Don’t Mistake Rigidity for Strength :: Cosmic Weather for March 12th – 18th

This week will chase Mars into Capricorn.

However, before it does so, on SATURDAY, Mars may propel us through a crisis of truth, faith and belief, in the final degrees of Sagittarius.

I will never underestimate the potency of the last degrees of a zodiac sign – particularly the 29th degree, called the anaretic degree (or crisis degree). These are areas of heightened tension that can provoke impulsive behavior and reactions, or correlate with a tricky decision and torturous second-guessing.

Sagittarius at its worst is a soap-box preacher pointing you to heaven, or to hell. As Mars’ volatility activates the sensitive final degrees of Sagittarius this week, while squaring Chiron in Pisces, we may be wondering what is true, and what is not. We may be engaged in an aggressive war of opinions. We may find ourselves misunderstood. We may face a challenge to our belief system, our faith and our hope. We may be struggling to trust in ourselves and find the confidence to launch something new.

Although the Mars-Chiron square is exact on WEDNESDAY, it could reach its peak on SATURDAY when the New Moon in Pisces is seeded right next to Chiron, strengthening its square with Mars. With Uranus, Mercury and Venus in Mars’ sign of Aries right now, Mars’ activity is highly influential within the cosmic dance of the solar system.

Meanwhile the Saturn square continues with Venus, repeating Mercury’s previous confrontation with the cosmic taskmaster on TUESDAY. During Aries season we will have a series of successive squares to both Saturn and Pluto, both of whom are currently creeping along in Aries’ earthy cardinal cousin – Capricorn. The series of squares has now commenced.

When Venus, the planet of pleasure, romance, and beauty is touched by Saturn’s cold gaze, reminding us of where there is work still to be done, we may feel more serious than usual, more critical, more hesitant, and more strategic with an eye to long-term longevity. We may assess our relational commitments carefully; investing and withdrawing where necessary.

Difficult Saturn aspects at their worst, make us rigid, white-knuckled, burdened and bent by the weight of world that we strive to brace ourselves against. Saturn, sometimes harshly, re-acquaints us with the limits of time, the limits of freedom, the limits of relationships, and the limits and consequences of our choices.

And yet, as we move through this week’s transits, involving a potentially dogmatic, truth-wielding Mars in Sag and a stern Venus-Saturn square, do not mistake rigidity for strength.

Remember: “the wind does not break a tree that bends” (Sukuma proverb). Do not defend and brace yourself – against others, against the unknown, against your own fears – so aggressively that you snap… like a tree in the wind.

Be gentle and kind – with yourself and with others, while finding both the freedom and the boundaries you need.

Take a chance and stretch upward toward new horizons. And yet stay flexible, and stay rooted.

This week, like all weeks, offers benefic boons alongside its irritants. On TUESDAY, accompanying the Venus-Saturn square, the Sun will create a mystical water trine with Jupiter, recently retrograde. In Pisces and Scorpio respectively, this Sun-Jupiter trine, an aspect generally known for its outward exuberance and optimism, may take on a more somber and reflective emotional tone today as it pulls us into these deep waters.

TUESDAY is an ideal day to intentionally and deliberately tap into your inner strength.

Not in a showy way – not in a way that needs validation from anyone else or is driven by a need to prove oneself and compensate for an insecurity, but in a way that melts the protective resistance around your inner core. In way that causes you to quietly soften with relief and a gentle smile into the truth you knew was always there, waiting for you – your value is immeasurable. Touch the infinite ground of your being today and know your worth deeply.

When pain emerges for you (as Tara Brach suggests), before you dismiss it, put your hand on your heart and tell yourself: “I care about your suffering.”

Whatever it is, and for whatever reason it exists, the suffering is real. And you can meet it with compassion.

On WEDNESDAY as Mars squares Chiron, the Moon will be passing over the South Node – a spiritual point of release and letting go of attachments and all that is holding us back.

The South Node is currently in Aquarius and Aquarius likes to experiment. Personal growth, creating change, engaging in the cyclical work of healing, is tough stuff. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. Take the edge off something new by framing it as a time-limited “experiment”; something you’re “trying out” for a while to see if it works.

After 8 years in Pisces, Chiron will shift into Aries later this year. With Mars being the ruler of Aries, this square aspect feels a bit like a preview of what is to come. We may be challenged to assert ourselves in new ways, or to step toward greater independence and brave action. Can you breath into an area of tightness, resistance and fear until it begins to loosen its grip?

Mercury will trine the North Node in Leo on FRIDAY, and Venus will follow suite on SUNDAY. These are fire trines, with Leo and Aries at play. The North Node in Leo beckons us toward the rediscovery and cultivation of joy, passion, creativity, and confidence. With a lovely trine at work, this growth may come with ease. Listen for synchronistic whispers of opportunity over the WEEKEND – and then take action.

SATURDAY’S New Moon in Pisces is emotionally prickly. It occurs less than two degrees away Chiron while being squared by Mars, which at that moment, will be teetering on the very EDGE of Sagittarius, just Out of Bounds, and nearly in Capricorn.

Planets are Out of Bounds when they are beyond the border of the Sun’s yearly path of travel (the ecliptic) with a declination of more than +/- 23°26’ (North or South). Out of reach outside of the Sun’s domain, Out of Bound planets have a mind of their own. An Out of Bound Mars is more reckless, more unpredictable, more intense, more driven by impulse and instinct. Mars will be Out of Bounds from SATURDAY March 17th – April 7th.

