Reflective Prompts & Quotes for Mars Rx in Aquarius + a Full Moon in Capricorn

The Mars retrograde and Capricorn Full Moon this week emphasizes many of the same themes related to willpower, goals, and determination.

So often we think of Saturn and Capricorn as ONLY being about persevering, working hard and enduring no matter what. And true, this is a part of Saturn’s symbolism. But…

Imagine someone building a house on a rickety foundation. They are working as hard as they can, frantically. Putting up walls, installing insulation… meanwhile the entire structure is trembling, threatening collapse.

Are you going to ignore that weak foundation and keep working away nonstop, driven to finish that house, that life-building project – which clearly, is going to fall apart right after you finish it, if not before? That life-building project which offers you no sustaining sense of fulfillment? Or maybe it used to, but now no longer does? Continue reading “Reflective Prompts & Quotes for Mars Rx in Aquarius + a Full Moon in Capricorn”

Backpedaling beneath an Ominous Sky & A High Stakes Game Show :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 25 – July 1

Today (MONDAY) Venus in Leo squared Jupiter in Scorpio. Relational extroversion and bravado, pleasure-seeking and splurging was propelled by an expansive hunger today, an appetite bubbling up from Scorpio’s dark stew – did you encounter it?

I just got back from a walk in the rain and the wind; so desperate for chocolate that I willingly braved the absurdly cold and dismal weather today. On route home, I unexpected ran into a neighbor I hadn’t seen in about a year. In roughly 20 minutes we raced through topics that touched on death, illness, depression, suicide, and spirituality.

Whew. I was wondering how that Venus-Jupiter was going to show up – in my 12th and 3rd house respectively. Continue reading “Backpedaling beneath an Ominous Sky & A High Stakes Game Show :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 25 – July 1”

Home, Nostalgia, & Sonder :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 18th – 24th


What does that word stir in you? What does it mean to be “at home”? To “come home”? To “create a home”?

I once took a semester’s philosophy course that was dedicated to exploring the concept of “home”. I’ve remain fascinated by the concept ever since, and the emotions that word can evoke… including those associated with nostalgia. Continue reading “Home, Nostalgia, & Sonder :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 18th – 24th”

Mercury opposite Saturn :: “This is just a chapter. It’s not your whole story.”

This popped up on my Instagram feed this morning.

It was a reminder I needed today.

Friday’s Mercury opposite Saturn transit is kinda… not so fun. Our thoughts, our communications, our details, and our paperwork are being confronted with the planet of rules, limits, deadlines, and harsh reality checks today. And it hurts.

Saturn can correlate with times of feeling hemmed in by barriers and set-backs. It can be easy to loose perspective during tough Saturn transits, which narrow our vision.

Here’s the lovely caption for this image, by S. C. Lourie:


Times will change. Even when they feel like they never will. Any moment, no matter how difficult, will never last forever.

The Earth keeps spinning on its axis and we will continue to midwife new life chapters into form.

There are two main things that contribute to shitty depressive times of life:

1) First, there’s pain and suffering. Of which there are many varieties, and for most of us humans, it is a unique concoction of many different types. There’s physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain, socially-triggered pain, rejection pain, historical pain, existential pain, cognitive-thought pain, and the collective pain of the entire world bearing down on us individually.

There’s grief; guilt; shame; loneliness; soul-sickness; fear of the future; the suffering of fearing suffering; feelings of never being good enough; feelings of failing; feelings of being the ‘only one’ who feels some way or has a certain experience; the pain of being prevented from expressing your true nature and living a purposeful life in alignment with your authentic Self; the pain of bearing a burden you do not feel you can share; histories of trauma that keep the body and psyche stuck in the past; the fear and stress of not being able to meet your survival needs…

Being human is a tough gig.

2) In addition to the pain, what can really bring us to our knees however, is a loss of hope – a feeling that things are never going to change, that they are never going to get better. A feeling that our pain and suffering will never be alleviated or resolved in a sustained way.

You can have pain and suffering to varying degrees… but still have hope. Arguably we all have some form of pain and suffering with us at most times.

But it is the loss of hope that our situation will change for the better, that can send us toward the deepest darkness, despair, depression and desperation. When our vision becomes narrow, when we begin to lose a broader perspective, we may begin to lose hope.

