Backpedaling beneath an Ominous Sky & A High Stakes Game Show :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 25 – July 1

Today (MONDAY) Venus in Leo squared Jupiter in Scorpio. Relational extroversion and bravado, pleasure-seeking and splurging was propelled by an expansive hunger today, an appetite bubbling up from Scorpio’s dark stew – did you encounter it?

I just got back from a walk in the rain and the wind; so desperate for chocolate that I willingly braved the absurdly cold and dismal weather today. On route home, I unexpected ran into a neighbor I hadn’t seen in about a year. In roughly 20 minutes we raced through topics that touched on death, illness, depression, suicide, and spirituality.

Whew. I was wondering how that Venus-Jupiter was going to show up – in my 12th and 3rd house respectively.

The 3rd house includes both neighbors as well as siblings. Full of sisterly pride, I watch a video of my brother fulfilling a long-term dream today – skydiving (a daredevil type act that is very Jupiter-in-Scorpio). I shrieked as he jumped from the plane, his freaked-out anticipatory face framed by the camera.

If you want to draw correlations between the symbolism of the transits and your life, you don’t have to go far. The mundane stuff counts. That’s what most of life is – small everyday details and events.

The most noteworthy transits of the week, however, are nearly upon us and are likely already making themselves known. Mars Stations Retrograde tomorrow! TUESDAY! Mars goes retro about every 2 years for just over 2 months at a time.

A review: Mars is… our self-assertion, urge for independence, anger, conflict, courage, motivation, drive to succeed, ambition, action center, competitive streak, survival instincts, impulses,  risk-taking, sex drive and physical energy.

It’s via Mars, that we get shit done (astrologically speaking). And now Mars is going backwards for the whole summer? What does that mean?

Well, it will be different for everyone depending on where Mars is transiting in your chart and what natal planets it interacts with, as well as how you naturally work with ‘Mars energy’ in your life. Frustration, lethargy, tiredness and low energy, self-directed anger, irrational anger, a temptation to ‘give up’, old conflicts and trauma residue emerging… are some of the rougher symptoms.

But more positively, this could be a time to address some burning issue you’ve buried, to review some action you’ve taken, or to reflect on what independence means to you and re-evaluate how you typically process the emotion of anger, for example. I’ll talk about this again throughout the summer, but I thought I’d share an example from my own life, from the last Mars Rx period back in 2016.

It was an important Mars Rx for me personally. It occurred during my Saturn Return, commencing tightly conjunct my natal Saturn in the 4th house, and thus it became woven in as an integral chapter in my 3-year Saturn Return story. It’s actually what led me back to astrology.

Previous to the Mars Retrograde beginning in April 2016, I had made a very difficult, torturous decision to not return to the city I had planned to live in (and had previously lived in), but rather, to respond to a complicated situation by relocating back to my childhood origins to live with family.

I still had a storage unit back at my previous location that I had to clear out, however, which I had maintained for over a year with the hope that I would indeed return. So I booked a plane ticket and arranged for a moving van.

I arrived the weekend of April 17th… and then, as I describe it whenever I talk about this trip – ‘I. hit. a. wall.’

I crashed, hard. A huge wave of emotion caught up to me as I was in the midst of following through on this big life decision after a whole lot of chaos, and my body went into stress collapse. I could barely function for most of my time there, but somehow I got the unit cleared out. I was increasingly aware of how much psychic energy had been tied up with that storage unit – a tangible symbol of that city being the ‘home’ that was waiting for me.

I can still stand firm in the decision I made at the time, but emotionally part of me felt as though I was “giving up” on one of my important goals, and “surrendering some of my independence.”

When I arrived back to my home-home, I couldn’t bring myself to unpack the boxes when they were delivered. I tried, but I just couldn’t muster the strength. My items were a disorganized mess.

Finally, on June 29th, I miraculously accessed some motivation to start sorting through the pile of clothes I had dumped on my floor, and start unpacking the boxes.

