Building Bridges & Boats :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 3rd – 9th

This is an image of a table topper at a small cafe in the region I visited at the end of August – “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”


This week is full of strong forward-moving earth energy. Mercury joins the Sun when it enters Virgo on WEDNESDAY, quickly moving into position to complete the Grand Earth Trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn (newly direct as of THURSDAY) in Capricorn on FRIDAY. This grounded transit is echoed by the Moon which enters the trine formation on SATURDAY. Then there is the New Moon in Virgo taking place on SUNDAY, September 9th, cleansing us from the summer’s eclipse lunations with a new cycle, power-packed with motivating support from Pluto and Jupiter.

If it’s back to school, back to work, back to the grind, back to whatever practical tasks September holds… then there’s lots of innovative, structured focus to help you along this week.

Well, except for the small potential hitch of the Sun moving into an opposition with Neptune exact on FRIDAY, which holds through the weekend to the New Moon. For years now, because of Neptune’s slow, slow movement through the zodiac, we’ve experienced this Neptune – Sun opposition on the Pisces-Virgo axis every September.

Keywords for encounters with the sea god, Neptune, often include: the ocean, interconnectedness, oneness, infinity, fantasy, imagination, illusions or illusions stripped away (sometimes disillusionment), dissolving, fluid, intangible, water, fog, deceit, manipulation, confusion, helplessness, directionless, complete surrender to something, romance, infatuation, escaping reality (sometimes through substances), idealism, dreams, creative inspiration, surrealism, entrancing film media, relaxation and flow, heightened emotions, tears, unconditional love and compassion, spiritual sensitivity, intuition, faith and trust.

In the midst of all this earth energy Neptune may feel like a big wave, washing away your sturdy sand castle that you naively thought was safe from the ocean’s grasp. Neptune sometimes likes to dissolve structure, and make a mess out of order.

And yet, this Neptune dynamic alongside this practical earthy flow of transits could be just the inspiration you are looking for as you stand there with the tools in hand. Personally, I kinda like these transits. I think this is a interesting dynamic prelude to the New Moon and a fresh fall cycle where we can really begin integrating the summer’s eclipses and many retrogrades.

Don’t drown in the waves or watch them helplessly; work with Neptune and this well-supported New Moon by building a structure that welcomes the water and invites it – like a bridge, a boat, or a moat.

Meaning: work hard, address your to-do list, but at the same time incorporate some time for reflection, for meditation, for surrendering to whatever emotion or synchronistic occurrence asks for your engagement.

While the WEEKEND’s Venus and Mars square at the final anaretic degrees of Libra and Capricorn (building throughout the week) could bring some edgy relational conflict and last minute potential disruptions (continued into next week), it could also be a major creative impetus. Perhaps the square will prompt you to move quickly to align desire and action, and submit to Virgo Season’s capable craftsmanship and organizing skills.

Venus connects, Mars separates, and Virgo has the impeccable discernment to determine when, where and how, to apply them both. The square they both are making to Uranus, suggest that innovation and freedom are a must.

Beginning this MONDAY and onward to October 5th, Venus is into territory she will traverse three times due to her upcoming retrograde in Scorpio. Take note of relational, artistic, and financial themes this week that may be re-visited in some way in future weeks.

That’s all I have for now! My mind is elsewhere; perhaps Neptune is already in effect or perhaps MONDAY’s sweet Mercury-Venus sextile is singing to my brain. I much prefer writing posts where I can go deep on one transit or lunation, and I have a couple more draft posts planned for later this week. I’m using the Neptune opposition as an excuse to finally share a post I didn’t finish in time for Pisces Season this year 🙂


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