Exploring Options & Moving Forward :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 11th – 17th

Last night I had a conversation with my sister where we vented some frustration about our respective situations and how it’s hard to imagine how they might change and improve, at least in the near future.

This for me sounds very Mars-conjunct-the-South-Node-in-Aquarius, which was exact last FRIDAY and is still very much an ongoing dynamic.

The South Node of the Moon is a calculated point in the sky where the Moon’s path intersects with the Sun’s path (the ecliptic), marking its descending trek South. In Evolutionary Astrology the South Node symbolizes the past (life) and a comfort zone that we can get ‘stuck’ in. In more traditional forms of astrology the South Node is understood to be a point of diminishment, decrease, loss, separation and surrender.

Mars symbolizes our willpower, our courage, our engine, our energy source, our fighting spirit, our drive and motivation. Mars has been dancing with the South Node for a little while (and will continue to do so), experiencing its diminishing effects in Aquarius; a sign that is associated simultaneously with both Uranian change and Saturnian rigidity.

I interpret Mars conjunct the South Node (SN) as being resonant with statements or feelings such as “no way out”, or “no way forward”, or “this is never going to end”. The capacity of Mars to keep going strong in the direction associated with the themes of the house it is traveling through in your birth chart, may feel like it is being deflated, drained and siphoned away. The horizon may appear temporarily clouded in smog. We might be asking…

Are we getting somewhere? Or are we running on a treadmill? Or spinning in a wheel like a frantic hamster?

I feel this way about my daily routine and work (Mars + SN in the 6th house), which I do at home (ruler of the 6th house in the 4th house of home). With a summer Mars Retrograde on its way, beginning at the end of June, this may be a sustained experience of patiently walking out this frustration.

Mars conjunct the South Node can make us feel like we are being confronted with a dead-end sign after barreling for hours down an isolated road with an emptying gas tank…. especially as we enter into the dark phase of the moon, the Balsamic Moon.

“But what dead-end?” Gemini asks mischievously.

Ah yes, it is Gemini Season thank goodness, and Gemini is always up for a creative detour. There is always another option with Gemini around. Gemini’s flexible  resourcefulness is nearly unparalleled. Virgo, the other Mercury-ruled sign, may compete with it in this category, but its giftings are different. Virgo is good with the prepping, planning, making, finding, fixing, repairing, but Gemini adapts quickly to a new situation by pulling brilliant ideas and essential knowledge out of thin air like no other.

The South Node is in Aquarius – a rather contradictory sign that is associated with times of exile and aloneness, as well as humanitarian community action and collaborative support. And Gemini, of course, loves to talk, learn, and connect people with the resources they need using language.

So me and my sister talked it out. She took action that got me out of a tight spot, and I helped her with writing a proposal (her Mars + South Node is transiting her 3rd house). We encouraged and reminded each other that ‘success’ is relative and subjective, and that everyone has their own life journey with its own unique cycles and timing.

There’s a New Moon in Gemini on WEDNESDAY.

After the week we’ve had with so much heavy death talk dominating the headlines, I hope you find some friends to ‘talk it out with’ – whatever your Mars-South Node ‘dead-end’ conundrum is – and come up with some solutions, some options, some resources, and some encouraging words.

Through your interplay of words and ideas, may you siphon off the steamy Mars-y frustration bubbling over from the cup of the South Node, and propel it up toward the Leo North Node as a flaming torch of hope, as a brazen and bold proclamation of the creative life-giving juices that flow red in our veins like magic.

[content warning re: last week’s news…]

I was trying to decide whether or not to comment or reflect on the dominant theme in last week’s new feeds – suicide. It’s a topic that is important to me and close to my heart, and I wanted to, but at the same time… holy. It reminded me a bit like #MeToo, where it was both really positive to hear people share their personal stories and struggles, as well as the insights and encouragements on addressing this issue, but also it was a little overwhelming to be suddenly inundated with the intense response. Finally, I did decide to weave some reflections on this topic, into this week’s forecast.

I’ve been reflecting both on suicide and depression, as well as on the search for explanations and the different ways astrologers publicly respond to challenging world events.

A lot of people were asking “Why?“, as we all tend to do in our efforts to make sense of the world and its suffering. The almighty WHY. What a powerful, frustrating one-word question that is…

It’s a tricky thing to try to make sense of tragic events. But it is often near impossible to deny our brain its deep desire to organize pain into something that can be cognizantly processed.

Personally I do look to the sky, to astrology, for symbolism, as a way of reflecting on life’s events and engaging in meaning-making.

But to do this publicly – using astrology, or anything else really, whether a conspiracy theory or a religious or medical interpretation – can sometimes be offensive, inappropriate, and misunderstood. We all have our unique ways of making meaning out of difficulty. We also all have the freedom to choose not to try and make meaning of something, while we sit openhanded, staying present with the ripples of the chaotic rupture in our lives or our social fabric.