Traditionally, both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter – meaning the New Moon related activations in Pisces and Sagittarius will ultimately lead us back to Jupiter’s journey in our charts, according to sign and house theme. Jupiter, of course, is currently in Scorpio, the sign of shadows and metamorphosis, moving retrograde and stirring up the mud on the bottom of our psyches.

Thankfully Jupiter’s earlier trine still holds throughout the weekend, lending some emotional support, and yet this New Moon feels edgy in more ways than one. If you have personal planets or sensitive points in the last degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Virgo) you may feel this week’s transits, and this New Moon, more acutely.

Chiron wounds typically have origins that date far back into your history. Chiron wounds are old wounds. Whatever comes up for you, its path may have been etched deeply through time.

We heal wounds in layers, in cycles, in spiraling nonlinear loops. We can return to the same wounds again and again, without the frustration of “why am I still dealing with this?!”, but rather with a tenderness and a patient kindness for the hurting parts of our being.

“I care about your suffering,” you might say again to yourself or another, gently.

On SUNDAY, the Sun completes its conjunction to Chiron in Pisces and Venus trines the North Node. SUNDAY feels relationally important. Even when we are at our most vulnerable and hurt, we can find a balm within the mystical, magical interplay of human connection.

I have now had 4 exact Chiron conjunctions to my natal Sun and Mercury in the last few years. All of them were accompanied by tears and turmoil – and all of them also correlated with significant events that touched me deeply and brought me closer and closer to my inner Truth as I redefined my identity and moved through a process of re-emergence and reconnection.

Don’t shrink back, don’t withdraw unnecessarily.

May healing find you today.

May hope find you today.

May love find you today.

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Venus in Aries :: Happy Day to all Womxn Warriors.

May you keep courageously storming the gates of patriarchy, capitalism, and all intersecting systems of oppression – and may you also seek and find shelter when you need it, without shame.

May we all be liberated to unleash the fullness of our authentic essence in this world.

#adaylate #internationalwomxnsday #ihaveconflictedfeelingsaboutspecialcalendardays

Have you seen Fleassy Malay’s viral spoken word poem filmed for International Womxn’s Day? If not, you can check it out here.

Posted on social media Sunday, March 11th:

Today the Mercury-Saturn square and Cap Moon has us feeling under pressure and perhaps facing a difficult task, while the Mars and Uranus fire trine is feeding our impulsivity. Simultaneously the Sun is sextiling Pluto, beckoning us toward deeper self-examination.

Because of the capitalistic system we exist in and its idolization of “productivity”, procrastination (or a seeming lack of self-discipline or work ethic), has been framed as one of the worst sins of humanity.

It isn’t.

But admittedly it is understandably frustrating when you need to work on something – or part of you really WANTS to work on something – and yet you are finding it difficult to harness the motivation.

Social media is typically my primary procrastination tool and it amazes me that most of the time, after a long period of pointless scrolling, I realize that I can’t even consciously remember picking up my phone in the first place.

I sigh, and put my phone down, turning to the task at hand once again… and then half an hour later I “come to” and realize I’m scrolling mindlessly again! Argh.

When procrastination becomes this compulsive I begin to suspect that I’m probably up against something bigger than just simply not wanting to do a not-fun task.

I’ve been trying to practice the art of mindfully “pausing – ideally at the moment I catch myself reaching for my phone or a social media window.

Like, literally saying it out loud to get my conscious thinking brain online. Stop! Pause! And then… check in… what am I feeling right now?

Oftentimes I discover that beneath the mindless numbing of my chosen distraction, there is anxiety, fear, or the unwillingness to feel another uncomfortable emotion.

Sometimes the reasons for our procrastination are a lot deeper than we initially think.

We may dismiss it as laziness and beat ourselves up for not being more productive, but… “avoidance” is classic protective mechanism (and a hallmark symptom of anxiety).

What are we protecting ourselves against?

For example, a university student who compulsively procrastinates studying might have a childhood history of being shamed and humiliated for their academic efforts.

Without their conscious awareness, their limbic brain now identifies all forms of studying as a “threat” (because of its risk for social judgement and rejection), and thus upcoming deadlines activate a physiological anxiety response which is so uncomfortable, they immediately reach for a distraction to alleviate the discomfort.

An artist who procrastinates making art may become frustrated because this is supposed to be their passion! Perhaps beneath the procrastination there is a deep-rooted fear that they are a fraud, or that their art will be seen as having no value. And then to go further, what’s at the root of that fear story?

I find it really helpful (and humbling) to admit that on some level I am often feeling a lot of fear when I am in “procrastination mode”, or even emotional pain and sadness.

Procrastination mode can hide these intense emotions, so it isn’t always easy to recognize this. When I procrastinate I am not often aware of the anxiety. I just feel checked-out, numb, lazy.

When we are able to catch ourselves and pause before reaching for the choice procrastination tool or distraction, when we are able to take a few seconds to check in and ask ourselves what we are really feeling right now, can we stay present with that feeling? Can we sit there and allow ourselves to feel that restlessness, that tension, that nausea – without reaching for something to numb it away?