Later that day, while scrolling on Facebook, I clicked open an article about Mars Retrograde. It said that it had just ended that day. Mars was Stationing Direct. The article noted that the Mars Retrograde had begun on April 17th.

WAIT. Whaaaat??

Mars Stationed Retrograde within 24 hours of my arrival in the other city to clear out my storage unit, and had Stationed Direct when I finally found the energy to unpack.

I figured out that Mars had been transiting my 4th house at the time, which symbolizes home, family, origins, psychological and emotional foundations, and where we feel a sense of belonging. Clearly, that makes a whole lot of sense in more ways than one.

As Mars moved backwards, I too was moving backwards, literally, to a place of previous residence while struggling with extreme fatigue and all the buried emotions that was bringing up for me.

I had not really followed transits closely before this point, but I was stunned at the symbolic resonance and timing. I delved headfirst into intensive study like it was a full-time job…. and shortly thereafter, Lilith Rebellion was born.

It was honestly because of my move back home, because I chose to lay low for a while and dedicate myself to some healing work, that I rediscovered astrology and had the time and freedom to commit to rigorous astrological study.


So! I hope that example helps you out with some insight into your own situation as we journey the summer together.

Practicing patience and finding beneficial outlets for releasing pent-up emotions and/or keeping your nervous system out of shut-down/collapse mode, will help you walk this one out.

I don’t expect this Mars Rx to be quite as personally dramatic for me, but it certainly will play a major role in the summer’s intense global cosmic theatrics. You know the drill – if you know your birth chart, check what house Mars’ retrograde will occur in and see if you have any planets that it will contact by hard aspect. This will help you narrow in on the themes and its significance.

I find retrogrades particularly powerful when they begin or end on top of a planet. Mars Stations Retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius on June 26th, and Stations Direct on August 27th at 28 degrees Capricorn.

Next up – Saturn in Capricorn opposes the Sun in Cancer on WEDNESDAY and then the Full Moon happens basically on top of Saturn early on THURSDAY (or WED, depending on  your time zone). Transits have a ripple effect, so consider at least TUESDAYFRIDAY as being Saturnian themed. It’s a heavy one with serious gravitas.

I’m already seeing this dynamic show up pretty vividly in lives around me, with the outcomes and results of this building activity to land firmly within the Full Moon’s domain.

The analogy I got for this one, was the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show. I remember watching it in my teen years and the key quips and lines are still very familiar to me.

Saturnian transits often confront us with important decisions to make, particularly through opposition. They also tend to bring us in contact with older peers/mentors or authority figures and systems of authority, in a confrontational, or at least impactful way.

The reality of the interdependent world of time and space we live in, is that our decisions and actions have a ripple of consequences. This is a Saturnian truth. Our decisions and actions matter. To express Saturn well, is to align with our inner truth and act with integrity, conscious of our responsibilities, the resulting long-term outcomes from our actions, and the limits of our personal capabilities and resources.

So back to the game show situation to bring this all together… as the contestant stumbles over a question, the host (the Saturnian authority figure) asks if they want to use their ‘lifeline‘ – i.e. one of a limited number of phone calls they are allowed to use to contact a friend who is on standby to help them out. This would be the Saturnian archetype of the helpful mentor or peer.

Then there is the famous line from the show, that makes the contestant tremble with second guessing: “Is that your final answer?” Final is a Saturnian word – a reminder that in this world of time we have limited opportunity to “redo” something, and thus our decisions hold weight once we commit to them – impulsive reactions are not always the best ones.

On Who Wants to be a Millionaire, contestants could choose to walk away once they had felt that they had reached the limits of their knowledge capacity. They could decide it was prudent to set a boundary, taking the money they had earned without further risk of losing it all. Saturn respects this.