So… I move forward carefully with this on a sensitive topic, with sharing my meaning-making approach.

First of all, about 3000 people end their lives every day, but most of the time it does not dominate the headlines. Suicide is common, unfortunately.  Suicide cannot be blamed on a transit.

And yet it is unusual to be having this global conversation and widespread response. In addition to Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, who are well known in America, there was also Ines Zorreguieta (the sister of the Queen of Amsterdam) and Gaetan Mootoo (a very well-known figure within Amnesty International) who came up in my news feeds as public figures who sadly took their lives last week.

Also, strangely, totally unrelated, I ended up talking about suicide with my hairdresser during last week’s Venus-Pluto opposition (Venus symbolizes all things related to beauty and appearance, and Pluto is associated with death).

I wish all the folks who felt they could go no further last week, were still here. I wish that the just-right-for-them resource could have somehow arrived in their lives to support them through the darkness before it was too late.

And yet here we are. And how do we move forward?

Three quotes, written in response to the loss of life this past week, stood out to me:

“What’s funny about writing all this is that I’m suddenly realizing the last gift that Anthony Bourdain has given me: I finally have the courage to talk about this dire subject so nakedly, honestly and purposefully…just as he did.” (Anthony’s Friend @ the Observer)

“What are the structures that make caring for each other easy? What are the systems in which care is inevitable? How do we materially hold each other – live, enact and breathe a culture of support?” (@ sophieamacklin)

“Getting help for mental health is not enough. We live in a world where people don’t want to live in it anymore. We need to change the world.” (~ Nikki Wallschlaeger)

The prevalent Neptune square of last week may have been experienced as disillusionment and defeat, the Mars-South Node conjunction as a frustrating “no way forward” type of situation, while Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn may have reminded us to re-evaluate what we define and uphold on a pedestal as “success”.

And yet, in the last few days in the online dialogue, I can also hear the resourceful connectivity and personal sharing of Gemini, as well as the Aquarian call to action for collective change.

I can hear the heart of Leo via the North Node, emerging as a sun beam – declaring love for others, passion for life, and renewed vitality through mutual support and encouragement.

I can hear the shadow side of the Aquarius South Node – detachment, isolation and marginalization – being addressed through the brighter side of Aquarius; its community spirit and “we’re all in this together, moving forward” perspective.

On TUESDAY, two asteroids will meet in Aries, the sign of the warrior – Chiron and Hygeia.

In Greek mythology Chiron is the wounded healer who heals and assists others through the transmutation of his own pain, while Hygeia is the goddess of health and wellbeing. Depicted as a woman feeding a snake, the word “hygiene” owes its name to Hygeia, while pharmacists use her symbol (a chalice and snake) to represent their profession.

Hygeia’s symbolism is associated with the more “upstream” perspective of preventative healthcare where the concern is addressed before it escalates, which stands in contrast to the more crisis-oriented “downstream” response. Hygeia is associated with a holistic health approach that encompasses mind, body, spirit and environment.

I think Chiron’s conjunction with Hygeia is quite timely, given current circumstances.

On WEDNESDAY this duo will receive a square from Mercury (the ruler of Wednesday’s New Moon in Gemini), and then this healing pair will receive a trine from Venus on FRIDAY.

How can we discuss these heavy topics in a way that brings effective support and healing, rather than sensationalism and stigma? How can we connect positively with others this week, as we exchange words about suffering, and about our health and wellbeing?

How are we relating to our own process of being and becoming, healing and accepting, integrating and growing? How can we take care of ourselves and others in a more strategic upstream way, that prevents downstream crises?

Uranus is involved with both Mercury and Venus this week as they tap into the messages that Chiron and Hygeia have to share with us, via Mercury’s sextile on WEDNESDAY and Venus’ square on FRIDAY. This bodes well if we are looking to make changes, both individually and collectively.

Venus’ anaretic position at the last degree of Cancer, as the New Moon peaks on WEDNESDAY, suggests that there may be some urgent relational conversations and connections to be experienced as we launch another lunation cycle and Venus’ ingress into Leo brings passionate creativity.

Mercury leaves Gemini to enter Cancer and will confront Saturn by opposition shortly after the New Moon on FRIDAY. This too, can feel a bit like  facing ‘dead-end’ road sign as you may face a barrier or some type of limiting factor. It’s a day when our inner critics may seem harsher than usual. And when deadlines and to-do lists and tough conversations, weigh heavier upon us.

Keep going, lovely people! Patience with ourselves, and with the moment at hand, may be the balm for this transit – to see us through to the weekend with a resounding TGIF!


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