Navigating Empathy, Boundaries, & Compassionate Action :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for February 26th – March 4th

The watery Piscean trend continues this week with 5 celestial bodies in the sign of the two fishes (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron). If you haven’t gotten enough of these deep feels, you’re in luck! There’s plenty more to come in the next 7 days.

The highlights of the week include the Full Moon in Virgo on WEDNESDAY, and the rare triple conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Chiron occurring at Venus’ exaltation degree in Pisces on SUNDAY – the same day that the Sun conjoins with Neptune.

Circle SUNDAY, March 4th on your calendar. This is a unique line-up of transits which could correlate with a deeply emotional relational event, or a significant internal shift (especially if you have personal planets or points in the late degrees of the mutable signs – Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius).

As I mentioned earlier, my chart is Pisces-heavy with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Pisces, along with some strong Neptunian aspects. It is a little strange to see all the super emotional ‘Pisces Season’ posts all over my feed these days! I find I get a strong reaction to them. Like, seriously?! Pisces is really that emotional and sensitive? OMG… AM I THAT EMOTIONAL AND SENSITIVE?? Because honestly, as a Pisces native, I’m not sure life feels anymore emotionally intense (or confusing) for me than usual!

And as I also mentioned previously, I struggle to embrace my Piscean nature – probably due to it being the cusp of my 8th House.

Emotions are fascinating to me at an intellectual level (p.s. I have a Gemini Moon). Like, what are emotions exactly? A mixture of biochemical neurotransmitters + thoughts + physiological reactions or sensations? What does it really mean on a biological level when emotions get “stuck” and “suppressed” in our body? Neuroscientists have trouble fully explaining the miracle and mystery of emotions.

What about empathy? That ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and truly feel what they are feeling? How does that work?

Have you ever wondered why yawns are weirdly contagious or why babies learn through imitating adult facial expressions? Although this area is still under research development, scientists have asserted that we have mirror neurons” in our brain that recognize the actions of others, prompting similar actions of our own. These mirror neurons activate the same parts of our brain that are activated when we are actually doing the action ourselves.

Scientists have extended this concept of mirror neurons to also explain the emotional experience of empathy. When we empathize with someone’s distress, this activates our brain in ways that make us feel the distress directly, as if we were literally in the other person’s situation.

Do Pisces folks have more active mirror neurons than others? Ha, that would be an interesting research study!

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is said to contain a piece of each of the 11 preceding signs. Pisces is widely known for its sensitivity, receptivity, empathy, and its fluid ability to shape-shift in different environments, “mirroring” those around them.

In this way Pisces’ true identity is often nebulous, mysterious, and hard to pin down. This can be just as frustrating for the Pisces searching for a solid sense of Self, as it is for those around them! As a result, confidence, self-assertion, and self-esteem do not always come easily for this sign (along with its 12th House friends).

Their empathetic “mirroring” ability can be a gift, if used wisely. Piscean presence can make people feel safe, seen, and truly heard. And that is a powerful offering indeed.

The capacity for empathy can backfire, however. When this capacity is not well cared for, its receptivity can sink a Pisces – and those around them.

If you are constantly experiencing everyone else’s pain and suffering as if it were your own, it makes sense you’d eventually reach pain-level capacity, right? This is the problem with empathy as we typically conceptualize it.

Personally I’ve hit this point, as I’m sure many of you have. Specifically in early 2016, I remember within a few weeks I had gone from crying at every awful news story, and feeling the pain of my friends deep in my bones, and wanting to help and support everyone I could… to feeling… nothing. 

This lasted for over a year. A year of feeling numb. It was incredibly disconcerting to not feel any emotional reaction to external events and other people’s pain. I’ve labelled my experience depression, but people have also used words like compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burn-out.

Experiencing other people’s distress as if it were your own can jump-start your survival instincts into “fight or fight anxiety”, and then eventually into the “shut-down and numb” mode – as if it was YOU who was facing a threat in some way. This is unproductive in that it doesn’t typically lead to calm and wise action. And yet it is understandable that this often happens given the state of our collective wellbeing, our phobia of intense emotions, our unprocessed traumas, and dysregulated nervous systems.

Personally my individual “baseline” state of emotional and psychological wellness was pretty skewed to begin with at that time, so it was inevitable that without taking some time for healing, I would eventually max out on my capacity to empathize and support others.

Pisces are not the only ones at risk of an empathic process undermining compassionate and productive action. We all have mirror neurons, and we all are swimming through thick Piscean waters this week.

Here’s some excellent advice for Pisces Season and for anyone with a heavy dose of blurry-boundaries-Pisces in their birth charts:

When resonance literally becomes mirroring, when we confuse me with you, then objectivity is lost. Resonance requires that we remain differentiated – that we know who we are – while also becoming linked. We let our own internal states be influenced by, but not become identical with, those of the other person.” ~ Dr. Dan Siegel

For Pisces, a sign associated with divine infinite oneness which blurs the boundaries of an individual self, this is a challenging task – but not an impossible one when one has the right tools and resources. Regulating our emotions and our nervous systems through our senses is one such tool that reminds us of our physical boundaries – and you can read more about this in a previous blog post I wrote.

Luke Dani Blue from Seagoat Astrology created a great video aimed at Pisces activists, which addresses some of Pisces’ strengths and challenges…

I recommend checking out their Youtube channel, which is full of similar videos – short and sweet with sharp insights that are right on point.

They advise Pisces to use their gifts to help others spiritually rejuvenate and re-energize themselves (such as through sharing meditative and reflective practices, etc.):

It’s actually really important to bring people’s stress levels down and you [Pisces] know that. You know that one of the ways that these kinds of political stresses that have been going on this year affect people the most negatively, is psychologically. Share that piece that you carry around inside of you with others.”