Therefore, to address depressive, discouraged, shitty times of life, we can:

a) alleviate the pain and suffering, b) increase our capacity to tolerate pain and suffering without getting overwhelmed by it (i.e. increase our resilience), and c) restore and maintain our hope.

As for Solution A, I am really excited about the developments in many different fields that are addressing the various types of pain I mentioned. I think we are developing resources and gaining knowledge that can be quite effective in alleviating pain and suffering.

However, getting the right resource to the right person at the right time, remains an ongoing issue. Furthermore, many types of pain ask for a long-term process of healing, integrating and rebuilding (as well as massive systemic change), which can be frustrating and discouraging.

This is where Solution B comes in really handy. For some, increasing the capacity to tolerate pain and distress involves learning ways to regulate their nervous system and increase their ‘window of tolerance’. For others, it means learning strategies to prevent empathetic overload, or it means building communities of peer support.

There are many ways we can build resilience and increase our tolerance for living with types of distress – which often simultaneously increases our capacity to welcome in life’s joy and pleasure.

And yet this too, can take some time.

What about Solution C – restoring and maintaining our hope?

When I was at my lowest, when my limbs were heavy as lead with the crushing weight of shame and despair, I would force myself to get out each clear night to see the moon.

The Moon was my greatest medicine. It kept me going. It helped me stay patient. Most importantly, it reminded me of the Earth’s reassuring, rhythmic constancy, as well as its impulse toward change, growth and evolution. I clung to the Moon and the hope it offered me.

Throughout the course of just 29 days the Moon changes its shape every night – from a tiny sliver, to half a pizza, to a full-blown orb hanging from the sky… all the way back to a tiny sliver… and then it is swallowed by the darkness only to begin the cycle again.

Look for the finger-nail clipping of a crescent Moon over the next few nights. The Moon is beginning to emerge from the darkness and grow again. Take hope that just as the Moon can grow and change and birth itself over and over again, so too, can you.

Of course the possibility of ‘change‘ can also be scary for humans since it involves walking with uncertainty, but hope is predicated on the existence of change.

Change holds the positive potentials of the future.

Remind yourself that whatever you are experiencing right now “is just a chapter. It’s not your whole story.” (S.C. Lourie)

Astrology and astronomy are magical gifts that can walk us through the darkest of nights.

Look for the Moon. She’s coming back for us.

10 Reasons Why Gemini Types are Awesome

The edges of the New Moon in Gemini (on Wednesday) feel awfully tender.

Rulership is so important when putting together the puzzle pieces of astrology. With this New Moon ruled by Mercury in Cancer (the sign of the Moon), squaring Chiron and moving into an opposition with Saturn, our brains may have been (and continue to be ) directed toward some emotional and uncomfortable content.

We tend to think about New Moons as this grand intention-setting moment, like when the runners catalyze into action at the sound of the starting pistol. A BIG NEW BEGINNING.

And yet, at a New Moon the Moon is still buried in darkness, as it was during the days before while in its Balsamic phase. These New Moon times always feel liminal to me – standing at the intersection between the death of one lunation cycle, and the beginning of the next. It isn’t until the Moon re-appears in her crescent phase that I feel we’ve begun to grow another lunar cycle together.

As we hover around this moment of transition, I thought I would share all the fabulous, wonderful things about Gemini so that we might build some intentions around expressing the best traits of the zodiac’s twin sign throughout this lunation cycle.

Gemini’s reputation has not been great in recent days, but it certainly has nose-dived since Trump stumbled into the White House with a Gemini Sun. All signs have their stereotypes and there’s a few that get particularly maligned, but arguably none as bad as Gemini does.

Honestly I think Scorpio types kind of enjoy their bitchy/mean/intense reputation. I mean, even if it’s negative, it gets some elevation from being intimidating. Virgos and Caps may be sometimes pigeonholed as boring, fussy, and materialistic, but in our capitalistic world, which idolizes productivity, even amidst stereotypes Virgo and Cap types gain begrudging admiration for their busyness and determined work ethic. Leo at its worst is seen as self-absorbed and an intolerable attention-seeker, and yet its exuberant creativity and life-giving ‘fun’ status, seems to partially rescue it from full-on stereotyped slander.