Those feelings of discomfort won’t kill you. The more we can increase our capacity to withstand, to even welcome, difficult emotions and sensations, the more we liberate our ability to consciously control how we direct and focus our attention.

Honestly, one of my biggest goals for the year is to increase my capacity to tolerate, welcome, and stay present with, uncomfortable and even painful, emotions and sensations – without drowning in them, shutting down or trying to escape them…

…which may sound like a strange goal, but a low distress tolerance is what leads to a wide variety of coping strategies and avoidance behaviors – many of which have detrimental impacts.

Basically I want to get better at self-regulating my emotions and my nervous system.

It is an invaluable skillset worth a creative investment.

Viktor E. Frankl wrote: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Perhaps a mindful pause and internal check-in will not always lead to a redirection of attention, but overtime with practice (which literally rewires our brain), that mindful pause can increase in length, creating more space for the activation of our power to choose our response.

With the Sun sextiling Pluto today we are invited to dig deep into that pause. What’s beneath our avoidance strategy? Is it something we can stay present with? Even just a little bit? Can we move with the emotion or uncomfortable sensation? Can we dance with it? Walk with it? Shake with it? Until it runs its natural course?

Take small steps forward. Setting small, realistic goals will give your brain a nice hit of dopamine chemicals when you achieve them, thereby motivating further progress.🔥



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Contraction & Expansion :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 5th – 11th

Image: Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons

Holy, BRAIN FOG. Seriously, all that Neptune-Pisces-Chiron-Scorpio-Moon energy needs to dissipate so I can think properly.

And it will, thank goodness. Mercury and Venus leave Pisces to enter Aries on TUESDAY, bringing courage and a straightforward directness to our conversations and our close relationships. This Mars-ruled sign wants you to get fired up and inspired about what you really, really want and how you are going to get it.

Impulsive decisions, obnoxious competitiveness, and verbal exchanges that combust into flame in seconds, are a risk with these transits. But thankfully these liabilities are balanced out by Aries’ capacity to effectively handle crises, to bounce back from disappointments, and to happily let go of a disagreement as soon as the fun of fighting gets old.

For the next couple weeks we will have 3 personal planets in fire signs (Mercury and Venus in Aries, and Mars in Sagittarius), but don’t forget that the Sun is still hanging out in Pisces for a while yet.

We’ll be working with a fire-water mix… which are clearly not the most compatible of elements. I can attest to this personally as someone with a lot of strong fire and water in my birth chart.

A fire-water mix can look like a lot of spontaneous leaping forward with exuberance and naive eagerness to connect, to share, to take action… and then just as quickly, retreating to a more protected position where one can safely sink into their emotional depths.

Try to avoid acting rashly without thinking, but don’t get immobilized with second-guessing and self-doubt.

Mercury will enter its Pre-Retrograde Shadow on THURSDAY at 4 degrees Aries, and will Station Retrograde on March 22nd. The Pre-Retrograde Shadow period begins at the degree where Mercury will eventually pivot and Station Direct (on April 15th).

There’s no need for extra precautions at this point, but be aware that the Mercurial terrain you are traveling from now until March 22nd, will likely be getting a thoughtful review in the future when Mercury traverses this area of your chart twice more.

FRIDAY arrives with the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, squaring the Sun in Pisces. Two mutable signs; one fire, the other water. Both of these signs are associated with faith, spirituality, and a transcendent Truth.

We are currently half-way through Pisces Season. As we reach this moment of friction and tension before we relax into the Balsamic Moon phase in preparation for the upcoming Pisces New Moon, what attachments might you need to let go of? In what ways might the material world be holding you back from surrendering to the magic that arrives when one loosens their grip?

Also on FRIDAY, we will have Jupiter Stationing Retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio. This great, big, expansive planet is turning around and moving backward for the next 4 months until it Stations Direct on July 10th at 13 degrees Scorpio.

Interestingly Jupiter will Station Retrograde at the same degree (almost to the minute) where Mars Stationed Direct back on June 29th 2016. Thus there could be some correlations between these two dates in some way.

When a planet happens to do something important on the exact same degree that another planet did something important previously, there is a type of symbolic relationship between the two cosmic events. These types of synchronicities are relatively rare given the 360 degrees of the zodiac planets have to work with , but when they do occur, it seems as though the Universe is trying to make a point.

Each degree of the zodiac has inherent symbolism and meaning, and I believe that each degree, each microscopic cell of the zodiac, holds the energetic imprint of past transits (or life events).

Even on an individual level, for example, if you have the opportunity to get to know your birth chart intimately and regularly track your transits through the zodiac wheel, you will begin to notice consistent types of internal or external themes showing up in your life when a certain degree (particularly those aligning with angles and planets) is activated by transit. Our birth charts themselves, contain memories and imprints within each degree.

Life is cumulative at the same time it is cyclical – meaning, you will likely not experience the same event twice, but there may be a noticeable resonance and thematic similarity between the time around June 29th 2016 when Mars Stationed Direct, and this upcoming FRIDAY, March 9th, when Jupiter Stations Retrograde.

A planet’s pivot point is very potent and leaves a noticeable footprint in its wake.

