The Beginning is Near :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 1st – 7th

2018. Wow.

Me and New Years have an iffy relationship. I’m not a fan to be honest.

Probably because New Years feels like such a linear expression of time (i.e. those yearly calendar numbers just keep increasing), whereas I love the solstices and equinoxes because they highlight the cyclical aspects of time.

At any rate! Here we are. A time of reflections and resolutions. A big, emotional Cancer Super Moon is ready to welcome us over the threshold tonight (MONDAY).

The Beginning is Near.

The Full Moon is at 11° Cancer, creating a grand water trine with Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio. Opposite the Moon is the Sun in Capricorn of course, in a close conjunction with Venus and Black Moon Lilith (BML).

You’ll always see BML opposite a Super Full Moon since BML is the Moon’s hypothetical, furthest point of orbit (the Moon’s apogee), and a Super Moon occurs when the Moon is close to the nearest point of its orbit around Earth (the Moon’s perigee).

Together these angles between the planets involved in tonight’s Full Moon configuration create what is called a Kite aspect.

The Kite aspect is generally a positive one that applies some tension and friction to prompt us toward utilizing the gifts of the grand trine (which could otherwise be taken for granted).

The Sun, Venus and BML form the focal point of the Kite. This is where the swirling emotional energy is being funneled and where it wants to express and release itself.

A Cancer Full Moon calls us home.  It reminds us of the womb. It beckons us into that peaceful warmth of feeling safe, secure, comfortable, relaxed, valued and loved. It calls us into nourishment – of ourselves and our relationships. It asks us to send down roots.

Where is home for you? Who or what, makes you feel safe, secure, valued and loved? When does your soul vibrate with the resonance of achieving a fulfilling connection to something larger than you, something beyond you, someone outside of yourself?

Unfortunately, so many of us lack a strong sense of being “at home” in this world and we long for a deep sense of belonging.

The story of Lilith (of which this account is named after), is a story of not belonging. Of being rejected. Of being excluded. Of being an outcast.

But it is also a story of claiming one’s innate power, staying true to oneself, and creating belonging in exile.

With Lilith, Venus, and the Sun opposing this Cancer Full Moon in realistic, self-sufficient, hard-working Capricorn, our challenge is to create an oasis of belonging in the desert.

To build an inclusive home on the fringes. To unearth the deep, solid center within ourselves that is as intimately personal as it is transcendent.

Finding your center, your home, within yourself is like digging a hole in the ground, deep down through the core of the Earth – eventually you come out on the other side and realize that following your individual roots to their authentic source inevitably reconnects you with humanity in a more profound way than you ever thought possible.

I have been eagerly anticipating the recent publication of Toko-Pa’s book “Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home”. I have not read it yet, but here’s a relevant snippet from the book’s trailer:

“The absence of belonging is the great silent wound of our time… Most of us think of belonging as something that’s outside of ourselves; that if we keep diligently searching for it maybe one day we’ll find it. And yet some people spend a lifetime looking for it in vain. So I began to wonder, what if belonging isn’t a place at all, but a set of skills or competencies that we in modern times have lost or forgotten… What are those skills to which we can apprentice ourselves that we may restore our belonging in our own lives and in the world?” (~Toko-Pa)

Cultivating a sense of belonging, security and safety in an ever-shifting, volatile world… where the circumference of the privileged center squeezes tighter and tighter, forcing more and more people into the realms of exclusion, alienation, estrangement and exile… is a tough job.

But Capricorn is never one to shy away from a tough job. Caps are in it for the long haul.

This powerful Sun, Venus and Lilith conjunction in Capricorn opposing the Moon (a diverse chorus of womxn empowerment), is sharpening our home-building skills, our community cultivating capacities, our ability to lay a foundation of belonging.

Whether or not a sense of home greets your soul tonight, your journey has been blessed.

In addition to Toko-Pa’s book (which I have not read yet), I would also recommend a series of 7 conversations she recorded with amazing women on the topic of belonging. She discusses how we can cultivate belonging through myth, through ritual practices, through the body, through connection to the earth – through remembering what we have forgotten. You can find the recordings here.

The Sun’s sextile to Neptune which is present during the Full Moon, perfects on TUESDAY, imbuing the air with lingering fairy dust and imaginative fantasies… plus perhaps some confusion and uncertainty… while Mars squares the Nodal Axis, bringing its intensity to a life intersection that demands decisive action.

Odd combo, right? Well, to add to the mix, Uranus will Station Direct at 24 degrees Aries, completing its retrograde journey that it began on August 3rd, 2017.