Gemini’s stereotypes and ‘shadow traits’ are already well known and I’ve addressed them before – a vulnerability to gossiping, talking constantly, being ‘two-faced’, compulsive lying and deception, manipulative, flexible ethics, fickle, shallow and noncommittal, indiscriminate with their incessant collection of information, scattered, distracted, and unorganized, not known for their follow-through and ability to complete something, being an unreliable and insincere romantic partner, etc.

But in this post I’m focusing on the best of Gemini-types.

I refer to ‘Gemini-types‘ in this post because someone who expresses Gemini traits can have a variety of different configurations in their birth charts that may or may not include their Sun in Gemini. Of course, not everyone with strong Gemini in their charts will demonstrate the positive traits I describe below, but arguably they have a built-in potential to do so.

And of course, we contain the entire zodiac within us and thus we are all full of inner tensions and contradictions – it is impossible for a single person to express the undiluted essence of a sign at all times.

Full disclosure: I have the Moon in Gemini in my birth chart and thus I’m very familiar with this archetype within myself, and I also connect really well with other Gemini-types. I write these points with these folks in mind.

Here are 10 Reasons Why Gemini-Types are Awesome:

1) Gemini-types are amazing conversationalists and they make for awesome coffee dates. They can hold a one-to-one meet-up with ease; word-weaving comfortable containers for relational interactions to gracefully unfold with a cadence and wit that is simultaneously relaxed and engaging. They make it easy for you to find your way into the interpersonal exchange as they share from their vast collection of interesting stories and demonstrate a sincere interest in hearing what life narratives have brought you to this very moment.

2) Gemini-types find delight with connecting people to helpful resources and information. Similar to Libra-types, they are a connector and a bridge-builder, but with perhaps a wider scope. You’ll often hear questions like “Did you know…? Have you tried….? There’s this great thing… have you heard of it? …You should check out this podcast! …Let me just email you this info while I think of it… You know who you should meet? You’ll love them. I’ll connect the two of you right now… Hey! I just got an idea of something that could help!”

3) Gemini-types, at their best, do this in such open, genuine way that it doesn’t come across pushy or obnoxious at all. Their identities are not invested in being ‘right’ all the time. They share, learn and connect, without a grand agenda, and without an attachment to their knowledge. Their suggestion doesn’t work for you? No big deal. They get that everyone’s different; that a solution for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for someone else. They also have the capacity to change their own mind on an issue at lightening speed if another approach demonstrates its worth. This type of cognitive flexibility often seems rare in the current era, which is so thick with dogmatic beliefs and fundamentalism.

4) I would argue that Gemini is the MOST open-minded sign. Aquarius is open-minded within a certain range – as long as it is something that is perceived as contributing to its goals for society – and Pisces has the potential to bring a non-judgmental emotional presence and acceptance to any situation. However Gemini-types can literally consider the merits, pros and cons regarding just about anything at a cognitive level. This enables them to connect and relate to a very wide range of people. Even if they don’t agree, they will genuinely want to get inside your head to understand why you think and believe what you do – more to satisfy their curiosity than to necessarily conquer an argument.

While some would argue that Gemini’s capacity for open-minded consideration goes too far, if we are collectively going to move forward into the future with the majority of the world having vastly different beliefs when compared to any one of us, then I think this flexible open-minded stance is extremely valuable when balanced with other attributes.

Gemini-types tend to be comfortable with both relativism and agnosticism. They are open, curious, and respectful of other ways of thinking and knowing, and yet they always leave room for reasonable skepticism and doubt. Although Gemini-types love figuring stuff out, ambiguity and uncertainty are not threats to them since they thrive on questions themselves, rather than answers.

If you want a great example of this, I recommend an episode from The Astrology Podcast titled ‘The Importance of Astronomy for Astrology’, which features Chris Brennan interviewing an astrologer who goes by the name Gemini Brett (clearly, a Gemini-type). Not only will you hear him talking passionately about the connections between astronomy and astrology (p.s. have you ever thought about how when you are watching a beautiful sunset you are looking right at the 7th house??) – but you’ll also hear a great demonstration of a Gemini-type applying their open-minded flexibility and humbleness toward those who believe in the “flat-earth conspiracy theory”. Chris (understandably) has less tolerance and patience for people who believe the earth is flat, and so some of the mild tension or debate in their conversation really highlights the nature of a Gemini-type. I admit it has been a while since I listened to it, but I’m trusting my memory that it is a great example of this Gemini trait.

