Just let me put on my Magical Gemini Shoes and… Review of Cosmic Weather May 21st – 27th

I was talking with my brother this week and as I made another unexpected jump to a different topic, he paused with his eyes closed: “Wait, let me put on my Gemini shoes… okay, continue.”

I have a Gemini Moon (square Jupiter + a Mercury-Uranus square) in my birth chart, and when I am wired with an overload of information, I am careening wildly and excitedly from tangent to tangent. My brother (who has begrudgingly been indoctrinated into using an astrological schema, while still maintaining firm cynicism) has lots of Gemini friends and is used to this quick moving conversation that feels like you are jumping from rock to rock across a pond, in a pattern that nowhere near resembles a straight line.

It is Gemini Season, as of last Sunday, so perhaps we all should be wearing our Gemini shoes and staying light on our feet. Heads-up: this is a super meandering Gemini-esque post. Perhaps even moreso than usual.

The moon symbolizes how we process emotions and feel safe. An astrologer I was talking to recently made the interesting point that a Gemini Moon may be one of the most challenging moon placements in this modern era of technology and information overload – and perhaps Gemini Sun and especially Gemini rising placements as well, to an extent.

In the days long before we were bombarded with incessant information 24/7, Gemini types probably found it easier to productively utilize their awesome skillset. Because Gemini lacks the discriminatory filter of Virgo, the other Mercury-ruled sign, who is so excellent at organizing information, tracking and prioritizing the essentials, Gemini folks likely experience more challenges now days than in past history.

For Geminis, driven by the hunger of their curiosity, all information, all knowledge, all learning, is often seemingly of equal and important value. Selective filtering and a sustained attention span is not their strong point. Now, with the blessing and curse of Google and smart phones (and a bazillion other information sources at our fingertips), there is a tendency to scatter and invest that mental energy in a million different places at once.

It could be argued that if our technology-driven society was not drowning in an overwhelming amount of meaningless, distracting information, constantly trying to capture our attention, perhaps Gemini-types would have an easier time with their beautiful curiosity?

I’m gonna sing the praises of Gemini in another post, but those are some of the challenges of expressing Gemini vibes in this modern era.

My Gemini Moon is opposite Saturn. Saturn appreciates structure, order, discipline and completion. My nature is to spread my net widely with  my information accumulation, my thoughts, and my words, but at the end of the day (or at the end of a conversation, or at the end of these forecasts) I need to reel it in. I need my conclusion. I need to have a sense that I clearly made my point. I need to know that that part of the conversation is “wrapped up”.

I will sometimes say “I feel like we had a loose thread back there…” and then I’ll try to retrace my steps to complete what I was originally trying to share before I was distracted by the prelude convo. Loose threads drive me nuts. Another Gemini person I know (who must have some Saturn involved) will often say, when they sense the conversation is taking a diversion, “okay, I’ll just bookmark this conversation,” and undoubtedly they bring up the topic later… “so to return to the bookmark…”

I have felt really scattered for the past couple weeks. I didn’t get a forecast out earlier this week, which is rare for me since I started writing them over a year ago.

I bookmarked it though. If we begin with Monday, the week isn’t quite over yet! I’m considering this a ‘review’ of the past week’s transits where I’ll share how I experienced or noticed the cosmic weather playing out. Hopefully this is helpful, particularly for those of you learning astrology.

I know Uranus entered Taurus on May 15th, but GUYS. Especially with the simultaneous square to Mars, that was a huge transit that you would have felt building as early as April, or even March 2018 (based on my observations, as indicated by the house the Taurus rules in your chart). I think the ripples are finally subsiding slightly, but that was a lot of emotional turbulence for me.

Uranus hit my North Node in Taurus right out of the gate, and correlated with a heavy does of existential anxiety along with a resurgence of nightmares and night terrors. Gemini Season didn’t really help me find my grounding, to be honest.

I think I’ll do another post focused on what I have noticed about the Uranus in Taurus shift. I have this running list of topic ideas for astrology blog posts that keeps growing and growing…

For now, let’s focus on this past week. My brother’s comment about “Gemini shoes” led my brain to the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy’s ruby red magical shoes, which was the inspiration for this week’s image. Dorothy eventually uses them to finally return home after her magical adventure in the land of Oz, by clicking her heels three times.

The cosmic weather this week definitely had a bit of a energized, magic vibe, with some heavier, somber notes on the home and security related Cancer-Capricorn axis toward the end of the week.

