Aries Equinox, Parting the Red Sea :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 19th – 25th

I love when an analogy arrives, unbidden, and lands so perfectly, so accurately, on the meaning and symbolism I’m trying to access.

When reflecting on the beginning of Aries Season and the Aries equinox, the scene that I couldn’t get out of my head was from the biblical story of Moses parting the red sea so that he and the rescued slaves could cross to the other side and escape their captors. Have you perchance seen the 1998 animated film, The Prince of Egypt? The film illustrates this scene very effectively.

I think the imagery of this mythic story is quite apt for the beginning of Aries Season (occurring at 1:15 ADT on TUESDAY).

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac while Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the beginning of the astrological year. It is a transition from endless, infinite watery depths, to a blast of direct and focused power.

0 degrees Aries is power-packed. It is a launching pad. It was traditionally the point at which the Sun intersected with the equator as it continued its Northern journey, marking equal days and equal nights. In the Northern hemisphere, it marks the first day of Spring.

In the story, Moses and thousands of escaped slaves meet with red sea. They appear to be cornered. Then Moses raises his staff and with the assistance of divine power, he parts the sea to either side, allowing a path for the people to cross.

This dramatic act mirrors the astrological transition of stepping over the threshold into the new year, creating a path through Pisces’ waters and cutting through the congested energies of the old year to brave a new direction.

The imagery and symbolism in this scene that I find to be reflective of the Aries equinox includes:

Conflict, fire, water, anger, urgency, crisis, a rescue mission, courage, leadership, the ferocity of nature, risk-taking, a portal, a pathway to a new beginning, and most importantly, the symbolism of separating, dividing, parting the waters with the force of (divine) will and a command.

There’s no turning back. Onward.

Earlier on TUESDAY (or MONDAY, depending on your time zone), Venus caught up with Mercury for another conjunction, echoing the last Venus-Mercury conjunction we had March 4th. They conjoin at 16 degrees in Aries as Mercury is slowing down and preparing to Station Retrograde at this same degree on THURSDAY.

Venus symbolizes the relational energy force of connection and attraction. In combination with Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, MONDAY or TUESDAY may have arrived with reconciliation, meaningful conversations with those close to you (possibly siblings), or gaining clarity on your desires and priorities.

In contrast to Venus, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is about separating, dividing, and cutting through.

If Venus is sticky tape, Mars is a pair of scissors.

Venus (and its respective signs of Libra and Taurus) brings different parts together, whereas Mars (and Aries) seeks to pull apart that which is together so that the singularity of the individual will and motivation can break free and find its unique expression.

As we embark into the territory of Aries Season, independence and self-assertion are all important traits to cultivate. Aries brings us that which is NEW. That which has never been explored. The unfamiliar.

Aries, the archetype of the pioneer and the warrior, needs to step into the unknown, it needs to face challenges head-on, in order to have opportunities that will test and develop its individual will and courage.

What new area of life are you entering into this season?

All of the activity in Aries (the transits of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus) will be tempered slightly by Mars’ transit through Capricorn. Here, Mars is considered exalted. Capricorn brings a determined strength and endurance to Mars’ typically more impulsive nature. Mars in Capricorn is not deterred by set-backs, but will persistently build toward its long-term goals.

It’s a good thing Mars in Capricorn is tenacious, because this fierce and feisty planet will certainly encounter some resistance as it meets up with Saturn, and then with Pluto, in the coming weeks. These conjunctions have the energy of confrontation – either with your own internal blocks, or with other people (or with systems, institutions, rules, red-tape, etc.). Some big reality checks may be around the bend.

Wise and careful strategizing and patience is going to be very important for the next few weeks, especially with Mercury turning Retrograde THURSDAY (until it turns direct on April 15th). Take care when preparing and making a plan for how you will address any challenges and barriers you may encounter in the future.

As we near the end of the week, following Mercury’s pivot and the misunderstandings and impulsive reactions it may bring, we will likely arrive at some of the first major challenges of this thorny and heavy lunation cycle.

On FRIDAY Venus will square Pluto. When the planet of connection meets with the planet of destruction, it’s not usually a light-hearted romantic walk on the beach. You’re going to need a powerful flashlight for this one – to investigate the inner workings of your psyche and relational dynamics to determine what subconcious motivations are beneath the surface.

Pluto equips us with the ability to see beneath the placid surface to the turbulence beneath, but if we refuse to perceive the many layers and complexities of our desires and motivations and their deep roots, we may get embroiled in subtle power plays, consuming obsessions, manipulative and secretive exchanges, or self-directed loathing and relational sabatoging.

Grab that Plutonic flashlight! Face whatever it is that is emerging for you, with courage and honesty. It’s a time to let go of whatever is clawing at your life force.

SATURDAY ups the ante with an intense First Quarter Moon. The First Quarter Moon means we are a 1/4 of the way through the 29-day lunation cycle that began with the Pisces New Moon last week. This baby moon is now visible in the sky as it squares the Sun in Aries, from its position in Cancer. It’s a time when we are called to take action and step forward, pushing through the inhibitions that may appear to be keeping us safe – but also may be keeping us small and stuck in repeating patterns of behavior.

