Ultrasonic :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 9th – 15th

The astro of the past 1.5+ weeks or so, has been dense, heavy, burdensome, and sometimes just downright challenging and discouraging. Like walking through thick mud. They’ve likely been important weeks for personal growth and development, and for overcoming challenges – but they’ve also likely been tough ones.

As the Venus trines to Saturn and then Mars ease us into this week, bringing flow to where there was previous stuckness, we may sense an invigorating fresh spring breeze on its way, ushering us toward an electrifying New Moon in Aries on SUNDAY.

The inspiration for this week’s theme comes from my medical appointment this morning. This may be too much information for some of you, but I thought it was a great example of this week’s energy and the Sun-Pluto square occurring late TUESDAY or early WEDNESDAY, depending on your time zone. (and no, I’m not pregnant, despite the image for this post)

Around the time of the Capricorn Full Moon last year (July 2017), which occurred in conjunction to Pluto with the Sun in opposition to it, I noticed a couple very small bumps in my abdominal wall. When I pointed them out to my doctor, they dismissed them as benign clumps of tissue, or perhaps, congested lymph nodes. On the day that I first noticed them, I had just finished an intensive cleansing program (how Pluto, right?), and thus it seemed possible to me that the cleanse had aggravated my stomach area, or had stirred stuff up internally that had gotten stuck?

However, the bumps didn’t disappear on their own and I started to get paranoid, so I requested an ultrasound test. Which was this morning.

I’ve had some bad experiences with hospitals and I was nervous. Sun-Pluto hard aspects definitely can ignite some fear and anxiety. Although it perfects late TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY, it’s symbolism extends throughout the beginning of this week.

I have never had an ultrasound test before, and I was fascinated that the test used high frequency SOUND WAVES – produced by a noninvasive handheld transducer – that ECHOED off my internal organs, creating clear images that could be used to diagnose what was otherwise invisible to me.

Commonly used with pregnant women, it’s the ultrasound test that creates those womb images of growing fetuses that we now commonly see all over facebook as people announce the development of their future offspring.

I know we are living in a high tech world where we shrug at inventions that would have astounded our ancestors, but SERIOUSLY! Images created by bouncing sound waves off organs?!

I have a Gemini Moon. I often cope with stress by researching and learning about the stresser 🙂

Medical ultrasound tests use the same mechanism that bats use to hunt insects at night. Bats only use their vision in the daylight – at night, in the pitch darkness, they track their prey by emitting pulsating high frequency sound waves at that “echo” off surrounding objects of different densities, enabling them to create an internal map of their environment.

Humans are unable to hear sound frequencies above 20 kHz, whereas the ultrasonic capacity of bats can reach up to 100+ kHz.

Somehow they are able to identify and discriminate between these “echo messages” that deliver the location of their future snack to their ears, rather than their eyes. It’s a skill called “echolocation“.

Now to bring it back to astrology: Sun square Pluto is arguably the most challenging aspect this week. It will hold through to the Aries New Moon on SUNDAY, which will occur within 5 degrees of the Pluto square.

However, the intensity of this square is well-cushioned by easier, supportive aspects. We may have a confrontation with someone (or ourselves), we may have to pull a secret out of the darkness into the light, we may need to face a fear or vulnerability… but ultimately the week’s transits suggests positive outcomes.

I think my medical appointment is a great reflection of this. Although the ultrasound technician was not allowed to explain the results to me before I talked to my doctor, she knew I was nervous and quickly reassured me that they knew what it was and it was “nothing scary”.

So I still don’t know for sure what’s up with the tiny bumps in my stomach, but her response was enough to set me at ease.

I could have easily just ignored my concern based on the dismissive attitude of my doctor… I mean, I hate going into hospitals, tests make me nervous, and part of me just wanted to forget about it. However, I’m glad I pushed for a test so I could know with greater certainty what was happening in my body. Facing my fear and pushing through felt like the right thing to do.

Transits to Pluto require us to go beneath the surface – of skin, of relationship dynamics, of our desire for control, of our impulsive triggered reactions… Insight and self-awareness are KEY to success with Pluto transits and anything Scorpio-related.

If something is coming up for you this week that you would rather avoid, addressing it directly is likely your best choice. Especially with the Sun quincunx Jupiter in Scorpio (exact on WEDNESDAY), it’s a good week to ask: “What’s really going on here?”

