woman to do so, with mic in hand and everyone hanging on her every word.

“But it’s not just a story affecting the entertainment industry. It’s one that transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics, or workplace. So I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they, like my mother, had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue. They’re the women whose names we’ll never know. They are domestic workers and farm workers. They are working in factories and they work in restaurants and they’re in academia, engineering, medicine, and science. They’re part of the world of tech and politics and business. They’re our athletes in the Olympics and they’re our soldiers in the military.”

Here the inclusive nature of Libra is obvious – both in Oprah’s natal chart and by transit. In her Aquarian/Libran way, she is reaching out – past culture, geography, race, religion, politics, workplace, and even back into time – to connect and unify, and bring womxn of all backgrounds onto a platform of power to be recognized and acknowledged (Capricorn).

“…For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. Their time is up.”

Capricorn and Saturn rule time. They also often symbolize traditional social systems of control and power. Saturn joined Pluto (the transformative death/rebirth planet) in Cap when it returned to its home sign of Capricorn on December 20th, 2017, after a ~29 year absence – meaning, the Time is Up for this patriarchal system.

Seriously, there could not be a more appropriate slogan for Saturn’s transit through Capricorn – Time’s Up Now!

“…In my career, what I’ve always tried my best to do, whether on television or through film, is to say something about how men and women really behave. To say how we experience shame, how we love and how we rage, how we fail, how we retreat, persevere and how we overcome. I’ve interviewed and portrayed people who’ve withstood some of the ugliest things life can throw at you, but the one quality all of them seem to share is an ability to maintain hope for a brighter morning, even during our darkest nights.

This powerful leader has Chiron conjunct the North Node in Capricorn in her birth chart, courageously leading us toward humanity’s most wounded territory in order to heal.

The current Venus-Sun-Pluto triple conjunction is occurring within 3 degrees of her Chiron-North Node conjunction, by the way, AND furthermore, in 2020, transformative Pluto will be transiting right over this sensitive point of destiny, evolution and growth. There is a rumour that Oprah is considering running for president… to usher in an era of deep, unifying, collective healing? Just putting it out there… 🙂

So I want all the girls watching here, now, to know that a new day is on the horizon! And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say “Me too” again.

I wrote earlier about how the # MeToo movement is quite Libran in nature in the way that it involved womxn connecting with each other based on shared experiences and struggles, and creating networks of mutual support among those who felt isolated and stigmatized by their secrets and stories of sexual assault. #MeToo went viral during the weekend when Venus entered into her home sign of Libra last October. However, many commented that #MeToo is only the beginning. The next question is Now What?

Venus conjunct the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn (the sign of long-term goals, hard work, power structures and endurance) is symbolic of the next level of Me Too; moving beyond awareness to action.

“TIME’S UP on the imbalance of power. It’s time to fix it.”

With this campaign slogan, Venus and Libra’s yearning for justice, equality, balance, fairness and unity, combines with the steely strength and determination of Capricorn, the almighty “fixer” and “leader” who will “fight hard” to ensure intention translates into tangible outcomes, come hell or high water.

As a planet prepares for a conjunction with the Sun, it is preparing to die and be reborn through the renewing life-giving center of the Sun, into a new cycle.

At the Golden Globes on Sunday, Venus (the sky’s feminine archetype) was preparing for its mega transformative rebirth early TUESDAY morning, alongside Pluto, the planet death and rebirth that speaks to power struggles and power exchanges – the surrendering of power, as well as the claiming of power.

As Oprah says, “I want all the girls watching here, now, to know that a new day is on the horizon!


In other words, the solar system’s feminine archetype is about to be reborn into new life cycle – a super charged Plutonian Venus cycle is on the horizon.

The triple conjunction is really the highlight of the week, but we aren’t done yet. On THURSDAY, Mercury will emerge from its retrograde shadow at 29° Sagittarius to enter Capricorn, joining a growing Cap stellium (when the Moon joins these planets next week for the New Moon in Capricorn, it will be a Cappy stellium of 6).

On SATURDAY Mercury slams into the wall of Saturn for the third time. During this time window from THURSDAY through the WEEKEND, there may be some difficult news received, a commitment or a big decision made, or the need to apply oneself to an important chore, task or deadline.

Also on SATURDAY, Venus in Cap will square Uranus in Aries while sextiling Chiron in Pisces. Unexpected financial and relational dynamics may occur which are initially jarring as they propel us out of our comfort zone, but ultimately these surprises may pave the way for some healing.

