A Maiden Voyage… Will this Boat Float? :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 30th – August 5th

This week’s major event is Mars’ second square to Uranus in Taurus on WEDNESDAY, followed by a sextile to Chiron in Aries on FRIDAY. These are essentially the aftershocks of last week’s dynamic Lunar Eclipse where the forming Mars-Uranus square was activated by the full moon.

However, there are a few other less powerful transits this week that can be brought under an interpretative lens. On MONDAY Venus in Virgo will square Vesta retrograde in Sagittarius, as Vesta begins to Station Direct – completing her pivot on WEDNESDAY.

Vesta, the symbol of the devoted priestess tending the sacred fire, has been been retrograde since early May.

There’s a technique in film called “the focus pull”, where the filmmaker pulls the viewer’s attention to something in the background or foreground – not by moving the camera, but by changing the focus.

For example… (content warning – some violence)

When I think of Vesta, I think of The Art of the Focus Pull. Vesta transits bring focused attention to some area of life (sometimes obsessively so). Her focus and dedication ultimately seeks to center us on what is most important.

As Vesta squares Venus and stations direct in Sagittarius, the priestess pulls our focus to relationships and financial matters, faith and belief, and asks for our undivided attention. Honour the requests from the areas of life that offer you sanctuary, renewed energy and rejuvenation.

The Sun trines Hygiea (an asteroid associated with holistic health and wellness) on MONDAY as Hygiea prepares to station retrograde on TUESDAY – in Aries, the sign ruled by a somewhat struggling Mars Retrograde. There may be some health and wellness shifts in our lives as something comes to our attention – perhaps of a Mars-like inflammatory nature.

Mars’ first square to Uranus occurred on May 16th, the day after Uranus’ bold entrance into Taurus, after ~7 years in Aries. WEDNESDAY brings us the second square during Mars’ retrograde, and the third and final square (when Mars is direct) will take place on September 18th. You may see a continuing narrative aligning with this dynamic freedom-seeking planetary interaction of unexpected change and disruption. And yet, it may be difficult to plot its trajectory in advance because… well, it’s Uranus we are working with. Expect the unexpected, as they say, expect some twists and turns.

Mars and Uranus in hard aspect to each other (especially when Mars is retrograde and conjunct the South Node), do not have the greatest reputation. It can be a stressful, impulsive and sometimes dangerous transit, full of surprising shakeups.

But Mars and Uranus can also shake us free of our inhibitions and fears by launching us into an exciting new chapter.

I want to share a lovely Lunar Eclipse story that illustrates so clearly, the positive potential of this Mars-Uranus dynamic, which was quite influential last week with the eclipse, as well as this week as the square perfects.

It’s a story about a pioneering, spontaneous man in his mid-seventies whose 3rd house Aries Sun refuses to let society’s ageist norms slow him down as he continuously embarks on new and exciting projects.

I knew that he had been teaching himself how to build a small one-person boat in his living room, since ~mid-May 2018. This was when the change-making, innovative, unconventional, and radical Uranus entered Taurus; a sign of tangible projects and possessions, in his 3rd house of learning, studying, collecting and sharing information with others (fyi, he is now teaching someone else how to build a boat). This is when the first Mars-Uranus square occurred.

When I realized that he had (unintentionally) planned the boat’s maiden voyage for the hour of last week’s powerful Lunar Eclipse, I curiously checked the transits to his birth chart. The astrology was so beautiful that I asked permission to share his boat story with you through the lens of his chart.

One thing I didn’t really touch on in my forecast for the July 27th eclipse, or in my Eclipse Season Guide for Summer 2018, was that the July 27th eclipse would likely reveal or remind us, of our personal Uranus in Taurus story that began in May (as well as highlighting what our Mars’ Rx story is about).

The Lunar Eclipse last week, and this week’s perfecting of the Mars-Uranus square, may be illuminating the first chapter of what Uranus is asking of us in the early days of its 7-year journey. Therefore, as with the story of this ambitious boat-builder, you may see a connection between this time frame, and the events of mid-May 2018.

Because Venus rules Taurus, I would also look to your natal Venus placement to connect the themes of the house that Uranus is activating by transit, with the themes of the house Venus lives in, in order to gain further insight into your Uranus in Taurus story.

Think of Venus like the landlord. Anything that Uranus does in Venus’ property, where it is only a visitor, will ultimately ripple out to impact Venus’ placement.

Or, as is the case with many Uranus in Taurus stories I’ve heard of and observed, Uranus’ activity is often one that appears to have been initiated and catalyzed by Venus’ significations in the birth chart, during May 2018, according to her natal house themes. In the story I am about to share, Venus was in the man’s second house in Pisces, suggesting that the Uranus’ activity in his third house of learning and gaining new practical knowledge, may have had something to do with a change or an addition to his possessions and assets (that may have had Piscean themes, like an affinity with water).