Pluto aspects typically request a lot from us. They require a type of surrender and purging in order to free up stuck energy and liberate regenerative potential. Pluto doesn’t leave us stranded though, without the necessary tools. Accompanying all Plutonic transits, is the capacity for ultrasonic perception – to hear and see beyond the surface presentation by illuminating hidden motivations, buried wounds, toxic energy, and latent power dynamics.

Everything we send out into the universe has reverberating echos. Be like a bat and look for those high frequency messages that will guide you toward action that is aligned with your inner truth.

Jupiter sextiles Pluto on SATURDAY, but these two slow-moving heavy-weights have been dancing closely for a while now. Certainly their transformative collaboration (in the Scorpio and Capricorn ruled areas of your chart) will be felt strongly throughout this week and next week when Venus re-activates them with a simultaneous opposition to Jupiter and trine to Pluto.

The first Jupiter-Pluto sextile was exact on January 15th. This is the second hit on SATURDAY, and the third and final sextile will perfect on September 12th. Unless this sextile activates a personal planet or point in your natal chart, its correlations may be subtle and diffused over several weeks. Collectively, we are being called to grow and expand toward our potential by deepening our internal processes and cleaning out the skeletons from the closets of our psyches.

Venus, the planet of all the good things, is also quite active this week. Early TUESDAY(and experienced throughout Monday), from her vantage point in Taurus, she’ll square the nodal axis; presenting us with an intersection and a choice to make between the direction of the North Node in Leo, and the South Node in Aquarius. Ideally we want to turn North toward our passions, love, play, creativity, individuality, and self-expression – as well as toward the themes of the house that the NN is currently traveling through in ones’ natal chart.

Hold your Aquarian friendship associations, group involvements, and rational perspective with an open hand as you face decisions related to money, relationships, and artistic pursuits.

On WEDNESDAY (the same day as the Sun-Pluto square), Venus in Taurus will form an earthy trine with Mars in Capricorn, bringing fortuitous flow and graceful commitment to our relationships, resource management, financial situation, and practical tasks.

Venus will then quickly move into a sextile with Neptune, Hygeia, and the Moon (all in Pisces) on THURSDAY, followed quickly by Mars, which will perfect the same sextile to Neptune and Hygeia on SATURDAY. These transits unite the soul, body, and universal life force through a focus on holistic health. Especially beneath the auspicious Jupiter-Pluto sextile, it’s a wonderful time to pick up a paint brush, pull out your meditation mat, or book a healing session in your pursuit of wellbeing and inner peace.

This week there is a lot of significant interaction between personal planets and outer planets such as Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Neptune – no more Saturn transits though this week, thank goodness! Multiple contacts between the outer planets and the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), which express through more personal correlations, suggest that this week holds the potential of some deep shifts and positive shake-ups.

The trend continues on SUNDAY with the electrifying New Moon occurring within 3 degrees of rebellious Uranus in Aries, while still squaring Pluto in Capricorn; reacquainting us with the implications of the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto squares of 2012 ~ 2017.

Earlier SUNDAY morning, Mercury will Station Direct at 4 degrees Aries. Mercury’s pivots always mark important and illuminating moments. Occurring on the same day as this high-energy New Moon, you may be getting some blaring green lights that yell: Go go go!

This New Moon is a big cry for freedom, for change, for innovation, for courage, for forward-motion. And yet… be careful! Mercury can stir up some confusing cosmic dust when it applies the brakes and turns around… and a New Moon’s potential is often initially swallowed by the disorienting darkness.

As with the Mercury Retrograde in December 2017, this retrograde has also lined up 3 meetings with Saturn in its agenda. Mercury has been retrograde since March 22nd, and has one more Saturn square to go on its return journey. Look to the house ruled by Aries in your chart for insight as to where you might have been facing some major delays, challenges, red tape and bureaucracy, revisions and serious reflection, in regards to communications, travel and technology.

Just around the corner from the New Moon, we have Chiron shifting into Aries next week (currently at the anaretic degree of Pisces), the Sun conjoining with Uranus before leaving Aries, Venus making some powerful aspects to outer planets, and Saturn turning Retrograde.

April 14th – 19th are transmitting some high frequency sound waves! Throughout this time (the weekend through into next week) look for surprises, disruptions, unexpected developments, inspiration, break-throughs and increased freedom.

If this SUNDAY’s New Moon gives you the green light, but asks for a cautionary pause, next week will quickly propel you toward the next steps. In other words, this week is the ultrasound appointment; next week is the birth.

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