On SUNDAY, the Sun moves into the same aspects with Uranus and Chiron. So despite the sturdy Mercury-Saturn conjunction simultaneously taking place, the WEEKEND is hopping with erratic movement.

Hard aspects to Uranus create abrupt change, which can sometimes be stressful and cause anxiety even when change is welcoming in goodness. These transits can still feel chaotic.

If the WEEKEND brings a bit of stress and chaos, maybe these two perfect Uranian quotes (with a dose of Pluto) will keep your chin up!

I have a secret love of chaos. There should be more of it. Do not believe — and I am dead serious when I say this — do not assume that order and stability are always good, in a society or in a universe. The old, the ossified, must always give way to new life and the birth of new things. Before the new things can be born the old must perish. This is a dangerous realization, because it tells us that we must eventually part with much of what is familiar to us. And that hurts. But that is part of the script of life.”

“Unless we can psychologically accommodate change, we ourselves begin to die, inwardly. What I am saying is that objects, customs, habits, and ways of life must perish so that the authentic human being can live. And it is the authentic human being who matters most, the viable, elastic organism which can bounce back, absorb, and deal with the new.” (–Philip K. Dick)*

“The thing about chaos, is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent.” (–Christopher Poindexter)*

Be elastic and roar into this week!

Much love ❤


*thanks to Mystic Medusa and Kerrie Bradshaw for bringing these fantastic quotes to my attention.


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Hi! This is Me.

Astrologers are often quite wary of sharing their birth charts. Understandably so, since they are aware of the huge amount of personal information a chart can reveal.

However, I’ve basically shared all my key placements in my writing anyway… plus Mercury is currently transiting my natal Uranus and Mars, while the Mars-Jupiter conjunction is occurring RIGHT on my IC so… meh, why not! A measure of vulnerable exposure seems well aligned… although this post may not stay up forever!

Hi! This is me.

I use the tropical zodiac and a quadrant house system (Koch, generally), but I definitely give extra weight and consideration to the signs that rule the house cusps, regardless of where planet placements fall.

I am a Piscean mystic with a dark 8th House edge who thinks about death and the meaning of human existence probably more than is healthy 🙂

With my North Node in Taurus in the 9th House, getting out of my head and into my body, grounding myself through my senses in the present moment, establishing material and financial security, growing in confidence, and learning to trust my intuition and take leaps of faith, is my growing edge.

My favourite chart placement is my Sun and Mercury Rx cazimi. I think this placement provides me with a lot of interesting insights into the human psyche and the human condition.

My most challenging placements… well, there are so many that have caused me grief at some point. The quincunx between my rising and my Sun drives me crazy and makes it very difficult for me to express the Leo part of me, but overall I would say that the 10th House trio I have circled (and the aspects to them) are the most challenging for me – at least right now.

Within the public 10th House of career, reputation, social identity roles, and long-term goals and achievements, the expression of my Moon, Black Moon Lilith, and Chiron conjunct in Gemini, can be excruciatingly painful.

They are the apex of a Boomerang Yod aspect created by two quincunxes to Pluto and Neptune, and an opposition to Saturn. This trio is also part of my T-square with Jupiter and Saturn, and a leg of my Grand Square if I include Ceres, the asteroid.

The Moon symbolizes our emotional nature, our inner psyche, our subconscious, and our inner mother/inner child that both gives and seeks nurturing and safety.

Lilith symbolizes rebellious and wild, empowered independence and freedom, speaking authentic truth in the face of oppressive power, often from a place of exile.

Chiron symbolizes a deep wound that develops in our early years and follows us throughout our lives as we work to heal it. Through our own healing process, we learn how to powerfully support others with their own healing processes in this area.

I love the idea of astro-drama and experiential astrology, and I appreciate when an astrology author creates a dialogue between planets in order to more effectively convey the archetypes and how they relate to each other.

Therefore, in respect to my natal chart, if all three parts were to express their fears and desires directly to me as individualized characters, it might sound a bit like this…


“You must find a fulfilling career path that ignites your passion and resonates deeply with your soul!  “Nurture” the world by pouring out your heart in the public sphere through teaching, writing, public speaking, and counseling (*particularly on topics related to death, sex, trauma, and the human shadow, since the 10th/11th House rulers are in the 8th House).”

“Be vulnerable in the public eye. Be in relationship with humanity. Let your heart break for the world on a public stage. Welcome your emotions into your career path and your social identities. Weave your personal life experiences into your public life.”