Please note that I don’t think Saturn (symbolically speaking) wants you to respond out of a fear of failure as it is commonly misinterpreted, but Saturn respects when people know their limits, set appropriate boundaries, and make wise decisions with an awareness of the consequences of taking too many risks.

And now, how will the contestant invest their cash prize? Even a million dollars can go quickly these days. Winning a lot of money can have negative consequences as well. Family and friends can get manipulatively greedy. This too, needs to be navigated strategically and responsibly (says Saturn).

So that’s my game show example. I’m really into examples today.

Someone I know recently had Saturn oppose their natal Sun, which is a longer transit with the same themes carried by this week at a global level. As a health professional in training, they were on placement at a hospital. They were really excelling with confidence in their learning and personal development, despite it being a rather triggering environment for personal reasons. Because they had an important family commitment that cut into the end of the placement, they had to squeeze in many multiple 12 hour day/night shifts within a short time frame.

The (unpaid) placement situation became more and more challenging as they struggled with burn-out without an opportunity to rest and process their intense experiences. Saturn transits often correlate with times where our strength and capacity is being tested – we are learning what our limits are through facing barriers and challenges. At the same time, they were also getting a lot of heat from the university administration for small delays with paperwork, although their actual patient work on the floor was receiving high praise. Saturn transits also are associated with dealing with frustrating paper work, red tape, rules and bureaucracy.

As the exact opposition neared, the situation became more conflictual as they asked to let go of their last night-shift right before the long plane trip, and make it up afterwards if they needed to so. It was a very reasonable request. They could have lied and literally just called in “sick” without anyone blinking, but they were honest about being physically and emotionally low-capacity (a Saturnian trait), which was not received well by the university administration.

On the DAY this slow-moving opposition was exact, they had a very difficult, final confrontation with the university representative, which they were able to thankfully process at a therapist meeting that was conveniently scheduled right after. This was all so distressing for them because they really value being a person of integrity with strong professionalism who takes their responsibilities very, very seriously (again, a Saturn trait), but they were being treated like a delinquent.

The therapist was able to respond quickly and wrote a letter to the university, advocating for them. Here, Saturn can be seen both as the harsh university authority figure asserting an external challenge, as well as the therapist as an older mentor figure who stepped into assist them.

They spent the afternoon struggling deeply with whether or not to push through and comply to the pressure, and do their last night shift… or whether to honour their body’s indicators that they had really reached their emotional and physical limits and it wouldn’t be good for them or the hospital patients, to push through. I admit, I kept hearing Regis Philbin ask “Is that your final answer?” while witnessing their process.

Finally, they chose to listen to their inner truth – even if it meant the university admin would judge them, or invoke disciplinary action. They directly expressed that they would accept the consequences, but they drew their boundary.

Enough. Days later, still struggling with exhaustion, they continued to feel confident in the decision they had made as being the right one for them.

This was a long example, but it is SUCH a good example of a Saturn-Sun transit (like we are all experiencing this week). As I said, I can already see multiple other similar scenarios taking shape as I write.

Such as… a confrontation with a landlord over mistreatment and an invasion of privacy… and another situation where a woman is reaching her due date this week and is feeling pressured by the medical system to speed up the process through artificial methods, while receiving counsel from other older women about what she should do.

What are your most important values and priorities? How can you courageously express and act on them in tangible and firm ways as you navigate this week? How can you honour your limits and boundaries?

Remember that this week can also produce very positive outcomes as a result of your hard work, but as with winning a million dollars, positive outcomes too, can arrive with the consequence of increased responsibility to manage it well.

Watch out for some electrifying, surprising communication and information jolts and possible tension on the weekend as Mercury squares Uranus as the Moon conjoins with Mars (both quincunx the Sun), on SATURDAY.

As Mercury trines Chiron, the wounded healer, as well on SATURDAY, reach out to someone you know, who maybe felt Saturn’s pressure this week, and support them with their decision and situation, and perhaps advocate on their behalf if appropriate.

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