I have been thinking about how Jupiter symbolizes expansion, growth, flourishing, a proliferation… and then how, in contrast, a Jupiter Retrograde period would appear to be a type of “contraction. Within the trauma recovery and health/wellness realms I am familiar with, the language of “contraction” often has a strongly negative connotation.

Contraction is often associated with shame, feeling small, insecure, repressed, withdrawn, isolated, stuck, congested, imprisoned by fear, clinging to coping habits, filled with anxiety, a prolonged fight/flight/freeze response, and wrangled by psychosomatic pain symptoms and tense muscles.

If we were to association retrogrades with periods of contraction, then similarly we can see how we often perceive these cosmic movements in a negative light (especially Mercury Retrogrades).

And yet… perhaps there could be a more positive expression of “contraction”?

Before writing a post I sometimes wander about on the internet aimlessly for awhile, plugging in keywords and searching for inspiration. When Googling “contraction and expansion” I came across Eva Pierrakos’ lecture on this topic. It was such a beautiful description of this symbiotic movement of pulsation, and so exquisitely on point for Jupiter’s retrograde period, that I had to share an excerpt for FRIDAY’s reflection.

Eva wonderfully differentiates negative forms of contraction from more positive forms. Her lecture is a challenge to us to welcome a retrograde as a positive form of contraction…

You imagine that contraction is negative, bad, while expansion is positive and good. While this may be true on certain levels, it is not true in itself.

Contraction is negative when there is a tight holding back, a cramp, a refusal to flow and give out. This form of it is very familiar to you. It is a seeking of safety through isolation and separateness. It is a movement reaching inward that is motivated by fear, distrust, ungivingness, and false ideas about what is safe and what is not safe. It contains itself in one’s own inner world, but not for the purpose of bringing out the riches of the inner world so as to spread them out, as is the case with positive contraction, but rather in a refusal to move, reach, love, trust, and give out.

Contraction in its positive form has a beautiful, beautiful meaning. It is an in-gathering of all the forces; what has occurred in the expanded state is being gathered back into the self. It is being digested, assimilated. It means reaching into the depths of your infinite divine reality to bring out the treasures of the deepest aspects of the self.

Expanding means letting this flow out into the world, but to be able to do so, positive contraction must occur first. Expansion means gathering the riches of divine creation in the inner universe and then bringing them into the outer universe. Contraction means gathering the riches of the outer universe and then bringing them into the inner.

…In positive contraction you gather from without, like a wave that rolls back into itself, so as to reach in and bring out, only to move outward again. This is the ever-present pulsation of life, to be found in all creation, in every creative process. Nothing can be created without the threefold interaction of the expanding, contracting and static principles, be it a small object of the simplest form, or the creation of worlds and universes, material or spiritual realities.

… If you believe contraction is bad, you will experience only its negative facets and will fail to see that these very manifestations you consider negative have a tremendous meaning and sense, most necessary and beneficial for you and, indeed, most positive.

You lose sight of its regenerative, benign nature and meaning. The same is true, in reverse, for the expanding principle: you seldom recognize in a negative aggression the negative manifestation of the expansive movement.

…If you do not fully give yourself, in the most positive spirit, to the contraction of one aspect of your personality, the expanding on the other level cannot be wholesome.

…Contraction is as necessary as expansion. It is part of the pulsatory movement that infiltrates all of life. Without this, creation cannot exist. I invite you, my friends, to sense deeply into yourselves, where and when and how is your contraction part of your creative process, how can you encourage it, and how you can then utilize it for the next expanding movement. Sense in yourself how both create, and are necessary to unfold your innermost being. You want to bring out your innermost being, for it is the ultimate reality.”

~ Eva Pierrakos

Where is Jupiter transiting Scorpio in your chart? As this grandiose planet makes its pivot in the sign of shadows, deep healing and transformation, it is time to digest and assimilate all the processes of personal growth we have been embarking on as of last October. Re-assess your beliefs, worldviews, and ethics. Embrace this process of in-gathering. By revisiting previous life terrain, retrograde cycles bring us to deeper levels of insight and healing.

A retrograde period is an inhale. Draw the outer into yourself. In those hidden shadowy realms, you will find the regeneration you seek.

We have further opportunity to practice this symbiotic movement toward both contraction and expansion on SUNDAY when Mercury squares Saturn as Mars makes a fire trine with Uranus, and the Sun sextiles Pluto.

Mercury square Saturn may give us deadlines, mental structures, serious conversations, limitation and contraction – along with a strong sense of purpose and direction for the day.

Meanwhile Mars trine Uranus beckons us toward freedom, toward outrageous liberation – an energized catapult toward the wacky, weird, and brilliant expression of individuality. This is an aspect of expansion.

The Sun in Pisces sextiling Pluto in Capricorn, harnesses the complementary spiritual energies of these two signs to deepen our reflective processes and heighten our self-awareness. This transit feels like both a contraction and an expansion.

Send your nets deep down into the water, and then pull them up onto the beach so you can discern what should be kept, and what should be discarded. Don’t be afraid of doing some heavy lifting over the weekend.


I don’t always get posts up on all platforms at once! The following posts were posted on Instagram this past week..

At the time of your Solar Return (i.e. your birthday – when the Sun returns to the same place in your natal chart where it was when you were born), as it is with all transits, all aspects and house and sign themes that involve your Sun will be activated (or “triggered”) at that time.