Speak your truth and act on your truth in the public sphere, always. Even if it brings you judgement, disgrace, rejection and exclusion for challenging society’s mainstream norms.”

“Rebel fiercely against oppression and injustices. Stand up for what you believe in. Advocate on behalf of others. Be a shit-disturber. In your career, write and speak about taboo subjects that no one else wants to consider.”

“You probably will face multiple moments throughout the duration of your career and public roles where others will try to damage your reputation, undermine you, and try to shame and humiliate you for speaking uncomfortable truths or doing something differently, in a way that challenges status quo. But regardless, you must continue or else you risk suffocating your calling and disowning  a part of yourself by restricting my expression.”

“Follow your instincts and intuition. If you always listen to your authentic inner voice, you will always be free – even in exile. It ultimately doesn’t matter what people think, or if they like or approve of you – as long as you are being true to yourself.”


You carry the pain of early wounding related to your social identity and the way that others perceived you. You are haunted by a pervasive worry that you are incapable of surviving in the “real world” beyond the sheltered bubble that held your fears and sensitivity for so long. You felt judged, labelled, excluded, misunderstood, and “put in a box” as you called it, for having a childhood that was so different from the norm, and for the insecurities and inhibitions that masked your true self.”

“If you surrender to the residue of this pain and let it bind you, if you feel continually victimized and scarred in this area of your life as you experience that often paralyzing social anxiety, your capacity to transmute Chiron and access its latent gifts will be limited.”

“However, if you steadily persist in welcoming the origins of the wound into an accepting place of conscious self-awareness… if you continue to bring compassion to those parts of the younger you that still hurt… and if you turn toward the wound and embrace the particular gifts of empathy, wisdom and insight that only certain lived experiences can provide… your 10th House wounds will transform into an invaluable gift that you can contribute to the world through your public roles and career path.

The same applies to everyone’s Chiron placement. As Brennan Manning writes:

“In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others.”

“The catch is, however, that in order to fully transmute these Chiron wounds into something that offers deep healing to others, one must be honest and transparent about them.”

“It is the connection that forms through the recognition of our common wounding, our common human condition, that invokes the most potent healing magic.”


SATURN (to Moon, Lilith, and Chiron, whom it opposes):

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?! All of that is TERRIBLE advice.”

“The 10th House Moon wants exposed emotional vulnerability. Lilith wants action and truth-speaking that challenges the mainstream and provokes judgement and censure. And Chiron wants to bring deep pain and insecurity into the harsh, cruel public arena.”

“Brilliant combination! If you go through with this plan you’ll ruin her chances of a successful career, taint her reputation, and cause her some intense suffering throughout her life. Your delusional impracticality, emotional, idealistic naivety and brazen foolishness, will also likely leave her impoverished.”

“All three of you are idiots.”

I’m intervening on this issue and setting up some effective defense systems to protect her. As usual, it will be a Saturnian blend (and in some cases an alternating cycle) of complete social isolation (avoidance), and of endless striving and studious non-stop workaholic effort for society-approved, mainstream symbols of achievements and accomplishments (overcompensation) – particularly in the academic and research sphere since that will work well with Gemini’s natural inclinations.”

“Three university degrees, many scholarships and awards, a solid C.V., always holding multiple leadership roles and volunteer commitments at risk of burnout?”

“Perfect. Except for those occasional, unavoidable moments of disappointment, that should hide and protect the 10th House vulnerabilities.


Okay, I feel a little silly writing that piece of dialogue out, but I think writing out hypothetical interaction between “planets”, is a really effective way to demonstrate the inherent tension within a natal chart (i.e. a person’s psyche), as well as a way to facilitate the process of increasing self-awareness, achieving integration, and moving toward wholeness using the tool of astrology.

(This astrological perspective of the human psyche resonates strongly with a new method in psychology called Internal Family Systems (IFS))

Saturn means well. He has a terrible reputation in astrology, but ultimately he is trying to protect us – even if his efforts are misguided and detrimental.

As a component of our psyches, he tries his very best to build strong walls of ego defenses, boundaries, and effective fear-based avoidance strategies to prevent us from experiencing pain and suffering. He often programs overcompensation methods into our early conditioning to give us a fleeting sense of validation and/or reassurance in an area of life that feels vulnerable – a reliable (but usually an initially unfulfilling) “fix-it” strategy.

