You Have Permission to… :: Cosmic Weather Forecast January 15th – 21st

In the last few days I have had meaningful conversations with older people in my life whom I look up to and respect, who have affirmed the tough decisions I have been tentatively holding. They explicitly “gave me permission” to move in the direction that is calling me.

These conversations have aligned with the Mercury-Saturn conjunction over the past weekend and Capricorn’s New Moon stellium occurring today (TUESDAY), both of which bring up themes regarding elders, wisdom, authority, respect, decisions, and authenticity.

Did I really need someone else to give me permission to do something I want to do and verbally affirm the internal truth emerging within me?

Well, no, I suppose not. But coming from people I trust, I really appreciated it. It can be very encouraging for someone to see what you already know about yourself, and then to echo it back to you in confirmation, allowing some of the hesitation and doubts to dissolve.

It can be really hard to make decisions that move against the grain, against the norm. It can be challenging to allow ourselves to relax into our true Self.

Brene Brown knows this. She began writing permission slips to herself when she was nervous for a big event. After having recently signed a permission slip for her daughter’s school trip, she decided that maybe she needed a permission slip as well. She spontaneously grabbed a Post-It note and wrote: “Permission to be excited and goofy and to have fun.”

Brene writes:

“It would be the first of hundreds of permission slips I would go on to write for myself. I still write them today and I teach everyone who will give me five minutes of their time the power of this intention-setting method. It totally works. But as with the permission slips you give your kids, they may have permission to go to the zoo, but they still need to get on the bus. Set the intention. Follow through. That day I got on the bus.”

“I didn’t realize it then, but looking back those permission slips to myself were actually an attempt to belong to myself and to no one else.” (~ Brene Brown)

That last sentence is key to unlocking the potential of this Capricorn New Moon and the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius on FRIDAY (traditionally, these are both signs ruled by Saturn).

Whether we have trusted mentors provide us with that extra boost of affirmation, validation and encouragement for something we already know to be true, or whether we write ourselves our own permission slips – tapping into our wise selves, our center of inner authority, will enable strong and sustained action at this cardinal new moon moment.

Capricorn often gets stereotyped as being overly traditional and stuck in rigid rules; upholding and investing in outdated forms of control and power. Capricorn-types are often perceived as being serious and pessimistic workaholics, always seeking to achieve, accomplish and conquer in order to prove to their worth and value to the world (or perhaps to partners, family, friends – and to fathers in particular).

This stereotype stems from Capricorn’s (and Saturn’s) acute awareness of the harsh realities of life. Capricorn deeply understands that within our current human embodiment, we live in a cause and effect material world. Sure, wonderful, unexpected magic can delightfully interrupt our life’s trajectory, but most days, money doesn’t grow on trees and genies don’t live in our back pocket, ready at a moment’s notice to grant us whatever we wish for.

In this cause and effect material world, just like gravity causes an apple to fall from the tree, Capricorn-types know that they need to make the necessary long-term and strategic investments of time, money, energy and skill, in order to get the results and outcomes they desire.

Therefore, because of this deep understanding and awareness of the material cause and effect world they are working with, Capricorn-types launch into this life with steely endurance – with a mission to master the world’s mechanics, to go to battle with the elements so to speak, and come out on top.

Because they tend to hit the ground running with this burning sense of “being on a mission” – to not only achieve something, but also to SURVIVE this harsh, competitive dog-eat-dog world – young Caps are trying to figure out what this mission and purpose might be as fast as they can. They often learn very early in life (through challenging circumstances or events) that basic safety and security cannot be taken for granted.

In our current-day society the first CLUES young Cap-types typically receive (like most of us do) is that life’s mission and purpose must have something to do with status, reputation, money, financial security, and gaining validation and approval from those authority figures that have “already won and made it to the top”.

Because of their acute awareness of physical and material realities, along with their deep sense of purpose, Capricorn/ Saturn-types are more vulnerable than most, to regular existential crises.

Eventually at some point (some earlier, some later), they look at reality – this transient, decaying world where all achievements and possessions inevitably crumble and disintegrate – and they ask: “Is that all there is? Is this it?”

Here we begin to see Capricorn emerge with its sea-goat tail as the zodiac’s wise mystic. Acute awareness of the world’s limits eventually propels one to seek the sacred, infinite ground on which this current reality is built. As we face terrifying suffocation by TIME, which destroys everything with its ravenous hunger… slowly, gradually, we may find we are able to touch a firm, stabilizing center of stillness in the midst of the whirlwind of human suffering.

From this centered place, connected to transcendence and infinity, what then do we do with our pressing urge to direct our will toward a fulfilling purpose?

Each one of us, as an infinite soul in human form, is part of this material, physical, cause and effect world. And each one of us has a unique set of innate strengths and abilities (as well as limitations).

To act in alignment with the world’s realities of time and space, is to express and fully manifest our unique set of potentialities during our lifespan, and build fulfilling life structures that synchronize with who we are – regardless of whatever society says we should be doing. This is an investment that is worthy of our determined effort, and one that will bring spiritual fulfillment.

