Don’t Mistake Rigidity for Strength :: Cosmic Weather for March 12th – 18th

This week will chase Mars into Capricorn.

However, before it does so, on SATURDAY, Mars may propel us through a crisis of truth, faith and belief, in the final degrees of Sagittarius.

I will never underestimate the potency of the last degrees of a zodiac sign – particularly the 29th degree, called the anaretic degree (or crisis degree). These are areas of heightened tension that can provoke impulsive behavior and reactions, or correlate with a tricky decision and torturous second-guessing.

Sagittarius at its worst is a soap-box preacher pointing you to heaven, or to hell. As Mars’ volatility activates the sensitive final degrees of Sagittarius this week, while squaring Chiron in Pisces, we may be wondering what is true, and what is not. We may be engaged in an aggressive war of opinions. We may find ourselves misunderstood. We may face a challenge to our belief system, our faith and our hope. We may be struggling to trust in ourselves and find the confidence to launch something new.

Although the Mars-Chiron square is exact on WEDNESDAY, it could reach its peak on SATURDAY when the New Moon in Pisces is seeded right next to Chiron, strengthening its square with Mars. With Uranus, Mercury and Venus in Mars’ sign of Aries right now, Mars’ activity is highly influential within the cosmic dance of the solar system.

Meanwhile the Saturn square continues with Venus, repeating Mercury’s previous confrontation with the cosmic taskmaster on TUESDAY. During Aries season we will have a series of successive squares to both Saturn and Pluto, both of whom are currently creeping along in Aries’ earthy cardinal cousin – Capricorn. The series of squares has now commenced.

When Venus, the planet of pleasure, romance, and beauty is touched by Saturn’s cold gaze, reminding us of where there is work still to be done, we may feel more serious than usual, more critical, more hesitant, and more strategic with an eye to long-term longevity. We may assess our relational commitments carefully; investing and withdrawing where necessary.

Difficult Saturn aspects at their worst, make us rigid, white-knuckled, burdened and bent by the weight of world that we strive to brace ourselves against. Saturn, sometimes harshly, re-acquaints us with the limits of time, the limits of freedom, the limits of relationships, and the limits and consequences of our choices.

And yet, as we move through this week’s transits, involving a potentially dogmatic, truth-wielding Mars in Sag and a stern Venus-Saturn square, do not mistake rigidity for strength.

Remember: “the wind does not break a tree that bends” (Sukuma proverb). Do not defend and brace yourself – against others, against the unknown, against your own fears – so aggressively that you snap… like a tree in the wind.

Be gentle and kind – with yourself and with others, while finding both the freedom and the boundaries you need.

Take a chance and stretch upward toward new horizons. And yet stay flexible, and stay rooted.

This week, like all weeks, offers benefic boons alongside its irritants. On TUESDAY, accompanying the Venus-Saturn square, the Sun will create a mystical water trine with Jupiter, recently retrograde. In Pisces and Scorpio respectively, this Sun-Jupiter trine, an aspect generally known for its outward exuberance and optimism, may take on a more somber and reflective emotional tone today as it pulls us into these deep waters.

TUESDAY is an ideal day to intentionally and deliberately tap into your inner strength.

Not in a showy way – not in a way that needs validation from anyone else or is driven by a need to prove oneself and compensate for an insecurity, but in a way that melts the protective resistance around your inner core. In way that causes you to quietly soften with relief and a gentle smile into the truth you knew was always there, waiting for you – your value is immeasurable. Touch the infinite ground of your being today and know your worth deeply.

When pain emerges for you (as Tara Brach suggests), before you dismiss it, put your hand on your heart and tell yourself: “I care about your suffering.”

Whatever it is, and for whatever reason it exists, the suffering is real. And you can meet it with compassion.

On WEDNESDAY as Mars squares Chiron, the Moon will be passing over the South Node – a spiritual point of release and letting go of attachments and all that is holding us back.

