How do you like your eggs? :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for March 26 – April 1st

The first major aspect this week is a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries on WEDNESDAY. Uranus-related transits always make themselves blatantly obvious in my life. Maybe someday I’ll share some of these stories, but in the meantime, watch for surprises, an unexpected change of plans, or some unconventional, unusual developments related to the realms of relationships, finances, art or appearance. On WEDNESDAY, a feminine energy in an impulsive yang sign, is making a break for freedom.

We’ve been dealing with a number of squares between Capricorn planets, and Aries planets over the past couple weeks, and we will continue to be working with these dynamics for a while yet.

Last Saturday, the Sun in Aries met with Mars in Capricorn through a square aspect that still holds throughout the week as the Sun approaches a square with Saturn in Capricorn (exact on THURSDAY). Thus, as we enter into this week, the Sun is currently besieged, enclosed, cornered – ahead and behind, by the sky’s fierce, youthful warrior and stern teacher – both transiting Capricorn, the sign often associated with established institutions and hierarchical power structures.

The Sun symbolizes the core self, and on a broader scale, can symbolize those in authority (as does Saturn). The dynamic of the Sun-squares to the Mars-Saturn conjunction was active during the weekend’s March for Our Lives in the United States, as young people challenged oppressive systems of power and applied pressure to lawmakers.

It’s time to hone in with laser-beam focus. What are your priorities? What action best aligns with your long-term goals and important values? If you’re feeling cornered, under pressure, facing challenges or confrontations, what is the wisest, most strategic and effective path forward?

I know someone with a tight Mars-Saturn conjunction (in Sagittarius) and I am constantly amazed at his ability to recover from set-backs by revising and rerouting his path to the original goal with a new plan.

This workaholic Mars-Saturn combo can be driven to the point of exhaustion, it can indicate repressed anger and an inhibited life force, and it can highlight buried fear and guilt… but one word that always comes to mind with this conjunction (and Mars in Capricorn), is TENACIOUS.

It is an unyielding iron grip that will never relinquish its willful determination and its capacity for endurance is nearly unmatched. Once you are sure of what you want, once you have set your eyes on the mountain top goal that calls to your deepest depths, this dynamic will enable you to stay the course throughout the coming weeks.

By the time we reach the Full Moon in Libra on SATURDAY, Saturn and Mars will still be conjoined within 3 degrees of the Sun-Moon opposition, squaring them both, creating a bristling T-Square aspect with Saturn and Mars as the apex point. The Saturn-Mars apex of the Full Moon T-square contrasts with the Sun as the apex of the First Quarter Moon T-Square a week ago, last SATURDAY (March 24th). The apex is the point of release; it highlights the direction in which we must shift and respond to, in order to resolve the Full Moon tension.

Whatever Saturn-Mars challenges have been showing up for you, these are ones that are sticking around for a while. The WEEKEND’s Libran Full Moon will likely present another peak moment in this narrative of struggle and determination, with further echoes rippling out into next week as Mars and Saturn perfect their conjunction (on April 2nd) and as Mercury Retrograde imitates the Sun in a backward direction by completing the same squares to Saturn and Mars (April 4th/5th).

My inspiration for this week’s image is a scene from Runaway Bride; a 1999 romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts (as Maggie) and Richard Gere (as Ike). I haven’t seen the film since it was first released (18+ years ago!!), but my reflections on this week’s transits and the Full Moon in Libra unearthed a memory of Maggie not knowing how she likes her eggs cooked.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead : )

Maggie has already left three men at the altar on their wedding day at the time the film picks up her story, so really, not knowing what type of eggs she likes seems the least of her issues… except that this becomes a pertinent example of how Maggie doesn’t really know who she is, and how she keeps trying to find herself in different men.

Ike is writing a story about her; the infamous “runaway bride”, as she prepares for her 4th wedding day with the 4th fiancé. Ike and Maggie eventually end up together (obviously), but before they get there, Ike challenges Maggie about her breakfast choices (and her choice in men by extension).