I created these images and diagrams for posting on social media, but I’ll share them here as well, to introduce you to the boat-builder’s story…

Although some astrologers hold different opinions, many interpret the Moon’s nodal axis as an axis of personal growth and development in a chart – and by transit. The South Node indicates a more familiar and comfortable area of strength and talent that asks that we hold this area of life with an open hand… so that we do not let the South Node content hold us back from the less familiar territory of the North Node, which is full of latent potential and possibility that is accessible if we actively take steps toward it.

Eclipses always align with either end of the nodal axis as I explain here. This is one of the reasons Eclipse Season is associated with a time of accelerated change and opportunities for personal development as we are propelled to release the safe and familiar to walk with our growing edge.

And what happens when you are having your once-in-every-18-years exact nodal return (e.g. when the transiting North Node reunites with your natal North Node)… at the same time that a really powerful eclipse directly activates both NNs together while opposing Mars, and squaring Uranus in Taurus?!

As this story of the boat-builder illustrates, I would expect to see a break-through moment of culmination at this time…

He had a creative breakthrough that was predicated on holding his second house content where the South Nodes were located in Aquarius (i.e. the boat; his possession) with an open hand; risking it capsizing or falling apart as his handiwork met the challenge of the open water.

The stressful questions he faced as he launched his maiden voyage (e.g. would the boat prove itself? would it tip? would it float?) are all part of accepting Uranus’ risky invitation.

Sometimes, rather than surprising change or unexpected sudden developments, or radical, risky, rebellious, unconventional leaps toward personal freedom, Uranus may simply arrive with a whole lot of uncertainty and questions. I’ve definitely had some wild and dramatic Uranian surprises, but I often find the correlations with persistent uncertainty  are the most consistently defining signifiers of Uranian transits. It’s a feeling of being indefinitely in limbo, in a transitional, unsettled phase… or faced with needing to take deliberate steps forward when the outcomes are unreliable and not guaranteed.

Typically during a Uranus transit you can only see and respond to what is right in front of you at that very moment in time – repeatedly, as the future pulls in and out of focus.

Oftentimes, throughout Uranian transits, just as we commit to a decision, the cosmos shakes up all the situational variables in a blender and we have to revisit our decision with revisions.

The astro of this Eclipse Season may have brought you the whole package of Uranus’ trademark characteristics, or a just a couple of them, or maybe it arrived with only a faint Uranian whisper if this eclipse season breezed easily through your natal chart. Emotional explosions, intense situations, and heated interpersonal confrontations were also a strong possibility with Mars conjunct the Moon during last FRIDAY’s Lunar Eclipse.

Regardless, I wish you this:

May all your maiden voyages be a success, and may all your boats float as you launch into open waters, whenever life calls you to do so.

And if your first boat sinks? Grab your toolkit and make some adjustments, or start again with the knowledge you’ve gained. “Go with the flow” is the best advice for the unpredictable transits of Uranus.

Continuing on with the week’s forecast, on FRIDAY, Mars makes contact with Chiron Rx via a sextile as it backtracks through the early degrees of Aries (Mars’ sign). Here, we may access some measure of courage and renewed strength to keep ourselves going – or to support someone else with their journey.

Also on FRIDAY, Jupiter opposes Juno on the Scorpio-Taurus axis. I don’t always comment on asteroid transits, but this one is interesting because the brother and sister pair of Jupiter and Juno, according to Roman mythology (or the equivalents of Zeus and Hera in Greek mythology), had a pretty tumultuous marriage. Jupiter was always seeking to expand the boundaries of their marriage through other lovers, while Juno was consistently faithful, but often jealous of the women her husband slept with.

In her best expression astrologically, she may symbolize advocacy and support for womxn and children who have experienced abuse and neglect, as well as the importance of asking for, and receiving, the committed, sustainable, interdependent support that we all need in various ways as we walk out our lives.

In her more detrimental expression, she may symbolize compromising too much of ourselves in a power struggle, or the way that jealousy and anger can obscure our deepest needs and the action they require for fulfillment.

As Jupiter moves into a confrontational opposition with Juno in two very stubborn fixed signs, mirroring their mythic positions, our various partnerships and relationships may experience some tension – particularly in regard to a “third party”, however that may be represented in our lives. There may be a need for boundaries, some measure of separation, or a reconciliation based on honest and sincere agreements. Matters of trust, commitment and deep personal growth, are on the table in some way.

This uber intense lunation cycle (that began with a solar eclipse in Cancer directly opposite Pluto on July 12th) is 3/4s of the way through its lifespan as we encounter the Third Quarter Moon on SATURDAY.

With the Moon in Taurus squaring off with the Sun in Leo, can we cultivate a deep sense of self worth and confidence that does not depend on our attachments to the past, to material possessions, to status and external validation? Can we bring a patient compassionate presence to our human work of healing, of shape shifting, of changing, of traversing such rough terrain?