As you can see, I was born with Saturn in Sagittarius. I am 31 years old, which means that I have recently completed my 1st Saturn Return (i.e. the 2.5 – 3 year time span during which Saturn transits the sign it was in at a person’s birth).

Saturn left Sagittarius and moved into Capricorn on December 20th, 2017, marking the end of my Saturn Return that began on December 23rd, 2014.

The Saturn Return is an important transit that occurs about every ~29 years. It often stops you in your tracks and redirects you. It forces you to reflect on your life journey thus far, and assess whether or not you are aligned with your highest Self, your most resonate Truth. It can often be a difficult, but incredibly rewarding time, as you come to terms with certain realities and experience lessons through circumstantial limitations and consequences, which ultimately have the potential to cultivate a deeper and more secure sense of identity, purpose, meaning and direction.

We often begin our lives experiencing and expressing Saturn in a very restrictive, oppressive way.

When our Saturn Return comes around, we need to upgrade our understanding of Saturn. This is usually a time when all our Saturnian ego defenses, fear-based avoidance strategies, boundary issues, and overcompensation methods, disintegrate and are uncovered for the flimsy supports that they are.

This was absolutely the case in my experience.

It has been a humbling three years.

I don’t believe the infamous Saturn Return is necessarily “the worst transit ever” as it is feared to be. For many, there are other life transits which are much more challenging.

I have a number of theories about why some people experience more difficult Saturn Returns than others. Those whose Saturn Returns are accompanied by major aspects to multiple planets (especially personal planets), I would argue generally experience a more challenging journey.

During Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius, Saturn formed major aspects with almost ALL of my planets. It obviously conjoined my natal Saturn, and activated and re-emphasized natal aspects by opposing my Moon, squaring Jupiter, and trining Venus.

During its transit it also conjoined with my natal Uranus and Mars, and squared my Sun and Mercury (which were hit with 4 transiting Chiron conjunctions during my Saturn Return). The only planets Saturn did not form a major aspect with, were Pluto and Neptune – although it did form a square with transiting Neptune while in Sagittarius, which was also, of course, squaring my natal Saturn.

Now that Saturn has entered Capricorn following the disintegration of all my major ego-defenses, I continue to try and reintegrate that part of my psyche without falling back into unhelpful well-routed habits.

Saturn has the potential to be a stabilizing inner rock of support for that acutely sensitive 10th House trio – without suffocating and controlling them. Saturn, when expressed more wisely, can provide some healthy boundaries and deep inner strength and resilience to sustain the emotional receptivity and sensitivity I try to hide.

Our expression of Saturn’s inclination toward boundaries is often too harsh or too weak. I’m aiming for a solid middle ground.

(Honestly, as a Pisces and as someone with almost no Earth in my chart, THANK GOODNESS I have a strong Saturn, because otherwise grounding myself would be even more difficult.)

I have been simmering in Saturnian energies for a long time now. I’ve read every Saturn-related astrological text I could find. I have spent many, many hours reflecting and writing on this archetype and its symbolism, as well as its role in my life and in the lives of others. I believe understanding and working with Saturn within your chart is key to fully unlocking your life’s potential.

I am not one to call myself an expert on something, but I must say, I do feel like somewhat of a Saturn expert by now – one that is constantly still learning of course.

Lilith Rebellion has been a product of my Saturn Return. It has been almost a year of writing regular forecasts under the name of my alter ego, Lilith (how fitting for Moon/Lilith in Gemini, right?). Now I would really like to bring all my Saturn-related reflections into the 10th House public sphere.

I started writing my concluding blog post about my Saturn Return, as well as my reflections on Saturn’s upcoming transit through Capricorn and Aquarius. However, it soon became clear that I have way too much to share than could fit in a blog post.

I would like to write a brief e-book/workbook on Saturn – and charge money for it. Assigning monetary worth to my skills and what I have to contribute, is something I really struggle with (North Node in Taurus), but something I need to get better at.

I’ve spent the last 1.5 years of my Saturn Return unemployed and barely leaving the house as I dealt with some pretty immobilizing depression and anxiety. I am doing better now, and as a result, I am pressed to make some major career decisions. My life is in flux, currently.

In the coming weeks I may not have time to write the e-book. If I don’t, I will at least try write a blog post summary of what I have learned about Saturn through the houses, and share some of my reflections on how we can best utilize Saturn’s transits through its signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

As I wrestle with my complicated 10th House dynamics and try to work more productively with Saturn, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me through 2017.

How did I manage to connect with such lovely, encouraging, engaging people on these online platforms?

