Dancing lightly with Questions & Answers :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 28th – June 3rd

Yesterday (MONDAY) I woke up still thinking and stewing about a podcast episode I had listened to the night before, which I had strongly disagreed with. At my earliest opportunity I cornered someone (in the kitchen making breakfast where they had no escape) and pronounced my first words of the day: “I want to share something that I’d be curious to get your opinion on…” and then proceeded to go on a passionate, animated rant that really had no space for another opinion.

Happy Saggy Full Moon! A time when strong opinions fly fast and furious! The Full Moon peaked at 8 degrees Sagittarius TUESDAY morning (ADT).

FYI, I did recognize the one-sided preachy rant and intentionally made space for other people’s input, after breakfast 🙂

On route to the Full Moon, a Yod took shape involving the Sun sextiling the North Node, while both were quincunx Saturn throughout MONDAY into TUESDAY. In order to move forward on a creative potentiality and expansive new possibility, you may have to make some adjustments. You may have encountered a speed-bump or barrier that required you to take some time out of your day to address an issue or take care of a troublesome chore.

As I write this, we are a few hours past the Full Moon peak, but its ripples are still potent. Before I delve into the Full Moon’s themes, I want to highlight the importance of understanding oppositions in astrology. I read a lot of astro posts today that discussed the Sagittarius Full Moon in relation to the Sun’s position in Gemini – which was great to see, because I think it is so important to speak to the themes of the zodiacal polarity during a Full Moon.

You can’t fully understand the Moon’s significations without grasping the dynamic of the opposition. I believe understanding polarities and the relationship between each sign with each one of the other eleven signs (based on their fixed position in the zodiac wheel) is key to understanding astrology in general…


Gemini and Sagittarius seem so similar sometimes because they are both signs that ask questions and seek knowledge. Their axis in a natal chart (along with the 3rd – 9th house axis) is very much associated with learning, collecting and disseminating knowledge.

And yet, Gemini and Sagittarius have different aims. Their exploratory process is directed by different goals. Even though Sag may express as never satisfied and always restlessly seeking answers, ultimately Sagittarius wants its knowledge-seeking arrow to land somewhere, whereas Gemini thrives off continual questions, questions that give birth to more questions. Answers are less important to Gemini, than they are to Sagittarius.

When integrated in a balanced way (within our own psyches, or between two individuals), these two complement each other beautifully.

I am personally really familiar with the Sag-Gemini axis since it is strongly emphasized in my chart. One of the most vivid ways this polarity has played out in my life is when I left the religion, the belief system that I was born into, at the age of 21  (~10 years ago) – I have Saturn, Mars, Uranus in Sagittarius in my 4th house of origins, home and family.

Sagittarius’ thematic scope encompasses religions, faith, belief systems, and every knowledge framework that provides you with  “worldview glasses”; a lens which influences the way you perceive and interpret everything you experience in life.

I didn’t anticipate this sudden faith crisis. It probably was building beneath the surface for a while in my subconscious, but it happened quite suddenly and abruptly in the space of a few hours in a really unexpected place (just 3 days before my progressed new moon in Pisces, in the 8th house, for you astro nerds). I continue to divide my life into two main chapters – before this moment, and after.

My childhood religious faith was not simply a habitual one; a set of rituals I had become accustomed to – it was my entire identity. My community was almost 100% linked to my faith. My life path, my values, my spirituality – everything was an expression of this religious orientation. I had invested so much into this way of being in the world and I held various leadership roles within this framework.

I wish I had known about all the website, blogs, and online forums where other people described  a similar experience to the one I went through when I abruptly stepped away from my religion. When I did discover these sources, it was honestly reassuring to find others who felt disoriented, exiled and shattered in the same way. It brought a measure of normalcy to a process that can be understandably devastating. Eventually it was liberating, but in the early days it was awful.

It felt like someone had pulled a rug from beneath me and I was endlessly falling. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything seemed to echo and spin incessantly around me. I remember having mundane conversations with people and wanting to start screaming because reality was such a joke and how the hell could we just sit there and talk about everyday things when everything was a weird blurry mirage?! I collapsed into a depressed state and almost dropped out of university that year.

There was also a profound sense of grief to have lost something that was once so sacred to me – which included a very ‘real’ encounter with a personified deity that I could no longer contact. No one from my religious community at that time could understand what I was going through. Why was I deliberately separating myself from the religious faith when clearly the act of leaving was sending me spiraling into existential agony and confusing despair?

I just… had to. Everyone has their own spiritual path, and mine was clearly leading me away from this faith, despite how much support and comfort it had given me throughout my earlier years. I should add too, that while within this faith I had spent significant time honestly wrestling with it and exploring different perspectives – and yet previously I had always embarked on this exploration from the position of a ‘believer’.

Once I found a bit of ground beneath my feet again, I began deconstructing every single belief and value I had once taken for granted… and very slowly, gradually, carefully, painstakingly, began rebuilding a worldview step-by-step, one belief or value at a time, on my own terms. It’s a Gemini-type process of constant questioning and analysis that I am still engaged in, and hopefully always will be.

I share my story to emphasize how deeply ingrained our Sagittarian belief systems and worldviews can become.

When I hear people (myself included) becoming frustrated with the rigid perspectives of others, which may appear regressive or ‘on the wrong side of justice’ in some way, I am reminded of my own process and how terrifying, destabilizing and exhausting it can be to let go of your worldview when your identity has become so invested in it and has been shaped by it for so long.

Within Gemini’s realm, we freely exchange ideas and knowledge. Our opinions shift and change with relative ease. There’s an open-mindedness, as well as a non-attachment to particular opinions and positions. We can playfully ‘try-on’ different beliefs and values to see if they fit our lives.