Ike has discovered in his research, that Maggie has always adopted the egg preferences of her previous partners. Maggie responds by pointing out that he doesn’t really know who he is either.



This is a classic Libra shadow. Libra is the energy of “me too!” “same!” and, “I’ll have what you’re having”. As I’ve mentioned before, Libra’s sensitive and reflective capacity is a positive attribute because of the way it facilitates connection, mutual support, and a strength in numbers that enables bold collective action for justice. And yet, Libra energy risks losing its own individual barometer when it seeks to please others, becomes too dependent on external validation, or refuses to acknowledge the conflict and power dynamics within its partnerships.

Libra is also notoriously indecisive.

As the Libra Moon enters into an opposition with the Sun in Aries on SATURDAY, we want to bring together the best qualities of Libra and Aries as we channel them through a difficult Saturnian task.

The T-Square to Saturn and Mars provokes confrontation (either with ourselves, with others, or some external barrier). This is effectively symbolized by the confrontational dialogue between Maggie and Ike which prompts a reality check for both of them. In this scenario, I would frame Ike as the Saturn-Mars Capricorn conjunction. This combination can be quite critical and harsh when driven by insecurities.

Near the end of the film (after running from the altar a 4th time), Maggie goes to a restaurant by herself and orders every single type of egg dish on the menu. She tries them all and determines that Eggs Benedict is her favourite.

She then goes and gets on one knee, and proposes to Ike.

Quite the Aries-like conclusion, right? Trying new things, taking initiative, switching up traditional gender roles and being assertive?

Aries, ruled by Mars, is an energy that is constantly testing one’s capacity and limits as a way of becoming more aware of one’s self. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and if you compare the zodiac to stages of human development, Aries speaks to the early stage of getting to know ourselves as an autonomous being, separate from our mother and caregivers.

Aries doesn’t let the risk of failure prevent it from trying something new. Trying New Stuff, putting ourselves out there, and challenging ourselves, is how we figure out where our edges are – either on purpose, or by accident.

You trip and slam into a wall? You learn something about the edges of your body and how it reacts to hard surfaces. You tackle another person on the sports field or during a wrestling match? You learn something about the strength and limits of your body versus that of another human’s. You get into an argument with someone? You learn how your opinion differs from that of someone else’s. You try every single variety of egg dishes? You learn where the line is between a breakfast you genuinely enjoy, and a breakfast you do not.

This is all Aries’ domain of selfhood, independence and individual identity. We discover who we are both through learning what we like and what we don’t like.

The conclusion to Runaway Bride is also Libra-themed as well, however, because Maggie is seeking connection and she knows that she wants a relationship with Ike. She’s prepared to surrender some of her Aries independence for a healthy interdependent, balanced, Libran union.

Human beings are wired for attachment, connection and belonging. In early prehistoric days, isolation from a tribe could mean certain death. Libra is the archetypal energy that reminds us that we still need each other. We need people who have our backs, people who will reach out a hand of support when our strength and individual capacity reaches its limit. The Aries-Libra polarity asks us to integrate our need for independence with our need for each other.

We may not be eating eggs or delivering marriage proposals this weekend, but we may see a similar story arch play out over the week through to SATURDAY’s Full Moon (and beyond) as we are confronted with a situation that acts as an external or internal catalyst, prompting us to take responsibility for our actions, to stand courageously on our own two feet, to know who we are as individuals, while also reaching out for mutual support, reconciliation, and honest, just, negotiations.

SATURDAY’s Full Moon will peak just as Venus enters Taurus; a sign she rules along with Libra. Therefore, this Full Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus in Taurus, which further emphasizes the importance of getting clear on our values and ensuring that our actions align with them. The Sun will be tightly conjunct Mercury (retrograde) at the time of the Full Moon as it trines the North Node (exact on FRIDAY), indicating that these complex relational dynamics will involve important conversations, the exchange of information, or insightful clarity.