“Your burn-out factor Pisces, on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is – could keep going forever and 10 is – going to burn out in a second, you are either a 0 or a 10. You guys can be the fastest to burn out because you might have really high ideals about a situation and then get really disappointed almost immediately because people never live up to our highest hopes. Or, if you’re moving from a place of love and really thinking of yourself as a channeling force for healing, you can go forever, because that’s your spiritual practice.” (~Luke Dani Blue)

I’m taking this advice seriously! Practice mindfulness so as to not allow your sense of self to become completely enmeshed with your transient emotions or thoughts – or those of others. Maintain a broad perspective and try to resist an emotional spiral down toward your navel. Find a sense of connectedness to others, to a spiritual source, that will keep you expanding outward, rather than collapsing in upon yourself. Ideally we don’t want to become so emotionally overwhelmed that we reach burn-out and cannot take compassionate action – especially during a week like this one…

Up until SUNDAY when they conjoin, Mercury is chasing Venus all week. Together, they will activate one of the year’s major transformative aspects – the Jupiter-Pluto sextile.

Venus will tap into Pluto’s powers with a sextile on TUESDAY, followed quickly by Mercury on THURSDAY.

Venus and Mercury are both planets of connection and exchange. In Pisces, they are seeking a connection which surpasses the limits of time, language and separate identity. As they join forces with the transformative catalyst of Pluto, our modes of relating with others – and with ourselves – acquire deeper honesty and intimacy.

Buried secrets may find a channel to the surface. Forgiveness and reconciliation may come more easily this week, but so too, there is the potential to bid farewell to a chapter of one’s life and unleash suppressed grief as we are reminded of past wounds.

In the midst of this Pluto action, on WEDNESDAY Mercury repeats Venus’ action over the past weekend by squaring Mars in Sagittarius. Sandwiched by Pluto’s transformative energy, these two contribute some added aggravation or frustration as our conversations (with ourselves or others) try to deliver Truth with emotional sensitivity and compassion.

Rash words could fly and we may self-inflict with negative self-talk or cut others with our communications. Pisces’ tendency is to withdraw from conflict, but this bold martial square is propelling you forward. Assert yourself with calm courage and say what needs to be said, but don’t hastily burn bridges you’ll regret.

THURSDAY is a busy day, cosmically speaking, with the Mercury-Pluto sextile occurring as I mentioned, and Venus perfecting its water trine to Jupiter as we reach the Full Moon in Virgo.

The Full Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury (which is currently busy, intensely dancing with other planetary heavy-weights in Pisces). It occurs with the Sun moving into a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This means that while the Virgo Moon may attempt to achieve discernment and clarity through diligent effort, Virgo’s steady, consistent rhythm may feel wildly out of sync with the rest of the cosmic orchestra… which is playing a dramatic and impassioned piece of opera.

Venus’ water trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, imitated by Mercury on FRIDAY, coaxes intuitive sensibilities out of the most practical and rational. It could align with moments of inspiration and elation, or overwhelming floods of feels bubbling to the surface. This aspect indicates a desire to expand and an “urge to merge”… with what though? With an experience or sensation? With another person? With your artistic process? With the web of universal energy?

Ride the waves, but check in with some anchors every now and again to keep yourself safely grounded and regulated. Practice mindfulness simply by making a point to notice 5 new things about your changing environments as you move through life. Walk around outside in nature. Stay hydrated. Get sleep. Eat regular meals. Remind yourself to breath and keep your exhales long and slow.

This week’s Virgo Moon wants you to maintain your health in the midst of this week’s swirling seas.

This week’s Piscean operatic drama reaches it’s peak on SUNDAY with the remarkable number of coinciding transits I mentioned earlier. The Venus-Mercury-Chiron triple conjunction will sextile Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, while the Sun fuses with Neptune.

What was happening in your life back in mid-April 2017? This was when the Venus retrograde ended with a pivot at 27 degrees Pisces – similarly right on top of Chiron at Venus’ exaltation degree. This was a very potent, healing, and sometimes excruciating, Venus retrograde for many of you. At 27 degrees Pisces, Venus is said to be operating at full power – a power charged with a unconditional love that surpasses all human and time-based limitations and barriers.

It was quite significant to have Venus station direct conjunct Chiron at her exaltation degree in April 2017, and it is again quite significant to see Venus meet up with Mercury and Chiron at this same degree. Therefore, I think it is possible that there could be some echoes of last year’s conjunction bleeding into this week.

There are so many pieces to unpack here… with the triple conjunction there is something painful that has emerged, but there is also a desire to connect, to communicate, to reconcile in the midst of the hurt.

Venus seeks unity and Mercury seeks an conversational exchange. With the Sun together with Neptune, we may be perceiving a bigger picture, a larger narrative, the timeless infinity that holds the human experience. From the point of view of this broader, spiritual perspective, our priorities may change. Interpersonal barriers and tension may dissolve… or illusions may shatter as we realize the true nature of a relationship or situation.

The triple Venus-Mercury-Chiron conjunction sextiling Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, adds even more complexity to this potency. BML is an angry energy, an archetype that feels deeply that searing pain of rejection and betrayal – and yet simultaneously is a courageous figure speaking bold truths and seeking justice and liberation of those oppressed.

How does Lilith interact with the rest of SUNDAY’s cosmic weather? Lilith is one who holds her ground. While Pisces may be willing to compromise anything for the sake of peace and idealistic harmony, Lilith is present to ensure we navigate these waters with a firm assertive hand on the wheel.


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