Most noteworthy was the Jupiter-Neptune trine in Scorpio and Pisces respectively, exact early on FRIDAY. Along with the Jupiter-Pluto sextile, this is one of the year’s major repeating outer planet aspects. Somewhat subtle, diffuse, and long-lasting, its correlates may be difficult to pinpoint, but Mercury, the messenger, decided to light up this dynamic for us throughout the week in more personalized ways.

Moving through Taurus, Mercury sextiled Neptune on TUESDAY, opposed Jupiter on WEDNESDAY, and trined Pluto on FRIDAYactivating all three prongs of the year’s major outer planet aspect formation.

Meanwhile the Sun made a friendly sextile to Chiron on TUESDAY, easing our healing process or bringing some mentoring and encouragement into our life, and then trined Mars late on WEDNESDAY, arriving with a big boost of energy and motivation to a day that was already quite energized with the Mercury-Jupiter opposition.

~Mid-week was a great time for facing fears and insecurities, and getting shit done. Or for exercising, playing sports, giving presentations, being assertive, and engaging in invigorating conversation.

The Mercury-Jupiter opposition occurred right on my IC/MC axis, so I knew I would notice it pretty vividly close to home, especially with the other reinforcing transits occurring. I want to share how I noticed the symbolism emerging, because I want to highlight how astrology themes can show up with mundane life stuff. It isn’t all life changing, even if it sometimes sounds like it might be that way when you read a forecast or horoscope.

Someone could argue that by drawing so many correlations, maybe I am reading too much into life events… and perhaps I do. However, astrology’s symbolism is a worldview, a schema, that I readily and consciously embrace as a tool for framing and organizing all my life experiences. At its best, by noticing symbolic patterns in the mundane and significant, it’s a really fun and/or grounding way to weave symbolic meaning to one’s life.

So, here we go…

Briefly, if you are looking for Jupiter, you are looking for something big, important, significant, public, expanding, overflowing, abundant, sometimes “too much”. It’s a big picture leap of faith, taking a risk while trusting in the outcome.

If you are looking for Mercury, you are looking at sibling dynamics, conversations with friends, contact with sales people (or thieves), and even pet-related events. You are looking for information exchanges, communication, learning, technology, modes of short-distance travel.

With Mercury in opposition to Jupiter, a typical forecast would suggest this could be a time of big announcements, big egos, and exaggerated claims.

With Mercury on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, money and resources are a big theme – that which you own, that which you exchange for something else, as well as money and resources that you did not earn (such as loans, inheritances, and shared income).

Here are my Mercury – Jupiter examples from about a 24-hour period:

  • I’m at home with family right now. Wednesday morning my brother (Mercury) came back from his all-night shift after not sleeping for 24 hours and woke me up with his delivery of homemade pancakes early that morning (Taurus). Definitely a lovely, over-the-top, generous act (Jupiter).
  • While I was distracted by a conversation with a sibling (Mercury), a pot of sweet ingredients (Taurus is associated with sweet foods) boiled over, leaving a sticky mess all over the stove, smelling of burnt sugar (Jupiter).
  • An hour or so later, we heard intense screaming because my sister (Mercury) had caught a tiny cactus with her hand as it was falling, and had an extreme response (Jupiter) to a cactus needle puncturing her skin (Scorpio is associated with pain). We scrambled to Google (Mercury) to make sure you couldn’t die (Scorpio) from a baby cactus that created such a huge reaction (Jupiter).
  • My sister’s dog (Mercury x2) had been taken to the vet because her vulva was so swollen (Jupiter in Scorpio – Scorpio is associated with the genitals). The 6-month old dog is not neutered and they were told that this swelling was because the dog was “in heat”, and this would be followed by a dog period. What?! Dogs have periods? Why did this never occur to me? Of course they would have periods. We had a prolonged family conversation about this phenomenon with my mom reading out loud her Google findings about this process, which included a recommendation of “dog diapers”. This was definitely new news to me (Mercury opposite Jupiter).
  • Another sister (who lives on the other side of the world) was telling us about a stressful moment where she thinks she may have been pick-pocketed (Mercury) of the money her boss (Jupiter) had given her to run errands (Mercury). Retracing her steps turned up nothing, and so she had to admit to the boss that the money had disappeared (the slippery influence of Neptune is evident here as well). Because she doesn’t know for sure what happened to the cash, my sister insisted that she would cover the loss herself (Jupiter). In response, the boss told her that she was going to give her an income raise (Jupiter, with the Scorpio-Taurus money axis highlighted).
  • My mother had an important job interview where she had to promote herself (Mercury opposite Jupiter on the money axis).
  • An unexpected financial opportunity came my way (Jupiter) in the midst of  conversation (Mercury).
  • I finally did my taxes (Mercury, Scorpio-Taurus), and I paid a lot of money I don’t have to renew my professional license in a province I am not living in, and for a profession I am currently not practicing (it’s a long story – which is very relevant to this opposition occurring on my IC/MC, home/career axis). It involved some tumultuous decision-making, a loan, and a big dose of faith and trust that my strange meandering path will make sense some day (Jupiter-Mercury).
  • I had a lovely day spending time with a good friend, during which she blurted out some big exciting news unexpectedly and we talked nonstop for over four hours while walking from one end of the city to the other (Mercury opposite Jupiter).