This unfortunately means, that if your Sun is challenged with a number of tense and difficult astro characteristics, unless there are other compensatory transits occurring simultaneously, you may find yourself struggling to “celebrate” your birthday in good cheer.

This is understandable.

And honestly this kinda makes me want to move my birthday “celebration” to another day – a day where the Sun lands on a more auspicious degree in my natal wheel…

I have a history of truly wretched birthdays.

My Sun is in Pisces in the 8th House, quincunx my Leo Ascendant, tightly squaring my Mars and Uranus conjunction.

The 8th House is many things. One could say it is in the 8th House where we meet with impermanence, with chaos, with loss, with human fragility, with surrender, with the element of uncertainty that we can never, ever control, despite our best attempts. The 8th House is a hidden, seething, powerhouse of raw energy – energy “which cannot be created or destroyed…only changed from one form to another” (~Einstein), through an act of alchemy.

From this, springs its associations with emotional intensity, death, traumas, corrosive secrets and shadows, inheritances (of all types), toxic legacies, the supernatural, the vulnerability of sexual intimacy, money (as a form of energy necessary for living on this planet), power dynamics/struggles, shared resources, fear – and transformation.

The tough type of transformation. The type of transformation that takes you to the edge of what you can think you can handle… and then sends you catapulting into the air so you can discover your wings and find your freedom. The 8th House paradox – face fears & release control to access your power. Easier said then done.

When planets start wandering through my 8th House, it is UNCOMFORTABLE to say the least. Like this weekend, with Venus and Mercury traipsing through my 8th House territory.

–>Side Note: Crucial Forecasting Tip for Budding Astrologers…

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Sun? Jupiter transiting the natal Moon? Venus conjunct natal Jupiter? Open up your Time Passages app or google any typical description of these aspects and you’ll get something that sounds lovely and deliciously fortuitous. I’m continually working on deprogramming these standard descriptions from my consciousness when working on individual charts because they interfere with my intuition and the sacred skill of astrology, which is the ability to synthesize all the many puzzle pieces into a coherent and meaningful whole.

One must always, always, contextualize the current transit. How does THIS individual person experience this natal placement on a day-to-day basis (considering all aspect/house/sign factors)? Okay, now what might happen when this natal placement is activated by this transit?

Anyway, back to birthdays… my 32nd birthday is coming up and I would prefer to avoid another disaster and despairing vortex.

If you are an 8th House Sun person, how do you like to pay homage to the anniversary of your birth?

Having my 8th House activated tends to make me quite anti-social – especially because it contains the ruler of my Leo ascendant (the Sun), thus highlighting the awkward incongruence between the social energy of Leo and my core identity. This is not conducive to celebrating a birthday with other people. I’m reflecting on how to lean into the 8th House territory, rather than fighting it by trying to make my birthday something it is not.

I’m not feeling particularly creative at the moment. The only thing I’ve come up with so far is that I really want to watch The Departure, a newly released documentary available on iTunes. Ha, maybe I’ll save that for my birthday? Here’s the synopsis:

Ittetsu Nemoto, a former punk-turned-Buddhist-priest in Japan, has made a career out of helping suicidal people find reasons to live. But this work has come increasingly at the cost of his own family and health, as he refuses to draw lines between his patients and himself. The Departure captures Nemoto at a crossroads, when his growing self-destructive tendencies lead him to confront the same question his patients ask him: what makes life worth living?”

In an interview with the director Lana Wilson, she is quoted as saying:

“Nemoto knows, and I’m sure anyone who works in suicide prevention or as a social worker or therapist knows, you can never “save” someone else, Nemoto looks at it as more like, “We’re saving each other here.” I think that’s what makes him so unique, how he’s saying, “I’m exactly like you, in fact, I need help. I’m seeking the answers to these questions too. Can you help me?

“…I think his method is totally dependent on the person he is with. The other thing that I think is one big idea that binds his work together, is this idea of meeting people where they are and going through a process with them in which they find meaning in their life. One of my favorite moments in the film is when a woman says, “I’m trying to find the meaning of my life. Shouldn’t there be a meaning?” Nemoto says, “Well, I don’t know. Does a river have a meaning?”

“It’s a beautiful and comforting idea, that there is no secret meaning we need to discover. But you want one, Nemoto has created this process that is a way of creating your own meaning, together, even if it comes from the smallest thing, like wanting to see the cherry blossoms next year. The small moments, that is exactly the idea, that by the end of the film you’re feeling that those small moments, like the feeling of the sun against your face, those experiential sensual moments, that is the meaning of our lives. That’s what it’s all about.” (~ Lana Wilson)

If you are familiar with 8th House themes, you know that this documentary is super resonate on many levels. It also reminds me a bit of my last post – I was very surprised and intrigued that the previous post [below] about “Housework as a Spiritual Practice” would garner so many responses [on Instagram], and I’ve been trying to narrow in on why… perhaps we are all seeking support to actively create meaning in life’s small moments, by imbuing the mundane everyday with a taste of the sacred?

