Reflective Prompts & Quotes for Mars Rx in Aquarius + a Full Moon in Capricorn

The Mars retrograde and Capricorn Full Moon this week emphasizes many of the same themes related to willpower, goals, and determination.

So often we think of Saturn and Capricorn as ONLY being about persevering, working hard and enduring no matter what. And true, this is a part of Saturn’s symbolism. But…

Imagine someone building a house on a rickety foundation. They are working as hard as they can, frantically. Putting up walls, installing insulation… meanwhile the entire structure is trembling, threatening collapse.

Are you going to ignore that weak foundation and keep working away nonstop, driven to finish that house, that life-building project – which clearly, is going to fall apart right after you finish it, if not before? That life-building project which offers you no sustaining sense of fulfillment? Or maybe it used to, but now no longer does?

There are times to put your head down and keep going, and there are times to be like, whoa! I am way out of alignment with my inner truth and deeper purpose. Perhaps I have adopted some really lousy building advice from external sources (like family, society, religion, etc.).

Those are moments where we acknowledge the limits of the systems, the structures, the foundations that our life is built on and we back up – personally and collectively. We start over. We move the building project to a more secure location, on firmer ground.

Except we are never really ‘starting over’ because, as Saturn’s symbolism indicates, the life experiences we collect on this absurd, messy, heartbreakingly beautiful journey, refine us, deepen us, and bestow us with the type of wisdom that can be obtained through no other means, but through precious life experience.

Maybe you are 100% in alignment, maybe that foundation is super strong, maybe it isn’t so much. Maybe only a few slight adjustments are needed. Regardless, this is a good time for a thorough check-in.

Go easy, go gently, go step-by-step.❤❤❤

Saturn in Cap babies having your #SaturnReturn, this may be an important Full Moon for you ❤ xo

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