5) They can work through disagreements in a rational, logical way – willing to be proven wrong, and willing to see the situation from someone else’s point of view. I used to joke with a Gemini-Moon friend that we should video-tape our arguments as an example of two Gemini-types reasonably working out their differences. Even if emotions were heightened at the outset, there was a willingness and even a determination to rationally come to an agreement of sorts. Gemini-types are also really good at clearly outlining why they are upset via writing (which can bypass some of the immediate in-person emotional reactions). In Gemini-arguments I hear a lot of: “Hmm… okay, good point. I can see how that would be upsetting. I’m sorry…. and when this happened I felt this way, probably because of a, b, and c…. and we can avoid this by doing the d, e, and f plan.”

6) Gemini-types are comfortable with paradox i.e. “a situation or statement that seems impossible or is difficult to understand because it contains two opposite facts or characteristics” (p.s. check out this awesome list of life paradoxes).

For example, one of my favourite quotes is “Change is the only constant” (Heraclitus) – a perfect Gemini paradox if there ever was one! Gemini is visually presented as a dualistic sign (i.e. as the two twins), but the magic of Gemini is the transactional transformative exchange that occurs within and between their dualistic presentation – imagine two twins continuously exploring the world while sharing and exchanging their findings with each other, and learning and changing from the interaction.

Just like we are always learning more about how intertwined the seeming dualism of the mind and body are, so too, does the Gemini-type easily see beyond the dualistic binary on all topics, while others get stuck on what may appear as paradoxes. THIS, is a very, very valuable conceptual capacity in this world that is both incredibly diverse, but also quite divisive and controlling through the use of prescriptive definitions, rules and red-tape. While others may stumble over questions such as… “How can you be both a practicing Christian and a witch?” or “How can you be bisexual when you’ve always been in a long-term monogamous hetero relationship?” …Gemini-types don’t miss a beat. They only pause because their open-minded curiosity wants to invite you to share more.

7) Gemini-types understand that people MULTI-FACETED and they CHANGE. All the time. Constantly. In a technology-driven era where people’s 10-year old twitter feeds can be dredged up and shoved in their face publicly, Gemini-types do not hold people imprisoned in definitive boxes. I’m all for accountability when harm has been done to others, but at the same time I recognize that I am a completely different person than I was 10 years ago – even 5 years ago, and I’m sure this is the same for most other people. There are things that I thought, said, wrote, and did that I would cringe at now. I would not want to be eternally defined by some expired version of my past self, and thus I try to offer the same spaciousness to others. I appreciate the capacity of a Gemini-type to eagerly welcome whatever new version of a person’s self has arrived at the present moment.

Not only are we constantly in a state of change, but as our natal charts demonstrate, we all have multiple facets to our personalities and interests at any given time. For example, I can be a super sensitive and shy Pisces, but with strong Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in my chart, I can also be a fiery and passionate public speaker. Gemini-types may demonstrate this multi-faceted element of human nature more vividly, but they also recognize and accept that all people have many different sides to them. They are typically delighted at the opportunity to witness another part of a person’s personality coming to life in their presence.

8) While the love and need for variety and change is what contributes to Gemini’s stereotyped reputation as being scattered and noncommittal with a trail of many unfinished projects behind them, it’s these key traits which also makes a Gemini-type multi-skilled, interesting, versatile, adaptable and resourceful.

For example, I know someone with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini. He plays like, 6+ instruments and the number always seems to be increasing. His Sun and Mercury are in the 11th house of groups and collaborations (with his Moon in Aquarius), and so of course his life’s work revolves around contributing his skills as a musician to various group collaborations. And the groups he is involved in, honestly could not possibly be more different from one another. He completely evades being boxed into a certain ‘type’ by seemingly trying out every single genre of music creation he can – through group collaborations which change and evolve constantly.

The randomness and wide-ranging scope of their interests may leave some shaking their heads, but it will likely be a Gemini-type who will come up with a strange piece of information, a surprising new idea, a different perspective or an unexpected skill that could rescue you from that tight spot ‘between a rock and a hard place‘, and bring about a much needed solution.