Within Sagittarius’ realm, there’s generally much more at stake. This is the land of worldviews, belief systems, and all encompassing narratives which give us a framework for ‘why bad things happen’ and explain how we can tolerate and address the inevitable suffering involved in being human. Whatever its particular content, Sagittarius’ domain provides us with the greater meaning and purpose of our lives – and perhaps of life in general. It can give us a reason to live, to exist, to optimistically choose to engage fully in this life.

Understandably then, Sagittarius (and Jupiterian) energy can become quickly provoked into a self-righteous and defensive, opinionated, truth-claiming stance. There’s typically a big, weighty investment into a certain perspective that demands protection in order to shield the identity, ego and sense of self from attacks and disintegration.

Gemini too, has a shadow however. When Gemini energy is unconscious of their own inner multiplicity and flexibility they can be irritatingly oblivious to their blatant contradictions and ‘flakiness’. Or, at a more conscious level, they can be so embracing of life’s seeming complex relativity that they can be guilty of lying and  being intentionally deceptive because they really don’t have a moral or ethical issue with it. Unlike with Sagittarius, there may be very little attachment and investment into what is ‘true‘, ‘right‘, or ‘good’, and thus their duplicitous behavior could be unhindered by any potential cognitive dissonance or twinges of the conscience.

You can also see the shadow side of the Sag-Gemini axis emerge simultaneously where the Sagittarius side is boldly and brazenly putting on a big show to defend their perspectives as being The Truth… while the Gemini side is secretly receptive and changes their mind without letting the other person know that they had an impact on their thought processes 🙂

We need Sagittarius. We need something to believe in, whether it’s a philosophy, or a religion, or whatever. As Emily St. John Mandel says: “Survival is insufficient”. Throughout history, humans have sought out a broader theoretical framework, worldview, or narrative that will provide a sense of meaning and purpose – arguably near essential ingredients for a fulfilling life.

But at the same time, we need to cultivate our Gemini traits so that we do not become limited and hindered by our rigid belief systems. At their best, Gemini types express this really beautiful childlike excitement and open-minded humbleness in conversation. The undiluted Gemini essence has no problem whatsoever with being ‘wrong’ or letting go of an opinion if another perspective proves to be more valuable.

Always, always curious and intrigued by other people’s ideas, experiences, and perspectives, you might frequently hear responses from Gemini-types like: “Oohhhh! Interesting! I never thought of it like that.” And then they go off and research it or try it, and send you a bunch of links related to what you discussed because they are so excited about this new information.

In addition to what I mentioned in my last post, I think this is another reason why it is challenging to be Gemini dominant at this time in history (and at any time where there has been sharp lines dividing society along the perimeters of belief and knowledge). We live in a world where it is really, really hard to change your mind and to admit that your original opinion, perspective, or understanding of something, was somehow faulty or inadequate, without being mocked or scorned in some way. People’s egos are really invested in being ‘right’, every time, all the time (mine included).

So back to this week’s astrology: As I mentioned, on TUESDAY there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini. It is a great opportunity to try and find a healthy balance and integration of the Gem-Sag polarity. Here’s a few questions to get you started…

A couple other points about the Sag Full Moon – it is trine the North Node and sextile Mars. It’s a great time for some adventure or energetic activity toward a goal, if Saturn hasn’t proved too irritating for you.

Austin Coppock on The Astrology Podcast pointed out that the Full Moon was tightly conjunct the fixed star Antares and thus the Full Moon could be more intense or vicious because of this. I don’t use Fixed Stars in my practice, but this is one of the more significant stars so I thought I’d put it out there.

Note: The zodiac wheel is named after constellations, but doesn’t actually align with them in the tropical zodiac. The constellations in the sky are all various sizes whereas each of the 12 signs in the zodiac wheel are 30 degrees each and are divided according to other calculations for different reasons. So Antares is actually right in the “heart of Scorpio“, in terms of the star constellation, but it lands in Sagittarius within the zodiac wheel, while still carrying Scorpionic significations with it. When working with fixed stars, astrologers generally only consider conjunctions to be meaningful and keep the orbs really tight at ~1 degree.

Mmmmkay… so there’s more happening this week than just a Full Moon.

Mercury enters Gemini on TUESDAY and sextiles Chiron on WEDNESDAY. You may be the receiver or the giver of some encouraging words that give you a boost up just when one is really needed.

The WEEKEND looks delicious! There’s a super lush Grand Water trine happening as Venus in Cancer re-activates the slow-moving Jupiter-Neptune trine that perfected last week in Scorpio and Pisces respectively.

Of course, water trines can sometimes feel pretty soggy. A trine isn’t guaranteed to be a good time, but Mercury in Gemini is simultaneously making an airy trine to Mars in Aquarius while sextiling the North Node in Leo, adding some forward-moving energy to the mix to prevent you from drowning.

What three houses are activated by 16 degrees Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces in your birth chart? If they are in social houses, this is really an IDEAL time for getting together with some good friends or for a romantic excursion. It could also be a good time for a spiritual retreat or for creativity – or even for having that much needed emotional release that has been building.

The water trine could be a little escapist, but if you work with it and lean into its potentialities, depending on your personal chart activation, it could be really lovely. It’s incredibly fertile  and good for making/birthing babies of any type – human ones as well as creative works of art, or for getting into the flow working on any project that makes your heart sing.

The water trine with Jupiter and Neptune echos some of the big-picture visionary traits of Sagittarius. Keep dancing with those questions and answers…

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