The South Node is currently in Aquarius and Aquarius likes to experiment. Personal growth, creating change, engaging in the cyclical work of healing, is tough stuff. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. Take the edge off something new by framing it as a time-limited “experiment”; something you’re “trying out” for a while to see if it works.

After 8 years in Pisces, Chiron will shift into Aries later this year. With Mars being the ruler of Aries, this square aspect feels a bit like a preview of what is to come. We may be challenged to assert ourselves in new ways, or to step toward greater independence and brave action. Can you breath into an area of tightness, resistance and fear until it begins to loosen its grip?

Mercury will trine the North Node in Leo on FRIDAY, and Venus will follow suite on SUNDAY. These are fire trines, with Leo and Aries at play. The North Node in Leo beckons us toward the rediscovery and cultivation of joy, passion, creativity, and confidence. With a lovely trine at work, this growth may come with ease. Listen for synchronistic whispers of opportunity over the WEEKEND – and then take action.

SATURDAY’S New Moon in Pisces is emotionally prickly. It occurs less than two degrees away Chiron while being squared by Mars, which at that moment, will be teetering on the very EDGE of Sagittarius, just Out of Bounds, and nearly in Capricorn.

Planets are Out of Bounds when they are beyond the border of the Sun’s yearly path of travel (the ecliptic) with a declination of more than +/- 23°26’ (North or South). Out of reach outside of the Sun’s domain, Out of Bound planets have a mind of their own. An Out of Bound Mars is more reckless, more unpredictable, more intense, more driven by impulse and instinct. Mars will be Out of Bounds from SATURDAY March 17th – April 7th.

Traditionally, both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter – meaning the New Moon related activations in Pisces and Sagittarius will ultimately lead us back to Jupiter’s journey in our charts, according to sign and house theme. Jupiter, of course, is currently in Scorpio, the sign of shadows and metamorphosis, moving retrograde and stirring up the mud on the bottom of our psyches.

Thankfully Jupiter’s earlier trine still holds throughout the weekend, lending some emotional support, and yet this New Moon feels edgy in more ways than one. If you have personal planets or sensitive points in the last degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Virgo) you may feel this week’s transits, and this New Moon, more acutely.

Chiron wounds typically have origins that date far back into your history. Chiron wounds are old wounds. Whatever comes up for you, its path may have been etched deeply through time.

We heal wounds in layers, in cycles, in spiraling nonlinear loops. We can return to the same wounds again and again, without the frustration of “why am I still dealing with this?!”, but rather with a tenderness and a patient kindness for the hurting parts of our being.

“I care about your suffering,” you might say again to yourself or another, gently.

On SUNDAY, the Sun completes its conjunction to Chiron in Pisces and Venus trines the North Node. SUNDAY feels relationally important. Even when we are at our most vulnerable and hurt, we can find a balm within the mystical, magical interplay of human connection.

I have now had 4 exact Chiron conjunctions to my natal Sun and Mercury in the last few years. All of them were accompanied by tears and turmoil – and all of them also correlated with significant events that touched me deeply and brought me closer and closer to my inner Truth as I redefined my identity and moved through a process of re-emergence and reconnection.

Don’t shrink back, don’t withdraw unnecessarily.

May healing find you today.

May hope find you today.

May love find you today.

Posted on social media March 9th:

Venus in Aries :: Happy Day to all Womxn Warriors.

May you keep courageously storming the gates of patriarchy, capitalism, and all intersecting systems of oppression – and may you also seek and find shelter when you need it, without shame.

May we all be liberated to unleash the fullness of our authentic essence in this world.

#adaylate #internationalwomxnsday #ihaveconflictedfeelingsaboutspecialcalendardays

Have you seen Fleassy Malay’s viral spoken word poem filmed for International Womxn’s Day? If not, you can check it out here.

Posted on social media Sunday, March 11th:

Today the Mercury-Saturn square and Cap Moon has us feeling under pressure and perhaps facing a difficult task, while the Mars and Uranus fire trine is feeding our impulsivity. Simultaneously the Sun is sextiling Pluto, beckoning us toward deeper self-examination.