Some of those examples are more significant life events, while others are really minor, mundane occurrences. Hopefully you can see the symbolic resonance weaving throughout those 24 hours, and perhaps it may give you some insight into the events that occurred in your life around mid-week.

So now we have reached the weekend with the big Jupiter-Neptune trine perfecting at the same time as the Venus-Saturn opposition. After a high-energy mid-week, I crashed on Friday. I feel more Venus-Saturn right now, than Jupiter-Neptune, but if I wanted to really move with those energies, perhaps I should have dedicated Friday to art, or to watching movies, or to meditation. Those are some examples that would be well aligned with this water trine aspect of flow, spirituality, transcendence, love, unity, relaxation and creativity.

Instead I just felt like I was moving through a thick (brain) fog – a more negative side of Jupiter expanding Neptune’s influence.

Venus-Saturn can coincide with some disappointment, some loneliness, or some financial reality checks. It can align with the need to make a relational decision, take responsibility for something, or make an important commitment to someone. Relationships + self-worth + pleasure/relaxation + financial security is being challenged by the serious planet of limitation, boundaries and hard work.

For example, someone I know planned a gathering for today (SATURDAY) that he labelled a ‘work party’, because he was hoping to recruit their assistance with doing some yard work. However, I think he ended up being the only one who did yard work today. That’s a very Venus-Saturn situation.

You can usually find astrological symbolic resonance with the major news headlines of the week.

For example, the majority of Ireland’s voters, voted to repeal one of the world’s most restrictive and dangerous constitutional bans against abortion on Friday. It was titled “the quiet revolution“, which seems so appropriate for a Jupiter-Neptune trine, overlaid on top of Uranus (revolution) recently shifting into Taurus (stability, tradition). Jupiter and Neptune speak to unity, to people coming together for future generations, and peacefully shifting social attitudes over time – which the government’s laws are now catching up with.

Furthermore, Venus (womxn’s issues) was in Cancer (symbolizing the womb, birth, and one’s home and origins) being challenged by Saturn (government, laws). Aligned with this symbolism, #HomeToVote was a popular hashtag in recent weeks that spoke to the many Irish people who traveled home to vote Yes for womxn’s health, in the referendum.

Saturn often coincides with important life decisions because it reminds us of the limits of freedom and options, the consequences of our choices, and the responsibility to choose wisely. In order to move forward, we must pick a side – Yes or No.

The #MeToo movement began within a few days of Jupiter entering the feminine water sign of Scorpio last year, shining a light on buried secrets and abuses of power. It doesn’t surprise me that we’d see action toward womxn’s rights as Jupiter in Scorpio is activated by an outer planet transit.

On the other side of the ocean, the Venus-Saturn dynamic is apparent in a different way, as it comes to light that the U.S. government has horrifically failed at protecting 1,475 migrating children in its care after often forcibly separating them from their parents, and making them vulnerable to human traffickers.

Neptune’s symbolism can speak to disappearances, losing track of people, neglecting responsibility, being deceitful and trying to cover something up that occurred in secret. Jupiter in contact to Neptune can expand this symbolism, but Jupiter is also publicity. It directs the public’s attention to what was previously hidden. If you feel inclined to donate to those on the frontlines of this work, The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights is one potential option.

As I revisited The Wizard of Oz, I found myself listening to Judy Garland singing with wistful longing about that imaginary place somewhere over the rainbow, where dreams come true and there isn’t any trouble. It’s a cliche Jupiter-Neptune song if there ever was one.

If only it were as easy as tapping your magical shoes together 3 times while repeating “there’s no place like home”.

It’s not, unfortunately. This human earthly world is far more Saturnian in many ways, than it is Neptunian. It demands a lot of hard work, determination, integrity, responsibility and accountability to heal and build a world, a safe home, that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of its diverse inhabitants.

And yet may we always hold those big dreams, those utopian ideals, that inner sanctuary and those moments of transcendent divine bliss, close within our conscious awareness, letting them imbue our lives with that glistening shimmer of hope.

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