Wisdom Tooth Extraction :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 2nd – 8th

How was the weekend? Last week we had a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries (last WEDNESDAY), and then a Full Moon in Libra last SATURDAY, creating a tense 5-planet T-square with Mars and Saturn as the third leg / apex.

Close relationships may have been feeling under fire.

One thing I forgot to mention with Venus conjunct Uranus (in Aries) is that in addition to its associations with the unexpected, the unusual, the unconventional, the new and exciting… this conjunction can also correlate with times of conflict between people we are close with. Venus brings in the relational factor, whereas Uranus (and Mars-ruled Aries) are symbolic energies that seek to liberate and differentiate the individual at all cost.

The drive toward autonomy, innovation, independence, and freedom may have brought you together (Venus) with other people who want the same – or at least respect these desires in you. Alternatively, it may have put you at odds with those whom you perceived as inhibiting these qualities in your life (especially considering that a Sun-Saturn square was occurring at the same time).

I experienced both. In a conversation with someone who is just as excited and enthusiastic about a new emerging area as I am, I realized afterward that we used the phrase “being a pioneer” (a quintessential Aries-type word) several times as we spoke of expanding the scope of what our profession is most commonly known for. In contrast, several times that same day I was frustrated and reacted strongly when I felt like my autonomy was being undermined in relation to other issues, and I strove to assert myself in the situation.

Right on the heels of the Venus-Uranus conjunction, correlated with the weekend’s tense Full Moon in Libraa Venus-ruled sign associated with relational balance, peace, love, and harmony – I noticed that despite the extremely pressurized astro configurations, people were indeed connecting and reconciling in various ways. However, in order to operationalize the capacity for connection, oftentimes some thorny issues had to be addressed and walked out – and it wasn’t always comfortable. Conversations had a greater depth, intensity and gravity to them.

For all of you who met up with family members for this holiday weekend, I do hope your gatherings unfolded with a measure of ease and grace.

That was a brief re-cap and reflection on last week. Now on to this week:

In medical astrology, Capricorn (and Saturn) are associated with teeth and bones – the parts of the body that survive the longest after our deaths. Capricorn is known for its endurance, determination, and for building and forming that which can withstand the test of time.

Mars symbolizes a force of separation and division; something that cuts through a unified presence, through barriers, and through skin. In tangible and physical terms, this symbolism can express as weapons, acts of violence, and surgery.

Today (MONDAY) Mars is finally colliding with Saturn in Capricorn and wisdom teeth extraction seems like a fitting analogy.

Do you know why these additional molars are called wisdom teeth? Because they only start breaking through the skin by the time we reach adulthood, unlike our other teeth which arrive much earlier in life. Equating older ages with an increase in wisdom is very Capricornian /Saturnian.

Unfortunately many of us do not have room for these wisdom teeth. Consequently they become stuck, or “impacted”, causing significant pressure, pain and sometimes becoming infected.

This is when the Mars factor gets involved. The teeth either successfully erupt through the skin – or they are surgically extracted from the mouth using tools that slice through the body’s protective barrier.

Mars and Saturn have been in close proximity throughout the past week and will continue to be traveling together during the coming week. There’s an ongoing theme here, and a continuing sense of pressure and possible tension.

Mars is our action center, our courage, our fuel, our engine. Mars is a forward-moving energy. Symbolically Mars is fast, Saturn is slow.

Saturn speaks to the tests and challenges we face in life that help us learn, grow, and mature (into wise old souls). This is a really potent conjunction between two powerful planets (with very different aims) that can correlate with a lot of frustration and anger.

You may actually be having some dental work done or dealing with some bone-related issues (seriously, I often see these types of Saturn transits show up this literally)… or you may be dealing with some other concern where you are confronted with a dilemma such as:

Do I abruptly address the pressure and tension by extracting the problem by force? Or is there enough room to gradually let the pressure and tension bring about the passage of the goal I am going after?

Do I review, revise, step back, step away, let go, circumvent and go around the barrier or obstacle I am facing? Or do I continue forward on the same path, patiently hitting the speed bumps and riding out the delays?

Look to the house where 9 degrees of Capricorn lands in your natal chart for further insight on how this slow-moving conjunction may be showing up in your life.

There is no universal right or wrong answer. Only you can know where your inner compass is pointing. Sometimes it is right to push through the limitations we are experiencing; other times the best action is for us to step in a new direction.