I would love to hear your birthday experiences, especially in relation to the astrological position of your Sun! ❤

Posted March 1st, on Instagram/FB…

Today I came across an article titled: “The Art of Cleaning: Housework as a Spiritual Practice“, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. It is a beautiful example of the Pisces-Virgo polarity, which is activated right now with the Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces. This is where the mundane meets with the sacred. Also, I would bet money the main author has some strong Virgo in his chart…


“At this time I find it more and more important to have outer activities that can connect us to what is more natural and help us live in relationship to the deep root of our being, and in an awareness of the moment which alone can give real meaning to our everyday existence. Over the years I have developed a number of simple practices that bring together action and a quality of mindfulness, or deepening awareness, that can nourish our lives in hidden ways.

These activities, like mindful walking, cooking with love and attention, can reconnect us with the web of life, our natural interconnection with life in its beauty and wonder. They can help us “declutter” our outer life and instead become rooted in what is simple and real. One of these practices, which combines action with mindfulness, is cleaning.

The art of cleaning is a simple spiritual activity that is often overlooked. The image of the monk sweeping the courtyard has a deep significance, because without the practice of cleaning there can be no empty space, no space for a deep communion with the sacred. Outer and inner cleaning belong to the foundation of spiritual practice, and as the monk’s broom touches the ground, it has a particular relationship to the Earth. We need to create a sacred space in order to live in relationship to the sacred within ourselves and within creation.

In today’s busy life cleaning one’s home is often considered a chore. We may spend time and energy (and expensive products) in our daily ritual bathing, but the simple art of cleaning our living space is rarely given precedence. Our culture calls to us to use products that will kill all of the “germs” that surround us, products that are often more toxic than the germs, but do we give attention, mindfulness, to caring for the space in which we live? Are we fully present with our brush or vacuum cleaner?

Once I realized that everything is part of one living whole, that nothing is separate, I understood how everything needs care and attention. I bring this feeling and awareness into my cleaning. Cleaning a table, dusting a shelf, I give attention and love, because everything responds to love and care—not just people, or animals, or plants, but everything. I feel strongly that just as I should have only what I need, I should have only what I can look after, love, and care for.

It is a simple recognition of the sacred that is present within everything, and a way to live from the heart in everyday life. Maybe, having been brought up in a family without love or care, I feel this need especially strongly, but I sense that it comes from a deeper knowing of how everything is part of the fabric of love—that creation is woven out of love. And so when I clean I am also looking after, caring for, what is around me, knowing that it too needs to be loved.

Our present culture teaches us to accumulate, but not how to make empty. But for real spiritual work in the inner and outer worlds, in order to give space to the divine, in order to return to the sacred, we need to practice a certain purification in our daily lives. We learn to eat consciously, to be attentive to our outer environment, to sweep our courtyard. We also need to learn how to clean our house, both physically and inwardly. Just as we need to learn to empty our mind in meditation, to clear away the clutter of unnecessary thoughts, so do we need to consciously clean our living space. Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming with attention, we bring a certain awareness to the ground of our being. This has to do with respect for our environment.” (~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee)

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The Piscean-Neptunian Signatures of the 2018 Academy Award Nominees

So… I totally procrastinated today and avoided what I was supposed to be working on by researching the astrology of the 10 Academy Award nominees for best actor/actress in a leading role… which is determined tonight in Los Angeles, California.

One of the Piscean associations that is rarely mentioned, is the sign’s symbolic resonance with the film industry. Pisces is the sign of illusion and fantasy so this is clearly a natural fit, right?

For example, movies spin magnificent, immersive stories that allow us to “escape” our everyday lives and be transported to another place, another time – as Pisces so loves to do. Movies also activate our brain’s mirror neurons by compelling us to deeply empathize and connect with the characters – a very Piscean quality. When the film’s characters laugh, we laugh. When they cry, we cry…

If the acting is skillful, that is.

Earlier today I was thinking about the Academy Awards happening tonight, and it occurred to me that actors would likely benefit from having some strong Pisces or Neptunian aspects in their birth charts.

The ability to blur the boundaries of the separate ego and surrender to another reality, another identity, is often considered a vulnerability of Pisces placements and Neptune aspects because these influences can erode a solid and confident sense of self and create confusion. However, for an actor this capacity would clearly be a strength and an asset in their profession since it would allow them to transcend the limitations of their own ego, and deeply merge with the identity of the character they were trying to play, to the extent that they may “lose themselves” to the role.

After reflecting on this, here is the research question I articulated:

What are the Piscean-Neptunian astro signatures among the 10 Academy Award nominees for best actor/actress in a leading role? (if any)

Of course, not every actor in the film industry would necessarily have a Piscean-Neptunian signature in their birth chart because 1) many in the film industry have found success using assets that do not necessarily include solid acting skills, let’s be real, and 2) there are other potential signifiers in a chart that could correlate with strong acting ability and diverse creative expression (e.g. Leo, Gemini, 5th House placements, etc.).

Furthermore, not everyone with strong Piscean-Neptunian astro signatures will be a natural at acting. The whole chart needs to be taken into consideration. Pisces considered alone, for example, can be a more shy and introverted type of expression that would want to avoid the public professional arena of acting.

And yet… I hypothesized that among the nominees for tonight’s award show, given the acknowledged caliber of their acting ability, their birth charts would likely contain strong Pisces placements or notable aspects with Neptune.

A few notes on my methods…

I was only able to access exact birth times for 3 out of 10 nominees. Otherwise I used only their birth date and location. This is quite limiting since I don’t know if Pisces or Neptune are located on an important angle, which would give these energies greater prominence, but regardless, I cast their charts with a default Aries Ascendant to see what I would find.