I appreciate you more than you could ever know.



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The Beginning is Near :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 1st – 7th

2018. Wow.

Me and New Years have an iffy relationship. I’m not a fan to be honest.

Probably because New Years feels like such a linear expression of time (i.e. those yearly calendar numbers just keep increasing), whereas I love the solstices and equinoxes because they highlight the cyclical aspects of time.

At any rate! Here we are. A time of reflections and resolutions. A big, emotional Cancer Super Moon is ready to welcome us over the threshold tonight (MONDAY).

The Beginning is Near.

The Full Moon is at 11° Cancer, creating a grand water trine with Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio. Opposite the Moon is the Sun in Capricorn of course, in a close conjunction with Venus and Black Moon Lilith (BML).

You’ll always see BML opposite a Super Full Moon since BML is the Moon’s hypothetical, furthest point of orbit (the Moon’s apogee), and a Super Moon occurs when the Moon is close to the nearest point of its orbit around Earth (the Moon’s perigee).

Together these angles between the planets involved in tonight’s Full Moon configuration create what is called a Kite aspect.

The Kite aspect is generally a positive one that applies some tension and friction to prompt us toward utilizing the gifts of the grand trine (which could otherwise be taken for granted).

The Sun, Venus and BML form the focal point of the Kite. This is where the swirling emotional energy is being funneled and where it wants to express and release itself.

A Cancer Full Moon calls us home.  It reminds us of the womb. It beckons us into that peaceful warmth of feeling safe, secure, comfortable, relaxed, valued and loved. It calls us into nourishment – of ourselves and our relationships. It asks us to send down roots.

Where is home for you? Who or what, makes you feel safe, secure, valued and loved? When does your soul vibrate with the resonance of achieving a fulfilling connection to something larger than you, something beyond you, someone outside of yourself?

Unfortunately, so many of us lack a strong sense of being “at home” in this world and we long for a deep sense of belonging.

The story of Lilith (of which this account is named after), is a story of not belonging. Of being rejected. Of being excluded. Of being an outcast.

But it is also a story of claiming one’s innate power, staying true to oneself, and creating belonging in exile.

With Lilith, Venus, and the Sun opposing this Cancer Full Moon in realistic, self-sufficient, hard-working Capricorn, our challenge is to create an oasis of belonging in the desert.

To build an inclusive home on the fringes. To unearth the deep, solid center within ourselves that is as intimately personal as it is transcendent.

Finding your center, your home, within yourself is like digging a hole in the ground, deep down through the core of the Earth – eventually you come out on the other side and realize that following your individual roots to their authentic source inevitably reconnects you with humanity in a more profound way than you ever thought possible.

I have been eagerly anticipating the recent publication of Toko-Pa’s book “Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home”. I have not read it yet, but here’s a relevant snippet from the book’s trailer:

“The absence of belonging is the great silent wound of our time… Most of us think of belonging as something that’s outside of ourselves; that if we keep diligently searching for it maybe one day we’ll find it. And yet some people spend a lifetime looking for it in vain. So I began to wonder, what if belonging isn’t a place at all, but a set of skills or competencies that we in modern times have lost or forgotten… What are those skills to which we can apprentice ourselves that we may restore our belonging in our own lives and in the world?” (~Toko-Pa)

Cultivating a sense of belonging, security and safety in an ever-shifting, volatile world… where the circumference of the privileged center squeezes tighter and tighter, forcing more and more people into the realms of exclusion, alienation, estrangement and exile… is a tough job.

But Capricorn is never one to shy away from a tough job. Caps are in it for the long haul.

This powerful Sun, Venus and Lilith conjunction in Capricorn opposing the Moon (a diverse chorus of womxn empowerment), is sharpening our home-building skills, our community cultivating capacities, our ability to lay a foundation of belonging.

Whether or not a sense of home greets your soul tonight, your journey has been blessed.

In addition to Toko-Pa’s book (which I have not read yet), I would also recommend a series of 7 conversations she recorded with amazing women on the topic of belonging. She discusses how we can cultivate belonging through myth, through ritual practices, through the body, through connection to the earth – through remembering what we have forgotten. You can find the recordings here.

The Sun’s sextile to Neptune which is present during the Full Moon, perfects on TUESDAY, imbuing the air with lingering fairy dust and imaginative fantasies… plus perhaps some confusion and uncertainty… while Mars squares the Nodal Axis, bringing its intensity to a life intersection that demands decisive action.

