Truth & Lies, Confusion & Clarity, Inspiration & Illusion :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 4th – 10th

The transits are so intriguing this week. It’s an interesting line-up of aspects occurring all around the same time. These transits could express in a variety of different ways in your life, but I will try to capture their essence (check the houses activated in your chart to narrow it down further).

There are two, possibly three, noteworthy cosmic/life stories happening this week.

The first major story is the superior conjunction between Sun (identity, externalized purpose) and Mercury (thought, communication) occurring in Gemini, while nearly in an exact square to Neptune in Pisces (two mutable signs).

This takes place over 3ish days from TUESDAYTHURSDAY, as the main cosmic players shift slightly, a degree or two.

The Sun – Mercury conjunction occurs on TUESDAY, Mercury passes the Sun and moves ahead to square Neptune on WEDNESDAY, and then the Sun completes the Neptune square on THURSDAY. But basically this square cohesively holds strong throughout the week.

I find it interesting that on WEDNESDAY, the Moon will make an exact conjunction with Neptune in Pisces at the Third Quarter Moon phase (the last important lunation phase before the Gemini New Moon on June 13th).

Third Quarter Moons visibly show up in the sky as a ‘half Moon’ (like someone cut a pizza right down the middle). In an astro chart, they express as a 90 degree square aspect with the Sun. So if the Moon is conjunct Neptune when it squares the Sun on WEDNESDAY, it means that it is essentially squaring Mercury at the same time – thus there are four important celestial players involved in a very tight square as two pairs, challenging each other.

Does this make sense? Here’s a chart image in case I’ve lost you…

(the Sun is the yellowish circle and the Moon is signified as a crescent moon shape, Neptune is the trident and Mercury is right beside the Sun)

At the same time, as you can see, Jupiter is involved through a trine to Neptune/Moon, and through an awkward quincunx to Sun/Mercury.

The second key cosmic story this week (which may weave its way through the first story) is Venus opposing Pluto on TUESDAY, which is typically an emotionally loaded transit.

Those are the technical details. Now I will try to bring in the symbolism.

When Mercury is centered right in the heart of the Sun (i.e. cazimi), this is typically described as a time of mental insight and clarity, a time when you finally seal the deal, or a time when you receive some important information. The symbol of thought and communication unites with the symbol of life, purpose, and identity.

A Mercury cazimi can feel like finally finding the right key that fits the lock.

This cazimi conjunction is occurring in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, and thus Mercury is even stronger here with the potential for words and ideas to hit their target in a powerful, precise way.

Mercury’s symbolism can also show as very tangible expressions related to siblings, cousins, pets, technology, financial/resource exchanges, and modes of transportation.

And yet what about the Neptune square? Neptune squares are generally not known for their clarity – otherworldly inspiration, yes, and creative flow, escapist tendencies, romantic idealism, or spiritual bliss… but generally not clarity or certainty.

It is possible that something that was previously confusing… now becomes clear, or it could mean working with uncertainties and half-truths, or feeling misunderstood as you try to get your point across.

Or, it could mean you get a ‘lead’ on something that gets you a step ahead, but inevitably brings up even more questions for you to problem-solve.

Despite a strong desire for absolutes, you may find yourself in a type of “wait and see” scenario.

The Third Quarter Moon indicates that we are in the last phase of the lunar cycle that began on May 15th with the Taurus New Moon. Third Quarters create a bit of tension because they ask us to wrap up or resolve something from the lunar cycle, so that we can surrender to the Balsamic Dark Moon release and the launch of the next New Moon.

With the Third Quarter Moon in Pisces aligned with the Sun+ Mercury+ Neptune square, we may need to let go of our impatient desire to get it all figured out, to know what the final outcome will be, or to obtain all the answers to our questions RIGHT NOW. We may have to work heavily with our intuition; resting in trust, acceptance, love and faith as we move forward, rather than relying completely on rational hard facts and certainties… while at the same time still applying shrewd discernment and prudent boundaries as necessary.

Now, Venus opposite Pluto. I’m guessing you’re already feeling this one as I write today (on MONDAY) even though it perfects on TUESDAY.

The feminine planet of love, attraction, self-worth, finances, art and pleasure in one of the most emotionally sensitive signs (Cancer), is facing off with the obsessive, truth-speaking, destructive and transformative, lord of the underworld.

Quick story (+ a trigger warning for the next 3 paragraphs):

I am very diligent at keeping a daily astro journal where I take notes on how the day’s transits (personal and global) express in my life. I always notice Venus-Pluto aspects (or any Pluto aspect really), but after one recent Venus-Pluto transit, in my reflections I couldn’t really identify its symbolism in my life. I generally see Venus-Pluto show up through relational dynamics since Venus is such a relational, connecting planet (although it has some other meanings which I mentioned earlier).

Then I realized that I had gone down an internet bunny trail for several hours that day reading news articles and watching videos about a horrifying grisly case of sexual meetups gone bad. There was deception and death, and evidence hidden in flower planters (Venus was in Taurus at the time).

Thankfully the Truth emerged and the guy was found and charged before he could continue his destructive serial tendencies, but it was a pretty disturbing discovery that deeply impacted some Toronto communities.

I felt kinda awful after getting lost in that chilling story, and I regretted ‘compulsively’ (a Pluto signifier) researching it. But I realized later that this was a pretty apt reflection of a Venus-Pluto transit for me personally; as illustrated through my engagement with that content, even though I didn’t notice any direct interpersonal dynamics that had noticeable Venus-Pluto traits.

Venus and Pluto can correlate with some potent sexy times, as well as powerful moments of catharsis and deep, transformative relational intimacy. However, when in hard aspect, it can also show up as the darker, obsessive, paranoid, more destructive side of love, sex, and attraction.

How will this intersect with the Neptune-Moon-Sun-Mercury Pisces/Gemini square?

Only you, dear readers, can know how these simultaneously occurring cosmic stories may overlap.

Pluto transits bring raw buried truth to the surface and initiates endings and new beginnings. Pluto transits bring intensity as well as fear of vulnerability, loss, abandonment or rejection. Pluto transits highlight where there is decay in our life and what attachments need to be let go of to facilitate our soul’s liberation. Pluto transits can also illuminate the regenerative fruit of our underworld journeys that have been alchemizing the decay, previously identified. Pluto transits bring deep healing opportunities, which sometimes begin with ripping off the band-aid.

Venus is the first to cross paths with Pluto through opposition this year, with the Sun and Mercury soon to follow once we pass the gates of the Summer Solstice into Cancer Season.

Tread carefully, and courageously this week. Screen incoming information thoroughly – information arriving from within and without. Pluto can be both secretive (when in a protecting, defending, fearful mode) and searingly truthful and authentic.

Truth and Lies, Confusion and Clarity, Inspiration and Illusion – deciphering these differences may be important this week. Love and intimacy cannot flourish without Truth and Trust.

The third major cosmic story is Mars finally perfecting its conjunction with the South Node in Aquarius early FRIDAY (or late Thursday for many of you). This conjunction occurs as the Moon meets up with Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars.

Mars-themes are strong near the end of the week, in a way that asks for our compassionate and courageous attention. What anger and resentment, willpower and passion, courage and self-assertion, has been buried? Repressed? Or possibly misdirected and detrimentally expressed?

Claim your power and call your energy back. Use it to come into alignment with a strong sense of vitality and individuality, while supporting others in doing the same.

Wherever this conjunction falls in your chart, based on the themes of the house, consider what desire and energy investment you may be asked to hold with an open hand.

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