Pay Attention to the Ripples :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 30th – May 6th

This week’s astrology is really boring to report on, to be honest. There are no major aspects occurring – not even an important lunar phase. Does that mean this week will be literally uneventful? On an individual level, I have no idea without knowing your chart. You could very well be receiving some significant personal transits.

At a global, cosmic level, however, there are a few minor transits, but overall, the week is pretty low-key. And really, that’s just fine with me! April delivered some pretty intense, pressurized astro with all those Capricorn and Aries squares, a tension-filled Mercury retrograde facing off with Saturn, Mars colliding into Saturn and Pluto (the three infamous malefics of the sky all in the same sign)… and then of course, that powerful Scorpio Full Moon yesterday (April 29th).

Pay attention to the ripples. Perhaps this week’s still waters offers an opportunity to process and integrate all those big shifts that may have begun in the last month or so. Perhaps it is an opportunity to relax into Taurus Season; steadily digesting life’s events while sipping tea in a comfy chair, surrounded by everything that makes you feel most safe, secure and grounded. Continue reading “Pay Attention to the Ripples :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 30th – May 6th”

The Cyclotron, the Atom-Smasher :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 23rd – 29th

I recently read Alan Oken’s book, Rulers of the Horoscope (which I highly recommend for intermediate+ astro learners), and in the book he referenced a cyclotron as a great example of 8th house / Scorpio energy, which deeply pervades this week:

I thought this analogy and his way of describing it, was quite insightful and apt for the symbolism of Scorpio (+ 8th house and Pluto).

A cyclotron was an early ‘atom-smasher, also called a ‘particle accelerator‘. By changing the nature of the charged particle, the focused energy could then used for experiments and for different medical therapies that attack cancer tumors, for example. Continue reading “The Cyclotron, the Atom-Smasher :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 23rd – 29th”

Sparks Fly :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 16th – 22nd

Sparks are flying this week. SUNDAY’s Aries New Moon occurred side-by-side with Uranus, but the Sun will officially meet up with this electrifying planet through conjunction on WEDNESDAY. For the next 4 days or so, until the Sun enters Taurus early FRIDAY (or late Thursday for many of you), the air is buzzing and humming with high-voltage cosmic energy.

Of course, Mercury also turned Direct on SUNDAY (April 15th), so there’s an even bigger splurge of forward-moving energy right now.

Expect the unexpected. Expect the strange, unusual, and unconventional. Expect a quick-moving cascade of interesting events.

Improvise when necessary! Continue reading “Sparks Fly :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 16th – 22nd”

Ultrasonic :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 9th – 15th

The astro of the past 1.5+ weeks or so, has been dense, heavy, burdensome, and sometimes just downright challenging and discouraging. Like walking through thick mud. They’ve likely been important weeks for personal growth and development, and for overcoming challenges – but they’ve also likely been tough ones.

As the Venus trines to Saturn and then Mars ease us into this week, bringing flow to where there was previous stuckness, we may sense an invigorating fresh spring breeze on its way, ushering us toward an electrifying New Moon in Aries on SUNDAY. Continue reading “Ultrasonic :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 9th – 15th”

A Review of Venus in Aries: Avant-Garde Art

This post is a compilation of a number of things I wanted to share earlier. It’s mostly about Venus in Aries. And yes, Venus is now in Taurus. I had meant to post this earlier while Venus was actually in Aries, but I didn’t get it finished in time. I could have kept it in the drafts till next year… but hey, it’s Mercury Retrograde and it seems fitting to post out of alignment with the sky’s current transits.

In addition to being associated with romantic love, pleasure, money, self-worth and one’s values, Venus is also the planet of aesthetics, beauty and art. Continue reading “A Review of Venus in Aries: Avant-Garde Art”

Wisdom Tooth Extraction :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 2nd – 8th

How was the weekend? Last week we had a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries (last WEDNESDAY), and then a Full Moon in Libra last SATURDAY, creating a tense 5-planet T-square with Mars and Saturn as the third leg / apex.

Close relationships may have been feeling under fire.

One thing I forgot to mention with Venus conjunct Uranus (in Aries) is that in addition to its associations with the unexpected, the unusual, the unconventional, the new and exciting… this conjunction can also correlate with times of conflict between people we are close with. Venus brings in the relational factor, whereas Uranus (and Mars-ruled Aries) are symbolic energies that seek to liberate and differentiate the individual at all cost. Continue reading “Wisdom Tooth Extraction :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 2nd – 8th”