9) Gemini-types maintain and feed the curiosity of their inner 5-year-old. They can get so excited about any new experience or learning opportunity – both the big stuff and the small varying details of everyday life. It’s really freaking adorable. One Gemini-type I know compared himself to having an attention span of a bird, always being like: “Ohhhh! Shiny!” and then nose-diving toward the next interesting ‘shiny’ thing. While there may have been a hint of self-criticism when he said this, the visual of a little kid excitedly pointing at something with an outburst they cannot contain – “Ohhhh! Look!” – is one that makes me smile every time I recognize it in a Gemini-type person. It is so beautiful to have the world continually come alive and renew itself in this way!

For example, a Gemini-type will sit down to eat pizza and with great interest, analyze the combination of toppings. Then they’ll notice the unusual drinking glass placed before them and start twirling it in their hand mentioning what it reminds them of before Googling the brand of the glass to find out more information. Meanwhile they are people-watching/listening to those around them with deep fascination. Of course, all the while engaging you in a charming effervescent conversation that gleefully leaps from topic to topic and results in both of you gaining new knowledge (and entertainment).

10) Gemini-types are generally quick-thinking and smart – in a variety of ways. Smarts come in many forms. With their insatiable curiosity and genuine love of acquiring new knowledge, Gemini-types are continually drawn toward different types of (wide-ranging) learning opportunities. As fast-learners, they rapidly amass a large storehouse of knowledge. Their perceptive brains are wired to make quick connections, which enables them to integrate information like a puzzle and reach beyond toward the next step. Typically a natural with language, words, and other modes of expressing themselves and communicating, Gemini-types often excel in fields that allow them to apply their word-weaving magic and harness their capacity to connect with a reader, a client, or an audience. Whether a distinguished intellectual in academia, or a skilled spoken word poet or musician on the street, Gemini-types demonstrate the continual evolution of our prefrontal cortex.

So there it is! My list of 10 Reasons Why Gemini Types are Awesome. Like all signs, Gemini has a shadow side, but like all signs, it also has an array of positive attributes.

As I mentioned, we all have the entire zodiac within us, or expressed through us. We all have Gemini in our Cosmic DNA. As this Gemini New Moon grows into its crescent form, how can you consciously develop or embody some of Gemini’s best traits throughout this lunation cycle?

I also want to make a strong recommendation for any Gemini-types reading this – change and variety are near as essential as oxygen is for you.

Your life force needs the new and the different on a regular basis! When I hear of Gemini-types expressing a lot of dissatisfaction, discouragement or self-criticism it is often because they are stuck in sameness. Some people can handle sameness quite well (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with consistency), but a lack of variety and change and new learning opportunities is like a death knell for the Gemini-type in particular. Boredom is a cruel fate.

You can stay with the same partner, you can stay with the same job, you can stay in the same place – but you must have the element of variety and change within these contexts. Maybe you and your partner do exciting new things together all the time. Maybe you redecorate your place regularly. Maybe you have a job that is always giving you diverse tasks to work on, as well as many professional development learning opportunities – or perhaps you work in a field where you meet new and interesting people everyday.

There are many ways to ensure variety and change. If your chart is full of prominent Gemini placements, please don’t force yourself to do the same thing over and over again if it is crushing your soul! Embrace your need for change and variety.

It isn’t a weakness. It is what gives you life.

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Exploring Options & Moving Forward :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 11th – 17th

Last night I had a conversation with my sister where we vented some frustration about our respective situations and how it’s hard to imagine how they might change and improve, at least in the near future.

This for me sounds very Mars-conjunct-the-South-Node-in-Aquarius, which was exact last FRIDAY and is still very much an ongoing dynamic. Continue reading “Exploring Options & Moving Forward :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 11th – 17th”

Truth & Lies, Confusion & Clarity, Inspiration & Illusion :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 4th – 10th

The transits are so intriguing this week. It’s an interesting line-up of aspects occurring all around the same time. These transits could express in a variety of different ways in your life, but I will try to capture their essence (check the houses activated in your chart to narrow it down further).

There are two, possibly three, noteworthy cosmic/life stories happening this week.

The first major story is the superior conjunction between Sun (identity, externalized purpose) and Mercury (thought, communication) occurring in Gemini, while nearly in an exact square to Neptune in Pisces (two mutable signs). Continue reading “Truth & Lies, Confusion & Clarity, Inspiration & Illusion :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 4th – 10th”