The Sensory Filtration System :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 7th – 13th

Hi! I am really tired this week. I had started this forecast earlier, but then I completely lost the strength and motivation to get it out. And yet, I’m rallying for a quick check-in.

Uranus is teetering at the edge of the fiery sign of Aries, while simultaneously in a tough square to Mars in Capricorn; the warrior-like ruler of Aries. This square will perfect around the time of Uranus’ ingress into Taurus on May 15th/16th.

As you’ve probably heard, this is a big deal. Uranus is one of the slow planets (yet with fast-moving impact). Unlike the Sun, which spends only a month in a zodiac sign, Uranus spends 7ish years in a zodiac sign.

You could be responding to this transit in a variety of ways. Maybe you’re feeling excited and full of anticipatory energy. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Either way, the vibe is pretty edgy and reactive as we near the shift. It is highly likely you are under pressure to wrap something up, get ready for something, take important action, or come to a conclusion or resolution regarding some big issue.

The last degree of a zodiac sign, the 29th degree, is called an anaretic degree, or sometimes a ‘crisis degree‘. I often describe it as standing on the edge between a rash impulsive reaction… and painful, immobilizing, hesitation and doubt.

As for me, I’m re-evaluating everything. Everything I thought I had figured out, suddenly no longer makes sense anymore. What are my goals? What is the best path toward them? What should I be investing my personal resources into? How should I be spending my time? Why am I not further along in my journey by now?

I remind myself to hang in there. I may have a different perspective after Uranus’ ingress… or not. We’ll see.

Of course, it is not only this tense Uranus-Mars square forming at the anaretic degrees of Aries and Capricorn, the astro this week is also rocky – or at least, it has a lot of depth and gravity to it…

Mercury will finally leave Aries and enter Taurus this weekend, likely stirring up some deep shit on the way. Due to its retrograde, Mercury has been in Aries since forever. Well, since March 6th – that’s over TWO MONTHS in one sign!! In contrast, Mercury will spend about two weeks in Taurus, and then two weeks in Gemini.

Mercury’s movement through the zodiac tends to be like that of a herald, sent on ahead of the monarchs or noble people (or returning to a previous visited area), to deliver a message or a proclamation. Mercury’s long journey through Aries, has served to remind and assist us with finishing up whatever Uranus in Aries has been doing in our charts.

“Hurry, hurry! You’re almost out of time! C’mon, pack up. You’ve had 7 years to work on this. We’re heading on to new territory!” – is what I imagine Mercury might be saying right now.

Mercury will finally exit Aries on SUNDAY (May 13th) as it collides with Uranus right at the very edge, sending sparks flying and unexpected events and encounters in every direction. The messenger will then jump right into Taurus, again leading the way for Uranus, who will complete it’s big move next WEDNESDAY (May 15th).

As it makes its way toward Uranus, Mercury will step into a few thorny squares with planets in Capricorn – Pluto (last MONDAY, May 7th) and then with Mars on SATURDAY (May 12th). This means that throughout this whole week, Mercury’s domain of perception, thought, learning, planning, information processing, and communication, will feel rather aggravated and charged.

Mercury transits can show up in interpersonal exchanges, or they can all happen within your own head – with your inner dialogue. Interactions with others could be tense, secretive, paranoid, accusatory, and reactive.

Or they could be those interactions where everything on the surface looks and sounds innocent and benign, but then both people walk away thinking, “Whew… it might have ‘looked’ like we were talking about the weather, but that convo was HEAVY with subtle messages.”

They could also take the form of intense conversations that bring tough truths and disclosures to the surface.

If it is all going down in your own head – BE NICE TO YOURSELF❤ Most of us have pretty awful and cruel inner critics (myself included). Recognize it for what it is. A little gremlin in your head. Brainwaves created by your prefrontal cortex. Imprinting from your childhood.

Our thoughts are often not a true reflection of reality. Often we need to pause and step back a little from our negative thoughts in order to recognize this.

Venus was in there as well, earlier this week, creating a confusing square with Neptune last MONDAY, perhaps correlating with some mixed messages and misunderstandings, or some over-idealized perceptions of people.

Quick reminder/PSA: We are still in Taurus Season! Steady, loyal, earthy, grounded, sensory Taurus. We have a bunch of physical senses; sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, along with our internal senses of bodily needs and our spatial awareness… use those senses in the best way possible within your circumstances!

Everything we experience in life is through our senses in some way or another. When life starts to look blurred, as though you’ve been twirling wildly, chaotically in circles for too long, reach out for some sensory input that will send your body a calming message. Bare feet in the grass, a sunset, sweet smelling candles… whatever helps you stay calm and present in your body!

The 3rd quarter Moon formed a square with the Sun-Jupiter opposition also on MONDAY/TUESDAY, adding further tension to the beginning of this week.

Did you go overboard with something? Overdo it? Overshare? Jump to conclusions? The Sun and Jupiter in opposition can be a grand old time, but I’m hesitant to interpret this transit unreservedly as a pile of fun since Jupiter is transiting the heavy energy of Scorpio right now… and with everything else going on at the beginning of the week it likely felt a bit overwhelming, to say the least, even if you were simultaneously making impressive gains in some area of your life.

The Sun moves on to trine Pluto on FRIDAY. Pluto’s never really all that pleasant, but with a trine, you may experience a much needed release of emotion. You may clear the air on some tense issue. You may shed light on a shadowy area of life – personally, professionally, or literally (e.g. I often find long-lost things during a beneficial Pluto transit). I will be attending a professional workshop on trauma this weekend, so that fits.

Although heavy, the Sun’s storyline is probably my favourite for this week. Hopefully Venus doesn’t confuse us with some awkward quincunxes to Jupiter and Pluto, immediately following the Sun’s opposition and trine to these powerful planets.

Oh, and fyi, the upcoming Mars Retrograde will begin on June 26th at 09°13′ Aquarius and will end on August 27th at 28°36′ Capricorn. It may be interesting to note that Mars will enter its Pre-Retrograde shadow period on SATURDAY, passing through the degree of Capricorn where it will eventually station and turn around, in August. It means that whatever thematic area of your chart is traversed by Mars, beginning this Saturday up until June 26th, will be revisited.


Some of the transits this week (and the next) are quite capable of stirring up a lot of deep shit, which most of us have in some way or another.

In honour of sensory-focused Taurus Season, and in response to the aggravating transits this week, here are some Bessel Van Der Kolk quotes (courtesy of BrainPickings curation) as food for thought:


Next week… is just bonkers. Continue to utilize your sensory tools to stay present and grounded. ❤

From about May 12th ~17th, life is dynamic, fast-moving, and full of surprises. Stay flexible and go with the flow as much as you can! Uranus transits are more stressful than they need to be when we resist change and the new possibilities it ushers in.

If you are familiar with the house systems of your chart, I thought Steven Forrest wrote a great and accessible guide to Uranus transits through the houses. Personally I use a quadrant house system (rather than the whole signs approach where one house = one sign) because I really appreciate the nuance this offers. However, I always put special emphasis on the sign ruling a house cusp. Thus, I would recommend investigating the house that has Taurus on the cusp when looking for the overarching long-term themes, and then take note of where Uranus is currently, within a quadrant house system (such as Placidus) if you use one (most astro apps default to a quadrant house system).

And then, of course, observe what shows up in your life within the first few weeks of Uranus’ ingress into Taurus on May 15th, for clues as to what this 7-year transit may mean for you.

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