Following the Full Moon, on SUNDAY, the Sun will perfect its inferior conjunction to Mercury in Aries.

Continue to be open to the important, synchronistic words, thoughts, and information that comes your way. Digest it slowly. Let it simmer. The inferior conjunction during Mercury’s retrograde asks for careful reflection and deliberation.

The astro of these weeks is rough, but rather than bracing yourself fearfully against the situations you may be encountering, lean in. Don’t mistake rigidity for strength. This is a great time to tackle a tough project. It’s a great time for standing firm (but flexible) against resistance and staying your course.

Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Uranus are all in Aries, disposited by an exalted (and out-of-bounds) Mars in Capricorn meeting up with Saturn and Pluto in the next few weeks. This is powerful energy.

Testy? Challenging? Yea, for sure. Aries is a surprise pop quiz you probably didn’t study for, whereas Capricorn is that big exam worth 75% of your mark. These two signs are well acquainted with life material that TESTS our limits.

Aries gives you the courageous impulse to move forward into new territory, whereas Capricorn tames the impatience of Aries into a stealthy, strategic, determined drive, grounded in reality.

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Someone in my house is using a pressure cooker to cook chickpeas right now, and I can hear it hissing away as if it is about it blow its lid off (which it would if there was not a firm latch on it).

This is a pretty appropriate background soundtrack for today, which features a Mars-Sun square and a Venus-Pluto square at the beginning of a Mercury Retrograde. The day feels extremely pressurized. I feel extremely pressurized, to be more specific.

These transits are showing up loud and clear in my life.

This morning I ‘randomly’ came across a video of “New Zealand students giving an intense Haka farewell to their retiring teacher“…

… which quickly led me to another popular Haka youtube video titled “emotional wedding Haka“.

Whoa. I had chills all over.

A NZ site describes Haka as “a type of ancient Māori war dance traditionally used on the battlefield, as well as when groups came together in peace. Haka are a fierce display of a tribe’s pride, strength and unity. Actions include violent foot-stamping, tongue protrusions and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant. The words of a haka often poetically describe ancestors and events in the tribe’s history.”

I’ve been watching Haka videos sporadically throughout the day.

I’ve literally cried while watching them. Tears running down my cheeks.

Which is maybe kind of a strange reaction to a war dance? I was surprised by my visceral reaction.

Here’s a few more of the videos that really impacted me…

The public tribute haka at Jonah Lomu’s funeral (a NZ rugby player)…

New Zealand’s women’s rugby team performing Haka after winning the world cup...

The expression of their life force in the videos is so fiery, grounded, raw, instinctual, fierce and vibrant, whereas my life force energy feels so congested, inhibited, and tangled up in knots right now.

Haka speaks to the energy of Mars, the planet which is currently challenging the Sun today with its exuberant war cry.

We desperately need more accessible channels for healthy expressions of Mars energy, for healthy aggression, in society! Otherwise it gets rerouted into more harmful expressions, or goes underground in our psyches, in our bodies, causing chronic conditions and a lack of vitality.

Although most of the online videos of Haka dances/challenges feature men, there are Haka videos with womxn – including the one above, and remember the 2002 film Whale Rider? It was a story of a young Maori girl who fights to fulfill her destiny as a leader (now I want to revisit that film this weekend).

Human life force energy is not something to be afraid of.

Anger and aggressive physicality are not evils in themselves. They are part of the normal human spectrum of emotion and expression – for all genders.

And yet, anger and aggression can be horribly misdirected and cause enormous pain and destruction.

The astro of the upcoming weeks is challenging. This pressurized situation is not going to let up for a long while yet. It is essential to find healthy channels and outlets for intense emotions and feelings of anger, frustration, and pent up Mars energy, whatever your culturally appropriate alternate to Haka may be.

Activism and speaking Truth to Power is one such channel, as so powerfully demonstrated by Naomi Wadler and Emma Gonzalez on Saturday for March for Our Lives.

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