How do you like your eggs? :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 26 – April 1st

The first major aspect this week is a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries on WEDNESDAY. Uranus-related transits always make themselves blatantly obvious in my life. Maybe someday I’ll share some of these stories, but in the meantime, watch for surprises, an unexpected change of plans, or some unconventional, unusual developments related to the realms of relationships, finances, art or appearance. On WEDNESDAY, a feminine energy in an impulsive yang sign, is making a break for freedom.

We’ve been dealing with a number of squares between Capricorn planets, and Aries planets over the past couple weeks, and we will continue to be working with these dynamics for a while yet. Continue reading “How do you like your eggs? :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 26 – April 1st”

Aries Equinox, Parting the Red Sea :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 19th – 25th

I love when an analogy arrives, unbidden, and lands so perfectly, so accurately, on the meaning and symbolism I’m trying to access.

When reflecting on the beginning of Aries Season and the Aries equinox, the scene that I couldn’t get out of my head was from the biblical story of Moses parting the red sea so that he and the rescued slaves could cross to the other side and escape their captors. Have you perchance seen the 1998 animated film, The Prince of Egypt? The film illustrates this scene very effectively.

I think the imagery of this mythic story is quite apt for the beginning of Aries Season (occurring at 1:15 ADT on TUESDAY). Continue reading “Aries Equinox, Parting the Red Sea :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 19th – 25th”

Don’t Mistake Rigidity for Strength :: Cosmic Weather for March 12th – 18th

This week will chase Mars into Capricorn.

However, before it does so, on SATURDAY, Mars may propel us through a crisis of truth, faith and belief, in the final degrees of Sagittarius.

I will never underestimate the potency of the last degrees of a zodiac sign – particularly the 29th degree, called the anaretic degree (or crisis degree). These are areas of heightened tension that can provoke impulsive behavior and reactions, or correlate with a tricky decision and torturous second-guessing.

Sagittarius at its worst is a soap-box preacher pointing you to heaven, or to hell. As Mars’ volatility activates the sensitive final degrees of Sagittarius this week, while squaring Chiron in Pisces, we may be wondering what is true, and what is not. We may be engaged in an aggressive war of opinions. We may find ourselves misunderstood. We may face a challenge to our belief system, our faith and our hope. We may be struggling to trust in ourselves and find the confidence to launch something new. Continue reading “Don’t Mistake Rigidity for Strength :: Cosmic Weather for March 12th – 18th”

Contraction & Expansion :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 5th – 11th

Image: Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons

Holy, BRAIN FOG. Seriously, all that Neptune-Pisces-Chiron-Scorpio-Moon energy needs to dissipate so I can think properly.

And it will, thank goodness. Mercury and Venus leave Pisces to enter Aries on TUESDAY, bringing courage and a straightforward directness to our conversations and our close relationships. This Mars-ruled sign wants you to get fired up and inspired about what you really, really want and how you are going to get it.

Impulsive decisions, obnoxious competitiveness, and verbal exchanges that combust into flame in seconds, are a risk with these transits. But thankfully these liabilities are balanced out by Aries’ capacity to effectively handle crises, to bounce back from disappointments, and to happily let go of a disagreement as soon as the fun of fighting gets old. Continue reading “Contraction & Expansion :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 5th – 11th”

The Piscean-Neptunian Signatures of the 2018 Academy Award Nominees

So… I totally procrastinated today and avoided what I was supposed to be working on by researching the astrology of the 10 Academy Award nominees for best actor/actress in a leading role… which is determined tonight in Los Angeles, California.

One of the Piscean associations that is rarely mentioned, is the sign’s symbolic resonance with the film industry. Pisces is the sign of illusion and fantasy so this is clearly a natural fit, right?

For example, movies spin magnificent, immersive stories that allow us to “escape” our everyday lives and be transported to another place, another time – as Pisces so loves to do. Movies also activate our brain’s mirror neurons by compelling us to deeply empathize and connect with the characters – a very Piscean quality. When the film’s characters laugh, we laugh. When they cry, we cry…

If the acting is skillful, that is.

Earlier today I was thinking about the Academy Awards happening tonight, and it occurred to me that actors would likely benefit from having some strong Pisces or Neptunian aspects in their birth charts. Continue reading “The Piscean-Neptunian Signatures of the 2018 Academy Award Nominees”