You may be acutely aware of the consequences of your decisions and actions right now (and those of others) – both in the past and present.

Also on MONDAY, the Sun in Aries trines the North Node in Leo; a boost of encouragement reminding us that even when we feel the most stuck, we are still moving forward.

Last thanksgiving (October 9th, 2017), Mercury and the Sun were conjoined, while simultaneously squaring Pluto. Mercury is associated with short-distance travel and Pluto is an explosive symbol. On route to a thanksgiving dinner at our house (about an hour drive) my Uncle completely blew his car wheel on the highway. You might remember me posting a photo of this at the time. I’ve never seen a tire so decimated. Thankfully he made it safely to the house, but this prompted us to buy him a cell phone!

Yesterday (SUNDAY) my family invited my Uncle down for an Easter dinner. Again Mercury (retrograde) and the Sun were conjoined, but this time they were squaring the Mars-Saturn conjunction. During his drive home, a car roared passed him on the highway (presumably with a case of road rage), re-entered the lane just in front of him, and slammed on the brakes – forcing him to react quickly. They then roared away leaving him quite shaken, but okay, thankfully. The outcome of the day’s events was the realization that the cell phone is not enough. In the future we will go and pick him up and drive him home.

I’ve heard a few astrologers describing this Mars-Saturn conjunction as “trying to drive (Mars) with the brakes on (Saturn)“, or “hitting the gas pedal and the brakes simultaneously”.

It’s a pretty apt description, both in a literal and metaphorical sense.

Mercury Retrograde will further activate this slow-moving conjunction  when it exacts its square with Mars on WEDNESDAY, and then with Saturn  on THURSDAY.

Make a strategic plan. Act with integrity and courage. Patiently take it one day at a time. Be accountable for the consequences of your actions. Don’t withdraw from a challenge unnecessarily, but if you need to do so, there’s no shame in that.

And sure, do all that good time management stuff while adding in a good heaping spoonful of self-compassion and effective self-care.

Go easy on yourself. We’re all human here, and being human ain’t always rainbows and flowers. Until we die, our human forms never arrive anywhere final. So what are we striving so hard for? The next destination and then the next?

Love your beautiful messy process. You’re doing great.

After a really Saturn-y week of hard aspects, Venus (in Taurus) delivers an earthy trine to Saturn on SATURDAY – interestingly just as the Moon is conjoining with Saturn. Thus Venus trines Saturn and the Moon at the same time. The astro weather is still pretty serious, but this trine may align with greater flow as Mars and Saturn continue to separate and obstacles perhaps, begin to dissolve. Mars is also back in-bounds by SATURDAY, re-installing a greater sense of control over our motivation and effort.

The weekend, however, confronts us with a final challenge. Late SATURDAY/ early SUNDAY the Moon in Capricorn forms its Third Quarter square with the Sun in Aries, re-emphasizing this ongoing Aries-Capricorn dynamic we’ve been working with for a while. The Moon will be conjunct the intensity of Pluto as its square becomes exact.

Third Quarters are a time to release, to let go, to tie up loose ends – in preparation for another lunation cycle. Pluto’s presence reiterates this death (and eventual rebirth) process.

Capricorn loves a strong work ethic, self-discipline, productivity and achievement. There is nothing wrong with any of those things. They are admirable traits. However, we inevitably suffer a deficit of meaning when we invest our identity entirely into what we “do”.

Remember, “you are worth so much more than your productivity” (author unknown).


I assembled a number of images that I felt captured the essence of this week’s cosmic weather. For those of you who appreciate visuals and symbolism, here they are…

Every conjunction by transit represents a type of new beginning, just as we refer to the Sun-Moon conjunction as a “new” moon and associate it with a new beginning.

The last time Mars and Saturn came together, was August 24th, 2016 in Sagittarius. Their “Full Moon” phase was May 29th, 2017, when Mars in Gemini opposed Saturn.

On MONDAY, April 2nd, another Mars-Saturn cycle begins. What are you launching right now? What are you beginning?

The labour pains can be sharp with a Mars-Saturn conjunction, but this combo has the potential to really give birth to something quite significant, valuable and long-lasting.

I found this amazing video of a baby bird gradually chipping its way out of its egg. The process reminded me of Mars (the cutting force) and Saturn (the barrier).

Slowly, but surely, the baby bird emerges.

Just like you will.


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