This Eclipse Season has been no joke. And it’s not over yet.

Unusually there are three eclipses this season. The final (solar) eclipse lands on August 11th in Leo, launching another lunation cycle. If things seem confusing or up in the air right now, it is highly possible that increased clarity will arrive with the end of August; post-eclipse season and once Mercury and Mars have turned Direct.

As our thought processes and communications are frustrated via a quincunx between Mercury Rx and Pluto on SUNDAY, and Neptune Rx moves into an opposition with Ceres in Virgo, self-care (and self-caring together) is essential. You could lean into Neptune by incorporating some spiritual rituals into your daily rhythm of self-care, but also setting some boundaries around what is necessary for your grounded wellbeing, may be prudent when working with Neptune’s tendency to sweep us up in a disorienting wave.

The story of the boat-builder is the most positive eclipse story I’ve heard. I’m well aware of many others who have been working through much more challenging correlations. Ultimately, I believe that the nodal axis, and the eclipses that activate the lunar nodes, can hold great hope and growth potential that gradually (or quickly) unfolds through change.

And yet if that comment seems flippant, dismissive, or too quickly redemptive for your current situation, just know I’m sending you a virtual hug ❤

The following posts were published on the Lilith Rebellion Instagram and Facebook pages on July 27th…

I’ve been feeling so shitty this week, but this made me laugh multiple times this morning. Sometimes the expression of astrology is so perfect that (sometimes) it can make even life’s notsogreat stuff, hilarious.

A serious looking guy hung the following notice on our door handle this morning (the morning of the Lunar Eclipse):

As you can see with the screen shots of this Final Notice, it looks like the city’s giving us a firm scolding for not arranging this free replacement of our water meter. Rather aggressive, is it not? Hanging threateningly on our doorknob?

Turns out they mixed up the address. We got our water meter replaced back in February. Hello Mercury Retrograde, which tends to muddle up all administrative and organizational details! (Mercury stationed retrograde yesterday)

The Lunar Eclipse is in Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer bringing humanitarian vision and technological progress to the world.

Here we have the city’s water department attempting to bring us new technology to monitor our water usage.

The Lunar Eclipse is conjunct Mars (assertive, aggressive, conflictual, bold and direct, pressurized as if under a deadline), squaring Uranus (the unexpected, a surprise, a disruption, fast-paced and time-sensitive).

We were quite surprised by this aggressive-sounding “Final Notice” that unexpectedly arrived on our doorstep, with 72 hours to comply or else legal action would be taken…

And the city’s contractor is called ‘Neptune‘?! There’s a Neptune-Venus opposition active week perhaps bringing some watery vagueness, confusion and misunderstandings to our connections with others.

Could the correlations be anymore obvious?

We got that Mercury Rx mix-up figured out pretty quickly and redirected them to the negligent neighbors for whom it was intended.

I hope you too, get some chuckles and easily resolvable problems during this cosmic shit show😩💖💖💖


It’s foggy where I live, but even if the skies were clear, the Moon would not shine red.

The Lunar Eclipse (making the Moon appear red) will be (or was) visible in parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. However, you can still view the splendor of the ‘blood moon’ eclipse + Mars via your computer screen thanks to some beautiful photos from around the world.

It feels out of place to offer a nerdy astro diagram at this time, but here’s why it’s the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century! Because it is occurring near the South Node AND the Lunar Apogee. When something is farther away, it appears to move more slowly. A slow purge.

It’s a Micromoon, which sounds so… insignificant. I’d rather call it a Lilith Moon, because it occurs at the Lunar Apogee. Although not during a Full Moon, I was born when the Moon was at its Apogee and the name of this account reflects this.

As many have cautioned, this isn’t a Full Moon for charging crystals, or moon water, or anything else you hold sacred. This isn’t Full Moon energy you want to harness to hold on to. This South Node eclipse conjunct a Retrograde Mars is for shoveling out sewage, for squeezing out toxins, for being authentic and speaking the truth, for exposing and releasing what has been decaying in hiding, for humbly coming to terms with how we have caused harm in various ways – or how the harm caused to us, has lodged deep within, deeper than we thought… and in doing all this, opening ourselves up to greater soul freedom.

The U.S. is displaying its shadow full force these days in horrifying ways. I live in Canada, and you may live elsewhere, but none of us are immune from the human shadow (e.g. white supremacy, violence, manipulation, dehumanization, insatiable greed, selfishness, ego-fueled abuses of power and privilege).

Sometimes when a person’s shadow, or country’s shadow, takes the media’s spotlight, they become an easy scapegoat on which to project (and disown) our shadow material. Within every country, within every Aquarian collective and participant, there lurks capacity for doing harm.

May the medicine prove potent in the best of ways.

May cycles of abuse and destruction end, and stop replicating and reproducing their poison though generations… and may that energy be rerouted into justice, and life giving forms.


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