This First Quarter phase occurs as the Sun also squares Mars at the other end of the zodiac, in Capricorn. This creates a tense, conflictual, agitated, cardinal T-square configuration with the Aries Sun as the apex planet. The stakes may be high, emotions may be charged, and momentum may be reaching a breaking point.

Something must be done. Passivity and avoidance is not an option here.

Part the seas of confusion and hesitation with exacting precision. Meet the challenge with clarity and responsibility, with an understanding of the consequences and possible outcomes.

Which way will you turn?

Reflect, consider wisely, and then take direct and prudent action. This story, this adventure, has only just begun.






This was posted Sunday, March 18th, on Instagram & Facebook:

How are you?

The last 5 days or so have really walked a rough, sharp edge – and it has showed up pretty vividly all around me.

Between the Mars’ square and the New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, Chiron, the sky’s wounded healer, has been intensely activated this past week. On Sunday, the Sun and Chiron perfected their conjunction, while the Moon taged Venus and Mercury in Aries, on route to its tense square with Pluto. Venus’ trine to the North Node, however, reinforced the Chironic potential of growth through connection.

Johann Hari’s new book (“Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions”) is near the top of my to-read list. Although I haven’t gotten around to it yet, I came across this quote of his online, and I felt it in my gut. So much so that I printed it out and positioned it close at hand in bold letters.

I needed that validation. I tend to dismiss my pain. I try to convince myself that I shouldn’t still be hurting. I may even ridicule myself for not being stronger.

This quote doesn’t necessarily justify our reactions, our actions, or the additional stories we may construct to explain the pain… but at a ground zero, root level, your pain makes sense. My pain makes sense. Our pain makes sense.

No one escapes life without experiencing pain. Being human is a tough gig.

We may have been reminded of this recently.

We may have also had the opportunity to connect with others through shared vulnerability.

If we open to the process, Chiron’s journey leads us beyond the point of victimization, to a place of empowerment. Chiron teaches us that it is from the place of our deepest wounding and insecurity, that some of our greatest gifts are birthed – gifts that can be used to heal humanity.

This was a pretty potent Chiron-New Moon situation for me since it all happened within a degree of my Sun. Its correlations are obvious in my life, but I have another example I want to share instead (with permission).

A woman I know well (I’ll call her Jane) is currently a group tutor for the physiotherapy program at a local university. Her job is to facilitate discussion related to the case study that her group of eight students is assigned each week.

The week’s case study was an emotionally charged situation that dealt with matters related to caregiving, death, and discrimination. On Friday, as the earth moved beneath the dark balsamic moon, Jane contributed to the dialogue by sharing some of her own struggles in this realm as an older caregiver for her now deceased husband.

This act of vulnerable sharing created a safe atmosphere for the other students to open up about the similar types of pain they had experienced. Within an hour, personal stories touched on the suicide of close friends or family, the death of loved ones, and difficult ethical decisions as a caregiver.

Among this small group of students (likely in their early twenties), no one was immune from the type of deep emotional pain that is inherent in the human journey.

At the end of their time together they had barely discussed the case study at hand, but they had shared in something much more valuable.

Jane had mentioned that it was her wedding anniversary the following day and she was unexpectedly blessed with hugs from some of the students as they thanked her on the way out.

Jane is 62 and is embarking on a challenging path of re-licensing and returning to work in her original profession after a long period of focusing solely on mothering her children and caregiving for her husband.

After finishing with the student group, she went to meet someone else who has recently decided to change careers and is also seeking to re-license as a physio. She is much younger than Jane and has been steadily employed throughout her life, but she was starting to panic at the idea of quitting her job to prepare for the licensing exams.

Although Jane constantly struggles with her own doubts and insecurities around re-licensing (especially at a time when most of her peers are seeking retirement), she agreed to meet with this woman and reassure her. Jane was able to offer support and encouragement since she is more familiar with the re-licensing journey at this point.

Jane, by the way, is currently experiencing Chiron transiting her 10th House, which speaks to symbolism related to career reputation, public and social identities, and long-term goals. This is where Jane is feeling the Chiron wound and where insecurity may be the most present.

During this meeting Jane was able to share her own vulnerabilities about taking the final exam and expressed some of the blocks she has about practicing her clinical skills in preparation, for fear of judgement and embarrassing herself. This other person (who has more clinical experience) willingly offered to meet in order to role-play clinical scenarios for practice – with absolutely no judgement. She offered a safe space.

This is a perfect example of a Chironic day. The wounded healer was very present in these experiences.

It should be mentioned though, that Jane arrived home that day, quite exhausted and emotionally spent. While the day’s events were meaningful and important, they also still stirred up a lot of vulnerability and emotions. This was a weekend that called for some emotional self-care.💕

If this past week reminded you of some deep wounds, know that your pain makes sense. It’s real. It’s valid. It’s legitimate. It’s deserving of compassion.

Take good care, lovely humans.❤


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