I was primarily looking for any of the 5 personal planets/luminaries in Pisces (i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), or any of the 5 major aspects (conjuction, square, opposition, trine, sextile) between Neptune and a personal planet.

I have bolded the relevant aspects in my results section below, but I also reference the other aspects that Neptune makes for your interest. Neptune’s aspects to outer planets, or outer planet placements in Pisces, were not as interesting to me since they are not as influential on an individual level. Outer planets move very slowly and are captured in the birth charts of everyone born around the same time period.

Okay, enough preamble, here’s a summary of my analysis:

  • Each of the 10 nominees have at least one major aspect between Neptune and a personal planet, or a personal planet placed in Pisces (important Piscean-Neptunian contacts might increase if I was able to adjust the charts according to their birth times)
  • 8/10 either have Mars in Pisces, or a major aspect between Mars and Neptune
  • 5/10 have a major aspect between the Sun and Neptune
  • 4/10 either have Moon in Pisces, or a major aspect between the Moon and Neptune
  • 3/10 have a major aspect between Mercury and Neptune

Overall, this level of Piscean and Neptunian influences is what I expected to see, but I must admit that I was surprised to see so many Piscean-Neptunian contacts with Mars – more than I found with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury!! 8 out of 10 nominees?!

A quick review of planetary symbolism:

The Sun speak to our conscious, purpose-driven self seeking to externally manifest its creative essence. The Moon speaks to our internal emotional sphere, and how we soothe and care for ourselves and for others. Venus speaks to what we find beautiful and valuable, and how we then attract it and connect with others. Mercury symbolizes our thinking, learning, communicating brains.

And Mars? Mars is like our pure, undiluted energy source. Our fuel for life. Our engine. Mars speaks to what motivates us, how we take action toward our desires, how we assert ourselves, and how we express our sexuality, our passion, as well as our anger.

The power of our Mars can be harnessed by the other planetary bodies to fulfill their needs, but when isolated, I conceptualize Mars in simple terms as the raw energy that underlies everything we do.

I’m mostly brainstorming out loud right now… I will have to reflect on these prominent Mars contacts with Neptune and Pisces for a while longer, but it seems to me that for a complete immersion into the identity of a fictional character, perhaps it would be the most vital for an actor to be able to transform the expression of their energy at the ground level – through their Mars.

Of course, the Sun, Moon, and Mercury having access to Piscean-Neptunian qualities, would also benefit an actor.

What are your thoughts??

Below I’ve included the charts of all the nominees with the relevant astro highlighted. For fun – and for those of you who are astro nerds – I’ve also included a summary of the transits they are experiencing around the time of the awards show on March 4th.

Remember too, especially if you decide to watch the ceremony, that today we have the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and a triple conjunction between Venus, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces. These are significant transits and we can often see the symbolism of important astro show up in obvious ways during highly publicized events or ceremonies such as this. Check out my previous weekly forecast for a more detailed reflection on the meaning of these transits occurring today.

The 5 nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role are…

Sally Hawkins (April 27, 1976, London), nominated best actress for ‘The Shape of Water’ – Neptune in Sagittarius

  • Neptune trine Moon in Aries (2 deg orb)


Sally Hawkin’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Sun square natal Neptune (March 3rd)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) trine natal Saturn (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) sextile natal Mercury (March 4th)
  • Saturn trine natal Jupiter (March 4th)
  • Mars trine natal Venus (March 6th)
  • Chiron sextile natal Mercury (March 8th)


Frances McDormand (June 23, 1957, Illinois), nominated best actress for ‘Three Billboards’ – Neptune in Libra

  • Neptune square Mars in Leo (out of sign, 1 deg orb)
  • Neptune trine Sun in Cancer (out of sign, 2 deg orb)
  • Neptune square Venus in Cancer (9 deg orb)
  • Neptune at the 29th degree, sextile Pluto, square Uranus, trine BML, opposite Pallas and Juno


Frances McDormand’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Progressed Moon leaves Cancer and enters Leo (February 19th)
  • Progressed Moon square Progressed Neptune (February 26th)
  • Mercury & Venus opposite natal Jupiter (March 1st, 2nd)
  • Mars square natal Jupiter (March 6th)


Margot Robbie (July 2, 1990, Dalby, Australia), nominated best actress for ‘I, Tonya’ – Neptune in Capricorn

  • Neptune opposite Sun & Mercury conjunction in Cancer (4 deg orb)
  • Neptune sextile Moon in Scorpio (9 deg orb)
  • Neptune opposite Chiron, trine Vesta, sextile Juno, sextile Pluto


Margot Robbie’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Venus & Mercury sextile natal Saturn (March 1st & 2nd)
  • Saturn conjunct natal Uranus (March 3rd)
  • Sun sextile natal Neptune (March 3rd)
  • Mars trine natal Mars (March 5th)
  • Sun trine natal Pluto (March 5th)
  • Sun trine natal Chiron (March 8th)
  • She is currently experiencing her Saturn Return (although she won’t have the exact conjunction until next year)


Saoirse Ronan (April 12, 1994, New York), nominated best actress for ‘Lady Bird’ – Neptune in Capricorn