A plant is aligned with its rightful purpose and proper action when it breaks open a seed and sprouts into a stem with roots and leaves.

A bird is aligned with its rightful purpose and proper action when it builds nests and soars through the sky.

A fire is aligned with its rightful purpose and proper action when it creates heat and flames.

And a human being is aligned with its rightful purpose and proper action when it expresses whatever potentialities are inherent in its being. Kate needs to be Kate, Peter needs to be Peter, and Laura needs to be Laura.

I’m sleepy and don’t know if I am making any sense any more, but I shall continue…

I never used to understand why, in traditional astrology, Saturn ruled Aquarius as well as Capricorn. Like, what?! Capricorn is all about traditions and rules and Aquarius is all about rebelling against tradition and rules, right? And yet, the more I understood this dual rulership, the more deeply I began to understand these two signs and realize that they had more in common than I had first thought.

In the Zodiac wheel Capricorn opposes Cancer (the sign ruled by the Moon) and Aquarius opposes Leo (the sign ruled by the Sun). Therefore, one could say that Capricorn and Aquarius oppose and confront the two celestial lights in astrology. As symbolized by this tense polarity, ruled by the dark, cold, planet of Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius both have OUTSIDER STATUS.

Capricorn reminds us of the limits of the material, physical plane, and Aquarius reminds us of the limits of what relationships and community can offer – we cannot escape the existential loneliness of being an individual human being.

Even the most radical, nofucksgiven, revolutionary Aquarian, often bears early wounds of feeling excluded – like an outsider, like they don’t fit in.

And yet, we NEED our outsider status, as much as we need inclusion. We benefit by acknowledging our limits, as much as we benefit by our continual growth and expansion in this life.

Capricorn values a solid life foundation and strong structures.

TUESDAY’S New Moon in Capricorn gives us permission to build wise and strategic structures in our life that address our practical needs while deeply, spiritually fulfilling us through an authentic expression of our unique personalities, preferences, and sense of purpose in the world.

Aquarius appreciates the differences among individuals which allow us to challenge each other toward growth and progress as a society.

The beginning of Aquarius Season on FRIDAY gives us permission to embrace all our weirdness, “to be completely uncool” (the words of one of Brene Brown’s permission slips). Aquarius Season gives us permission to harness everything that makes us different from other people and use it to contribute to society’s growth and progress as only we can.

Dig deep and find your inner authority this week. Own your power. Grab some Post-its and write out those permission slips if you have to. Let those external standards break. Discard the oppressive narratives that may have infiltrated your life stories. Shed those expectations that have been projected onto you.

Belong to yourself, loves.

Does this mean that it is okay to slack off and do nothing? Well, if that is what your truth is right now, then yes. Maybe you need to give yourself permission to do nothing!

However, claiming your inner authority does not mean that Saturnian traits of hard work and self-discipline go out the window – it means you apply these traits in service of your true nature and calling.

As any Capricorn-type knows so well, we still have the laws of cause and effect reality and a time and space-bound world to contend with.

This week, ask yourself: What are my important values, priorities, and goals in life? And among these, which ones are at the TOP? Rank them if you have to. This would be a fitting exercise for the week’s themes.

Compromises are inevitable in life. We cannot do it all, have it all, at the same time, all the time. Capricorn understands this deeply.

Most of us have multiple values, priorities and goals in life. And for many of us, we cannot invest into, or manifest, all of these at the same time simultaneously.

Big decisions and commitments are key words for Capricorn and Saturn. Here we see the theme of “limits” again – making a decision between two choices in a Time-bound world, limits you to one choice and plan of action.

The toughest decisions I have ever had to make are those where at least two of my values, priorities, and goals were in direct conflict with each other.

I had to decide what and where I was willing to compromise (at least for the short-term), by acting on what my highest priority was, with the insight I had at that moment in time.

With SIX celestial bodies in Capricorn right now, we all may be faced with some big decisions that pit two priorities against each other.

Get clear on your priorities, determine where you are prepared to compromise (or not) in the short-term (or the long-term), and then “feel the fear and do it anyway”, as Susan Jeffers has said.

On the same day as the New Moon (TUESDAY), Jupiter (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn). This is a powerfully expansive and transformative aspect that we will see play out three times this year (again on April 14th and September 12th).

On WEDNESDAY, Venus leaps ahead of the Sun to greet Aquarius, encouraging us all to value the world’s diversity and unite together to support collective growth.

In effect all throughout this week (perfecting on THURSDAY), Mars trines Chiron, sending a surge of motivation and strength to an area of life that feels weak and vulnerable, while Mercury moves into a sextile with Neptune on FRIDAY, bringing inspiration and creativity to our thoughts and conversations.

Your efforts to move through your fear in order to achieve profound personal (and collective) growth and development, are incredibly well supported right now.

If we are nervous or anxious about something we want to do, it may never feel comfortable. If we decide to wait until it feels comfortable and easy (and we feel 150% prepared), we may never do it.

Beyond the nervousness, fear and anxiety, if you sense at your core that a decision or course of action aligns with your true Self, then harness that steely Capricornian determination, give yourself permission, and then follow through and step out.



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