Odd combo, right? Well, to add to the mix, Uranus will Station Direct at 24 degrees Aries, completing its retrograde journey that it began on August 3rd, 2017.

Literally, Uranus is slow, but symbolically, Uranus is as fast as lightening. Whatever Uranus, a rebellious and unconventional planet, has been up to in your natal chart in the late degrees of Aries, you may experience a sudden jolt as this life content moves forward. You best hang on for the ride! Channel that anxiety into action and keep your feet on firm ground.

As of TUESDAY, ALL planets will be moving DIRECT. The green lights are beaming so exuberantly you may not know where to even begin as the momentum pummels you with a very clear, resounding, “LET’S GO!”

Venus is so close to the Sun right now. It’s energy is fading, but its wisdom is growing as it prepares for its rebirth next week when it fuses with the Sun through conjunction and then comes out the other side. Venus sextiles Neptune on WEDNESDAY, drawing out those thick perfume-y-smelling Neptunian vibes even further into the week.

Okay, now we have finally reached the weekend. And what a weekend it is.

Basically Friday – Wednesday next week will be supercharged with intensity (although the ripples will spread further in both directions).

Mars and Jupiter conjoin on SATURDAY in Scorpio (which Adam Elenbaas aptly referred to a Zeus on steroids). This pair will be sextiling a very rare Triple conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Pluto when they perfect their aspect in Capricorn on the following TUESDAY (January 9th).

This uber powerful Scorpionic energy will flood the weekend and into next week.

At the same time as the Mars – Jupiter conjunction over the weekend, Mercury will, for the third and last time in the last couple months, square Chiron while simultaneously trining (the newly Direct) Uranus.

Wounds, past baggage, limiting self-beliefs and childhood conditioning. Yup, we all have them, but as long as we don’t choose the aggressive defensive/protective approach, there is a real opportunity to gain some headway with a thorny issue.

Will this all be pleasant or uncomfortable? I don’t know. I just know it will be intense for many people from (at least) Friday to Wednesday – particularly so if you have personal planets or sensitive points, like myself, around 17-19 degrees Scorpio or Capricorn (and to a lesser extent, in any of the other fixed or cardinal signs at around these degrees).

The two powerhouse conjunctions could express themselves in a whole variety of ways in your life, but here are a few obvious keywords:

Competitive motivation; over-extending and over-indulging; big egos and psychological defenses at full throttle; confidence and strength; renewed courage to face fears; intense passion; physical assertion and aggression; mega energy boost; power and power struggles; explosive truth; secrets uncovered; sex and sexuality; womxn; relationships; conflicts; love; self-worth and values; money; and dramatic endings, rebirths and transformations.

I know the Triple Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction is part of next week’s weather, but if you want to gain some additional insight into this rare upcoming cosmic event, I highly recommend Astrologer Adam Elenbass’ interpretation of it in his recent Youtube video.

I can almost hear Saturn, having recently launched its transit through Capricorn (as of Dec. 20th) alongside Pluto’s ongoing Cap journey, bellowing: “The Beginning is Near”.

This image, by the Imaginary Foundation, perfectly expresses the symbolism of this 3+ year long transit. A world era is ending. Dying. Another chapter of humanity is being birthed.

If you follow astrology news, you may have heard it mentioned that the last time Saturn was in Capricorn, the Berlin wall fell (Nov. 9th, 1989); a significant historic event that symbolized the end of the Cold War.

As you can see, the chart for November 9th, 1989 is quite a unique and powerful chart with Uranus and Saturn in Capricorn, and Saturn exactly conjunct Neptune (dissolving walls, pushing back against oppressive authorities and rebuilding countries), opposite Jupiter in Cancer (reuniting a country and many families), widely sextiling Pluto and a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio (harnessing the transformative power of a Scorpionic rebirth after significant worldwide trauma with an event that made Mercurial headlines around the globe).

This month’s aspects do not have that same type of potency, although we have some similarities at play. The conjunctions of early January are short-lived, fast-moving transits, but rare and potent nevertheless. Remember that Saturn only recently entered Capricorn and life events that occur within the first couple days/weeks of an outer planet’s ingress, provide important clues for what is to come over the next three years.

What WILL, however, have the same potent power as the configurations that correlated with the end of the Cold War, is the quadruple Saturn-Pluto-Sun-Mercury conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn on January 12th, 2020… but that’s a story for another day 🙂

Sleep well, loves!

May you all remember yourselves home ❤



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