Because of the capitalistic system we exist in and its idolization of “productivity”, procrastination (or a seeming lack of self-discipline or work ethic), has been framed as one of the worst sins of humanity.

It isn’t.

But admittedly it is understandably frustrating when you need to work on something – or part of you really WANTS to work on something – and yet you are finding it difficult to harness the motivation.

Social media is typically my primary procrastination tool and it amazes me that most of the time, after a long period of pointless scrolling, I realize that I can’t even consciously remember picking up my phone in the first place.

I sigh, and put my phone down, turning to the task at hand once again… and then half an hour later I “come to” and realize I’m scrolling mindlessly again! Argh.

When procrastination becomes this compulsive I begin to suspect that I’m probably up against something bigger than just simply not wanting to do a not-fun task.

I’ve been trying to practice the art of mindfully “pausing – ideally at the moment I catch myself reaching for my phone or a social media window.

Like, literally saying it out loud to get my conscious thinking brain online. Stop! Pause! And then… check in… what am I feeling right now?

Oftentimes I discover that beneath the mindless numbing of my chosen distraction, there is anxiety, fear, or the unwillingness to feel another uncomfortable emotion.

Sometimes the reasons for our procrastination are a lot deeper than we initially think.

We may dismiss it as laziness and beat ourselves up for not being more productive, but… “avoidance” is classic protective mechanism (and a hallmark symptom of anxiety).

What are we protecting ourselves against?

For example, a university student who compulsively procrastinates studying might have a childhood history of being shamed and humiliated for their academic efforts.

Without their conscious awareness, their limbic brain now identifies all forms of studying as a “threat” (because of its risk for social judgement and rejection), and thus upcoming deadlines activate a physiological anxiety response which is so uncomfortable, they immediately reach for a distraction to alleviate the discomfort.

An artist who procrastinates making art may become frustrated because this is supposed to be their passion! Perhaps beneath the procrastination there is a deep-rooted fear that they are a fraud, or that their art will be seen as having no value. And then to go further, what’s at the root of that fear story?

I find it really helpful (and humbling) to admit that on some level I am often feeling a lot of fear when I am in “procrastination mode”, or even emotional pain and sadness.

Procrastination mode can hide these intense emotions, so it isn’t always easy to recognize this. When I procrastinate I am not often aware of the anxiety. I just feel checked-out, numb, lazy.

When we are able to catch ourselves and pause before reaching for the choice procrastination tool or distraction, when we are able to take a few seconds to check in and ask ourselves what we are really feeling right now, can we stay present with that feeling? Can we sit there and allow ourselves to feel that restlessness, that tension, that nausea – without reaching for something to numb it away?

Those feelings of discomfort won’t kill you. The more we can increase our capacity to withstand, to even welcome, difficult emotions and sensations, the more we liberate our ability to consciously control how we direct and focus our attention.

Honestly, one of my biggest goals for the year is to increase my capacity to tolerate, welcome, and stay present with, uncomfortable and even painful, emotions and sensations – without drowning in them, shutting down or trying to escape them…

…which may sound like a strange goal, but a low distress tolerance is what leads to a wide variety of coping strategies and avoidance behaviors – many of which have detrimental impacts.

Basically I want to get better at self-regulating my emotions and my nervous system.

It is an invaluable skillset worth a creative investment.

Viktor E. Frankl wrote: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Perhaps a mindful pause and internal check-in will not always lead to a redirection of attention, but overtime with practice (which literally rewires our brain), that mindful pause can increase in length, creating more space for the activation of our power to choose our response.

With the Sun sextiling Pluto today we are invited to dig deep into that pause. What’s beneath our avoidance strategy? Is it something we can stay present with? Even just a little bit? Can we move with the emotion or uncomfortable sensation? Can we dance with it? Walk with it? Shake with it? Until it runs its natural course?

Take small steps forward. Setting small, realistic goals will give your brain a nice hit of dopamine chemicals when you achieve them, thereby motivating further progress.🔥



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