  • Mars in Pisces (the dispositor of her Aries Sun & Mercury)
  • Neptune square Sun in Aries (1 deg orb)
  • Saturn in Pisces
  • Neptune sextile North Node, square Juno, trine Ceres


Saoirse Ronan’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Mars trine natal Sun (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) trine natal Pluto (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus conjunct natal Mars (March 5th)


Meryl Streep (June 22, 1949, 8:05 am, New Jersey), nominated best actress for ‘The Post’ – Neptune in Libra

  • Neptune trine Mars in Gemini (4 deg orb)
  • Neptune trine Mercury in Gemini (2 deg orb)
  • Neptune in the 3rd House, quincunx Moon, sextile Pluto, square Juno

Meryl Streep’s major transits around March 4th include…

  • North Node conjunct natal Pluto (February 20th)
  • Sun sextile natal Moon (March 4th)
  • Mars trine natal North Node (March 6th)
  • Mercury sextile natal Jupiter, square natal Sun, square natal Uranus (March 6th)

The 5 Nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role are…

Daniel Kaluuya (May 8th, 1989, London), nominated best actor for ‘Get Out’ – Neptune in Capricorn

  • Neptune opposite Mars in Cancer (6 deg orb)
  • Neptune trine Sun in Taurus (5 deg orb)
  • North Node in Pisces
  • Neptune sextile Pluto, trine Ceres, square BML, quincunx Jupiter

Daniel Kaluuya’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • He is currently experiencing his 1st Saturn Return (the exact conjunction will be next year)
  • Sun square natal Jupiter (March 1st)
  • Sun sextile natal Neptune (March 2nd)
  • Venus sextile natal Venus (March 4th)
  • Sun trine natal Pluto (March 4th)
  • Sun sextile natal Saturn (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) sextile natal Venus (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) square natal Moon (March 5th)
  • Solar Arc Mercury conjunct natal Chiron (March 10th)


Gary Oldman (March 21, 1958, possible 10:56 am birth time, London), nominated best actor for ‘Darkest Hour’ – Neptune in Scorpio

  • Neptune square Mars in Aquarius (1 deg orb)
  • Midheaven in Pisces
  • Neptune in the 4th/5th house, square Uranus, conjunct North Node

Gary Oldman’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Progressed Moon square Progress Mars (February 20th)
  • Sun conjunct MC (March 1st)
  • Venus & Mercury (& Chiron) square Saturn (March 3rd)
  • Sun trine Ascendant (March 3rd)
  • Mercury & Venus conjunct natal Sun (March 6th)


Denzel Washington (December 28, 1954, 12:09 am birth time, New York), nominated best actor for ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’ – Neptune in Libra

  • Mars in Pisces
  • Neptune in the 1st House (the apex of a tight t-square with Uranus, Jupiter, and Chiron), sextile Pluto

Denzel Washington’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Jupiter conjunct natal Venus (March 1st)
  • Chiron trine natal Jupiter (March 2nd)
  • Chiron sextile natal Chiron (March 3rd)
  • Saturn conjunct natal Mercury (March 3rd)
  • Venus & Mercury (& Chiron) trine natal Uranus, trine natal Jupiter, & sextile natal Chiron (March 3rd, 4th)
  • Saturn square natal Ascendant (March 4th)
  • Sun conjunct natal Mars (March 7th)
  • Sun trine natal Saturn (March 8th)


Timothee Chalamet (Dec. 26th, 1995, Manhattan), nominated best actor for ‘Call Me by Your Name’ – Neptune in Capricorn

  • Neptune conjunct Mars in Capricorn (4 deg orb)
  • Moon in Pisces
  • Neptune conjunct Mercury in Capricorn (2 deg orb)
  • Saturn in Pisces (the dispositor of his Capricorn Mars & Mercury)
  • Neptune conjunct Juno, conjunct Uranus, square Nodal axis, square Pallas


Timothee Chalamet’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Progressed Venus sextile Progressed Jupiter (February 14th)
  • Progressed Moon square natal Saturn (February 19th)
  • Venus & Mercury sextile natal Neptune (March 2nd, 3rd)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) square natal Jupiter (March 5th)
  • Mercury & Venus trine natal Pluto (March 7th, 8th)


Daniel Day-Lewis (April 29, 1957, London), nominated best actor for ‘Phantom Thread’ – Neptune in Scorpio

  • Neptune trine Mars in Gemini (out of sign – 5 deg orb)
  • Neptune opposite Sun in Taurus (8 deg orb)
  • Neptune opposite Moon in Taurus (1 deg orb)
  • Neptune square Uranus, sextile Pluto

Daniel Day-Lewis major transits around March 4th include:

  • Venus & Mercury opposite natal Jupiter (Feb. 28th, March 1st)
  • Sun sextile natal Venus, square natal Saturn (March 3rd)
  • Venus & Mercury (& Chiron) square natal Mars (March 4th)
  • Mars square natal Jupiter (March 4th)
  • Progressed Moon conjunct natal Venus (March 19th)


Phew… that was a lot of research and detailed work with planets, aspects, and degrees. I cannot guarantee a typo-less assessment of these 10 charts (especially on a Sun conjunct Neptune day??), but hopefully I somehow accessed some Virgo skills to get all these details sorted!


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