Literally, Uranus is slow, but symbolically, Uranus is as fast as lightening. Whatever Uranus, a rebellious and unconventional planet, has been up to in your natal chart in the late degrees of Aries, you may experience a sudden jolt as this life content moves forward. You best hang on for the ride! Channel that anxiety into action and keep your feet on firm ground.

As of TUESDAY, ALL planets will be moving DIRECT. The green lights are beaming so exuberantly you may not know where to even begin as the momentum pummels you with a very clear, resounding, “LET’S GO!”

Venus is so close to the Sun right now. It’s energy is fading, but its wisdom is growing as it prepares for its rebirth next week when it fuses with the Sun through conjunction and then comes out the other side. Venus sextiles Neptune on WEDNESDAY, drawing out those thick perfume-y-smelling Neptunian vibes even further into the week.

Okay, now we have finally reached the weekend. And what a weekend it is.

Basically Friday – Wednesday next week will be supercharged with intensity (although the ripples will spread further in both directions).

Mars and Jupiter conjoin on SATURDAY in Scorpio (which Adam Elenbaas aptly referred to a Zeus on steroids). This pair will be sextiling a very rare Triple conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Pluto when they perfect their aspect in Capricorn on the following TUESDAY (January 9th).

This uber powerful Scorpionic energy will flood the weekend and into next week.

At the same time as the Mars – Jupiter conjunction over the weekend, Mercury will, for the third and last time in the last couple months, square Chiron while simultaneously trining (the newly Direct) Uranus.

Wounds, past baggage, limiting self-beliefs and childhood conditioning. Yup, we all have them, but as long as we don’t choose the aggressive defensive/protective approach, there is a real opportunity to gain some headway with a thorny issue.

Will this all be pleasant or uncomfortable? I don’t know. I just know it will be intense for many people from (at least) Friday to Wednesday – particularly so if you have personal planets or sensitive points, like myself, around 17-19 degrees Scorpio or Capricorn (and to a lesser extent, in any of the other fixed or cardinal signs at around these degrees).

The two powerhouse conjunctions could express themselves in a whole variety of ways in your life, but here are a few obvious keywords:

Competitive motivation; over-extending and over-indulging; big egos and psychological defenses at full throttle; confidence and strength; renewed courage to face fears; intense passion; physical assertion and aggression; mega energy boost; power and power struggles; explosive truth; secrets uncovered; sex and sexuality; womxn; relationships; conflicts; love; self-worth and values; money; and dramatic endings, rebirths and transformations.

I know the Triple Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction is part of next week’s weather, but if you want to gain some additional insight into this rare upcoming cosmic event, I highly recommend Astrologer Adam Elenbass’ interpretation of it in his recent Youtube video.

I can almost hear Saturn, having recently launched its transit through Capricorn (as of Dec. 20th) alongside Pluto’s ongoing Cap journey, bellowing: “The Beginning is Near”.

This image, by the Imaginary Foundation, perfectly expresses the symbolism of this 3+ year long transit. A world era is ending. Dying. Another chapter of humanity is being birthed.

If you follow astrology news, you may have heard it mentioned that the last time Saturn was in Capricorn, the Berlin wall fell (Nov. 9th, 1989); a significant historic event that symbolized the end of the Cold War.

As you can see, the chart for November 9th, 1989 is quite a unique and powerful chart with Uranus and Saturn in Capricorn, and Saturn exactly conjunct Neptune (dissolving walls, pushing back against oppressive authorities and rebuilding countries), opposite Jupiter in Cancer (reuniting a country and many families), widely sextiling Pluto and a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio (harnessing the transformative power of a Scorpionic rebirth after significant worldwide trauma with an event that made Mercurial headlines around the globe).

This month’s aspects do not have that same type of potency, although we have some similarities at play. The conjunctions of early January are short-lived, fast-moving transits, but rare and potent nevertheless. Remember that Saturn only recently entered Capricorn and life events that occur within the first couple days/weeks of an outer planet’s ingress, provide important clues for what is to come over the next three years.

What WILL, however, have the same potent power as the configurations that correlated with the end of the Cold War, is the quadruple Saturn-Pluto-Sun-Mercury conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn on January 12th, 2020… but that’s a story for another day 🙂

Sleep well, loves!

May you all remember yourselves home ❤



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  1. thank you! this was so great! some synchronicity for ya.. I was just looking at that same photo, the one with the guy looking over the wall/ “the beginning is near.” I was looking through my own feed and it really jumped out to me as something fitting for how I currently feel/see the world. especially with “the beginning is near” written on it.. I love that we’re on the same wave! thank you and bless you!

    1. Thanks for the kind feedback! I love synchronicity! And I have always loved that image, but it certainly seems quite fitting for the season at this particular time!

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